Barangan, Ezequiel

Ezequiel “Papa Zequiel” Baran Barangan

(20-Oct-1916 – 14-Aug-1987)

“Go forth on your path, as it exists only through your walking.”  – St. Augustine


Son of Santiago Quijoy Barangan and Luisa Alega Baran.

Religious community founder;

Great-great-grandfather (see Barangan in Keeping the records straight 2 ) and great-grandfather were cabezas; from youth, very active in Carcar church organizations; started a lay Missionary Catechistas sect whose members scoured the mountainside purging belief in diwatas and teaching catechism; when they went around town were easily recognizable by their all-white clothing, so much so that anyone wearing white would be teased as “sakop ni Zequiel” (Zequiel follower); even though people went to him for healing, still his community was looked upon as a cult and the sect underwent a long trial period of dismissive ridicule by thoughtless townspeople, some of it elitist (but uninformed) looking down on his as bumpkin cathecism; 2-Feb-1974 founded the Siervas de Nuestra Señora de la Paz with the help of Mons. Felino Caballa and Archishop Manuel Salvador and Carcar priest Fr. Pastor Ybañez; arrival of Monsignor Camomot in 1976  and his solidarity with Barangan soon erased all doubts and turned the town’s attitude around to what was the man’s basic holiness–a quality to a heroic degree only Camomot and he are unanimously acknowledged to have possessed–wonder, that the two were born–and also died–only a year or two apart; Papa Zequiel, as he was called by his members then and is still referred to today, was a man of deep faith strengthened by equally deep daily prayers; in 30-Nov-1987 the SNSP was approved by Rome as a diocesan congregation; like Archbishop Camomot, a cause towards canonization has also been advanced for him whom everybody now proudly calls a Carcaranon.

apostleship of prayer

Carcar Apostleship of Prayer

(Ezequiel Barangan in white in middle row behind small altar)

(photo mid-1950s by Emigdio Sedon for Fe Studio)


  1. Im so happy about this Genealogy

  2. Hi, I am one of the Barangan from Carcar.I know Papa Sequel. He was reason of having my faith sa Dios.when I was a kid i attended the cathecism,mga teacher kay mga madre,I had my first communion when I was 6 yrs.old.One of my sister is a nun adtong time,mao anha mi permi sa convent.

  3. I’ve always wanted to know about the man. Thanks for this article, uncle!

    • C Poktoy Barangan naa nas Cogon gapuyo naa sya 2 anak.. murag namatay naman cogito sta..

  4. Yes,it was so quiet and a peaceful place to live. Actually i lived close by,but sadly its not the place it used to be. My family is stressed at the moment because they want to be private. iF someone can give advice of how to stop them from privatising it please let me know. It should be open to the public.I thought the church gathers the people to build a community,without the people the church would not stand and there would be no followers. I am away and i feel really sad and a bit angry of the nuns. Papa Ezequiel was a very nice man i met him many times when i was a child, I do not believe this would be what he would want. The community by the convent have lived peacefully and have been respectful towards the nuns ever since it was built.

    • Kung sa tan-aw ninyo gitikasan kamo ang solution sa problem is adto kamo sa assessors office Aron malantaw ang tittle it mother tittle kay ang Inyo is only a declaration then kuha nig surveyor ipasasukod.. D man maka insist ang administration sa Siervas if naa mo gihupran nga tittle kay mao nay basihan Kung unsa sukod sa property.. Kung tax dec lang naa kamo then e ipakita nila ang copy or original tittle.. Other complains adto na affected sa fence kay wala sila Moayon.. Well the congregation kay naa sila right (Ka tungod) kung unsa ila buhaton kay ila ng Property.. Silay tagbalay.. it’s true very inconvenient nila kung koralon kay d man maoy naandan gud.. pero sila ang mag adjust ug dawaton nila kay d mana public property.. Ang congregation needs privacy..

  5. kaming mga somusonod sa kabilin nga yuta ni Nicolas ALEGUIOJO wala maka-uyon sa gibuhat sa mga madre sa siervas sa di makatarunganun sa pag angkon sa yuta. Ang among kabahinanan nakuha-an,gamay nalang ka-ayo ang among parte. Gikasakit namo kaayo karon ang nahitabu kay gusto namong kuha-on ang among saktong bahin basi sa among tax declaration pero dili na namo makuha kay aduna na silay approved plan.Taas ka-ayo ang among pagtahud nila pero karon sa ilang gibuhat na wa na. Tubagon lang gani mi nga problema na ninyo nganong nigamay ang inyong yuta, ma-ayo ba na sa usa ka madre nga mo-ingon nga kung kahibaw pamo dagko unta inyong yuta karon.Gusto lang namo makuha ang among sakto nga area ,But If Not , THIS IS INJUSTICE………..

  6. i am finding for someone is palayaw is (puktoy )barangan hope you could help wit it

    • i think i read that palayaw in this blog please search barangan

      • hi joy fatima yes it’s there just click the barangan in the right side of this page. the palayaw puktoy is found at the bottom part of that page. The real name is Benjamin (Poktoy0 Barangan. I hope I helped you.

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