Alfafara (Vicente)

ALFÁFARA (Vicente Line)


Four Generations

There are two lines of the Alfafara family that still needs to be joined. This, the Vicente line, and the other, the Laurente line. The starting person in this tree here is Francisco Santiago, the father of Vicente. But since there are only these two lines of the Alfafara family, the probability is high that Vicente and Laurente were brothers, sons of Francisco Santiago. [As I decided in my family trees (see Notes to my family tree), individuals who were already deceased before the Claveria surnames should only be called by his pre-Claveria name, because he was never known by the new surname.]

Some records also say Laurente was born in Talisay (natural de Talisay). Anyway, finding a record saying Laurente was the son of Francisco Santiago and Alfonsa/Ildefonsa would clinch it for the whole Alfafara clan. Vicente died 1851 and Laurente may have died even earlier.

There is also this matter of the Alfafaras surname distinct from Alfafara.

[We have these two Carcar families, the Barcelos and the Alfafaras (also recorded as Alcaparas), and the first is also a different family from Barcelo. They most probably got the surnames in Carcar already. I say that because while records for both Barcelos and Alfafaras say they came from Bohol–Barcelos from Dimiao while one or two indirect records say the Alfafaras was from Loon–the two surnames belong to the Carcar alphabetical surname groups. ]

But the Alfafaras surname may have died out because I have only 4 Alfafaras children–all girls. Anyway they were Catalina (married to Leon Alcudia), Dorotea (married to Tomas Aleonar), Remigia (married to Marquez Alcover) and Cornelia (married to Agustin Aldeon). However, Catalina has been identified also as Alcesto (Alcerto?) and as Cavan.

BREAKING NEWS (26-Oct-2009): The line of Ynocenta Alfafara had not been linked yet and had been put on spare. Tonight, I found the Marriage (20-Apr-1847) of Marcelo Francisco with Vicenta Apolinaria (daughter of Francisco Vicente and Ana Cipriana). Ynocenta was also at times identified as Vicenta. I’ve arbitrarily placed her after Eulalia and before Eusebio. The record also stated Francisco Vicente as from (or resident of) Ylaod, so this identifies a place, and perhaps location of property, for this Alfafara line.

[23-May-2011: Although I wrote in the parallel Alfafara (Laurente) page that the latter’s sons seemed to have been more “political” by the 1850’s than Vicente’s, but The Baptisms Book 1815-1827 revealed that Vicente had been a cabeza by 1821. Some of the families registered under his barangay during the period, including his own were Eusebio Francisco (Alcuiris), Bernardo Agustin (Manguiran) of Napo, Santiago Chrisanto (Volante) of Bacsiji and the future gobernadorcillo Apolonio Francisco (Cuison). ]

In the 2010 Voters list for Carcar, there are 94 voters surnamed Alfafara, the 119th most numerous surname in the list.


pDn= pre-Decree (Claveria) name

Francisco Santiago

=Alfonsa/Ildefonsa Ma.

Vicente Alfáfara ( -1851), pDn: Francisco Vicente

=(1803) Cipriana Alejandrino ( -1854), pDn: Ana Cipriana

Leonardo Alfáfara ( -1881), pDn: Leonardo Salvador

=Damacena/Nepomucena Baquilir ( -1877)

—-Eugenio Alfáfara (1828 -1904), pDn: Eugenio Alvarado (bapt)

=1(1854) Roberta Alegado Fernández ( -1859)

=2(1859) Felipa Campación Campugan (1830-1895), pDn: Ma Felipa (bapt)

-Ruperto Alfáfara ( -1871)

=(1856) Leonora Alfáfaras Alcudia

—-Pelagio Alfáfara (1835-1860)

-Juana Alfáfara ( -1861)

=(1853) Facundo Gonzales

-Geronimo Salvador (1839

-Guillerma Alfáfara ( -1896)


=2(1879) Victor Sabas Llamas

Alejo Alfáfara (calc. 1816-1885), pDn: Alejo Abillo/Javillo

=(1836) Ciriaca Alvarado Alegado (calc. 1818-1895) pDn: Ma. Ciriaca

—-Benito Javillo (1837– ) pDn: Benito Javillo

-Juliana Alfáfara

=(1860) Juan Emnace Emnacén

-Catalino Alfafara ( -1883)

=Salvadora Baquilta Poncardas ( -1901)

(see family in Poncardas family tree)

-Juana Alfáfara (1846– ), pDn: Juana Francisca (bapt)

=(1878) Adriano Boncillo Villanueva

-Basilio Licerio Alfáfara (1848– ), pDn: Basilio Xavillo (bapt)

=1(1877) Teodora Barcia Barcenilla (1851-1896)

(see Teodora Barcenilla in Barcenilla Family Tree page)

=2(1905) Regina Manigos Fantilgoni

-Rosalio Marcelo Alfáfara (1850-1895)

=(1874) Tranquilina Alesna Ybáñez

-Cirila Alfáfara

=(1881) Modesto Daso Tantano

—-Felipa Alfáfara (1858

=(1879) Teodoro Cabícab Sagolili

Facunda Alfáfara (1817- ) pDn: Francisca Facunda (bapt.)

–=Luis Barcelona (    -1881) pDn: Luis Mariano; remarried 1851 to Matea Alegado

—-Tomasa Barcelona (    -1895)

=Benigno Emnacen

—-Hilarion Rufino (    -1843) pDn: Hilarion Rufino (Burial)

-Juana Barcelona (1846-1886), pDn: Juana Gonzales (bapt)

=Regino Pestañas Satot (1850-

-Estefania Barcelona ( -1866)

-Victorino Barcelona ( -1873?) child?

Pablo de la Cruz (1819–    ) pDn: Pablo de la Cruz (bapt.)

Eulalia/Bartola Alfáfara (1821-1852), pDn: Alvarada Bartola (bapt.) Eulalia Francisca, Ma Bartola, Bartola Albarada

=(1842) Saturnino Aldaya Alegado (1819–   ), pDn: Francisco Saturnino (bapt.), Saturnino Lucas

(See Saturnino Alegado Family Tree page)

–Ynocenta Alfafara (1824–   ) pDn: Ma. Ynocenta (bapt.); Vicenta Apolinaria (Marriage)

=(1847) Marcelo Baquirquir ( ) pDn: Marcelo Francisco (Marriage); AKA Marcelo Gutierrez

—-Lazaro Baquirquir

=Manuela Salumbre Baritua

—-Alejandro Gutierrez

=(1876) Dionisia Alegarbes Aledo

—-Leona Baquirquir

=Severino Aleoguens Canarias (1853-

Eusebio Alfáfara (1825-1872) pDn: Juan Balveno (bapt) with post-notation “Eusebio Alfafara” on record

=Maria Baritua ( -1889)

-Carmelino Alejo Alfáfara

=Francisca Barola Barrito

-Modesta Alfáfara (1851-1879)

=(1874) Lorenzo Dayagro Enanoria

-Juliana Alfáfara (1853

=(1882) Fabián Duangon Espejo

-Genoveva Alfáfara (1856-1872)

-Eugenia Alfáfara (1858

=(1882) Guillermo Larumbe Unabia

-Ysidoro Alfáfara (1861-1868)

-Cipriano Alfáfara (1864

=(1898) Tranquilina Aldave

—-Roman Alfáfara (1868

=Engracia Urquesa Nacario

Ma. Remigia (    -1848) single

Ciriaca Alfáfara (   -1865), single


(reconstruction going on)



  1. i was so glad to read the roots of my grand father but quite confused where do i belong. pls do help me locate my roots since no one can tell me as my mother died away from her family and shenot even told us about her family roots what i only knew s her parents who s lorenzo alfafara and pomposa who waspresently residing at c.padilla st. cebu city since my lolo at that time s a police man. but both of them are dead. thank you and God bless

  2. Hiya,
    I have seen your page and I am very interested on it. I was born in a town called Alfafara(Alicante, Spain) I’m trying to investigate your surname, why we don’t have that surname in Spain but you can find it in the old spanish colonies, when this people could leave their town…I would like to write some article to the council town , if you have any information and you want to help i will be very grateful.

    • Dear Rubén,

      Before 1850, natives of the Philippines did not have surnames. Instead what they used was either a second first name (ex. Antonio Francisco), or a second name with a religious connotation (Jose de la Trinidad, Marcial San Diego, etc.) Presumably because too many were using the same names, this caused some confusion especially in the collection of tributes. To correct this, in 21 November 1849, the Governor-General of the country, Narciso Clavería Zaldúa, issued a decree and ordered subordinate officials and priests to list a catalog of surnames to be distributed to the people of the archipelago. The decree is famously known in Philippine history as the Claveria Decree.

      Alfáfara was among the surnames listed and among those given alphabetically to the town of Cárcar in Cebú province. The natives who received Alfáfara presumably did not even know the meaning or origin of the surname or that it was a town in Spain.

      The age of the Internet opened the eyes of many Alfafara in Cebu and many of them now all over the country and even outside the Philippines now know that there is an Alfáfara town in Alicante.

      (please also read this

      About thirty or forty years ago, townspeople of Carcar still pronounced the surname correctly (i.e., Alfáfara) but because of later influence of English and other factors, most people now say al-fa-FA-ra. In Carcar, the same fate has befallen what is now pronounced as bar-CE-lo, bar-CE-nas, JA-en, and others. In my blog, I always exhort my townmates and readers to follow the correct ways.

      All the best for now. Please feel free to ask anything.

      Vip Aleonar
      P.S. is Aleonar a Spanish surname?

  3. My lolo is Victor Navarse Alfafara who was married to Tarciana Villarosa…Could you trace up my Lolo’s origin? He has a sibling names Atty. Ruperto Alfafara

    • Ok, since you’re the daughter of my grade-school classmate Heidi and she and I are 4th cousins (see A Cebu City family tree crosses to Carcar). Your lolo’s father was Isabelo Alfafara, son of Angela Alfafara (unrecognized father). Angela was a daughter of Ruperto (Vicente-Leonardo) Alfafara above.

  4. My lola is francisca alfafara who was married to Tomas Lapitan,he has a sibling name Moises (lolong) Lapitan

    • @eugenio, do you know or can approximate when francisca was born, who were her parents (maybe her mother’s surname). i need dates to build timelines to narrow down a search. thanks

      • gaw vip, mao ni silang pamilyaha sa Luan-luan..Catalino Alcudia Alfafara-Patricia Ysabida Genave…kanang Toring mao na si Victoriano,,Mines mao to ang musikero…si Brenalda o Bernarda naminyo ni Vicente Caballero, usa ilang anak si Claudio naa gihapon sa Luanluan nagpuyo…una nga bana ni Francisca mao si Tomas Lapitan..duha ang anak..Moises nga papa ining Eugenio..ikaduhang bana ni Francisca mao ni si Pedro Antonio…milangyaw ni sila sa Hawaii..naay koy nakontak sa Colorado, apo aning Francisco, si Denise Antonio Lum naminyog piloto Charles Bassett…after among chat, am waiting more info of this family soon as she can visit Concepcion Alfafara Lapitan…

    • akong lola c francisca alfafara born may 11 1907 iyang papa si catalino aka lindoy alfafara,ang mama ni francisca alfafara namatay na,ang iyang mama,papa niya naminyo ug otro duha ka anak sa ikduha nga asawa iyang papa catalino alfafara.,ang papa ni lola francisca principal sa school sa carcar, ang igsoon ni lola francisca si bernalda alfafara caballero born august 20 1900,ug naa pa igsoon ang nickname toring alfafara ug menis alfafara.

      • pwede ta magkita gaw Eugenio kon nia lang ka sa cebu?

      • wish to directly communicate with you gaw Eugenio or meet you personally para magkaila pud ta…..cause i am constructing the whole alfafara family tree…i met one Denise Antonio Lum, granddaughter of Francisca of 2nd marriage to Pedro Antonio…Francisca’s 1st marriage was with Tomas Lapitan…

  5. kadyot lang molanting ko. ug mahimo ilakbit sa pagduki ang mga o insurektos o pulahan nga misibug sa kabukiran sa Barili ug Aluguinsan nga mga Carcaranon. Apan aniay subol gikan ni Tatay Miloy (Alfajora) nga matud pa ni anhing Geodetic Engr Vicente Alfafara si Carmeleniano daw )sumpay daw sa iyang linya kay dihang nakita niya si Papa Terio nikurog siya ug nakuywan kay nakita daw niya ang nawong sa iyang uyoan (nga pareha ug nawong samtang nikaon sa New Society Kitchenette. Mao ni ang mga kaliwat ni

    nanganak ni Basilio ug uban pa
    si Basilio nanganak ni Amando ug 12 pa kabouk
    mariano Hereunder are variant spellings: Alfajora, Alfajura, Alpajura Alpajora, alpahora, Alfahura Alphajora, Alphajura, Alphahura
    > Carmeliniano Tatay Meloy was married to M. Guimarangan as he was fondly called, bore a number of Children. One is Basilio, Bonifacio and some other children.
    > Basilio was married to Demetria Ginou has 12 children,
    > 1. Vicente, 2, Ciriaco, 3, Dionesia, 4, Amando, 5.Maria, 6 Juliana, 7. Valentina Blandina 8. Leoncia 9. Nicanor 10. Placido 11, Nicanor 12. Victor
    > Now Basilio Siblings:
    > 1. Vicente, died single
    > 2, Ciriaco, bore Mariano, Ramon and Rosal they settled in Negros
    > 3, Dionesia, was married
    > 4, Amando, was married to Ciriaca Perolino and bore Francisco, (died child) Vicente, Eufemio, Eleuterio, Ananias, (died child) and Cenon
    > Vicente was married and children are Feliza, Jaime, Gloria, Thelma; Eufemio was married and bore Chanes, Erlinda, Rogelio,
    > 5. Maria, was married to
    > 6 Juliana, was married to
    > 7. Blanding Valentina was married and bore Susana married to Ricablanca,
    > 8. Leoncia was married Juarez and bore Francisco, Cleotilde, Lucio, etc.
    > 9. Nicanor went to Negros and married
    > 10. Placido was married with children one was Pelimon, Vicente went to Negros
    > 11, Bonifacio went to Manila
    > 12. Victor went to Manila

    Si Amando nanganak ni

    • i wish other readers who ask for information were like you who is armed with his family tree, not just the name of a single individual. with the latter, i don’t know where to start the search, whether that so-called lolo was born circa 1700, before-1850, after 1850, after 1900, after 1940, etc. unfortunately for you, i really don’t have any alfajora information, but you can be sure i copied your tree above so if ever i find an alfajora record in carcar, we can hopefully connect your family.

  6. Hi,
    I am interested to know my ancestral roots in Carcar. My lolo, Pedro Alfafara who was married to my lola, Salud Gantuangco were both had their roots in Carcar, though they lived most of their years in Cebu City. Can you help me trace which of the Alfafara’s you mentioned in the family tree my lolo belongs?


    • jun, in your case, i don’t have a timeline for your particular pedro because i have a number of pedro in my tree file and don’t know which of them he is.

      and also i must ask for a selfish request from you: please make a family tree of from your lolo pedro and lola salud, children and spouses, down to you and also your siblings, cousins, etc. i need to complete the project of carcarfamilies as much as i wish to help, and we can help each other and make this a win-win situation. thanks.

    • Hi,
      Its been quite a while, but I thank you for posting these genealogies of the carcar families. My Lolo Pedro Alfafara was married to my Lola – Salud Ganguangco. My father – Vicente Gantuangco Alfafara Sr. had 2 sisters – Natividad Gantuangco Alfafara and Concepcion (Conching) Gantuangco Briones. I read on the other page of this blog that you know my Tita Conching who published the book “Life in Old Parian”. Actually i still have a hard copy of that book. It showed the family tree of the Gantuangcos, and I (Vicente Alfafara Jr.) was in that genealogy. But on the side of the Alfafaras, the line stops at my lolo Pedro. Do you think you can help me trace my Lolo’s parents and brothers? I heard, but was not really sure, that my lolo’s father was Julian. Would appreciate very much your help.

      Jun Alfafara

      • hi gaw Vicente Espanol Alfafara, Jr…let me connect you to this Julian Yang-yang Alfafara who lives in Abuno, Minglanilla for more and more complete informations about your lolo Pedro Alfafara..his number is 09125347417…and for a brief info as a child, i saw personally this Pedro Alfafara..he is an illigitimate brother to my father Ildefonso…and at that time that i saw him, we were in Ocaña, Carcar at the house of Marciano Caballero Alfafara…Julian became close to Marciano’s son Alfredo and they recognized each other as 1st cousins…this Julian was named such as easy recall to Pedro’s father Julian Barcenilla Alfafara…as far as my searches is concerned, Pedro is the first illigitimate child of my grandfather…he had other two illigitimate children, Eufemia married to Felix Rama and Gliceria Alcoriza who died single…Yes me too would be happy to meet you in person…in connection to my construction of the whole Alfafara Family Tree based on here’s blog..Thanks to friend Vip…

        • Hi Allan,
          Its nice to hear from you gaw. Are you the Allan Alfafara who used to be a professor in CIT before? If i am right, i heard you are the brother of Achiles? My papa Vicente Sr used to tell me that these Alfafaras in these 2 big houses in Don Pedro Cui st were his cousins. We used to live in the other side of Don Pedro Cui. Julian “Tata” Alfafara, not sure if he has another nick name today, but he is the half brother of my papa Vicente Sr. Thank you for providing these info regarding my grandfather Pedro. It is really priceless to know one’s roots. Do you have an email address so we can exchange greetings and pictures perhaps of our families. Would really like to see some old pictures of our roots.

          Jun Alfafara

        • Gaw Allan, forgot to ask if your father Ildefonso has brothers and sisters and their names. I suppose your father Ildefonso is older than my Lolo Pedro and his other sisters you mentioned? Did you see great grandpa Julian during your childhood? What is he like? Was wondering my lolo Pedro named my father Vicente, was the reason be that this Vicente in the Family Tree in 1800 was his grandpa? So many questions Gaw, but i appreciate you sharing thse info. And also Gaw VIP – What’s his real name?


          • Gaw Jun Vicente…i supposed that your lolo Pedro was born much earlier..that Julian must be still single…taking into the account i got that our lolo Julian Barcenilla Alfafara born Jan28, 1878, got married in 1902 to Rosalia Tangarorang Caballero…and i got your lolo Pedro’s birth in 1893…that Marciano Caballero Alfafara, born 1906, is the 2nd child of the couple Julian-Rosalia…am not that one of CIT, it just happened that we got the same name Allan because of that other Allan of CIT’s mother who helped my mother at a time i was born…WISH TO MEET YOU sir gaw and have a Facebook account so you can join our FB page na Alfafara Family Tree! i have here around 240 of Microsoftword pages now!

  7. Came upon your site by accident. I am completely “in the dark” when it comes to my family ancestry. My father was Gaspar Enanoria Alfafara (date of birth: January 6, 1898; passed away, March 1956). He supposedly came from a large family, but I only knew two of his brothers — Casimiro (Oahu, Hawaii), Simon (San Francisco, California). I believe his father’s name was Mariano Enanoria; his mother, Angela Alfafara. I have an envelope addressed to my father from Mariano Enanoria, San Jose Street, Carcar, Cebu. He had cousins named Celestino, Marcelo and Jerry….all of them resided in the U.S.A. My father left the Philippines at a very young age when he joined the U.S. Navy during World War I. I don’t believe he ever returned home to Cebu.

    • i wish your comment had come 3 days earlier, my last time on the net before going back to carcar for research, i could have searched gaspar there. if the date of birth you gave was accurate, i would’ve found it right away. except if he was baptized somewhere else. next time i’ll be in carcar.

      • got his mother angela alfafara’s side. it seems she and mariano may never have married and the children all took the surname of their mother alfafara. i have only two children in my files: isabelo (b. 1884) and casimiro (b. 1890) but this line should be the right one. i know isabelo’s descendants in carcar. i have no record of mariano enanoria but that is my fault. the cousins you mentioned are all alfafara maybe.

        • saw the baptismal record for gaspar alfafara (8-Jan-1898) born 6-Jan to pnc-angela alfafara; maternal grandparents ruperto alfafara, dec. -leonora alcudia. padrino: luciano tagaylo.

          the pnc (padre no conocido–father unknown/unrecognized) is formula id for an illegitimate father; do you know if all his siblings were all children of mariano enanoria?

          • Thank you so much for the information. I will try to keep researching information from this end. It is so difficult because we were not raised near to other members of my dad’s family. I’ve received communication from a Richard Alfafara in Cebu. We connected by accident on facebook, and he, too, is curious if we are related. My dad always said, “all the Alfafara’s are related.” I wasn’t sure how that could be.
            Again, thank you so much. If I find anymore information to offer in tracing my background, I will let you know.

          • As I read your reply of February 27, 2011, I realize that the family of Isabelo who you know in Carcar has to be related to me. Isabelo would have been my uncle and his children, my first cousin(s). I have been trying to contact my cousins, Ricardo and Annie (Casimiro’s children) in Hawaii. Their phone numbers that I have are longer in service. I last saw them when they visited me in Laughlin, Nevada, about three years ago.

            Joan Eunice Alfafara Reyes who wrote to you in October 2009 must also be related to me since her Great Grandfather was Isabelo.

            How can I obtain copies of my Dad’s (Gaspar) and his brothers, Casimiro and Isabelo, baptismal records. I would like to have them….just for the sentimental connection with the family.

            Also, any information (with their permission) of the Isabelo family line that you can provide me would be appreciated.

            I will try to contact Celestino Alfafara (cousin) who forwarded me a family tree of his family and see if he can provide me more information. It’s been many years since I have spoken to him.

            Again, thank you so much for all your help. Notify by email or site updates….whichever you feel would be appropriate.

    • think i’ve got now the link of your family from the very first known alfafara couple…what am doing now is to expand it along with Gaspar’s brother’s families…that of Isabelo, Casimero and Simon and only sister Dorothy…

  8. In line to this pls help me to find other of my relatives . My grand father was Solomon Quijano Alfafara and her sister was Corazon Alfafara. I have my auncle who was a dean of emiritus in CIT before named Achilles Alfafara. he was son of Corazon Alfafara.

    • i’m sorry i read your comment very late. your grandfather solomon’s father, felix, was a son of eugenio above (francisco santiago-vicente-leonardo) and second wife felipa campugan.

      • Thank you for this info. it is much appreciated.

  9. @odette, you wrote: Joan Eunice Alfafara Reyes who wrote to you in October 2009 must also be related to me since her Great Grandfather was Isabelo. That’s right her grandfather victor alfafara would be your first cousin. joan’s mom was my grade school classmate and i’ll try to ask her what she knows of isabelo’s brothers if she knew any and also who isabelo’s father was let’s see if it was also mariano enanoria.

    re baptismal record i advise you to write “st. catherine parish office, carcar, cebu 6019” to request for them (or call them (032)487-9147 so you can agree on the arrangement or call heidi alfafara cellphone (0923-415-7382) so you can make arrangement for her to do it for you. she’s in carcar and she’s joan’s mom.

    i’m not too sure yet when i’ll be in carcar next. it could be may already.

    • All your efforts, research and knowledge of Carcar Family Genealogy has been amazing. April 20, 2011, I sent a letter to St. Catherine’s Parish requesting copies of baptimal records for my father, Gaspar, and his brothers, Casimiro and Isabelo. To date, I have not received a reply from them. I did ask them to advise me of the cost to obtain this information. Hopefully, they understood my correspondence. Again, thank you so very much. I will keep in touch with you and update you with any further family information I may obtain.

  10. Good day to my kins,

    I’m Alma Delicano Alfafara from Davao del Sur, Mindanao but presently I’m in Talamban Cebu because of work.

    I’d like also to trace the family root of my father but unfortunately don’t have any info about my grandfather’s kins. All I know that he came from Carcar when he was still a teenager and he died long time ago and today also is my father’s 4th year death anniversary (son of my grandpa).

    My grandfather’s name is BENITO Ybanez-ALFAFARA (a.k.a. BENITO GAMAY) married to Felicisima Salva.

    I’m just hoping that some of my grandfather’s kins (YBANEZ-ALFAFARA root) will read my message.

    Thank you 🙂

    • I had contacted and meet already this Alma…with their assistance we have successfully answered her inquiry here…even visited in Ocaña, Carcar City that of their only living sister Corazon Sarador Alfafara of their grandfather…also had already traced Corazon’s siblings who are all in Midanao. Thanks to this very blog of Vip…Godbless

  11. I have been surfing for months trying to find any info about my cousins, the Alfafara Family. Uncle Nicanor Alfafara married to Constancia Piramide. They have childrens Baby, Inday, Boy and Bill which I have not seen for a very long time. Baby is a veterinarian, Inday in modeling and was married toa German national, Boy, a seaman and Bill a businessman and was sometime ago based in Japan. I would appreciate very much you can give me on this regard. Thank you very much. I enjoyed reading the Alfafara family roots. Again thanks and may God bless you.

    • Rosario,
      Nicanor Alfafara was my grandfather. The children you mentioned are my aunts and uncles. All but one live in Manila. I can send you info on how to contact them. Let me know

      • Nicanor is a 1st cousin of my father…and Chris, your mother is Mary Ellen? my wife had met Dr.Artonie Alfafara Ariado in Fairview, Quezon City…Nic’s father Mariano is the younger brother of my lolo Julian Barcenilla Alfafara…nice to know you Chris…

  12. @vip: Sir good day,

    I would like to ask you if you could trace back where our family bloodline started, I am the great grandson of Melquiades Tagimacruz Baquirquir, who is the first degree cousin of Capt. Catalino Tagimacruz Alfafara.

    Pls let me know if you have gone over the records, to what family tree my great grandfather Melquiades Tagimacruz Baquirquir actually came from because I have seen from the list above that there were people who have the same surname as to ours.

    Respectfully yours,
    Cliefford Baquirquir

  13. @ vip,

    and also the parents of my great grandfather (Melquiades T. Baquirquir), where (Albino Baquirquir – Father),​ (Nemesia Tagimacruz – Mother)

    thank you,
    Cliefford Baquirquir

    • sorry for the late reply. albino baquirquir was the son of lazaro alfafara baquirquir (shown above as son of ynocenta alfafara and marcelo). i have not yet found the roots of the baquirquir, just that my starting person marcelo was surnamed gutierrez in a previous record.

  14. Hello there. I am Jerson Bardon Alfafara residing in General Santos City. I was born in Lanao del Norte but my parents decided to stay Gensan for good since 1966. My father is Antonio Sarador Alfafara who have 2 brothers, Benito and the other one I only knew as we call him Papa Toto (as what I have heard from my older brothers and sisters, if I’m not mistaken his real name is Roberto), and 2 sisters, Lourdes and Corazon. My father died last Feb. 6, 2010 at 87. Their father’s name if I’m not mistaken is Mariano. They were form Carcar Cebu. May I know which family roots do we belong? Thanks and God bless you!

    • can you also help project carcarfamillies by giving us the family tree of the brothers and sisters of antonio, for excample the full name of your mother, too. their spouses (full name), children, their spouses and children.

  15. @Jerson, thanks for posting here…you mentioned Corazon..she is the youngest child of Mariano Ybañez Alfafara…i met her recently…she is alive and kicking at 91 years of age, now in Ocaña, Carcar City living with her daughter Delita…you can find above a comment of Alma Delicano Alfafara…she is here in Cebu City but comes from Davao, she is the grand daughter of Benito Sarador Alfafara who also is the elder brother of your father Antonio Sarador Alfafara!..Lourdes and Norberto are the other children of Mariano…in my listings here lolo Antonio’s children are 11 children with his wife Marcela Baran Bardon…your line-head is Rosalio Marcelo Alegado Alfafara who happens to be the younger brother of our line-head Basilio Licerio Alegado Alfafara…as what Vip requires, we need it to complete the line…feel free to text me on this number 09351548337…anyway i am coordinating with Vip on this work…Godbless our tribe!

  16. galinggg….. ngaun q lang to nabasa.. atleast i know kung ano ang history at importance ng family name q. thanks

  17. my name is Adrian Paul Alfafara,15 years old,here in Taguig and my father says that Eleterio Alfafara is our great-great grandfather,please help us know about the truth in this subject.

    • sir Vip let me reply this…to Adrian Paul Doria Alfafara…am tracing your family line thru your father Dionisio Novenario Alfafara…as see it thru his replies to me, this Eleuterio had his family long settled in Tondo, Manila…maybe the family of Roberto ‘Berting’ Rivera Alfafara believed are now in Cavite…Berting is a son of Eleuterio…also im in contact with your cousin Khym Alfafara Mabutol…your family line nilagay ko muna sa Unlinked Family Construction ko…salamat po.

  18. transferred from Alfafara, Catalino page:

    Hi, I am Adrimar Alegarbes Alfafara. My father is Adriano Poncardas Alfafara. He is the youngest amongst 10 siblings: 9 brothers and a sister… where am I in the family tree?

    Edit Comment

    By: Adrimar Alegarbes Alfafara on August 31, 2012
    at 5:57 pm


    redirected to Alfafara (Vicente) family page
    Edit Comment

    By: vip on September 1, 2012
    at 11:50 am

    • your grandfather mariano alfafara was a son of basilio licerio (in the family tree above). mariano’s wife was florencia dayagro poncardas. see also poncardas family tree.

  19. Hello.
    My name is Don Sergio Pantaleon Alfafara.
    My fathers name is Samuel Bello Alfafara (05/05/1945), the first born son of Sergio Alfafara (02-24-1920) married to Eleonor Bello Alfafara).
    Sergio is the son of Mariano Alfafara (?? Not sure).
    My father is married to Solita Pantaleon Alfafara (second wife).
    Acording to my father Samuel that he has two other younger brothers and four younger sisters. My grandfather Sergio passed away and my grandmother Eleonor lives in New Jersey-USA with my Aunt Vilma.
    I have 3 older step brothers that are in Cebu (sorry, I only know my first step brothers name: Leumas, the opposite for my fathers name).
    I have 3 sisters; Alpa Joy (77), Grace (80) and Honey (86).

    I now live here in Las Vegas-NV, with 3 children: Daniella Mae(2006), Daniel Matthew(2008), Denise Mae(2011) and a son on the way on January 2014, David Matthew(2014).

    My father also said the same to me that ALL ALFAFARA ARE JUST ONE BIG FAMILY!
    But it would also be nice to know my roots, so one day I could tell my children about it with pride.
    Your help would be much appreciated.
    Pls email me at
    Thank you and
    God bless you!

    • sergio rayla alfafara was the son of epifanio alfafara and melchora rayla. epifanio being the son of catalino alfafara and salvadora poncardas. may i know when sergio died?

      • sir Vip, he is Sergio Pocardas Alfafara, son of Mariano Barcenilla Alfafara younger brother of my lolo Julian Barcenilla Alfafara..had other 9 siblings, namely …Loreto, Florencio, Flavia, Alberto, Nicanor, Jesus, the him Sergio, Jose, Zacharias and Adriano the father of one Adrimar above…got to email him…soon.

  20. My father couldn’t remember the exact dates, but he said Lolo Sergio Poncardas Alfafara passed away either on 1991 or 1992.

    • please join us in our facebook Alfafara Family Tree for you to meet who are you looking for and who are the other alfafara relatives around…your lolo Sergio is 1st cousin of my father…

      • Hi uncle kumusta? 🙂 Princess Apple Bas

  21. my name is ricardo alfafara. my dad’s name is casimiro alfafara born in carcar cebu march 4.1890 deceased may 1. 1959. information received from Odette saafranek whose dad is my dad’s brother.. my dad met my mom here in Honolulu hawaii.married her and together had myself the oldest, my sister conception and ssiter enorata who is the youngest..please update me of any more info that you may have came across thqnk you.((

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