There are several other Barangan branches/lines in my file that I have not been able to link up yet to this main/bigger branch of Marcelino/Juanillo.  As always, I go on with the hope that records that will do that will come my way.

A major discrepancy can be found below. Pedro Barangan, baptized 1887 had a notation on his baptismal record as having married Victorina Sedon—also in 1887. Either the year in the notation was just pure carelessness or this should have been annotated to an older Pedro Barangan, a grand-uncle in fact.

Another point with a potentially more substantial effect on the entire family however is the pronunciation of the name. Elsewhere in Northern Philippines, the surname is pronounced Ba-ra-ngan and as such was spelled with the ñ.  Carcar, on the other hand, pronounces it as Ba-rang-gan.  But a document dating 1863 of important personages of the town showed Juan Barangan, a cabeza de barangay (as was his son) signing his name with the “ñ”.  It may well be that back in those days, they did pronounce the name Ba-ra-ngan. But then again, 150 years may have also just laid the issue to rest–buried alive as it was.

In the 2010 Voters list for Carcar, there are 280 voters surnamed Barangan, the 10th most numerous surname in the list.


5 Generations

Marcelino (       ) AKA Juanillo

=Luisa Maria (       ) AKA Teresa, Estefa

Juan Barangan (   -1880) pDn: Juan Albarado/Silvestre; cabeza de barangay since 1830s

—=(1827) Antonina Barbac (   -1882) pDn: Antonia Albordon (marr); also as Barba

——Ma. Lauriana (1834–   ) pDn: Ma. Lauriana (bapt)

——Laorencia Barangan (   -1883) Ma. Lauriana?

——=Mariano Dandan

——Fermin Barangan (1836–   ) pDn: Fermin Francisco (bapt); cabeza de barangay 1880s

——=Leona Baraquia

———Cipriana Barangan (1857-

———=(1878) Wenceslao Barcelo Aleonar (   -1890)

————Tomas Aleonar (1879-

=(1904) Romana Remedio Gaviola

————Catalina Aleonar (1881-

————Vicente Aleonar (1883-1960)

=(1904) Januaria Baracao (   -1907)

————Paulino Aleonar (1885-

=Zoila Muit

————Sixta Aleonar (1888-1966)


————Simplicia Aleonar (1891-1964)


———Maximo Barangan (1862-1902)

———=(Nov-1884-Feb-1885) Crisanta Rosellosa Quijoy (calc. 1863-

————Nicolasa Barangan (1885-1894)

————Pedro Barangan (1887-

=(1887) Victorina Sedon

————Santiago Barangan

= Luisa Alega Baran

—————Ezequiel Barangan (1916-1987)

————Blas Barangan (1900-

——Francisco Barangan (1844–   ) pDn: Pedro Francisco (bapt)

——= Ciriaca Campugan Aleson

———Agatona Barangan (   -1882) escuela in Burial

——–-Saturnino Barangan (   -1883) escuela in Burial

———Juana Barangan (   -1889) single in Burial

———Pelagia Barangan (   -1875) child

———Ramon Barangan (   -1882) child

———Wenceslao Barangan (1883-   )

——–Roman Barangan

——–= Quirina Bargayo Alegarbes (   -1902)

———–-Epifania Barangan (   -1895) child

————Felicidad Barangan (    -1900) child

————Feliza Barangan (1901-

=(1920) Ruperto Gipuela

———Pantaleon Barangan

———=Victoriana Bargayo Alegarbes

————Cipriano Barangan (    -1909) child

——Andres Francisco (1847–   ) pDn: Andres Francisco (bapt)

——Catalino Barangan (   -1888)

——= Lorenza Bareng

———Honorata Barangan

———= (pnc)

————Silvino Barangan (1904-

——Pedro Barangan

——= Josefa Baraquia

———Simona Barangan (1856-

———Valeriano Barangan

———= Ysidra Genodefanon Camomot (       ) Ysidra Camuta?

————Eustaquio Barangan (   -1877) child

————Julia Barangan (   -1893) child

——–Agustina Barangan (   -1880) escuela in Burial

Regina Barangan

—=Valentin Alesna

——Eustaquio Alesna (   -1888)

——=Gregoria Cuynos

———Tito Alesna

———=Potenciana Tigley Bargamento

————Arcadio Alesna (1862-

————Mariano Alesna (   -1868) cild

————Macario Alesna (   -1884) single

———Gil Alesna

———=(1873) Vicenta Sabay Caballero

————Felix Alesna

=(1901) Paulina del Rosario Barcelo (1882-

————Regina Alesna (   -1885) child

————Epifania Alesna (1881-

————Mariano Alesna (1883-

————Miguel Alesna (1886-

= Silvestra Navarro Manca

————Manuela Alesna (1889-

————Rustica Alesna

=(1909) Rustica Bacalso Abanto

————Patricia Alesna (1895-

————=(1916) Antonio Ropita

———Marcelo Alesna

———=(1904) Juliana Navarro Canoy

————Cayetano Alesna (1885-

=(1909) Joaquina Nacua Camingao (1885-

————Fernando Alesna (1887-

————Marciana Alesna (1896-

=(1914) Uldarico Alcos Alfafara (1894-

———Manuel Alesna

———=Maxima Morden Jayopan (       ) AKA Guillerma

————Maria Alesna (1882-

————Gregorio Alesna (   -1886) child

———Honoria Alesna (   -1908) single

———Micacia Alesna

———=Esteban Aleson Alegarbes

————Agapita Alegarbes (   -1883) child

——Eleuterio Alesna (   -1887) pDn: Leuterio Francisco

——= Liberata Enanoria (       ) pDn: Ma. Liberata

———Ygnacio Francisco (1847-   ) pDn: Ygnacio Francisco

———=Canuta Alenteojo Pansipanci

————Monica Alesna (   -1886) child

———Sabina Alesna

———(1878) Martin Baraquinto Cabunas

———Castor Alesna (   -1906)

———= Nacarui?

———Macario Alesna

———= Hipolita Babao Sabandeja

————Fernando Alesna (   -1884) child

————Ysidoro Alesna (   -1884) child

————Geronima Alesna (1883-

————Raimunda Alesna (1886-1886)

————Vicente Alesna

=(1912) Gregoria Bargeo Barga

————Potenciano Alesna (   -1906) escuela in Burial

———Julio Alesna

———=Raymunda Cabilio? Bucao

————Francisca Alesna (1883-

————Luciana Alesna (1886-1886)

————Antonio Alesna (1887-

———Marcela Alesna (   -1907) single

———Roman Alesna (   -1908)

———= Ysidra Lapira

——Calixtra Alesna (   -1874)

——= Damiano Lapasaran

———Vidala Lapasaran

———=(1854) Pascual Alegado Alserto

———Claudia Lapasaran

———= Magdaleno Alegado Alenteojo

———Silvestra Lapasaran

———=(1863) Escolastico Alega Alegrado (1837-

————Placido Alegrado (1863-

=(1894) Valeriana Alcuetas

————Ana Alegrado (1865-

=(1891) Crispulo Ordenasa Alcover

————Martina Alegrado (1867-

=(1900) Ricardo Lañas Mercado (1877-

————Agatona Alegrado (1869-

————Benita Alegrado

= Bonifacio de las Nieves Abayan

————Eugenia Alegrado (1875-

————Rufina Alegrado (1876-

=(1897) Filemon?

————Maria Alegrado (1879-

————Perfecto Alegrado (1881-

Marcelo Barangan (   -1971) AKA Cirilo

—= Florencia Bargayo

——Ygnacio Barangan

——=(1852) Antonia Bardon Campañon (   -1896)

———Antonio Barangan

———= Feliciana Lapay (       ) AKA Ponciana

————Dionisia Barangan (   -1887)

————Nicomedes Barangan (   -1891) child

———Simon Barangan (   -1881) single

———Gregoria Barangan (   -1891)

———= Nicasio Barga Renijane

————Buenaventura Renijane (   -1893) escuela in Burial

——Bonifacio Barangan (   -1908)

——= Maximo Panaug

——Brigida Barangan (   -1883)

——Lazaro Hemelga

Dionisio Barangan (   -1883)

—= Maria Canchez (       ) Camus?

——Marcelino Barangan (   -1885)

——= Rosa Bargayo

———Ignacio Bargayo (   -1889) married in Burial

——— Aurelia Barangan

———= (pnc)

———— Esperanza Barangan (   -1893) child

———Ponciano Barangan

———= Pia Delima Campugan

————Anselma Barangan (   -1899)

———Potenciano Barangan (   -1879) child

———Maxima Barangan (1882-1883)

——Jorge Barangan

——= Isabel Pananganan Baran

———Cesarea Barangan (   -1890)

——Hipolita Barangan (   -1895)

——= Nicasio Camus

——Celedonia Barangan (1860-

Carpia Barangan (   -1882) single


  1. Hello po to all Barangan. I don’t much of my genealogy but what I do know is that my great grandfather is Felipe barangan. i don’t know who are his siblings but their children are with us in Lallo, Cagayan. Maybe they came also from Ilocos Norte.

    • hi james, im from buguey cagayan, my father said felipe, is very close relatve to him,

    • Hello! James, my name is FRANK son of DANIEL who’s father was FELIPE claiming that they’re from barrio balatong san nicolas laoag ilocos norte I tried roaming around that area way back 5 yrs ago but i failed to find one maybe am just too shy to ask, nowadays am living here in canada with my children paul,frank jr. terrie. I’m one of the barangan’s trying to trace my bloodline so folks and fellow ka-BARANGAN’s hope to chat,meet you one day warm regards to everyone…..

      • I am Francisco “Frank” C Barangan my great grand father Igmidio and his only son Santiago Barangan and four daugthers populated Licab Nueva Ecija. His sons Victor Barangan and Roman were Medical doctor and dentist respectively survived the Death March along with General Santiago Barangan and Eustaquio Barangan. In the archives of San Nicolas showed the famiies of Barangan, Dawang, Casino and others emmigrated to Licab Nueva Ecija in the early 19th century. I met some members of Barangan Families thru my heritage Barangan Family Website which I am the Webmaster. I cannot put their names into the branch of Barangan Family due to lack of known names. I know the Barangan Family members came from single Family that originated from San Nicolas somewhere in the early 18th century. I met another branch of barangan family which came from there and they were relativies of gen. barangan. From Cebu families I met some close relatives in the office of the general during the time of Marcos. From informations I got the Barangan from Carcar Cebu made their family name into “Baranggan” to cebuano pronounciation.

        I would like to invite you to visit our ***BARANGAN FAMILY WEBSITE and how you will be incorporated to the main trunk of the family tree. Our numbers were only 500 members in which if all missing branches could be included would swelled to over a thousand. Thanks.

        • In addition to my blog I found out from Herman Barangan that his grand father Pacifico has other brothers like the one you mentioned Felipe Barangan from Cagayan who came from Barrio Balatong San Nicolas Ilocos Norte. Other unnamed brother went to Cebu, that could be Juan Barangan who died in Carcar in 1880. So to complete the family tree my great grandfather Igmidio has three sons namely Santiago Barangan from Nueva Ecija, Pacifico Barangan who stayed in San Nicolas I.N. and possibly Juan Barangan who went to Carcar Cebu. If anybody can confirm that Juan Barangan came from San Nicolas I. N. then our family is now complete. Their sisters were Simeona, Victoria, Alejandra and Irene that all stayed in Licab Nueva Ecija and populated the town.

      • Hello uncle Frank I think I know you. You have a twin siblings am I right? Is Ferdinand Barangan your brother? He is married to Febe Banayos Barangan?

        • Sorry James I have no twin siblings. Give me the names of your ancestor, maybe we can find something from there. We could be just the same age. me at 72 yrs old. See if you have any relation to Santiago, Pacifico and Juan Barangan. Thanks for knowing your roots.

      • Hey Frank you are my namesake. Looks like your grandfather Felipe from Cagayan came from Barrio Balatong San NIcolas Ilocos Norte just like my grandfather Santiago. Your father Daniel is my uncle and you are my second degree cousin. Corrections from above the brothers were Santiago, Pacifico, Felipe and could be Juan Barangan from Cebu. So a total of four brothers. If you could give me your Email address I can send you The Barangan Family Tree.

    • Hi I’m Virgilio Unabia Barangan son of Angel Renejane Barangan and my mother is Macaria Unabia Barangan i’m born in carcar Cebu and my parent from guadupe carcar Cebu my grand parent Eustaqio and maximina barangan now i’m leaving here in Palmera homes 2 taytay rizal

  2. hi james r u from cagayan d oro?my father is from carcar..acording to him my grandfather is from ilocos..

    • im a Ramon Barangan in Cebu Car car…im a APMR GLOBAL MASONIC PRES AGENCY search fb…

    • Jay Barangan I’m from cagayan Valley

      • san k sa cagayan aq cabayabasan, lallo, cagayan

  3. hi james and jay. I have not come across any older record in carcar of the barangan family of carcar ever coming from ilocos. It does not mean they were not, but there just is no record. what’s more, before the 1850 claveria decree the family was not carrying any surname, barangan or any other.

    the earliest reference of the family (not the surname) i have come across is a marriage in 1827 shown above (juan barangan to antonina barbac, when they were still known as juan albarado and antonia albordon, although the second names were not surnames. In the marriage and other records, juan’s father was given as having been born and a resident of carcar.

    it’s perfectly possible that subsequently, an ilocano barangan came to carcar. But he would not be related by blood to the carcar family. and there are other considerations, too long to go into here, why it would be hard to believe otherwise.

  4. ..ehehehe..i am too a barangan

  5. hi to all?im geraldine barangan from Davao City Phil. My fathers parents as well as his siblings lives at carcar cebu, my father med mention to us about hid maybe grand father was one of those people who is prayed for becoming a saint…i forgot if his nym…but maybe yuo have any idea about that..ryt in davao city phil. i only knew 2 barangan families…our family and 1 from agdao davao city…

    • hi to all?im geraldine barangan from Davao City Phil. My fathers parents as well as his siblings lives at carcar cebu, my father med mentioned to us about maybe his grand father was one of those people who is prayed for becoming a saint…i forgot his name…but maybe you have any idea about that..right in davao city phil. i only knew 2 barangan families…our family and 1 from agdao davao city…i just met them at school where im in to..thats all for now..ill just update u next time..ill try to talk to my father regarding to this…tnx Godbless us all

      • Hi,Geraldine,correction,,it’s not your father’s grandfather but it’s our uncle ”Papa Exzequil Barangan”.He is the brother of my father Victor Barangan,your ”lolo victor”.As far as I knew,our family tree begin with Santiago Barangan married to Luisa Baran,from Anislagan,Carcar Cebu.Their children,I’m not really sure if I can name them all ,but i wil try my best to remember since I was a child ,when I saw or meet some of them.

        I remember,mama Ilay,probably one of the eldest,then Victor Barangan,Exzequil Barangan,Antonio Barangan,Maria barangan,Cleotelde Barangan,one brother of them went and live in Gingoog Mindanao,which the name i can;t remember,and one sister,also the name I cannot recall,resided in Alimplosan,Lalong Negros occ. I hope that some Barangans family who knew more about the missing names can fill it up, coz this is for us all really important to know our owned bloodlines.So mga pamangkin ,ask your parents,about this and I am looking forward to hearing from you all.Give my big hug to my brother Cres and also to your mama Mercy,I miss you all,,,,,,,,Auntie Deddie

      • hi to all..and ate geraldine im also barangan from licanan ,davao city my grandfather david barangan his father name perfecto barangan was the origin place from carcar cebu..but i dont know siblings lives from a long story maybe next i rely u..

  6. hi geraldine my father told me that he knows some relatives in davao,ds is my e mail add

  7. hi there, i dont know much of our ancestors but my aunts says that our ancestors came from a part of ilocos norte, im a part of a barangan clan who is now residing at nueva ecija, i know that my great great grandfather’s name is Santiago Barangan.
    i know that retired general Santiago Barangan from ilocos norte is also connected to us as some of my aunts went there to meet him

    • barangan, barawidan, alegado may be surnames that were given out in ilocos as well as cebu. until we find a record linking the ilocano and visayas branches of these families, our guess now is that they were were not related. also, barawidan in carcar (barauidan in the old records) is spelled baraoidan in ilocos, as it is spelt in the catálogo.

    • hi joana!yes my father said he really know santiago of ilocos norte

    • Im Alister Paraz Barangan from Carcar City, Cebu son of Benjamin C. Barangan “Poktoy” and my grandfather’s name is “Peryong” Barangan married to Maximina Barangan

      • who were the parents of peryong barangay? use maiden name please.

        • hi Im Hazel delos Santos Barangan from Cogon Carcar City,Cebu daughter of Epitacio Quijoy Barangan brother of Porferio Quijoy Barangan nickname”Peryong “

  8. Hi , I/m a Barangan too from Irvine, Calif. So glad to come across this genealogy of Carcar families. My great grandfather was Francisco Barangan married to Ciriaca Aleson. My grandfather was Roman Barangan married to Quirina Bargayo Alegarbes . Their daughter Brigida Alegarbes Barangan , born Oct. 8, 1895 and died May 11, 1985 was my mother. She was married to Tomas Dabon from Mandawe. My siblings are — Wenceslao , Susana , Zacarias , Melquiades , and Pio . I am married to Marcial Capitan , Jr. We are all from Cebu City. I/ll share some more info on our family when I go to Cebu as my sister has some info as given by our mother. Thank you VIP for your effort in making this gigantic project.

    • Hello mga kaliwatan,sus gamay ra gyud diay ang kalibutan,maski nagkatag katag,magkailhanay ra gyud basta naa lay listahan.daghan kau kog tinaguan nga nahibaloan.kung barangan lay hisgotan naa siguro tanan nga abilidad.May pwedeng masantos,duol sa Ginoo,like Papa Exequel ug ayaw ninyo kalimti si Msgr.Teofilo Camomot,Barangan tawon to iyang apohan.i would say daghan ug abilidad ang Barangan,naay buotan naa poy mga tikasang dagko labi na sa mga kabilin sa atong mga katigulangan.I am the grand daughter of Pantaleon Barangan,Wencislao is my Father’s Uncle nga dugay ng namatay apan daghan ug kabilin nga gi-unay rapod ug tikas sa mga kadugo.i know them.pero sigi lang dili man nila madala sa laing kalibutanan ang mga tinikas.dili pod sila malangit.

      • bitaga ko sa reconstruction sa inyong family tree gikan ni pantaleon ug asawa. mga anak in sequence ug ilang mga spouses ug kamong mnga apo ug spouses. kon mahimo naay date of birth.

  9. Sorry po. Di me marunong magbisaya.

  10. You can say it in English,or tagalog,we undesrtand naman,nothing to worry.

  11. hello sa mga kaparintihan,….Randy Fernandez Barangan taga davao city apo ni David Barangan asawa ni lolo david c lola Vecinta Fernanandez Barangan,Taga Car Car Cebu jud ako lolo ug lola ako mama c Delia Barangan single mama@@@@@ mao ni FB sa ako anak

  12. Hi Randy,am not sure kung ikaw ba gyud ni ha,imong mama si Delia Barangan,kamo ba kadtong may store sa public market sa una,then gibaligya mga before man siguro year 2000 or early 2000.just wanna know.if wrong ko sorry.

  13. Hi to all Barangan’s ,I’m Barangan grandfather’s name is Reginaldo Barangan from Carcar cebu,married to Catalina Barazon.And we are from Pagadian City,Zamboanga del Sur..

    • hi Agnes, your Grandpa Reginaldo Barangan is the brother of my father Vicente Barangan, taga Carcar pod. Papa Naldo among tawag niya. Don’t remember know all his kids names(cousins) because we were still in grade school when Papa Naldo came to visit us in carcar. ang akong mahindomdam sila cousins Ng Etta og Ng Mina. Kinsa kang anak day?

      Si Papa Naldo og ang akong father naay sister Si Mama Aryang og si Mama Memeng

  14. hi agnes never heard a barangan from pagadian city,cge bya ko diha sa una.

  15. We are also from Barangan Family from Guadalope Carcar Cebu. My Grandfather name was Florencio Barangan and his wife Raymunda (Tacoy) Barangan and she was famous in selling buongon. And their siblings name are Josefina, Cita, Rogelio, Salome, Marvin, and Carmela. My mother’s name is Carmela Barangan who married Renerio Aleser who is came from Bolinawan Carcar Cebu.

    I want to trace also my relatives and want to meet them soon. Anyone who knows the above name and knows my relatives please contact me through facebook mamitaba falic or email me at

    Thanks & regards to all.

  16. Im also barangan from Nueva Ecija…My grandfather is Victor Barangan. My father is Francisco Barangan. He is raised in Licab, NE.

  17. Im alister paraz barangan son of Benjamin “Poktoy” Barangan of Carcar City, Cebu

    • i am Ramon Barangan the son esmail Barangan…

  18. Hi I’m charmaine barangan gabule my great grandfather is pantaleon barangan and married to victoriana alegarbes,I am the grand child of Reginaldo barangan the son of pantaleon.

    • i note your lineage. i wish you can send a more complete genealogy from reginaldo down to yourself and your siblings.

  19. Charmaine barangan gabule from pagadian city

  20. Vip,

    Sorry I just saw this, the parents of Porfirio( Noy Periong)

    Gaudencio Barangan
    Victoria Quijoy

    Epitacio, Cristobal, Felisa, Emiliano and Porfirio

    • hello to all barangan family, I’m the daughter of epitacio quijoy barangan. my grandparents are Victoria quijoy barangan and guadencio barangan.

  21. Those descendants of Barangan Family who wish to have a copy of our family tree whose bloodlines came from Santiago, Pacifico and Felipe Barangan all brothers and sons of Igmidio Barangan should give me their Email address to receive their copy. Thanks

  22. I am Amor Barangan My dad`s name was Vicente Barangan. I have no clue who were my grandparents` names.

  23. Hi everyone, does anybody knows Jesus Barangan from Lagang, Car Car?

    • yes, i know him, son of porferio Batangan and maximina

  24. hello everyone. I’m Harold De Gracia Barangan. Son Of Virgilio Unabia Barangan (of Poblacion, Carcar city) and Luzminda De Gracia Barangan (Perrelos, Carcar city). My grandparents father’ side are Angel Renejane Barangan and Macaria Unabia Barangan. As per my father, my great grandparents are Eustaqio and maximina barangan (of Guadalupe, Carcar City). I now have a son, Nicholas Puserio Barangan.

    • Can I request for a family tree with my name on it? thanks admin.

  25. How about we will be a having a grand reunion in Car Car? 🙂

  26. Still active. I am Barangan also from carcar cebu.

  27. Our great-great Grandfather is
    Fermin Barangan, married to Leona Baraquia..
    —> Children 1. Gaudencio Barangan and Cipriana Barangan

    —> Gaudencio Barangan married to Victoria Quijoy
    —>> Children: 1. Cristobal Barangan — Dorotea Cabungcal
    2. Epitacio Barangan—- Epifania delos Santos
    3. Felisa Barangan —— Mariano Barcoma
    4. Emiliano Barangan—-
    5. Porferio Barangan —– Maximina dela Concepcion

  28. hi,i’m leilah grand father is maximino canasa barangan from muag,guadalupe carcar cebu.i dont know my great grand father.please help me.

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