(aleonar – (tr.v.) (Amer.) to stir up, agitate (generally for fun or through enthusiasm).

Three Generations

Besides the Aleonars of Carcar, other Aleonars have communicated to me from Leyte and Cavite-Laguna. A cursory look at Mayurga records had the spelling Allonar for the family but the one I had contact with already spelt her name Aleonar. The oldest Aleonar she could trace (her grandfather) could not be found in my Carcar records. Meanwhile, the Cavite-Laguna Aleonars’ oldest person is estimated to have been born around 1880s-90s, yet he too does not appear in my Carcar records. But the door remains open, hope springs eternal, but future research would bear out whether these families sprang from Carcar or else the surname was distributed in those places, too, independent of Carcar.

I have, however, been informed that there are Aleonars in Hawaii, translocating there during the sacada recruitment years. I have a hunch a certain branch very closely related to my own (as in that of my grandfather’s older half-brother) is in Hawaii. I wish one of them will read this, or somebody will buzz them to this site and me.

The first person in my Aleonar tree was born in Bohol (town not mentioned). He had apparently died already before the Claveria decree and it was only his children who received the surname. In her Burial, his wife was listed as Dalmacia Aleonar but a record or two called her Dalmacia Campugan. A similar case happened for the Sasuman family of Sangat where the father was also deceased and it was the mother who was called Sasuman, making it also quite difficult to determine what the mother’s actual family itself could have been.

(6-Sep-2012) I found a record for what may be the only girl of the children of starting person Vidal Ygnacio. the record was for the burial in 24-jan-1829 of MARIA MAGDALENA. the record said she was a parvula (child), daughter of Francisco Bidal [sic] and Ma. Damacia [sic], of the barangay of don andres alexo.  If we place her in the second generation, i would put her as the 8th child, between Pedro Aleonar (d. 1864) and Martin Albarado (b. 1830).

In the 2010 Voters list for Carcar, there are 172 voters surnamed Aleonar, the 39th most numerous surname in the list.

I am a great-grandson of Pedro (II) Aleonar, whose signature appears below, and Paula Vergara Tigley. I hope they can grin–aleonado–at what I am doing.


Vidal Ygnacio (b. Bohol-1830), pDn: Vidal Ygnacio

=Dalmacia Campugan ( -1864), pDn: Ma. Dalmacia, Dalmacia Catalina

Hilario Aleonar ( -1870), pDn: Valeriano Hilario; AKA Apolinario

=1(1829) Dominga Mathea

—-Ma. Ambrosia (1829–   ) pDn: Ma. Ambrosia (bapt.)

—-Valentina Hilaria (1838–   ) pDn: Valentina Hilaria (bapt.)

=2(1852) Berenguela Alegado Barceló (1819-1904), pDn: Ma. Bringuila (bapt)

—-Pedro (II) Aleonar (1852-1905)

=1) Anacleta Campañón Tangarórang (1852-1883)

=2(1884 Barili) Paula Vergara Tigley (1861 Barili-1941)

Pedro Aleonar cropped

[my line]

—-Bonifacio Aleonar (1854-1925)

=(1875) Timotea Alesón Bárcenas (1855-

[Wendell Zabate, Fr. Sabiniano Aleonar, SVD’s line]

—-Wenceslao Aleonar (calc. 1856 -1890)

=(1878) Cipriana Baraquía Barangan (1857-

[Balondò Aleonar’s line]

—-Silvina Aleonar (1859-1872)

Francisco Pablo (calc. 1814-1833) pDn: Francisco Pablo (burial), 19 in Burial

Tomás Aleonar (calc. 1815-1873 Barili), pDn: Tomas Villanueva

=(1836) Dorotea Alfafaras (calc. 1517 Loon, Bohol-1867), pDn: Ma. Dorotea

—-Román Aleonar (1836-1902), pDn: Roman Francisco (bapt)

=(1861) Maximiana Barluado Bareng (1837- ) pDn: Ma. Maxima (bapt)

—-Úrsula Aleonar (1838-1919), pDn: Ursula Maria (bapt)


=2(1863) Esteban Alemeus

—-Catalina Aleonar (1841– ), pDn: Catalina Francisca (bapt)

=(1861) Salvador Alduesa Barceló (1840- ) pDn: Manuel Salvador (bapt)

—-Felipe Aleonar (calc. 1843-

=(1873) Fausta Baquilir Dayagdal (Calc. 1849-

—-Alejandra Aleonar (1845-1883), pDn: Alejandra Sofía (bapt)


—-Sabás Aleonar (1847– ), pDn: Sabas Villanueva (bapt)

=(1868) Ciriaca Barateria Barán ( -1902)

[Rosita Talara-Canasa, Mario Aleonar’s line]

—-Gregoria Aleonar (1850


=2(1873) Lorenzo Baquilir Dayagdal (calc. 1853-

—-Basilio Aleonar (1854

=1) Catalina Baquilir Dayagdal (1858-

=2(1879) Gregoria Lauas Maniscan

[Elpedio Villanueva’s line]

—-Eduardo Aleonar (18561863)

—-Pedro (III) Aleonar (1860

=(1883) Engracia Barayuga Heñales ( -1901)

Ygnacio Francisco (calc. 1817-    ) pDn: Ygnacio Francisco (marr.)

–=(1839) Ana Lauriana (calc. 1819-    ) pDn: Ana Lauriana (marr.)

—-Francisco Aleonar (1840–    ) pDn: Francisco Teodoro (bapt.)

—-= Vicenta Cuison

——Felipe Aleonar

= Mamerta Grado (       ) fr. Bohol

——Severo Aleonar

= Petra Alidon Quienes

Juan Faustino (1821–    ) pDn: Juan Faustino (bapt.)

Pedro Aleonar ( -1864), pDn: Pedro Florentino

=(1848) Juana Aldaya Alcos ( -1861), pDn: Ma. Juana

—-Bernabela Aleonar (calc. 1848-1872)

=(1868) Santiago Canaya Barrabas (1830-

—-Fernando Aleonar (1849-1850), pDn: Fernando Florentino (bapt)

—-Manuel Aleonar (1851-1921)

=(1889) Claudia Pananganán Alegado (1858-

—-Rafael Aleonar (1852

=(1878) Sótera Remorque Quilaton (1857-

—-Catalino Aleonar (1854

=(1886) Juliana Remocaldo (calc. 1863-1898)

[Vice Mayor Roberto Aleonar’s line]

—-Julio Aleonar (1856-1909)

=(1890) Valentina Embate Navacilla (calc. 1868-

[Renato S. Aleonar, Veronica (Nicnic) Llamas-Dayupay’s line]

—-Juan Aleonar (1858

—-Leoncio Aleonar (1860-1890), single

Maria Magdalena (    -1829) child

Martin Albarado (1830



2.–Claudio Aleonar


—-Marcela Aleonar


—— Juan Aleonar (   -1885)


(see reconstruction of fourth generation in experimental myfamily (Vip’s Families) blog.)


  1. Ako po si Renato Sibulan Aleonar anak ni Sulfecio Aleonar. Ayon sa auntie ko, ang lolo ko Cerilo Aleonar ay taga CarCar Cebu. Siya ay Veteran Soldier,nagkita sila ng lola ko Hipolita del Rosario sa Lapuyan, Zamboaga del Sur. Nagkaroon cla ng 8 na anak c NATIVIDAD,SULFICIO(deceased),CONDRADO(deceased), BERNADETH, BONIFACIO,CONCHITA, ERLINDA,at dalawa pa dko alam ang pangalan at dko pa nkita. Sana matulungan mo ako kung ang Lolo ko ay galing ba talaga sa Car-Car Cebu? Sa kasalukuyan ako ay nakatira sa malabon City Manila.

    • @renato, I;m sorry that I still do not have a record for Cerilo. Maybe if you know his date of birth, and also date of birth of your father. Please include your mother’s full name (first, middle, maiden name) so I can include you in the family tree once I come across a record for Cerilo. Can somebody in your clan make a complete family tree from Cerilo and Hipolita down to you and the next generation?

      I have a confirmation record for a Cerila Jutijot Aleonar in 1918 (meaning her birth would be around 1903-1913). Maybe I got the sex wrong and it’s actually your grandfather Cerilo. But I’m very happy to meet a kamag-anak.

      • @renato, since your auntie was the daughter of Cerilo Aleonar, please ask her who was Cerilo’s father and mother (or just Cerilo’s middle name).

  2. i would like to know in what generation does Malcolm Aleonar belong?what city belong him?

    • Malcolm Aleonar belongs to the 5th generation, a grandson of Pedro (II) Aleonar-Paula Vergara Tigley. I am not sure but he was born either in Carcar or San Fernando, Cebu.

  3. oh thank you so much for blog of aleonars family…i am very proud of you,,,hope to see you for our reunoin in carcar the main city of aleonars clan…..please dont hecitate to notify me of follow-up once again thank you so much,,,,GOD BLESS TO ALL ALEONARS FAMILY…..

    • thank you (unsa imong angga?). where are you now? my other blog, vip’s families, shows one generation lower:

      your line would be 1.vidal-2.hilario-3.bonifacio-4.natalio found there. natalio is the grandfather of your father. you are 7th generation. your father is my third degree cousin.

      pls i need inocencio sr.’s family tree showing him, his wife (include middle name), children in sequence, in-laws, etc. pls furnish dates where you’re sure. if estimates, show they’re estimates. my email is at the about page in this blog. abouttttt page!

      • by the way, in that other blog, you also belong to the Barcelo family page since 3. bonifacio’s mother was berenguela alegado barcelo.

  4. me i know wat generation does apolinar alionar im his granddaughter im d daughter of lorlean montejo his daughter before he got married his wife his legal children are oliver,douglas,michelle and ike aleonar they live n carcar too

    • apolinar and his son apolinar jr. belong to the 4th and 5th generation, respectively. april jane, can you email me the full name of your mother and all of you incl dates of birth. where are you based now?

    • Apolinar tigley aleonar sr??’

  5. Sir/Madam, I am a classmate of Fr. Sabiniano Aleonar in Santo Tomas School Batch 1971-72 Graduates in Danao City, Cebu, Phils. Can I have his address in Chile if anybody knows, because we want him to know that we will have our 40th Anniversary and a grand reunion will be held in Sunrise Beach Resort, Taytay, Danao City, Cebu, Phils onthe 8th of April 2012… or give him my email add: and my cellphone # 0922-4949-848…Thank you so much and GOD will blesses you all ALEONARS…

    • i can’t promise but i’ll try. altho i know april 8 is easter sunday

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