H – Barcenilla House (Dodoy Jaen’s)

Timoteo Barcenilla-Petrona Alcordo House

(of Leon Kilat notoriety; also known as Dodoy Jaen’s House)
Jose Rizal   St.
present owner: Leto E. Sato


Hands down the biggest and architecturally the grandest house in Carcar. A microcosm of the interweaving of Carcar genealogy can be viewed through this house–that is, for people with the eye and stomach for byzantine intricacies. And if there’s to be a historical heritage structure in Carcar that should be preserved, this house is it–with particular emphasis on the very room the hero was did in. The others have to be the ruins of the original church at Tuyom (or Sialo), the various watch towers and the present church. No other Carcar spot comes close. Many other homes and landmarks are specimens and beautification projects at best, but these sites I mentioned (maybe together with the Ocaña-Napo archaeological-subject hills) are the ones with real historical bearing.

[Addendum (20-Oct-2009): Ang kalimot wa’y gahom (Forgetting is no excuse). Another house with potential historical value is the family home of Archbishop Teofilo Camomot who died in 1988, and for whom a cause for sainthood had been advanced. Once the beloved monsignor makes even beatification, forget the so-called So-and-So ancestral houses, the Camomot House is going to crowd the “Leon Kilat” as the most important house in Carcar. Along with his transplanted grave at the DST convent in Valladolid.]

When Leon Kilat was killed in the house in 1898, the spacious azotea was not yet there I was told. But it was since that single incident that the house won its hundred years of fame in Cebu history.

At the time of Kilat’s assassination, the owner of the house was Don Timoteo Barcia Barcenilla (Kapitan Tiyoy) and his wife Doña Petrona Alcorisa Alcordo. Petrona’s brother, Doroteo, was himself another gobernadorcillo of the town but had died two years previously. The tailor called to measure Kilat for a uniform, Segundo Alcoseba Alcordo, was a son of another brother of Petrona, Lucio.

Segundo Alcordo’s son became one of the more famous products of the town: engineering professor and Dean, Amancio Alesna Alcordo.

Capitan Tiyoy Barcenilla and Petrona Alcordo’s only child, Felipa, married Segundo Alcoseba (first cousin of Segundo Alcordo) in 1881. The union’s descendants include the two grandchildren–the brother generals Emilio and Alfonso Alcoseba–and the Sandiegos. Felipa and Segundo Alcoseba’s son Vicente wrote the saga of Leon Kilat’s death in Carcar, Ang Kamatayon. It is a gripping story, especially since Vicente himself was present in the house when Leon Kilat was killed. Kapitan Tiyoy died in 1907.

But how and when ownership of the house was transferred, probably the respective families would know, but it did change hands to Don Leocadio Jaen (Kapitan Kadyo), also a major player in the Leon Kilat story. Leocadio’s wife was Anacleta Noel and his sister Victoria was the mother of Filomena Jaen, wife of Florencio (Kapitan Insyong) Noel.

In any event, Leocadio died in 1906 and his son and only surviving direct heir, Vicente (Dodoy) Jaen, inherited the house, but since he and his wife Francisca Alegado Mercado had no children of their own, after their deaths, the house was assumed by the daughters of Dodoy’s older half-sister, Josefa Regis (daughter of his mother Anacleta Noel by the latter’s first husband). Josefa’s younger brother, Antonio, is the forefather of the Regis families of Gen. Luna st.

Josefa Regis was married to Nicanor Ocaña Enriquez by whom she had three daughters Andrea, Soledad (Sofia in Baptismal) and Antonina (Antonia in Baptismal). Antonina’s son Leto Sato now runs the house. Talk of the town is how also keenly interested are other collateral heirs. All kinds of rumors about deals and sales are passed around town. The naughtier of the gossips (and most of them are naughty) all concur Leto, a lawyer, will not take these claims lying down–lying maybe, but not lying down, the quip goes.


  1. Hello Vip, I’m a great-great grandson of Florencio Noel and Filomena Jaen.

    Can you please give me details of Leocadio Jaen’s wife Anacleta Noel. Who she is?, Who were her Parents?, Did she have siblings?. Thanks in advance.

    I really like your Blog. It’s full of information about our ancestry and origin.

    Do you have a Facebook account?

    • I’m sorry i missed this response of yours. re anacleta noel, like every other noel of cebu, she too was from parian. her first husband was catalino gantuangco regis (also cabeza in parian) by whom she had 3 known children, at least the middle of whom was baptized (and born) in carcar. anacleta remarried in 1867 (in carcar) to leocadio cui jaen. anacleta’s parents were listed as vicente noel and leoncia osmeña/agaton. vicente may have been an older brother or an uncle of benedicta (florencio’s mother). leoncia, meanwhile, may have been a sister or daughter of severino agaton (osmeña), the grandfather of president osmeña. be that as it may, anacleta was the first noel in carcar, barring any other who came before the parish books we still have now.

  2. where does the Alenton originally come from ..

  3. would you have any details as to who are the parents of lecadio cui jaen? which side of the cui family did he come from?

    • leocadios’a parents were valentin jaen and barbara cui, in carcar records as feligreses (parishioners) of parian (cebu city). in leocadio’s burial, her mother was identified as cuison, but most other records mentioning her said cui. i hope one reader can fill us in with her lineage because i don’t know her relationship with the other cuis, that’s why i said i had 4 cui lines of carcar.

  4. Hello, I’m presently doing research on Leon Kilat and am wondering if you might know how I might be able to get hold of his descendants whether in Bacong, Car-Car or elsewhere. Really appreciate your help. thanks.

    • i would say those who had previously researched leon kilat would be able to help you better. maybe just asking around in bacong people there may point you to his descendants but i assume collateral because i don’t know he was ever married. he has no descendant in carcar.

  5. thanks a lot! I will be visiting Carcar next week on my way to Bacong and will definitely try to visit the Barcenilla House

  6. Good day, I’m doing research on Vicente Alcoseba’s literary works. Did the writer ever get married and have children? Also, does he have other siblings besides Godofredo Alcoseba? Thanks.

    • if this was the son of segundo, vicente was married twice. his siblings were concepcion alcoseba-sandiego, godofredo, ramon, filomeno, justino, jose, and dominador,

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