Galicano, Troadio

Troadio Dayagro Galicano

(28-Dec-1870 –

Son of Guillermo Canondo Galicano (born in Carcar to Boholano parents) and Luzanta Alcoseba Dayagro.

Revolutionary general; lawyer; congressman, senator;

With strong ties with the church, his father being the Carcar church fiscal and his mother’s brother the very first priest from Carcar, sent to study to for the priesthood at the Colegio y Seminario de San Carlos, finishing his secondary schooling there; wanted to shift to law and was sent to UST but was not admitted due to lack of academic background; had legal tutoring under Mariano Cui but revolution caught up with the plans;  rose to General in the Philippine Revolutionary Government in charge of Southern Cebu Sector against the Americans; surrenders in Barili 1901 with 6 officers and 109 men and ten rifles to Capt. Frank McIntyre of the 19th U.S. Infantry; became a lawyer 1906; member of the Philippine Assembly in the 1st and 2nd Philippine Legislatures 1907-1912 representing the 5th District of Cebu; Philippine Senate 1925-1931;

He was married to Juana Machacon Velez

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  1. Good day! …what is the date of his death?

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