Abellana, Ramon

Ramon Alcoseba Abellana

(5-Feb-1911 – 5-Nov-2001)


Son of Teofilo Regis Abellana and Filomena Laorden Alcoseba.

Dentist, sculptor, composer, musician;

As sculptor, did the figures surrounding the Carcar Rotunda (in collaboration with his brother Manuel) and the Lapu-Lapu and Don Sergio Osmeña Monuments at the Cebu Capitol grounds among other commissioned works; collaborated with father, Teofilo, and brothers Manuel, Martino and Sindolfo; organized and taught various rondalla ensembles and choirs, and twice won second prize in the Cebu Pop Music Festival for his compositions Katahum sa Yamog in 1985 and Sa Lapiyahan in 1989. With Monsignor Cesar Alcoseba* (incidentally his mother’s first cousin) may have been the most prolific Carcaranons exhibiting excellence in a variety of fields.

Married to Emiliana Parano Elemento of Samar with 6 children.

*since taken out from Carcaranon page. Monsignor Alcoseba was born 19-Mar-1914 in Barili (source: Barili Tourism Office).


  1. hi, I am one of Lolo Ramon’s grand daughters. He had a brother named Pacifico as well who was my Dad’s dad.
    So proud of my bloodline

    • i had a classmate in grade school, carlos, who i think was a son of pacifico.

  2. hi! I’m also one of Lolo Ramon’s grand daughters.He’s the father of my dad, Gil E. Abellana. We live here in Carcar.. 🙂 i’m proud to be his grand daughter!

    • you must be one of the three beautiful daughters of gil.

  3. Carlos Abellana is my elder brother and eldest son of Pacifico Abellana.We studied in St.Catherine School until mid-grade 3 when we transferred residence to Mandaue.Carlos is now a seaman with mostly European routes.

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