[16-Jun-2011]: When first posted, the Canaya Family had an Antonina Canaya and a padre no conocido as the starting persons. Although that was based on records, many other records read later on had a Bibiano Alejandro as the husband of a Ma. Antonina, and I’m now more inclined towards this link and, thus, this revision of the family tree.  There are examples of other families where the widowed wives were identified by the family name (Dalmacia Aleonar, Laurencia Sasuman) but if these women were legitimately married, I’d assume that the fact of their children later bearing these surnames was not the result of the maternal line, but rather because the husbands themselves had already died before the entire family received the surname and, naturally, were never known by the surname, and thus, could not to be called retro-actively by it.  But the surname did proceed from the male line and, thus, it was the husband’s family. I agree and insist my family trees follow that very sound policy. And not just because there was no retroactive clause in Claveria’s decree, or else, if we insist on appending all our pre-surname ancestors with our 160-year-old surnames, Adam and Eve would have a very serious problem indeed, having to take on all the surnames known to mankind.   

The descendants of the Barabas family (now mostly spelled Baraba) will all also have to be appended to the Canaya family because the starting mother, Ma. Ysabel, was buried as Isabel Canaya, married to Laurente Barabas. Although I’d already kept a file for the Barabas family, it was always just Ma. Ysabel and seeing the record (December 1850) was a happy find indeed. However, there is no link found yet how exactly Isabel was related to either Bibiano Alejandro or Agustina. Children of both lines were born about the same period, suggesting that the two may have been siblings. Anyway, just by the surname alone, for sure they were related.]

In the 2010 Voters list for Carcar, there are 88 voters surnamed Canaya, the 133d most numerous surname in the list. There is only a Baraba family name (3 voters) in the Carcar 2010 list of voters.

Five Generations

Bibiano Alejandro (       ) AKA Agustin Fabiano

=Ma. Antonina

–Pedro Canaya (1819–    ) pDn: Pedro Francisco (bapt.)

Francisco Ynocencio (1823–    ) pDn: Francisco Ynocencio (bapt.)

Melencio Canaya (   -1901), pDn: Melencio Francisco; Francisco Ynocencio?

=Joaquina Alcuetas  (       ), pDn: Ma. Joaquina

—-Timoteo Canaya (1844–    ), pDn: Thimoteo Simforiano

—-=1(1867) Benita Mercado Villanueva (    -1881) casada in Burial

——Teodora Canaya

——=(1888) Simeon Panimdim

——–Bartolome (Canaya) Panimdim (1888-

——–Eulalia Panimdim (1903-

——Filemon Canaya

——=Rufina Lapasaran Alegrado  (1876-

——–Juana Canaya (1897-

——–Juliana Canaya (1901-

——–Maria Canaya (1903-

——–Guillermo Canaya (1905-

——–Arcadio Canaya (1911-

——–=(1934) ___lalia Alcover

——Gregorio Canaya (calc. 1872-

——=(1915) Eugenia Lapasaran Alegrado  (1874-

——Irine Canaya


——–Feliza Canaya (1900-

——–Hilarion Canaya (1903-

——Miguel Canaya

——=Eusebia Fantilgan

——–Potenciana Canaya (1903-

——–Valentin Canaya (1905-

——Vicenta Canaya (   -1883)

——=2) Agapita Recta Rivera

——-Gerardo Canaya (1889-1892)

——Simon Canaya (1891-

——Cecilio Canaya (1894-

——Felicisimo Canaya (1896-

—-Casiano Canaya (18511881) single

—-Eulogio Canaya (   -1883)

—-=Gregoria Canencia

——2 Agapito Canaya (1869-

——Apolinaria Canaya (calc. 1877-

——=(1908) Hermogenes Navoa (calc. 1874-

——Teodorica Canaya (calc. 1878-

——=(1898) Potenciano Panoncia Panon (calc. 1880-

——–Rufina Panon (1898-

——–Yrinea Panon (1903-

——–Esperanza Panon (1906-

——Faustina Canaya (   -1882)

——Marta Canaya


——–Macaria Canaya (1897-

——=2) Gregorio Lapasaran

——–Maura Lapasaran (1909-

——Leoterio Canaya

——=Leoncia Sausal Tangaro

——–Tomas Canaya (1898-

——–Gerarda Canaya (1900-1901)

——–Francisco Canaya (   -1904)

—— Fausto Canaya

——=Romana Tangaro

——–Arsenio Canaya (1893-

—-Saturnino Canaya (calc. 1858-

—-=(1880) Marcela Panonce Fanon (calc. 1860-

——Cirilo Canaya (   -1885)

——Josefa Canaya (1883-1885)

——Gervasio Canaya (1885-1905) single

——Francisca Canaya (1887-

——=(1907) Domingo Rebollo Regis  (1884-

——–Jose Regis (1908-1920)

——–Diosdado Florencio Regis (1909-

——–Conrado Regis

——Paulina Canaya (1889-1893)

——Hermogenes Canaya (1891-

——=Rosario Cui Solon

——–Paquito Canaya

——–=Leticia _____

——–Rustom Canaya

——–=Conching ______

——–Perla Canaya

——–Dahlia Canaya (   -2006)

——–=Nonilo Solon Catan  (1928-2003)

——–Cerelina Canaya

——–=Engelberto Solon

——Hermenegilda Canaya (1895-1973)

——=(1912) Marcial Suarez Cuico  (1891-1981)

——–Rosita Cuico (1913-1977)

——–=Aniceto Barcenas Fano  (1909-1977)

——–Maria Consolacion Cui

——–= _____ Engayo

——–Felicidad Cuico

——–= Ananias Osorio

——–Inocentes Cuico

——–=1) Constancia Cananea Alesna

——–=2) Letty _____

——–Salvador Cuico

——–=Lolita Regis

——–Teresita Cuico

——–=Uldarico Bacanaya

——–Frances Ann Cuico (1935-

——–=Ricardo Enriquez Cabahug  (1934-2005)

——Gabriel Canaya (1897-

——=(1917) Consorcia Paralisan

——Ceferino Canaya (1899-

—-Macario Canaya (calc. 1860-1902)

—-=(1893) Margarita Mancao Cuison (calc. 1857-

?——Filomena Canaya

——=Sebastian Alfafara Emnacen

——–Magdalena Emnacen (1904-

——–Hilaria Emnacen (1906-

——Gabina (Cuison) Canaya (1892-

?——Macaria Canaya (   -1893)

——Merced Canaya (1894-

——=(1919) Guillermo Rosal

——Epifania Canaya (1898-1902)

——Rafael Canaya

——=Paulina Denopol

——–Natividad Canaya (1919-1995)

——–=Tomas Trinidad Tigley  (1918-1971)

—-Guillerma Canaya


——Mamerto Canaya

——=(1883) Severa Camuñas (calc. 1863-

——–Narcisa Canaya (1885-

——–Guillerma Canaya (1887-

——–Juana Canaya (1893-

——–Josefa Canaya (1895-

——–Aniceto Canaya (1897-

——–Eduardo Canaya (1899-

—-=2) Patricio Labrado

——Aleja Labrado

——=(1899) Segundino Ramos Rodriguez  (1877-

——–Florencio Rodriguez (1900-

——–Geronimo Rodriguez (   -1902)

——–Socorro Rodriguez (1903-

——–Juliana Rodriguez (   -1906)

——–Ramon Rodriguez (1907-

——Feliza Marta Labrado (1884-


——–Emiliana Labrado (1904-

——Tiburcio Labrado (   -1889)

Dometila Canaya

1 (Juan Alcos)

—-Toribio Alcos (1851-    ) natural son

–2=Santiago Laoron

— 0O0 —

Ysabel Canaya (    -1850) pDn: Ma. Ysabel

= Laurente Barabas (       ) pDn: Laurente Albarado

Marcelina Barabas (1819-1892) pDn: Ma. Marcila (bapt.)

–=Pedro Aleson

Ma. Candelaria (

–=(1842) Francisco Apolonio

Ma. Bonifacia (1823

Francisco Tiburcio (1825

Francisca de Sales

–=(1847) Andres Villarta (       ) pDn: Andres Villarta (marr.)

Ma. Patricia (1829

–=(1848) Carlos Borromeo (       ) pDn: Carlos Borromeo (marr.)

Santiago Barabas (1830–    ) pDn: Santiago Alcantara (bapt.)

–=(1868) Bernabela Alcos Aleonar (calc. 1848-1872)

Macaria Barabas (1832-1900) pDn: Ma. Macaria (bapt.)

–= Mateo Alcoseba Alesna (1830-1835) pDn: Timoteo Ybañes (bapt.)

Juan Silverio (1835

Bonifacia Barabas (1838

–= Patricio Volante

Saturnino Barabas (    -1888)

–= Ysabel Panisan Barga

Crispulo Barabas

–= Juliana Alcoseba Dayagro (1850-    ) pDn: Ma. Juliana (bapt.)

Mamerta Barabas (       ) AKA Norberta, Roverta

–= Balbino Dayagro Enanoria (    -1909)


  1. Hello,

    I am Donald Ransby son of Ida Canaya Ransby, daughter of Gaberial Canaya.

    We just came to see this web page and introduce ourselves. We are here in California. I was there for Mt Pita Tubos. After we were finish our command was asked to leave.

    There is eight in our family five males and three females.

    I will forward this out to my side of the family, that way they can see where there Lola is from.

    • Donny…Consortia Plarisan and Gabriel Canaya were Auntie Daddy’s and Papa Celing’s parents. Tito Beck and Tito Noe and your Mom will probably know which siblings were in which order. I think Tito Manchung was the eldest then Papa Celing, there were some girls, Tito Bill, then Tito Beck, Tito Noe and Auntie

      • so you forgot your TITO POLO?may he rest in peace,thank you…

    • Hello Don,
      It is good to see that your family is doing so well. I would really like to hear from you. It would be much appreciated. It’s been a very long time. Much Thanks, Stephanie Ransby

      P.S. I can be found on Facebook under my maiden name.

    • hi,i am edepaule canaya,son of edepolo paulo plarisan canaya,whom is son to gabriel canaya,we are cousins

  2. “Donny…Consortia Plarisan and Gabriel Canaya were Auntie Daddy’s and Papa Celing’s parents. Tito Beck and Tito Noe and your Mom will probably know which siblings were in which order. I think Tito Manchung was the eldest then Papa Celing, there were some girls, Tito Bill, then Tito Beck, Tito Noe and Auntie
    Daddy.” + my late father Tito Polo

  3. Hello! Just discovered this site. I am in California. I am trying to find information on my mother’s family. My mother is Carolina Canaya Sare (born in Carcar in Nov. 1932). My grandfather is Guillermo A. Canaya and my grandmother is Adela Alcordo Canaya. My uncle Harrison Canaya possibly still lives in Carcar. He was married to Nelly Saducas Canaya (deceased). Hoping to learn more about my relatives.

  4. Hi there… i remember your mother when you came from the states to attend the wake of your grandfather Nong Guillermo..they had a store in the corner of Awayan ( along the road leading to Dapdap and Liburon… You have a cousin named Jonathan Baylon, eldest son of Nang Luz, sister of your mother( Jonathen is my classmate in St. Catherine’s school) My great grandfather is Saturnino and my grandmother is Herminigilda married to Marcial Suarez Cuico. My mother, Francis Ann or Annie is closely knitted to your family.

    • Oh hello there! Thank you for your response! Yes, Jonathan is my cousin and I remember Nang Luz. Do you know Wever also? Please email me directly at

      Thank you!!!!

    • thads cabahug, hello there, my name is peace cuico. I am the daughter of Inocentes Cuico. If you read this, please give me your email address.

  5. just found this new addition of the canaya’s tonite
    elnore from phoenix called. iam trying to get a hold of my brother’s son’ i think is //ANTHONY would like to know more as elnore might be able to do something if we receive some info. got it edmond?

    thank you

    auntie daddy

    • hi aunt daddy

  6. Hello I’m the eldest daughter of Paquito Solon Canaya the son of Hermogenes Canaya. Me and my oyher siblings and my mother Leticia G. Canaya we are now living here in Manila…

    • for the family tree, what’s the surname of your mother leticia?

      • Leticia Gaccion Canaya

  7. Hi donny, i am the grandson of josephina mantilla bestfriend of your mother. she told me to look for ida ransby in the internet until i found this. she want to know if she is still alive. please reply

  8. wow …congrats all je je at last i already found the the root.

  9. hi aunt ida ransby,i am edepolo’s son,how have you been,i have heard little about you from ate jocelyn legaspi,so,this has been a way for you to root out some of your long lost relatives,you were not informed about the passing of your brother 8 years ago?the recent death for the family was tita pacing,wife of tito manciong

  10. Hi Gerald, this is Ida Ransby. Your mom knows my address. She can write
    to me. Thank you.

  11. Demetria canaya daughter of macario canaya / margarita mancao cuizon married to Lorenzo Empleo not listed….please include.. Thank you

    • i will keep demetria on my waitlist until i see a record. meanwhile, why do you have mancao as middle name of margarita cuison? i have either lamno or fantilgan (her name in the burial record of macario). but i have 2 sets of parents for her: bonifacio cuison and alfonsa lamno in her 1893 marriage to macario and toribio mancao and gregoria in the 1892 baptism of their natural daughter, gabina cuison (later canaya).

  12. sori vip. correction it is not demetria. …ITS DOROTEA. CUIZON CANAYA… .. middle name of margarita the mother. . as confirmed in the above list.


    • this is the intriguing part. in my cuison file, the mother is a mancao, yet in my canaya files, its lamno or fantilgan.

  13. hinumdom ko kapila mi mivisita ni tiyo doddoy aleonar iya wifey si mana conching mancao…….si doddoy ako lolo si mana conching mancao kay paryente– doble relationship

  14. Hello 🙂 I am Erika Canaya. Daughter of Glenn Solon Canaya. My papa’s parents are Celerina “Lola Eric” Canaya and “Berting” Solon. Regards to the Canaya clan. God bless.

  15. I am Gina Corazon Rosel Savellon, granddaughter of Filomena Canaya Rosel. Lola Minay was the youngest child of Saturnino Alquitas Canaya and Marcela Panon (but is it Fanon?). Filomena’shusband was Arturo Ferolino Rosel.
    They had 7 children: Lydia, Dulce (my mother), Arturo Jr., Romeo, Manuel, Jesus, and Virgilio.

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