(now spelled Alison)

For having many branches already by the 1830s, the Aleson family may either be one of the oldest families in the town, or just the most prolific.  I have these 8 branches with their children born 1820s-1830s: Francisco Ypolito (spouse Ma. Silveria), Francisco Dequito (Ma. Beatris), Francisco Tirso (Ma. Potenciana), Laurente (Maria), Juan (Teodora), Juan Javillo (Benedicta Alcover), Bartolo Francisco (Ma. Estipa) and Jose de la Cruz (Ma. Placida).

Usually if a family had branched out that well already by this period, they must be an old old family, except, of course, if the eight are sons of just one couple.  But the thing is, I still have not been able to link any one of them with any of the rest. Through no fault of theirs, I should add.

(20-Apr-2012): I have for some days now been reviewing the Burials 1850-1872 volume. I have the Burial (12-Oct-1860) for a Gabriela Aleson, viuda of Blas. I have had the name Maria Gabriela as wife of Blas de la Cruz, the first person in my Carcar Paraz family. But if I’d gone over the volume before I’d found the names of the two, the information “Gabriela Aleson widow of Blas” would have meant little to me, except as just another addition to the Aleson family file. But thus informed, with this record, we now know that the entire Carcar Paraz family has Aleson blood.

In the 2010 Comelec List, there is no longer any voter with the Aleson spelling; there are however 204 Alison, the 26th most numerous surname on the list.


Francisco Ypolito

=Maria Silveria

Gregoria Albarado (1819–    ) pDn: Gregoria Albarado (bapt.)

Marciano Alegado (       ) pDn: Marciano Anacleto (marr.)

—=(1846) Mathea Aldaya Alegado

Jose Francisco (1827–   ) pDn: Jose Francisco


Francisco Dequito

=Ma. Beatris [sic]

Ma. Benancia (1819

Apolinaria Aleson (1828–   ) pDn: Maria Polinaria

—=(1847) Gervasio Alcos Barcenas (1825-1903) pDn: Gervasio Marcelino (bapt.), Gervasio Santiago (marr.)

——Apolinario Barcenas

=Cecilia Panginajug Fano (       ) AKA Basilia

——Leoncio Barcenas (    -1851)

——Andres Barcenas (1850-1851)

——Anacleta Barcenas (1854-

= (pnc)

——Timotea Barcenas (1855-     ) AKA Matea

=(1875) Bonifacio Barcelo Aleonar (1854-1925)

——Apolinaria Barcenas (1857-

——Escolastico Barcenas (1859-

=(1891) Catalina Bargayo Bacus  (calc. 1873-

——Pablo Barcenas (    -1860)

——Pablo Barcenas (1861-

——Simeona Barcenas (1862-

=1(1885) Pastor Soroño Campugan (calc. 1860-

=2(1911) Francisco Quijoy Pangalan

——Francisca Barcenas (1864-

——Eustaquia Barcenas (1865-1883)

=(1882) Pedro Monsanal Quemada (calc. 1863-

——Felipa Barcenas (calc. 1870-1892)

=(1892) Pedro Panaguinip Gellaconi (calc. 1870-

Matias Aleson (   -1902)

—=Regina Gellaconi


Francisco Tirso (       ) AKA Antonio Tirso

=Ma. Potenciana

Francisco Felipe (1828

Francisco Matheo (1830

Julian Aleson (   -1879)

—= Maria Gellecania

——Dolores Aleson (1851-

——Cornelio Aleson

= Patricia Barason Panaug

——Eugenia Aleson

= Silverio de la Cerna Sedon

Nicolas Aleson (   -1878) single in Burial




Pedro Aleson (   -1905)

—= Matea Barabas (   -1902)

——Ygnacia Aleson (

= Serapio Pananganan Alegado




Dionisia Aleson (   -1900)

—= Ciriaco Aldo Alcoseba (   -1869)

——Francisca Alcoseba (

=(1866) Rufino Gacho dela Cerna

——Mamerto Alcoseba

=(1875) Dorotea Enanoria Panaguinip

——Pedro Alcoseba (calc. 1861-

=(1884) Pomposa Satot Nadela (calc. 1868-


Juan Javilio (

= Benedicta Alcover

Estanislao Aleson (calc. 1819-   ) pDn: Estanislao Joaquin (marr.)

—=(1839) Venancia Campugan (calc. 1823-   ) pDn: Venancia Ma. (marr.)

——Benito Pedro (1840

——Felipe Aleson (calc. 1843-

=(1873) Remigia de los Santos

——Ciriaca Aleson (1845–   ) pDn: Ciriaca Monica (bapt.)

= Francisco Barbac Barangan

——-Evangelista Aleson

=Ynocenta Rangcajo

——Tomas Aleson (1850–   ) pDn: Tomas Joaquin (bapt.)

= Florentina Camomot Barauidan

——Celestina Aleson (1854

= Jorge Barasona Camomot (1854-

Juan Mariano (1827

Josefa Petrona (1831

Lino Mariano (1835

Maria Aleson

—= Gregorio Bardelas


Bartolo Francisco (       ) AKA Francisco Bartolome

=Ma. Berina

Modesto Mariano (1831

Carlos Modesto (1836


Francisco Justiniano

=Maria Estipa [sic]

Francisco Mariano (1828

Maria Balbina (1831

Lucia Aleson

—= Macario Alcoseba


Jose de la Cruz

= Ma. Placida

Gervasio Aleson (1836–   ) pDn: Protacio Gervasio

—= Feliciana Alcuesar Navarro (       ) AKA Juliana

——Maximo Aleson (calc. 1864-

=(1887) Januaria Aldave Alegado

——Fabian Aleson (   -1878) child

——Apolinario Aleson (   -1878) child

——Genoviva Aleson (   -1883) escuela

——Mauricia Aleson (   -1883) escuela


[family under heavy reconstruction]



  1. Vip , what does this means ….. {calc. 1843- } ? Who was Felipe Alison ? { under name of Pedro Alison 1840 – Thanks .

    • had a hard time looking for the names. it’s not really pedro alison because benito pedro may have become benito when the surname was given.
      okay, calc. means calculated, and calculated from an information in a record, in his case the age given (30) in his marriage 1873. many many of these ages in the early period records where sometimes far off from the actual, but at least we have something to “calculate” from, but still, in my family trees, i will not write down just 1843 but calc. 1843, meaning also that it could be wrong, and only his actual baptismal or birth record would confirm it.

  2. VIP – thanks for your effort in trying to look for the answer to my question. I was referring to the children of Estanislao Aleson married to Venancia Campugan. Written in red was Felipe Aleson , another son ? I/m interested in this particular family because Ciriaca Aleson married to Francisco Barangan is my great grandmother – one of the daughters. I knew of a cousin named Felipe Alison from Ubay Bohol. Just wondering if this young Felipe is a descendant of Felipe Aleson . I/ll try to check who their grandparents were. Thanks again Vip.

    • the parts in red were written after the original posts, meaning they are additional information. another person related to you is the late archbishop teofilo camomot, whose grandmother celestina aleson (above) is a younger sister of ciriaca. he was a second cousin of your mother. another is ezequiel barangan, great-grandson of fermin barangan, older brother of francisco. both camomot and barangan are featured in the carcaranons page of my blog. or did we talk about them already? you are related to at least three carcaranons in my blog.

  3. Thank you very much Vip. This is getting interesting. By the way, are we related too ? Just wondering .

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