Montipasê – [Bolinawan: nat., (?tipasê-rice kernel hulls)]


Some decades back, a bigshot  newcomer to Carcar, encountering the perplexing sitio name Montepasi, ventured a guess that the name must have been the evolutionary result of some convolution from monte (Spanish for  mountain) and pace (Latin for peace) and thus it must have been originally monte de paz, or mountain of peace.  Indeed as a result of his influence, some residents today do write Monte de Paz instead of Montepase as their address.

But many other residents scoffed at this late back-passing because they say the name Montepasi had been there for as long as anyone could remember, and it had never been Monte de Paz. And, it’s true, in Carcar records 1827-1851, the place name can already be found mentioned there.

Not only that, but if a priest had indeed been responsible for originally christening the village, we can wonder why he mixed up the Spanish with the supposed latin – monte and pace.  I asked a contemporary priest and he said if it were Latin, mountain of peace would have been mons pacis.

Know anything about this?

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