Mancao, Miguel

Miguel Panuncialman Mancao


Youngest child of Pedro Aguilar Mancao and Serapia Mancao Panuncialman

Most Exalted Brother of the Tau Mu Sigma Phi, a University of Sto. Tomas college of medicine fraternity; MD, UST, 1954; practiced with cousin Dr. Alex Panuncialman, very well-known doctor in Davao before going to the U.S. for advanced training; returned and became one of the most successful general surgeons in Cebu and for a long time the most sought-after; it is generally known that he inherited his parents’ residence along Nellas, and in 2010 decided to have the house undergo an expensive restoration project; the house has since become one of the most popular sights in Carcar.

Married to Teresita Climaco Ybud with 7 children, 3 of whom are also medical doctors.


  1. My grandmother was Rosario Mancao Lumibao – married to Casimiro Lumibao, Sr. She gave birth to Apolinario, Luz, Casimiro, Jr., Alfonso, Stella and Salvacion. I would like to know my ancestors from Cebu. Grandma migrated to the US in the early ’70s.

    • thank you for filling us with the rosario mancao-casimiro lumibao children. which is your line? i have many loose links for the mancao family, which records say came from talisay, and cannot be reconstructed yet. i have the biggest link but will not publish it as that will only expose it to many questions from descendants of those loose links, which cannot be answered yet.

      • Thank you for responding. I am not sure which line I come from since all I know is my grandma and her kids. I never met my grandpa nor any second cousins from grandma’s side. I would like to know my mother’s side relatives. I am curious to see if I took after them. My feature and built is different from my siblings, who are tall, lanky and straight hair. I am a bit pudgy, average height. and curly hair.

      • I am from Salvacion’s.

      • I stumbled upon this after searching for Dr Florentino Mancao, my very distant uncle from my mother side. It was in the mid-’70s when I was a teen that Dr Tino and wife Gabi welcomed me to their residence in Germany. I am forever grateful and honoured to have met such warm, down to earth people.

        Trina Cherman

  2. If your grandma Rosario was born around 1903, there is a possibility she may be one of my grandfather’s younger sisters to my knowledge of prior investigations.

    • you did not mention who your grandfather was.

      • Grandfather is Florentino…born in 1891.

        • i have a florentino brother of rosario but he was born 14-mar-1892.

    • yes, lola Rosal was born around 1903.

  3. Many Mancao in Kidapawan , Cotabato. Col. Mancao in the news is a 2nd cousin of my father. My grandpa, Aniceto came from Carcar. Came to Kidapawan due to hard conditions in Carcar. Improved their lives. Son lived in Davao city. Successful. Children doing good and eldest daughter is a licensed physician. Am a call ctr. agent. Youngest son is doing business in Kabacan. Lots of Mancaos here in Davao City. We know Dr. Panuncialman.

    • if col. mancao is a 2d cousin of your father then, aniceto is the first cousin of the col.’s father. thus, aniceto’s father is the brother of the col.’s grandfather. i’m sorry aniceto is not in my file yet and neither can i place the col’s line, but you can help me with my mancao file. first, do you have aniceto’s date of birth? i want to be able to find a place for him in my timeline.

      • thanks for ur reply. Will respond later.

  4. Forgot to tell that he , Dr. Panuncialman passed away years ago.

  5. I would like to learn more about my ascendants. My grandfather’s name is Aniceto Mancao. Forgot his middlename.

  6. My sister is in Guam. We hold reunions and I see that there are Mancaos in Tagum, Comval, Panabo,

  7. I recently discovered that my family tree originated from carcar..i am the grandson of the late Corazon Verano Mancao and Castor Mancao. I just wanted to know if there are still some relatives who could tell me more about our ancestry. Just hoping.

  8. Hi. I am still researching my lineage – Mancao from Carcar, Cebu. Grandma Rosal, I believe was the youngest of the siblings. I believe she had twin sisters. I do not even know her siblings’ names. Argh!

  9. Hi, Please check this link. This may help you in your search for Mancao origin.


  10. Halaaaa, sorry po. I did not intend to spam. I tried to update my comment and thought I could delete the previous ones but I just realize there’s no delete button.

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