Galicano, Romulo

Romulo Galicano


Son of Josefa Emnace Galicano.


While a high school student at the Carcar Academy, did decor and lettering jobs; hang around the Abellana brothers’ studios (painter Martino and sculptors Ramon and Sindulfo) where he was informally taken in and where he was able to observe and absorb from the masters in his own hometown; studied in Manila; part of Dimasalang Group of artists and writers founded by his future brother-in-law and fellow Cebuano and Abellana apprentice, Sofronio Y. (sym) Mendoza; formally began his career in the more competitive capital; although there exposed to various art styles and movements being pursued by their best proponents, he harkened back to his Abellana awakenings and found his best form in realistic portraiture; won the prestigious Portrait Society of America William F. Draper Grand Prize for International Competition in 2005; the most sought-after (and necessarily highest-priced) portrait painter certainly in the Philippines if not also abroad but may still surprise the art scene in the future with an altogether non-representational turnaround as he exposes us through his art to his experiences and his person.


2005 Grand Prize winner

(from Portrait Society of America)

(page under construction)



  1. A dream fulfilled.

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