Abellana, Martino

Martino Alcoseba Abellana

(30-Jan-1914 – 5-Mar-1988)

Son of Teofilo Regis Abellana and Filomena Laorden Alcoseba.

Painter and artist;

With Archbishop Camomot, may be the most well-known Carcaranon; UP Fine arts graduate; chose realism to present his art; taught Fine Arts and acknowledged unanimously by Cebu artists as Cebu’s premier artist and their dean.

Married to Natividad Castillo Noel (dec.) with 10 children.

Abellana by Abellana close DSCF4420

Posthumous portrait of Martino Abellana at work by nephew Gabe Abellana (1988).  photo 2009 by author


  1. That’s our lolo!

  2. Dear Tito Vic,

    This is Katrina Yap, grand daughter of Lt. Gen Gumersindo Yap. May I ask for your email address as I want to ask more questions about local heros in Car Car?

    • this is tito vip. by all means you may ask, and i’ll try my hardest to answer. martino abellana taught tio gomer drawing. have you kept tio’s works?

    • vipaleonar@gmail.com

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