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One who talks about the Carcar ancestral houses should not fail to mention that public interest to the houses—in particular, interest coming from other parts of the province and later from the rest of the country–all started with the Kabkaban festival. The festival signaled the opening of these houses to visitors.

At the Kabkaban, the Roman Sarmiento, Florencio Noel, Maximino Noel, Mariano Mercado and Padre Anastasio del Corro houses immediately stood out, not only by virtue of their innate attractiveness but also by their owners’ willingness to undertake the hard work in sprucing up these monuments to the nines.

However, a huge gap appears between the supposed long history of the town and the meager ages of the so-called ancestral houses we see in the town today.

Take the hundred-year-old houses. All Cebu City families. And yet, many Cebu City families were already in the town before 1850. For example, Brigildo Alegrado married Carcar lass Nicolasa Alega and their older children were already born here before 1830 yet.  So, where was the family’s house?  And where the houses of the mestizos Sangley Mamerto Alcorcon, Leon Alcudia and Mariano Sagolili and of Marcelo Caballero from San Nicolas? The mestizo Español del Corro family was already in Carcar earlier than 1830. Again, where the family house? The Español Mariano Silva married his wife Manuela Espinosa here in 1812 yet—where is a Silva house?

Where did Tomas Osmeña stay, he who managed the Osmeña lands in the 1800’s?  And most of all, where was the biggest land magnate of them all, Doña Fausta Regis’s house? And the spinster had even died and was buried in Carcar in 1899.

As far as I can determine, I will identify a house by the original owner(s)’ names. Those may not be recognizable today, but it must have been called that at that time. Anyway by which owner we call a house today may not be known still as such 50 years hence.

For instance what must have been known as Tiyoy’s house, was later known as Kadyo’s, and then Dodoy’s and now Leto’s.  I’m referring of course to the “Leon Kilat” house. Even the centuries-old Yap house (or whatever prior) of Parian in the city in one fell swoop is now famously called the Yap Sandiego house, but itself laying the precedence for amendatory possibilities of future generations affixing their own etiquetas on it, too.

I so admire that the official London residence of the monarch of England is still called Buckingham Palace, for its former owner.

And, by the way I so squirm that every house is called “ancestral” when only two or three generations of a branch has ever lived there. So, I think for Carcar I call only the Roman Sarmiento and the Florencio Noel houses as ancestral–where every member of the Sarmiento and Noel families of Carcar can refer to those houses as their ancestral house, while most Aleonar cannot call my grandfather’s house as their ancestral house. It is just my grandfather’s.

Be that as it may, Carcar heritage houseowners have commissioned professional historians to trace the history of the houses for a possible book project and we wait with bated breath the documents they’ll be able to extract out of archives available to them which should show the construction, modification and ownership histories of these houses.

Anyway, these here are my own reconstructions of the histories of the houses we still have with us, making do with whatever information is out there. By “making do with whatever information–open secrets– out there”, I mean this will not be a society page glossover job.  I’ll just start with our houses, then.

By the way, anybody wants to write about their house is absolutely welcome. Email me and I’ll see about your house and your writeup getting a page.

And the monuments all over town are just as attractive as the houses.


  1. hi vip! lipay kaayo ko tan aw pic. makahilak ta tan aw

    • hehe nganong wa man me naapil dha??hehe dela cerna man pud ne??hehe

      • sa asa imong gipasabot nga apil?

  2. hi vip,
    I too have wondered about that. Maybe there was no strong sense of community back then to live near each other. I think you mentioned that people probably lived in their farms. The city carpetbaggers did not feel themselves to be Carcaranons so they did not build showhouses in the poblacin area yet. They probably have ranch houses. The Enriquezes of Tuyom kept a house in San Nicolas until the 1920s when it was only sold to raise money.

  3. wherever they may have built, John, but, same thing, those houses are no longer there now. I was thinking the present poblacion was the marketplace itself and only middlemen or storeowners would want to live near the market, wouldn’t they? The producers would want to live near their produce. Later on your so-called carpetbaggers had bagged the money of the town and then began bagging the farms themselves.

  4. Can anyone help me find my bloodline with the NACUA in Carcar, My mother’s mother is a Nacua who was born in Carcar. Oral transmission of the family tree said that my mother’s grand father was the one who participated in the establishment of St. Catherine’s church in Carcar. Help me please e-mail me. I am in UP Diliman right now. I want to know my roots.

    • Crisanto’s Nacua sub-thread redirected to Search Forum page – vip

    • Dear Crisanto,

      I myself am a Nacua presently living in Toronto. I have been long interested in compiling a family tree. If you can give me some names, maybe I can help you.

  5. Hello…
    I never knew that the Sagolilis were Chinese mestizos. My mother was a Sagolili and there were many of them in Carcar. They are related to the Alegados and Alegrados and had been Carcaranons for many, many years. We lived in Ilawod at General Luna street next to the Paras family and next block to the Tisa house of Noel.
    My mother married a Lao from Bohol and lived in Carcar since before the war. She bore 12 children. The house built there and where I grew up had been torn down and rebuilt. We still come and visit every few years. We are all living now in the US. Parents passed away a few years ago. We all knew all these families you mentioned but a little disappointed that our family did not make the list.
    There’s a planned reunion of the family in 2010. I am not sure I could come but most of my sisters probably will.
    Boy, you can take the man out of the country but you can’t take the country out of a man. That’s the way we all feel.

    • Hello, Rogelio. The earliest record (that I saw as yet) of a Sagolili was the baptism of Hilario (then Hilario Juan) in 1832, son of the Mariano mentioned above. Mariano’s wife was a Martina Canarias and may have been a sister of Ana Canarias of the Tisa house (I think you meant Sarmiento). Hilario would be an uncle of Mamerto Sagolili, from whom your clan descended. As I wondered, where could Mariano’s house have been? Regards to my grade school classmate Cleofe who I saw w/ her husband last year at the St Catherine’s reunion. Very gracious, thoughtful, infectious laughter Cleofe. Our classmates already missed her right after she left.

  6. hello! Nice ayo ang contents sa inyong blog! 🙂
    Medyo nakasabot nako sa story ’bout sa kamatayon ni Leon Kilat. Thank you! btw, mangadto mig carcar para sa project sa among history (karong domingo, Aug. 15) dayon moadto mi sa Timoteo Barcenilla-Petrona Alcordo House, ask lang ko, naay entrance fee ana? og pila pud? og uhm, abli na sila bisan og domingo? I’ll wait sa reply! 5:27 am na diri, pero wa jud ko nakafeel og duka og binasa sa inyong blog! keeps me going! ^^

    • toinks! 5:18 am pa diay! lol

    • sorry kaayo first kay 5am na ‘sab ko natug ug karon pa mata, nagkaba-iwas ta. second, wa sad ko masayod kon abli ba ang maong balay dili lang domingo kon dili hasta sa ubang mga adlaw sa semana. private man ugod nang balay unya basi ug mananghid pa mo sa tag-iya si atty. leto sato. wala pa sad ko kasaka niana sukad adtong bata pa mi nga tulo namo nangatkat sa kahoy ug misulod way pananghid gikan sa clase. naa sa kilid ang pultahan apan pangutana lang sa mga tawo nga nag-abang sa kilid asa makapananghid.

  7. “…hillow“..mmmh,,“gusto ku sana maka punta ng car car “..para makilala kunaman ang aking mga gand father“,,pwo mahirap maka punta siyan kc ako lng eh..“ wal akong kasaman pwa papunta ng car car“… 😦

  8. do you have any other details relating to the upland elementary school aside from being used as a prison and a school at a certain point in time? tnx! hope to hear from you soon!

  9. I grew up hearing about our relatives from Carcar, Cebu – the Mancaos. Their residence was called dagkung balay. What can you tell me about them and their domicile? Where are they now?

  10. i hope i can also be enlightened as to the origin of my family, the Enriquez..

    • there are 2 lines as far as i know of the enriquez family. there is no confirmation if they were related. which one is yours?

      • re: enriquez family.. i belong to the great grandchildren of severino enriquez. i am presently living in the poblacion, in the old ancestral house of severino. severino had a brother, nicanor and as far as i know, they were from the City (cebu). i hope you could provide a little backgrounder of our origin as i have been wishing to come up with our family tree. tnx and godbless.

  11. Good Day., Im Davey Jones Alesna-Jabungan. My GrandFather Name is Julian Alquilita Alesna, BirthDate/Place: January 09 1913 @ barili, Cebu. was then Move to Bansalan, Davao del sur in the year 1949. Lolo Julian Have 8 Children. One is my Mother Miss Petra Alesna-Jabungan (birthDate: April 27 1943 / Guiholngan, Negros Oriental) Other childrens Agustina, Estefania, Petra, Aurelia, Julian Jr., Celsa, Julio and Fe.

  12. re: enriquez family.. i belong to the great grandchildren of severino enriquez. i am presently living in the poblacion, in the old ancestral house of severino. severino had a brother, nicanor and as far as i know, they were from the City (cebu). i hope you could provide a little backgrounder of our origin as i have been wishing to come up with our family tree. tnx and godbless.

    • a point i made right at the start of this whole blog is you help me and i’ll help you. please first trace your lineage (pedigree) from severino. please use complete names and if possible provide dates

  13. Hi! My daughter has a project about geneology. I am also a great grand daughter of Severino Enriquez. My grandmother is Felicisima Enriquez, one of his children, but she got married to an Antonio Lazarte. They are my father’s (Beltram Enriquez Lazarte) parents. They lived in Valladolid, Carcar for a long time. In fact, the old house is still there. We still have inherited property in Buwan-buwan. Is Severino Enriquez from Carcar? I learned from my father that he was a judge. I hope you could help me find something since my father already died in 1989.

    • yes severino was born (or at least baptized) in carcarin 1869 to parents miguel enriquez and apolinaria ocaña who were from san nicolas. but that’s all the data i have of him. i wish someone in the family would make the family tree of severino’s descendants. who was his wife? someone told me judge filomeno enriquez was also a son of his.

  14. my lola was born in car car at villadolid .but whe my great grand father died pumunta cla ng ang lolo ko sa tuhod ay c atty.jose p avila ‘my lola is ma.cristina encarnacion avila

  15. ako si rem at apo sa tuhod ni atty. jose p avila oo nga po pala meron kaming mana na nakapangalan sa tatlong magkakapatid na avila sa aklan. kay condrado avila emelita at cristina na hanggang ngayon di pa namin ibinahagi ni loreta macavinta sana naman. kahit yun may mapakinabangan po .kami

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