The Aguilar family of Carcar came from San Nicolas. His wife was a Bacalso, also from San Nicolas. In the 2010 Voters List of Carcar there are 13 voters surnamed Aguilar.


Nicolas Aguilar (       ) from San Nicolas (source: 1867 Bapt of gdau Perfecta; in 1906 Burial of son Mariano, parents Juan-Martina)

=Raymunda Talde

3 Generations

Mariano Aguilar (       ) b. San Nicolas
=Gervasia Bacalso

–Ana Aguila
r (calc. 1861-

=(1881) Crispin(o) Laoc Mancao (1860-

—-Mauricio Mancao

=Matea Estrillan Paculaba

—-Pedro Mancao

=Pia Panoncial Panuncialman

—-Filemon Mancao

=(1925) _____ Oatin

—-Rosario Mancao

=(1928) Casimiro Lumibao

—-Asuncion Mancao

=(1928) Fidel Enot

—-Concepcion Mancao

=Dioscoro Tigley Aleonar  (1901-1982)

Perfecta Aguilar (1867-

–Saturnino Aguilar

=Cirila Llegunas Binoya

—-Graciano Aguilar

—-Marcos Aguilar (1905-

—-Lorenzo Aguilar (1909-

–Benedicta Aguilar
(       ) Perfecta?

=Florencio dela Cerna

—-Marcela dela Cerna (1906-

–Januario Aguilar

=Paulina Baquilir Lawas

—-Maria Concepcion Aguilar (1909-

-Domingo Aguilar

=Catalina Baas Nebres

—-Rufina Aguilar (1908-

—-Alfonso Aguilar (1911-

(under reconstruction)


  1. hi vip,

    Where are Mariano Aguilar and Gervasia Bacalso from? How about the Mancaos? I came across several sa mga Zaragosa/Buenavista area.

  2. Both this Aguilar and Bacalso families are from San Nicolas. The Mancaos were said to be from Daanglungsod but I don’t know what Daanglungsod then encompassed because there was no mention of Perrelos, Zaragosa, Buenavista yet. Maybe that whole area up to Sangat was Daanglungsod, too.

    • Latest findings. Earliest Carcar arrivals of the Mancao family indicated they were from Talisay, although one was said to be from San Nicolas also.

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