4 Generations

[I discontinued my Paraz note-taking when I found out that Simeon Paraz had been an escribiente (scribe) and later church fiscal. He had also been a cabeza and vice-mayor who then succeeded the mayor who’d been charged with an offense.  The day before Leon Kilat was assasinated, Paraz had turned over the reins as jefe local to his successor, Florencio Noel. Anyway, I presumed with Don Simeon’s power and access, he’d already made a family genealogy and would be a welcome easing of my workload.  When there was not a family tree to be found, I went back to the family but had already missed maybe ten years of records.]

Although the Carcar Paraz family co-celebrates with the Barili family, a record linking the two branches has yet to be found (if it too has not been found by the Barili branch). Let alone that the two families already have a mind to align themselves with Luzon families also bearing the surname.  Thankfully, a fellow genealogy madcap Lino Aguilar of Barili sent me his Paras family tree (and other trees). Making a timeframe reconstruction of the Carcar and the Barili Paras, one sees it is possible that the respective starting persons Blas de la Cruz and Agustin Paras (of Barili) could be brothers, except again that a record still has to be found identifying Blas as a native of Barili (or Agustin of Carcar for that matter). Anyway, the older records in Barili also spelled the surname as Paraz.

The difficulty of aligning the Carcar and Barili branches with the diverse Paras families of Luzon is the assumption may have been based only on some Luzonian legend (which the Carcar and Barili branches had not handed down amongst themselves). Right now, the only thing tying them up to the legend is the shared surname. But a distinct possibility adding to the difficulty is that the surnames (Luzon, Barili, Carcar, Cebu) may not have surfaced before the diaspora itself, and if so how did these supposed descendant branches know of their common ancestry — that they were even related at all?                            

I found a record (Baptism, 1816) where a Don Blas de la Cruz was identified as a cabeza de barangay. The ancestors of some families registered under his barangay in that long-ago period were my own — Aleonar (the root) — Aleson, Baquilir, Daytec, Gellecanea, Navares, although all, including Don Blas’s own, were still not using surnames. But we must also point out that not every branch of those families were registered under Blas’s barangay. Meanwhile, the marriage in 1836 of his son Alejandro Paraz (then as Alejandro Lucas) indicated Blas was already deceased by that day.

And another: a “discrepancy” found in the records, a Balbina Paraz was baptized 1876 as a daughter of Ramon Paraz. Her name also found its way indirectly as a daughter of Simeon Paraz, and her husband as Elias Oanani Pangay. In the Ramon file, her husband was Elias Canasa Pangay. But I have recorded her here only with the Ramon Paraz family, her baptismal record having greater weight for me as it was nearer to the event.

And a Higina Paraz was baptized 1883, child of Basilio Paraz. The family reconstruction as well as subsequent records had a male Higino, however. When I reviewed my notes of Higina’s baptism, the sponsor was Maria Cuy, although boys sometimes had women madrinas (see Baptisms 1827-1839 Part 2).  Thus, I still maintain this spare Higina just in case. [12-Jan-2011] But finding Higino’s baptism itself (1881) easily resolved the issue. And so, there’s a Higino and a younger Higina, brother and sister — no sweat.

(20-Apr-2012): I have for some days now been reviewing the Burials 1850-1872 volume. I have the Burial (12-Oct-1860) for a Gabriela Aleson, viuda of Blas. I have had the name Maria Gabriela as wife of Blas de la Cruz, the first person in my Carcar Paraz family. But if I’d gone over the volume before I’d come across the names Blas dela Cruz and Maria Gabriela, the information “Gabriela Aleson widow of Blas” would have meant little to me, except as just another addition to the Aleson family file. But thus informed, with this record, we now know that the entire Carcar Paraz family has Aleson blood.

In the 2010 Voters list for Carcar, there are 79 voters surnamed Paraz, the 160th most numerous surname in the list. There are also 13 voters with Paras, but I did not count them together only for the reason that this group may have come from Barili and thus are not necessarily in the bloodline of the Carcar Paraz.


Blas de la Cruz (   -bef. Jul-1836) cabeza 1820s

=Gabriela Aleson (      – 1860) pDn: Maria Gabriela

Alejandro Paraz (est 1811-1883) pDn: Alejandro Lucas (Marr.)

–=1836) Francisca Aldevera (est 1818-       ) pDn: Ma. Francisca (Marr.)

—-Maximo Paraz (1837–   ) pDn: Maximo Fernando Paraz (Bapt)

—-=(1861) Faviana Barayuga Barcoma (       ) AKA Bibiana

——Sofia Paraz (   -1862) child

——Anastasio Paraz (1862-1864)

——Norberto Paraz (1865-

——Maria Paraz (1867-

——Nicolas Paraz (1871-

——Dominga Paraz (1873-

=Leon Cayanan Naojo

——Zoila Paraz (1876-

=Aguedo Barateria Barangan

——Juana Paraz (1878-


——Francisco Paraz

=Teodora Barateria Barangan

—-Anacleto Paraz (1839-1853) pDn: Anacleto Paraz (Bapt)

—-Simeon Paraz (1841–   ) pDn: Simeon Navarro (Bapt); teniente sindico 1896-1898

—-=(1862) Nicolasa Alcudia Aldave (1844-   ) pDn: Nicolasa Nepomucena (Bapt)

——Restituto Paraz

=(1882) Micayla Alcover Embuscado

——Filomena Paraz

=(1889) Florentino Barauidan Alcuesar

——Fructuoso Paraz (   -1902) single

——Abundio Paraz (1871-

=(1887) Perpetua Lauas

——Celso Paraz (1874-

=Agapita Bargamento Alesna

——Crispo Paraz (   -1883) escuela in Burial

——Teodulfa Paraz (1877-

=Ambrosio Laorden Alcoseba

——Elena Paraz (   -1909) single

——Niceforo Paraz (1883-

=(1906) Geronima Soroño Alesna

—-Ramon Paraz (1845–   ) pDn: Ramon Nonato (Bapt)

—-=Graciana Gavenite (delos) Reyes (      ) AKA Consolacion

——Eduviges Paraz (   -1897)

=Hipolito Parba

——Lorenzo Paraz (   -1893)

=Catalina Bargamento Alesna

——Felimon Paraz (   -1884) escuela in Burial

——Florentina Paraz (1873-

——Balvina Baras (1876-


=2)Elias Canasa Pangay

——Andres Paraz (1878-

——Policarpo Paraz (   -1881) child

——Rufino Paraz (1882-1885)

——Rufina Paraz (1885-

—-Lino Paraz (   -1850) child

—-Basilio Paraz (1848–   ) pDn: Basilio Paraz (Bapt)

—-=Eusebia Propios Simporios

——Maria Paraz

=Quintin Laña Anguay

——Paulino Paraz (   -1871) child

——Asisclo Paraz (1871-1873)

——Santiago Paraz (1875-

=(1902) Alejandra Barcenilla Alesna (1863-   ) AKA Leandra

——Justina Paraz (1877-1883)

——Valerio Paraz (       ) AKA Valeriano

=(1903) Magdalena Mercado

——Higino Paraz (1881-

= Eulalia Navilla Sarausad

——Higina Paraz (1883-

——Leoncio Paraz (1884-

=(1907) Manuela Caballero Alesna

——Julian Paraz (1886-

=(1911) Gregoria Alegado Sagolili

——Cipriano Paraz (calc. 1888-

=(1911) Placida Alcudia Cuison (calc. 1887-

—-Francisca Paraz


——Juan Paraz (1873-

—-Agustin Paraz (1850–   )

—-=Liceria Camos Camorista

——Vicente Paraz (1876-1877)

——Victorio Paraz (1877-

——Sabina Paraz (   -1904)

=Gil Alegado Canasa (1877-1907)

——Donato Paraz (1883-1888)

——Anastasia Paraz

=(1915) Anastasio Resuento Delleca

—-Paula Paraz (   -1902)


——Gregoria Paraz (1877-1905)

——Juan Paraz

=Guillerma Baquirquir Alcudia (       ) AKA Geronima, Maxima

—-=2(1890) Alejandro Reyes

—-Ambrosia Paraz (1860-1901)


——Micaela Paraz (1883-

——Juan Vicente Paraz (1887-

=2(1912) _____ Ybañez

—-=2) Mamerto Mancia

Marcela Paraz (18151896) pDn: Marcela Candelaria (bapt.)

–=(1837) Antonio Alcoseba (calc. 1815-1879) pDn: Antonio Gabriel (Marr.)

—-Eugenia Alcoseba (1844–   ) pDnL Gertrudes Eugenia (Bapt)

—-=Facundo Aler Alegueojo

——Venancia Alegueojo (   -1862) child

——Roman Alegueojo (   -1867) child

——Liceria Aleguejo

=(1884) Julian Camelote Barga

——Faviana Aleguiojo (   -1872) child

—-Cosme Alcoseba (   -1898)

—-=Felipa Aler Aleguiojo

——Tomas Alcoseba (1862

=(1882) Eulalia Gellocania (calc. 1862-

——Alejandro Alcoseba (1865-     ) Leandro (bapt.)

=1) Juliana Balongoy Gavinete

=2(1908) Juliana Bacus (calc. 1883) vda of Catalino Sator

——Apolonio Alcoseba (1867-

=(1884) Antonia Pasigue Camoro

——Juliana Alcoseba (   -1899)

=Eduardo Basacla?

——Pablo Alcoseba

=Luisa Dayanan Tante

——Romana Alcoseba (   -1881) child

——Pio Alcoseba (1883-1886)

——Diega Alcoseba

= Victoriano Villarta Delora

—-Benigna Alcoseba (   -1855) child

—-Graciana Alcoseba (1855-1855) child

—-Rosa Alcoseba (1850-1891)

—-=Domingo Camelote Barcelo

——Paulina Barcelo (1871-1903)

=(1891) Teodorico Quemada Racasa

——Artemio Barcelo (1872-   ) AKA Arsenio?

=Vicenta Rayla (1879-

——Tiburcio Barcelo (1875-1876)

——Cresenciano Barcelo (1877-

=(1904) Ana Alquisola Alcoseba

——Rufina Barcelo (1880-

——Maria Barcelo (1883-

——Visitacion Barcelo (1888-

(see also Paraz notes)

(family and page under reconstruction)


  1. Thank you for doing this record. My great grandparents were Cipriano and Placida Paraz (Cuison) who came to Hawaii. I am very grateful to see some kind of record that I have never seen before.

    • To:Bernadette Bass, Are you from California? Who are your parents? My
      dad is the 2nd oldest of Lolo Cipriano and Lola Edang.

      • I’m so sorry I didn’t see this post way sooner. My Dad is Earl Bass. He is the oldest son of Helen Bass (Paraz), who was one of Placida and Cipriano Paraz (they moved to Ewa, Hawaii.

    • Hi Bernadette,
      Are you from San Diego? My father told me that he has sisters, one in Chula Vista and the other one in Oahu.

      • I just wanted to say Hi to Leilani Paraz and Bernadette Bass (Didn’t get to meet you when I went to see Auntie Helen and Cousin Joyce out in Florida. But, I am the great Grand Son of Cipriano and Placida (Tatay and Mama Edong), and my Nanay was Rebecca (“Bica”) Paraz-Dunn-Nicholas. We are the families that lived in Chula Vista. Now, everyone is spread out through out the states. Nanay passed away in April 2008. I’m not sure how Auntie Helen is(you’d have to ask one of the Bass family members). I also want to thank everyone involved in connecting me to my Filipino roots, as I only knew about the Hawaiian immigration to Ewa plantation. My mom is Rebecca “Suzen” Shaw who graduated from Campbell High School.

        • Hi Krisstofer and Bernadette, I’ve been out of circulation for a while, my sister Neng (Daryl Lean) attended Auntie Helen’s birthday last year in Florida, felt so bad cause I couldn’t make it. Wish we could all meet. (Perhaps in FB..Leilani Paraz Minor)

          • Hi! I sent you a message on FB. I hope I messaged the right person.

        • I’m so sorry to let you know this on here. My grandma, Helen Paraz Bass passed away on 5/28/18.

        • Aloha, my name is Darlene Anguay Makaiwi and I went to school with your Mom Rebecca Susan Dunn. And we are family through the Paraz side. My ggrandmother is Maria Paraz. We lived in Ewa Plantation and your mom and I lived 4 streets done from each other. Please ask her if she remembers me. went to school with her since Ewa Elementry.

          Darlene Anguay

      • I’m so sorry I didn’t see this post way sooner. My Dad is Earl Bass. He is the oldest son of Helen Bass (Paraz), who was one of Placida and Cipriano Paraz (they moved to Ewa, Hawaii.

      • Who is your father? My Grandma Helen Bass (Paraz), daughter of Placida and Cipriano is from Ewa Beach, Hawaii. When she married, she lived in Chula Vista for a while and then moved to Florida, where they still are now.

        • Bernadette, My son, Martin Stobbs, and Mike (Earl Michael Bass) Bass (a son of Helen P. Bass) have been great friends since they met as children in Ewa Beach, HI. We were also neighbors in Chula Vista, CA. Recently, we lost touch with Mike. If you know where he is, PLEASE ask him to contact us. My name is Jo Stobbs McKenzie. My e-mail address is: Thanks and God bless you.

          Jo McKenzie
          Chula Vista, CA

          • Hi Sorry Jo Stobbs McKenzie. I just checked this page. I haven’t been on in a while. Mike is my Dad. I will let him know your info. Hopefully it’s still the same. My Grandma, his Mom just passed away on Monday.

    • This is VERY VERY Interesting. My grandparents are Cipriano and Placida (Cuison) Paraz. My father is Alvin Amancio Paraz and yes, we are STILL in Hawaii. My brothers Allan and Carl live in Honolulu and I live in ‘Ewa where our grandparents settled after leaving the Philippines. Many thanks to the author for posting this blog, otherwise, I would not have known.

  2. Hi! Excellent genealogy. Thanks for this, btw. I am actually from the Julian Paraz – Gregoria Sagolili branch. It’s nice come across this and trace up my ancestry. Kudos! 😀

  3. I am the daughter of Anastacio “Long” Paraz and Vicenta Vinalon. I have three other brothers, Lyle, Ezra and Leslei. I have 6boys who are very inquisitive about their
    family tree.I met my Aunt Lourdes Paraz last January 2007. I hope I will be able to meet more of my families from my father side. My residence is Las Vegas,NV, although the home base for the Paraz’s is Honolulu, Hawaii..

    • Hi Leilani!

      I belong to Julian Paraz – Gregoria Sagolili group, your grandpa and mine were brothers. I was your dad’s regular patient when I was a kid and so was my younger sister, Abigail. Been living in Australia for 27 years. The year before Lyle passed away I visited Cebu & saw Lyle at his residence in Capitol. Did you know that Tia Lourdes passed away last year?

      I remember you as the “ballerina kid”.

      • I must’ve entered this 4x, hope it goes thru now…
        everytime I enter, it dissappears…Saw Tia Lourdes in 2007, haven’t seen her for over 30yrs and she still recognized me. did we met personally? I left Cebu when I was 17yrs old.

        • Hi Leilani,

          Yes I saw you when you were about 7 yrs. old with Tia Vising. My email is


        • Hi Mama Leilani.
          Nice to hear about the family. Mama (Esper) says hello.

          Your Goddaughter,

          • Hi Riri, it’s been years since the last time I’ve seen you in Ewa. Please give my regards to your Mom, and if by chance, any of you visit last Vegas, please give me a call.

      • Hello tita algresa and tita leilani nice to hear you both talking our family tree. I am one of the grandson of jesus m. paraz. Since you mentioned lola lourdes and uncle boy lyle it comes up into my mind that were still connected even if we far from each other. Best regards

        Jocel Kane Paraz
        Adelaide South Australia

        • Hi Jocel, not sure if you knew that my brother Lyle passed away years ago. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all could meet someday.

  4. ang lolo ko galing sa car2 cebu.

  5. hi jeston,

    ano’ng pangalan ng lolo mo? sino ang father mo?

  6. Aloha, My name is Darlene (Anguay) Makaiwi and a desendent of Maria Paraz who married Quintin Anguay,who had a son Fransico Anguay, who’s son was Guillermo Anguay and me. Maria is the sister to Cipriano and Julian Paraz according to this geneology. Mahalo for all the info which I did not have…need more info before Alejandro…..again Mahalo for all the info.

    • I sent you a FB message.

  7. Hi Darlene,

    I’m Algresa Paraz-Binoya grandaughter of Julian Paraz. My email address is if you wish to connect with me. By the way, do you know Leilani? She’s the daughter of the late Tio Longlong, son of Cipriano.


    • Aloha Algresa,

      No, I don’t know who she is. Is she from Hawaii. Have not met any of the Paraz side. Would gladly want to connect with family. Would you know any Anguay’s from Cebu? I haven’t seen our family name in the Carcar Families, only by marriage to Maria Paraz. I take that back, I did meet a Paraz ,can’t remember his name, but he and his wife moved back to the Philippines when I was just a young girl. I remember his looks, light eyes, very fair and handsome man, but for the life of me can’t remember his name. We all lived in the Ewa sugar Plantation area called Fernandez Villiage. My dad and mom have passed on and they know his name. Anyways Thank You for your reply and will e-mail you.
      I live on one of the 8 isle of Hawaii ( Molokai) and have lived there for 38 yrs. Married to a Hawaiian boy, have three children and 9 grandchildren. Darlene

  8. Hi Darlene,

    Thanks for your reply. I think Leilani (Leilani Paraz Minor) is also our third degree cousin who used to live in Hawaii but now she’s in LV. Yes I’ve met an Anguay, Tio Tildong (Clotildo Anguay) when he was in Cebu got married to a lady from Danao City and they went back to America. That was in the 60’s. I’m married to a Filipino and we migrated here in Australia nearly 28 yrs ago, got a son and daughter both married but no grandchildren. I would like to connect with you, please email me. Do you have Facebook account? Regards to you and family.


    • Hi Algresa,
      My name is Riri and I am the dtr of Tildong (Clotildo Anguay) and Esperanza Nunal (from Danao). We moved back to Hawaii in 1976 and have lived here since. My dad passed 10 years ago. I am 1 of 3 children (myself and 2 brothers). Nice to see how the family has grown. Would love to know more about Granduncle Julian’s line.

  9. Aloha Algresa, nice to here from you again. Uncle Tildong is my grandfathers ( Fransico dela Cerna Anguay) brother.OMG! It’s good to meet family from all around. I have been doing my geneology since 1978.
    How far have you gone in your geneology? Been trying to connect families. It’s taking time, but getting there. Yes I am on fb and so are all of my Anguay family. All of the Anguay’s in Hawaii come from Qintin Anguay who married Maria Paraz. They had 10 children. And When Maria passed Quintin went back to the PI and remarried and has two other chlidren that we know of and he lived in Davo. I’ll let you know more when I e-mail you.We can exchange address and I’ll give you what I have, let you see the families in Hawaii and the mainland. We had a family reunion in 2003. Aloha to your family too.


  10. Hi Darlene,
    I’m glad you’ve been doing the genealogy tree for the Anguay tree! I am the granddaughter of Catalino Anguay (Uncle Tildong’s older brother). I did not know that Quentin Anguay got married again! I did see Maria Paraz Anguay’s grave site in Ewa, Hawaii in the middle of a park last year (my dad – Ruben Anguay took me there). They said there was a baby Anguay buried there too but don’t know who it is. Would you happen to know? Funny how our family has spread out…from the Phillippines, to Hawaii, to California, and Nevada. I live in Pittsburgh, PA so I missed the last family reunion. Did you ever find out the parents of Petrona Anguay?

    By the way, whoever created this site….LOVE IT! Learned so much of the background history of those that came from Carcar, Cebu.

    • Aloha Lauraly,nice to find family on this blog. Yes, your grandfather and my grandfather were brothers. I remember seeing your fb.You must see mine? When our greatgrandparents came to Hawaii in 1917 they were assigned to the Hilo Sugar Plantation, and they came with 5 sons,Uncle Eustacio(Tationg), Catalino(Titing), Francisco(Pelaring), Hilarion(Luling), and Clotildo(Tildong). I found three more siblings before Eustacio, from bapt records from the church in the PI. They were, Primo, Santiago, and only sister Carmen, and the baby that was buried with our greatgrandmother was her last child that they had and named him Primo also, and these were from death records I got from Hawaii records. Hilarion, Clotildo and Francisco went bak to the PI and came back in 1926, and Francisco brought over a wife Anacita, and a son( my father) and they were assigned to Ewa plantation. Need to know anymore e-mail me ,

      • Hi Darlene,
        My brother Father James Anguay brought this blog to my attention and I got all caught up reading everyone’s responses. I am your 2nd cousin, Riri, dtr of Clotildo (Tildong) Anguay. Yes, according to my dad (who passed away 10 years ago this Sat), they had an older brother Primo who passed and the younger, named Primo after him, is the one buried with Grandma Maria here in Ewa Beach. I do not recall him ever mentioning as sister Carmen though. Grandpa Quintin remarried in the Philippines and had Aunty Julia (demise) and Uncle Cencio (alive). Both of them had/have a large number of kids….I’ve got to dig up that info in my records. My mom, Esper, has kept in touch w/Uncle Cencio and may know all their names. They carry the Anguay last name and many are on fb. I’ve been doing the family tree off and on for the last few years and need to get back to it…seeing how exciting it is to see family reach out to each other. Love seeing all this info on this blog.

        • Are you related to Rosemary Anguay?

  11. helo! my mother is valentina alesna paraz in baraka carcar

  12. hello there cousin! i am alberto sagolili paraz’ eldest daughter. your mother tiya valen, and my father were first degree cousins. my sisters & i used to hang around at your place in baraka when we were kids. loved your ukban other fruits! perhaps you know my sister flor? she’s your igso, your mother’s god daughter. where are you living now? i am in australia, email address is

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  14. Hi Riri,

    Will you please email me at Thanks for your message and best regards.

  15. Hi Riri, the baby that’s buried with Maria is her youngest, who is Primo. I found baptismal records from church records for Carmen. I gave George our cuz a copy of what I found and have acopy of her baptismal record. See cuz George in Ewa. You’ll see the baptismal records of families I’ve found.

  16. Hi again Riri, If possible can I have names of Papa Quintins other family. Dates and where their from.

  17. Aloha again, Just some clarification. Was Blas dela Cruz of the Paraz line, is dela Cruz his mothers maidien name? Cause I don’t see Paraz as the last name….

    • in my reconstruction of the paraz family, blas de la cruz was the earliest person of the family i found. a record indicated that he was already deceased by 1836 but did with the name blas dela cruz. dela cruz was his second name and obviously not a surname. moreover, i found no record of his ever being called blas paraz and so i retain the name blas de la cruz by which he was known in his lifetime. this simply means he had not taken the surname paraz maybe throughout his life.

      • Thank you!!

  18. Does anyone know more about the family history of Placida Cuison? I have all the info on Paraz, but not the mama’s side.

    • Hi, my dad, Anastacio “Long” Paraz is the 2nd oldest of Lolo Pandoy and Lola Edang. All I could remember when I was young, one of my father’s patient was then a Mayor in Cebu, Mayor Cuison, never knew the real name because they call themselves “Gaw” (cousin).

      • Hi Leilani…..I live in Vegas. Did you know my dad, Julius C. Paraz? Aloha, Chris

        • Chris, yes I know your dad way back in Honolulu. He came to visit me when I moved here from SF. He was very close with my brother, Bebe Paraz. Hope to meet up with you, were you the one who live close to UNLV?

          • Hello Leilani. Yes, I still live near UNLV. Where do you live? Yes, I’d like to get to know My Paraz side.
            Aloha No, Chris

        • Chris, I was on medical leave later part of 2016, I live West of Las Vegas, Sahara and Torrey Pines, email me at to meet you too.

  19. My great grandparents are Cipriano and Placida Paraz. Helen is my grandmother, Berna below is my first cousin. Thanks for sharing!

    • Corinne, who are your parents? You said that my Great-Auntie Helen is your grandmother. I’m the grandson of Rebecca (Becky). My mom is Suzen Dunn-Shaw.

      • Hi! I have a family tree I would like to update. Helen Paraz was mine and Cori’s Grandma. My Dad is Earl Bass (formerly Paraz).

  20. Also, about the question on Placida Alcudia Cuison’s famity aND not being abe to find info on them…I believe my grandma Helen once mentioned to me her family came from Spain.

  21. Hi Leilani! My Uncle Marino , papa’s brother who are your dad’s first cousins is now 90 years old and living in Cebu. By the way, I met your mom and your dad Tiyo Longlong when I was young. I will ask my uncle about the Cuizon side, perhaps he knows a bit of history. I am planning to visit Cebu this January and I will definitely mention it to him, Best regards….Algresa

  22. Hi Jocel. I responded to your message but have not heard from you since. Are things ok with you there in Adelaide after the typhoon?

  23. Wow! What an interesting site. I wish I knew The “PARAZ” side of my Ohana. Some names sound familiar. i remember hearing my dad mentioning a few…since my parents were divorced when I was little…we only knew my Maternal side. I know my Grandfather was Domingo Paraz from Ewa, HI until he moved back to Cebu in 1971 or ’72. My father’s name was Julius Paraz. There is 6 of us (4 girls/2 boys). Any 411 would really be great!!!!

    • Chris, I was present when Uncle Mingoy got married in Cebu. My father was the one who took him to his therapy when he had the stroke. It was back in early 70’s the last time I saw him in Ewa.

  24. Hi Chris…. My uncle who is now 90 yrs. old may know or must have heard about your grandfather. When I visit Cebu again this coming January I will make some queries for you. I don’t see “Domingo Paraz” as one of his father’s brother but surely there is some connection with us. Best regards….Algresa Chin Paraz-Binoya

  25. Hi Chris- I know very little about your grandfather. I know he is my mom’s (Rebecca Dunn-Shaw’s [daughter of Rebecca Paraz]) first cousin. I heard his name mentioned a few times, as he was planning a family reunion in Ewa back a few years ago (late 1980s/early 1990s [time has flown by for me!!]) I do not keep in contact with my family (The Dunns). However, you can look some of the girls (my aunties) up on Facebook: My mom’s youngest sister, Cate (Cathy) Dunn Connolly or my mom’s oldest sister, Bunny Clelland, or my brother Ramease Shaw (to get in touch with my mother), I know you could also get some more info (My mom and my Nanay [ {Rebecca Paraz} before she passed away in 2008] used to speak of cousin Julius quite allot). However, I personally didn’t know that allot of our relatives ended up returning to Cebu. As for myself. I have never been to HI or Cebu, all I know is that our family is from Carcar, Cebu, PH. Since the passing of my Nanay, I have distanced myself from that side of the family (too much drama, to add to my own immediate family issues). Hope this may have helped you out. Best regards!

    • Hi Kristofer Shaw. I do remember my dad mentioning an Aunty Becky (not sure if it’s the same one)…Both of my parents both passed in 2008. Somehow we will match the missing puzzle and see how we are related. Aloha, Chris

  26. Hello all, if you’re wondering who is Pacific Rim Translations, I apologize. My name is Krisstofer Shaw. I don’t know why my posts are showing up under my business name. I think it’s because my business name is used through my WordPress account. Sorry for the confusion.

    • Hi Everybody, my sister Neng (Darryl Lean) is probably the oldest amongst all of us. She had all the pleasures of living with our Uncles, Aunties and grandparents (Lolo Pandoy and Lola Idang) as she and her brother, Manoy Toto (Alford Paraz, best drummer in Hawaii during his days) were raised by Lolo and Lola. She is very much alive and kicking,hope everybody will have a chance to meet her, she lives in Fremont, Ca but often visits her kids here in Las Vegas.

      • Hi Leilani Paraz Minor , my name is Francisco Paras Belimac Jr. from Glan, South Cotabato now Sarangani, the grandson of Hehino Paraz from Carcar, Cebu.i am the son of Francisco Belimac Sr. and Aurea Paras the daughter of Hehino Paraz. I remember Tiyo Longlong Paraz in Glan when I’m still child he was my Dentist. I am so closed with the family of Tiyo Marino Paraz in Cebu, where I studied in CIT, Cebu. I am now living in Hayward, CA and we meet with Wewing and Dodo Paraz the son of Tiyo Marino. I am so interested when you mentioned Neng (Darryl Lean) your eldest sister lives in Fremont, CA. its so near in our home in Hayward about more or less 12 miles away. Is it ok if you can send to me her address here, so that I can visit her. Thanks to hear from you, Regards to everyone Paraz family circle.

        • Hi Francisco,

          I saw your greetings on Tiyo Marino’s birhtday post on FB and I’ve wondered which lineage you belong.. My father was Tiyo Marino’s only brother. Alberto Paraz the son of Julian Paraz. Tatay Julian, my grandfather was your grandfather’s brother.. Some years back I was actively involved in the family tree of Carcaranons created by the late Vip ‘Aleonar, If you can access the Paraz family tree you may add some data or info from your family…..All the best……Algresa Chin Paraz-Binoya

          • Hi, hello!! Algresa , thanks for ur message with regards to my greeting’s to Tiyo Marino. With regards for my Paraz lineage I have already mentioned at the above messages with Lielani (Lani) Paraz Minor. I am the grandson of Hehino Paraz . I meet Tiyo Marino and Tiya Lourdes when I studied in Cebu at CIT. Our family are very closed with the family of Tiyo Marino, When I travel to Cebu, I always stay in there house, coz Tiyo will be mad at me if I stay to hotel or anybody. It”s all for today and regards to u and the Paraz family.

          • Hello Franciso. IWhat year was that when you studied at CIT? You mentioned Tiya Lourdes, did you mean Tiya Lourdes Paraz, daughter of Ingko Valerio? She passed away a few years ago.

  27. No problem. I just assumed that you have a connection with that company that’s why it’s showing.

  28. Im really loving this! Often wondered about my paternal side. Im the daughter of Alford ‘Toto’ & Remy (Reclosado) Paraz. My grandparents were Anastacio & Rosita (Alba) Paraz. Ive met some of my Paraz family but didnt know who was born to who, etc, so this is very interesting. Thank you Aunty Lani and Earl for hooking me up! I love you!!

    • Hi Cheryl, don’t feel bad, I left Cebu at a young age, I met a lot of Paraz’s when Lolo died and had a viewing at this house in Carcar, just when I met them, I have to leave Cebu for Hawaii. Now that I am retired, I will spend some time hooking up with our relatives.

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