Three Generations

An extraordinary stature would have been his already just for the Alcoseba and Trinidad (of Barili) Family Trees that he reconstructed and pioneered doing in Cebu, but Monsignor Cesar Jose Alcoseba also translated the Bible into Visayan.  And everyone who has seen those little Visayan novena booklets in religious shops–chances are they were translated or written by Monsignor Dodò. Religious songs too did not escape his genius. Monsignor Alcoseba was born in Barili, however, and could not be included in the Carcaranons page.

For his Alcoseba Family tree (AFT, 1991), the monsignor confined it to his great-grandfather, Carmiano (Bernardo) Alcoseba, as the starting person.  Subsequent research has expanded what we know of the family and I think it’s time the family continue what he started and include everyone with available records into the Alcoseba of Carcar Family Tree.

For a start, we have determined who Bernardo Carmiano’s parents were, as well as two siblings of his, Bernabela and Antonio.  There are also other lines usually starting with someone named Simon and the first one too may have been a brother of Carmiano or even of Cipriano, Carmiano’s father. Although I have not personally seen the monsignor’s AFT, sequence of Carmiano’s children are based on it per information supplied by a source. Additions to AFT are entries for daughters Maria Bernarda (1831) and Ma. Christina (1833) found in the records. Maria Bernarda, though, had a notation on her baptismal record: Severina. These and other dates are from my own research.

Some years back, someone had been searching for the roots of his ancestor Algandor Alcoseba.  At that time, I had not yet gotten to his record but Algandor is Alejandro, married to Juliana Balongoy Gabinete. They are the parents of Moises Alcoseba (born 1887* in Carcar, died 1969 in Hawaii).  As they belonged to the branch of Carmiano’s brother Antonio, the names of the three would not be found in the monsignor’s Alcoseba family tree book. So here, Alejandro’s parents were Cosme Alcoseba and Felipa Aleguiojo below.

[1-Mar-2010: A big Casimira Alcoseba-Ambrosio Alesna branch has been in the Alcoseba files, unlinked, but appears in the Alesna Family tree. I missed this Burial record in the microfilms and my instinct to review the volume has been rewarded. Her burial in 2-Aug-1880 showed a Carmela Alcoseba widow of Ambrosio Alesna. She was said to be the daughter of Cipriano and Maria Pancita, our starting couple.  I still have to encode the branch here but already think of placing Casimira AKA Carmela between Carmiano and Bernabela by virtue of a daughter, Rafaela, marrying ahead of Bernabela’s own children.  Monsignor Dodò’s Carmiano family tree has now been appended with parents and 3 siblings.

In starting to trace one’s family trees through the parish books, Marriages would be the recommended records to look into first. You get two families–plus grandparents in some–already with just one entry. But for individuals who were born before Claveria, where the absence of surnames would make it more demanding to pick them out, I usually favor the post-Claveria and later Burials because in the entries there, not only are they now identified by their surnames, but the person’s parents are as a rule also included.  Many of the links in my files were established this way and that certainly was the case here.]

[20-Dec-2010] The huge block of Alcoseba under either a single Simon or several Simons remains untied to this main reconstruction in my Alcoseba file. The biggest stumbling block is there is a Simon Alcoseba married to a Pia Manuela (an obvious pre-Claveria name), another Simon married to a Feliciana Maria, a third Simon married to a Feliciana Alcuires, a fourth married to a Feliciana Aldo, and a fifth (maybe a younger generation Simon) married to Teodora Gutierrez. If the first four Simon were the same person, he would have a total six children found in my file.

From their timelines, whatever Simon appears to be a sibling of Carmiano, Casimira, Bernabela and Antonio, and thus a son of first couple Agustin Cipriano and Catalina Panchita.

[22-Dec-2010] A record may have unlocked the mystery about the many Simons. But it is intricate. An 1893 burial record of a Francisca Alcoseba showed her parents to be Ciriaco and Dionisia Aleson, and grandparents as Simon-Pia. But Ciriaco is under my Simon-Feliciana Aldo line. And my Pia line had only Salvadora, Romana and Gregoria as her children. Ciriaco-Dionisia’s descendants touches on some Nadela branches of Carcar.

Meanwhile in that same burial record, Dionisia Aleson is said to be the daughter of Justiniano-Josefa.  In my line for Francisco Justiniano-Ma. Estipa in the Aleson file, Dionisia had a sister Lucia, married to Macario Alcoseba (a relationship borne only by the burial record of Lucia).

Well, like I said, intricate: Macario Alcoseba belongs to my Simon Alcoseba-Feliciana Alcuires file! And it says there his wife was Lucia Aleson, daughter of Fustiano Aleson-Estefa Gelleganca.

Although Justiniano may look a different name from Fustiano, and Josefa from Estipa or Estefa, but there is such a thing as “sounds-like”. Anyway, sometime back I’d already grouped these various Simon lines together as one happy family, with the promise of that eventuality. The different Felicianas and Pia looked too minor as discrepancies. Here’s hoping another record would clinch it really for the Simon line. But we’ll still have to await still another record needed to show Simon as a son (or a brother) of Agustin Cipriano and Catalina Panchita. And, of course, whether Feliciana is an Alcuiris or an Aldo. Meanwhile, I’m intrigued why the name Pia Manuela ever cropped up.

the 2010 Voters list for Carcar, there are 135 voters surnamed Alcoseba, the 56th most numerous surname in the list.

* research says 1889


Cipriano Alcoseba (    – 1860) pDn: Augustin Cipriano

=Catalina Panchita (    – bef. Oct-1860)

Carmiano Alcoseba (   -1873) pDn: Bernardo Carmiano

–=(1816) Marienela Alcuiris (    -1857) pDn: Ma. Maricuyla

—-Benito Alcoseba (   -1895) pDn: Benito Ybañes (1833 marr.)

=(1833) Ma. Cornelia**(calc. 1818-

=1) Maria Alentado (    –1864)

=2(1869) Justa Baquilta  (   -1908)

—-Placido Alcoseba (18181905) pDn: Placido Navarro (bapt)

=1(1842) Silveria Navarro  (       ) pDn: Ma. Silvestra

=2) Gregoria

—-Eusebio Alcoseba (1827-1895) pDn: Eusebio Cordoba (bapt)

=Cecilia Navarro Barcelona  (1829-       ) pDn: Ma. Basilia

—-Gregoria Alcoseba (1820-1902) pDn: Ma. Gregoria

=(1846) Vicente Alejado (1819–    ) pDn: Vicente Mercado (bapt.) Vicente Dias; AKA Inocentes

—-Lucas Antonio (1822-1823) pDn: Lucas Antonio (bapt.)

—-Apolonia Alcoseba (1824-1881) pDn: Ma Polonia (bapt.)

=(1842) Gregorio Dayagro  (1821–    ) pDn: Gregorio Santiago (bapt.)

—-Severina Alcoseba (1831-1888) Maria Bernarda (bapt, with notation as Severina)

=(1861) Lucio Alcorisa Alcordo  (1834-1902) pDn: Juan Lucio (bapt.)

—-Ma. Catalina (1826-1826)

—-Ma. Christina (1833–   ) pDn: Ma. Christina (bapt)

—-Ana Alcoseba (1834–   ) pDn: Ma. Ana (bapt)

=Nazareno Aldemita  (   -1881)

**[25-Feb-2011)  In the 1833 Marriage record, Benito Ybañez, 19, was said to be the son of Carmiano Bernardo and Ma. Cornelia [sic]. His bride, Ma. Cornelia, 15, was the daughter of Francisco Valeriano (dec.) and Ma. Princissa.  In the AFT, however, Benito’s first wife Maria Alentado was a daughter of Leon Alentado and Ma. Florencia.

Casimira Alcoseba (   -1880) AKA Carmela (burial)

–=Ambrosio Alesna

—-Rafaela Alesna (   -1888) pDn: Ma. Rafaela (marr.)

=(1842) Cesareo Alvarado Ybañez (       ) pDn: Cesario Ybañez (marr.)

—-Maria Mariana (1827–   ) pDn: Maria Mariana (bapt)

—-Mateo Alesna (1830-1885) pDn: Timoteo Ybañes (bapt)

=Macaria Barrabas (   -1884)

—-Sotera Alesna (1832–   ) pDn: Sotera Ma. (bapt)

=(1854) Ynocentes Cuison Alcoy (       ) AKA Vicente

—-Meletona Alesna (1837-1896) pDn: Petrona Prisca (bapt)

=Francisco Alcoy

—-Eduardo Alesna (1838-1892) pDn: Fausto Eduardo (bapt)

=Luisa Dayagro Enanoria (1839-   ) pDn: Luisa Nepomucena (bapt)

—-Bartolo Alesna (       ) AKA Bartolome

=Liceria Barcenas Aldocente

—-Maximo Alesna (   -1893)

=Dorotea Alfafara

Bernabela Alcoseba (   -1889) pDn: Ma. Gabriela

–=Marcelo Alvarado Ybañez  (   -1864) pDn: Marcelo Ybañez

—-Ma. Potenciana (1827–   ) pDn: Ma. Potenciana (bapt)

—-Laurencio/Lorenzo Ybañez (1830-1898) pDn: Laurencio Nepomuceno (bapt)

=(1868) Eduarda Navarro Alfafara (1849-   ) pDn: Eduarda Ma. (bapt)

—-Gregorio Ybañez (1833–   ) pDn: Gregorio Francisco (bapt)

=Rufina Alejado Barellano

—-Patricia Ybañez (1840–   ) pDn: Patricia Josefa (bapt)

=(1860) Mamerto Alesna Alcos

Antonio Alcoseba (calc. 1815-1879) pDn: Antonio Gabriel (in Marriage) cabeza 1850s

–=(1837) Marcela Paraz  (1814-1896) pDn: Marcela Candelaria (in Bapt and Marriage)

(see one generation lower for Antonio Alcoseba-Marcela Paraz in Paraz family tree page)

—-Eugenia Alcoseba (1844-1907) pDn: Gertrudes Eugenia (bapt)

=Facundo Aler Aleguiojo

—-Cosme Alcoseba (   -1898) cabeza ca. 1884

=Felipa Aler Aleguiojo

—-Benigna Alcoseba (   -1854)

—-Graciano Alcoseba (   -1855)

—-Rosa Alcoseba (1850-1901)

=Domingo Camelote Barcelo (ca. 1850 to 51-        ) cabeza ca. 1880s


Simon branch (tentative: if brother, probably older or next to Carmiano):

Simon Santiago (    –1845) pDn: Francisco Simon / Simon Santiago

–=Feliciana Alcuiris (          ) pDn: Ma. Feliciana, Pia Manuela; AKA Feliciana Aldo

—-Valentin Alcoseba (1815-1883) pDn: Mariano Balinten (Bapt.)

—-=1) Estefa Aldemeta

—-=2) Eulogia Oarquiaz (    -1895) vda of Valentin in her Burial record

—-Salvadora Alcoseba (calc. 1818-1897) pDn: Ma. Salvadora (marr.)

—-=(1837) Manuel Francisco (        ) pDn: Manuel de la Cruz (12 years of age in Marriage record)

—-Macario Alcoseba (    -1892)

—-= Lucia Gelleganca (Gellecanea?) Aleson (    -1880)

—-Ciriaco Alcoseba (    -1869)

—-= Dionisia Aleson (    -1900) AKA Dominga

—-Gregoria Alcoseba (1827-1895) pDn: Mariana Gregoria (bapt.)

—-= Pedro Aleson (    -1884)

—-Romana Alcoseba (1829-1898) pDn: Maria Romana (bapt.)

—-= Gregorio Camoro Gellecania (    -1901)

(see also Alcoseba notes)

(reconstruction of family and page going on)


  1. Moises Alcoseba (born 1887 in Carcar, died 1969 in Hawaii) is my Great-Grandfather. Please contact me. Thank you.


    Pahoa, Hawai’i

    • @cdgreen, please you contact me this time.

      • got moises’s baptismal record and it’s on year 1889. says born 25-nov-1889 and baptized 4-dec with his padrino numeriano alesna. the record gave the name of his parents as well as paternal and maternal grandparents. a post-notation on the baptismal record also said he was married to maria alejado 7-may-1912.

        • Aloha VIP,

          Hey, can you tell me who is listed as Moises parents and maternal & paternal grandparents on his baptsimal record? I believe Cosme Alcoseba is his father. & Yes, the family in Hawai’i believes that Moises wife Maria, my great-grandmother was related to both Alesna and Alejado families from the Car-car area.

          Thank you.

          chris aka cdgreen in Hawai’i

          • VIP after re-reading your painstaking & much appreciated work above I’ve gleaned that yes Cosme Alcoseba was my great-great-great grandfather married to my great- great- great grandmother Felipa Aler Aleguiojo. Thanks. But now correct me if I’m wrong here, Cosme’s parents were Antonio Alcoseba (1815-1879 married to: Marcela Paraz. Antonio’s father was Carmiano (Bernardo) Alcoseba or Augustin Cipriano Alcoseba?
            Again, VIP thanks for all your hard work.

            cousin chris in kea’au, puna, hawai’i

          • Antonio’s father was Cipriano Alcoseba (Augustin Cipriano, d. 1860). Carmiano was Antonio’s brother. But don’t you think it’s time you send me the descendancy of Moises and Maria Alejado, like Kenneth Florencio’s siblings and their spouses, incl Kenneth’s own and his children and spouses?

    • In searching my family tree, I came upon your article of the Alcoseba Family Tree. My family name is Artiaga (Arteaga). My grandmother’s name is Grispola Alcoseba (Alcoceba, Alcosiba), and she is from Carcar, Cebu. You have done a great job in your Geneology research looking forward in hearing from you regarding the Alcosiba Family Tree.

  2. Aloha Vip!

    I just wanted to thank you 4 all your hard work on the Carcar Families Genealogy Page at WordPress. It has been so exciting to read today of a tie to the Philippines thru my Great-Grandfather Moesis Alcoseba whose surname was changed to Alcos-i-ba while he was working at Onomea Sugar Company on the Big Island of Hawai’i in the late 1930’s.

    Mahalo Nui,

    chris green,
    Pahoa, Hawai’i, USA



  5. my grandmother name was
    Felomina Alcosiba Birano:Born july 5,1905 Philippines. Baptised in barili. Her Father was Feliciano Alcosiba. Mother Sylvestra tarasona Alcosiba. My grandmother had 2 sisters one came to hawaii and the other stayed in the Philippines.

    • I’m sorry, @Lorito_Salvador, i still do not have a record for Feliciano Alcoseba or Silvestra Tarasona. In the meantime, please just reconstruct a family tree from Feliciano to yourself and your family (including your grandmother’s sisters). Thank you.

  6. hi my grandfather was francisco “kikoy” alcoseba married to lucia tampan. how do i get my family tree?

    • @raul, your close cousins or uncles would know where to get the alcoseba family tree by mons. alcoseba. i don’t know if there are available copies in bookstores. i’ve never been able to read a copy myself. my sources just email me names and lines of the family

    • Hi Raul! Is your grandma Cecilia and married to Patricio Cubero? If it is, can I request you to update me with any new additions to your family? Then perhaps I can forward you a copy of the Alcoseba Family Tree in Excel format.

    • Hi Raul. Sorry about my reply to your query last 23 jul 2010. It must have been a different Francisco Alcoseba which came up in the search. I just had a good look at the family tree and Francisco Alcoseba married to Lucia Tampan had 3 children, namely: Jose, Cecilia and Maximino in that order. Who is your grandpa, btw? Is it Maximino?

  7. Thanks a lot!! two of my father’s cousins that i can remember were the Abellana brothers Ramon and Martino Alcoseba Abellana. We are the Alcosebas relocated to Manila before the Japanese invasion.

    • Hi Raul! I saw the siblings of your father Francisco in our family tree. He was the ninth in a family of 11 and his parents were Filomena Alcoseba married to Teofilo Abellana. His other siblings were Loreta, Ramon, Manuel, Martino, Delfin, Sindulfo, Priscilla, Soledad, then Francisco, followed by Filomena and Pacifico. Hope this helped. Can you please give more info from your family so I can update your side of the family tree? It will be very greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

      • Hi Raul! How are you? Any updates from you re your family info. I had been anticipating for one for posterity’s sake. Hope you can help! Thanks in advance.

  8. Grispola Alcoceba; DOB: 1893. Carcar, Cebu.

    • that all? did she have a husband? children?

  9. Hi…
    I belong to the Alcoseba-Trinidad branch. My Lolo (grandfather) Jose, a.k.a. Peping, is the oldest brother of the Monsignor Dodo. He was a renowned artist in Cebu during his lifetime. He was married to my Lola (grandmother) Primitiva Vergara, a.k.a. Bibang, and had four children, Antonia (is married to Carlos Martinez, Sr.), Salvador (is married to Fe Enecio), Mario, Sr. (was married to Clavel Enecio), and Elena (is married to Celestino Gochoco). I can help with information from my Lolo Peping’s branch of the tree to whoever is assembling the whole big family tree.
    I live in Michigan, USA and my dad is Salvador, a.k.a. Badong.
    God bless….

    • many thanks for writing. i’ll take you up with your offer re jose family. another informant who submitted an outline taken from monsignor dodo’s book, eusebio came ahead of jose. also i am interested in primitiva vergara because i have vergara (of barili) blood myself. pls trace for me her grandparents (or even great-grandparents) so i can also update my vergara files. hope to hear from you again.

      • I do not know much about my lola’s side of the family but I will ask my dad.
        Until then…

    • Casilda, I still very well remember Tio Peping and we used to visit them before. We are the first Alcosebas in Talisay. I would like to update the book, so can you please fill me in with any new additions to the family? We are both on the 5th gen, but I don’t remember you anymore. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  10. Hello. I have the book about the family tree. My mother is Nida (Leonida) Pañares Alcoseba, married to Simon Villamarin Samaniego, Jr. Mommy passed away in 1973. 2 daughters – myself and Simone A. Samaniego (Utah, USA).

    • @matheresa, pls write me the sequence of the children of carmiano bernardo found the monsignor alcoseba family tree book. thanks.

      • My family tree from Bernardo Carminiano as follows:
        Eusebio Alcoseba>Basilia Barcelona
        Emeterio (Titi Mitik) Alcoseba>Maria La Orden
        Emiliano Alcoseba>Fortunata Pantollano
        Leonida Alcoseba<Simon Samaniego Jr.
        Ma. Theresa Samaniego<Donato Castro
        Carissa Castro

        • My family tree from Bernardo Carminiano as follows:
          Eusebio Alcoseba>Basilia Barcelona
          Emeterio (Titi Mitik) Alcoseba>Maria La Orden
          Emiliano Alcoseba>Fortunata Pantollano
          Leonida Alcoseba<Simon Samaniego Jr.
          Ma. Theresa Samaniego<Donato Castro
          Carissa Castro

          • thanks. i’m quite close to the abellana grandchildren of filomena, sister of eusebio.and when i’m in carcar i frequent their homes.

          • Hi Theresa! I very well remembered Titi Mitik during our clan reunions in Barili. I will be very glad if you can update me more on your family now and doubly so if you can also expand it to include your aunties and cousins. Thanks in advance!

          • Hi Theresa! How are you? Will you be able to expand for me re your siblings: elenita,violeta and simonne. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

  11. Dear VIP,

    Is there any way you can send me a copy/scan of my Grandfather Moises/Moeses Alcoseba’s Baptismal Certificate. I’d greatly appreciate it. Mahalo/Gracias/Thank you.

    Cousin Chris Green now in Keaau, Hawai’i, USA


    got moises’s baptismal record and it’s on year 1889. says born 25-nov-1889 and baptized 4-dec with his padrino numeriano alesna. the record gave the name of his parents as well as paternal and maternal grandparents. a post-notation on the baptismal record also said he was married to maria alejado 7-may-1912.

    By: vip on November 23, 2010
    at 9:24 am


  12. hi, my grandmother and grandfather are from carcar cebu they are Emillano Alcoseba and Fortunata Alcoseba.Hope do you know them. I am also searching some relatives there in carcar. My Mother is Perla Alcoseba Padillo here from digos city.

    • Tita Perla is a sister of my mother, Leonida. I remember she had a son, Rameses.

      • Hello po, kuya ko po si Rameses ako po yung youngest ni Mama Perla… Im Perla May Alcoseba Padillo. Here my number 09295615834, bka gusto nyo tawagan si mama at kuya junior.

        • Do you have a Facebook account? I’ll try to search for you.

  13. Im Carlos Alcoseba Martinez Jr from Cebu, my mother’s name is Antonia Vergara Alcoseba (maiden), my grandfather is Jose “Peping” Trinidad Alcoseba ( Married to Primitiva “Bibang” Vergara Alcoseba.

    check my Lolo Pepings pic.
    for reference you can talk to my mom. 273-2967

    • Hi Caloy. Can you please update me with any new additions to your family? If I remember right, Tia Bibang was my parent’s ninang sa kasal.

  14. ask lang po me. apo po ako ni oscar alcoseba and ang papa ko si archie B. alcoseba, eto po tanong ko sino po ang father ng lolo oca ko.. ? sabi po kasi ng papa ko bata pa cya hindi nya nakita lolo nya.. tnx poh.. im Emmanuel alcoseba

    • Hi Emmanuel! Your lolo Oscar and my dad, Agileo (Gely) were brothers. Their parents were Eusebio (Bibong) Alcoseba and Esperanza (Neneng) Arriaga. Hope you can update me with your cousins and/or any new addition to the family. Thanks in advance.

      • Hi! Emmanuel and I are 1st cousins. I am highly interested in helping update our branch of the family tree. Please advise on how to do so. TIA!

        • Hi April,

          Nice to hear from you. If you are first cousins with Emmanuel, may I know who your parents are? I thank you in anticipation if you can provide me with further names to expand our family tree.

          Kind regards,
          Merced Domantay

  15. gud day to you
    my name is DIANE P.ALCOSEBA; daughter of FLORENCIO MANALOP ALCOSEBA & SEGUNDINA BARING PANSAN…both parents are from grandfather’s name is BLAS ALCOSEBA and MONICA MANALOP..MY grandparents residences was at BACTUS CARCAR, we are 11 siblings of FLORENCIO ALCOSEBA..i will check my lolo’s other siblings and relatives…

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  17. Hi,
    My sister saw the Alcoseba Genealogy at SM Cebu just last week and it’s good to know the ancestry of my mother, Angelina.It’s feels good to pull the puzzle pieces together for my mother’s identity. We were looking for Angel Alcoseba, her father, but it wasn’t mentioned there. We just wanted to know who his parents were because we grew up knowing little about him since he died early. We were told by my mother that Angel was sent to Eversley Child’s Sanitarium due to leprosy and spent his solitary life there until he met Marciana Escartin, our grandmother. They had Angelina, their daughter, and the story ended there.
    We met Msgr. Cesar Alcoseba during my college days in Cebu, but he was already old and sick that time (1996-97) and the only thing I remember was his first words when he saw us, ” Your eyes look like Anghels’.” So, it’s one thing for sure, Msgr. Cesar knew who Angel was.

    • it may help if you could find out when angel was born or when he died. and if you did not know his parents, but did you (or your mother) know what middle name he used. also, did your mother know angel’s brothers and/or sisters? it might help my search.
      but most especially, if there’s a close family member who reads your comment and fills all of us in. i hope you’ll eventual get the answer.

      • Nalet, looking at the Alcoseba Family Tree published by Msgr. Cesar Alcoseba, there was an Angel Alcoseba mentioned. If this is him, he had six other siblings and his parents were Filomeno Alcoseba-Teodora Alesna. VIP is right in saying that it would be of great help if you know of any of his siblings to verify the search. Hope to hear from you soon as this will be a good opportunity to get to know each other and update the tree.

  18. I hope and pray the situation improves quickly in the Philippines for everybody but especially my distant relatives in CarCar.


    chris green (Alcosiba, Alesna, Alejado).

  19. who know nida alcoseba a painter o,who paints folk lifes and fruits?

    • Ako po, Kaptid ng mama ko Si Perla Alcoseba Padillo..My mga pictures pa nga po kami kay lola Nida, pero hindi ko na sya naabutan.

  20. Nida Alcoseba was my mother. She was an artist who painted mostly still life and Philippine scenes, also abstract.

    • Hi Theresa! Is your mom’s name Leonida married to Simeon Samaniego? We’re both in the 5th gen of Bernardo Carmiano Alcoseba- Marienela Alcuiris union. Would love to hear from you soon re new additions to your family so I can update our family tree.

      • Yes. My husband was Donato Castro and daughter is Carissa Castro. My granddaughter is Zoe Julianna Samaniego Castro.

        • Thanks Theresa for the update. Got any more info re your sister’s families and/or cousins? Zoe is now the 7th gen from Bernardo Alcoseba.

    • Hi po, may painting pa naiwan si Lola Nida sa amin, dated 1973. Yung pinakamalaking abstract nya.

      • Oh, that’s good. I’ve been trying to track down other paintings of Mommy, but could only find those here with the Samaniego’s.

        • I have one of her painting and at our disposal we could not take of it anymore so we ware disposing it so it will not be wasted want to see the picture?

          • I’m the daughter of Nida Alcoseba. Please email the photo to

  21. This is in response to the question of Emmanuel, son of Archie. My name is Eloisa Alcoseba- Daitol. My father is Cecilio “Celo” Alcoseba, who is a famous commercial professional photographer in Cebu City during his time. He is the older brother of your grandfather Oscar Alcoseba. They were the siblings of Eusebio Alcoseba and Esperanza Arriaga. As far as I can recall, they were composed of six brothers. They are Jorge, Agileo, my dad, Oscar, Teddy and Efren. Unfortunately all of them are now dead. If you are interested more of our family tree which was started by monsignor Cesar Alcoseba, your aunt Merced Alcoseba -Domantay is working on updating the family tree. It would be helpful if you can provide any information at your end, she will be happy to assist you. Glad to hear from you…..

    • Any update on the new family tree by Aunty Merced-Alcoseba-Domantay?

      • are you still leaving in Sikautana? how about Mina your mother

      • Is this Amel? nice to hear you….

    • Hi, I am Emmanuel’s cousin and i’m interested in working this family tree. I have already our branch detailed. However, we don’t have the name of Lolo Oscar’s parents and grand parents complete names. May I know who they are? TIA!

  22. I belong to the 5th gen of the Bernardo Carmiano Alcoseba-Marienela Alcuiris union. My dad, Agileo Tereso Alcoseba, actually helped our uncle, Monsignor Dodo Alcoseba in the publication of the Alcoseba Family Tree. Since he passed away, I don’t know of anyone who plans to continue his legacy. So in 2012, I have translated this family tree into an Excel spreadsheet what my father did for Monsignor Dodo, making it simpler and hoping to update it to the 7th gen (God help me!). I am so excited to see this site and what you are doing. I hope that I can do justice to the work they had started and can pick up more info from here. On the other hand, I’ll try my very best to share with your followers the make-up of our family tree. More power to you!

    • are you prepared to take on the entire alcoseba family, or just continue on the branch of carmiano?

    • Hello Merced! Glad to see your comment here. If your dad is Agileo Tereso Alcoseba, then Tereso Lemuel must be your brother. How can I keep in touch with him? Any email or contact number?

      • Hi Honeylyn. Can you give me your contact details instead so I can just pass it on to him?

    • Hi Merced,
      I’m not so sure how to address you. I’m glad you are continuing Pd. Dodo’s work.
      By the way my name is Elena, Tia Rita’s niece. Am sure you remember her as your dad and her were very close like siblings. I also remembered your dad as I addressed him ‘Tio Gelly’, a very lovely person. Tia Rita’s mother is related to Lola Petra according to our very own Inday Eding (Merced Alcoseba). I always remember Lola Nening of course. I partly grew up from the Dakong Balay with my younger sister Trece, Inday Eloisa, Nang Dely, surrounded by our neighbours, Tio Pet Alquizola, Nang Saling, Tio Joe Aguilar.
      I studied from USC 1980-1983 as a working scholar of the Library and every time I had a spare time I helped Pd. Dodo with the Family Tree.
      The last time I visited him was May 2005, I still have the pictures. I migrated here in Australia as skilled migrant in 1992 with my family.
      I myself was looking for my own bloodline; thus I came across with this great website. Pd. Dodo is also my inspiration as I grew up with them, I was raised by Inday Eding’s and Tia Rita’s values. I became who I am now because of them, I love them and respect them dearly and so as you, Merced. It’s my pleasure to meet you here.

      I’ll leave my email here for you if you wish to communicate; and to all those who want to communicate.
      NB: I also remembered Lolo Mingo, (I didn’t get to meet Lola Petra), and all the Alcosebas who gathered in Barili most often. I met Casilda, Archie, etc.
      All the best for your painstaking work. God is always with you!
      My kindest regards 😊
      Sydney, Australia


  23. I just want to continue what was started, thus, only the branch of Bernardo Carmiano Alcoseba. This, in itself is already a big undertaking considering some branches haven’t been updated from the 4th generation and some are already on the 7th gen. Eg: Gregoria Alcoseba-Inocentes Alejado branch; Apolonia Alcoseba-Gregorio Dayagro branch; Severina Alcoseba-Lucio Alcordo branch and Ana Alcoseba-Nazareno Aldemita branch. Anyone with a new info about our family will be greatly appreciated. Btw, are you in anyway connected to the Alcosebas? Just curious.

  24. The Alcoseba Family Tree was traced back to Bernardo Carmiano (or is it Carmiano Bernardo as you mentioned above) and Maria Manuela (or is it Marienela?) Alcuiris.

    • then i suggest you just call it the carmiano alcoseba family tree because it is not the alcoseba family tree. many many known alcoseba (and not just those carrying the surname) will never make it to that tree.

  25. Yes, my mother, Leonida Alcoseba, was married to Simon V. Samaniego, Jr. Thanks!

  26. My sister, Simone A. Samaniego, does not have children. I, on the other hand, have a daughter, Carissa S. Castro, and a granddaughter, Zoe S. Castro. 🙂

  27. Are you older than Simone? And Zoe is a girl, right?

  28. Yes

  29. I want to inform that Emiliano Pantoliano Alcoseba, Jr. or kuya jong2x died last May 16, 2014 at 10:30pm, the wake is in the Maharlika Funeral Homes, Digos City, Davao del Sur. Burial will be on May 24, 2014, Saturday at Digos City Public Cemetry.

    Any concerns you can contact me at 09295615834.

    • Is this Tito Jun-jun, the teacher, who is the only brother of Tita Perla and Mommy Nida?

      • yes

        • May I ask who are still living among the sisters of Tita Perla?

          • Only mama Perla is still alive.

    • Sorry to hear about this, Perl! Can I ask you for any more updates re your side of the family? Thanking you in advance.

      • Sorry for the very late reply.

        Mother: Perla Alcoseba Padillo
        Father : Venerando Rasonable Padillo (deceased 1994)
        Son: Rameses Alcoseba Padillo (deceased 2016)
        Daughter: Perla May Alcoseba Padillo-Tabanao

        • I’m so sorry to learn that Ram passed away. I didn’t know.

          • Hi Marite,
            Thanks for the update. We certainly come from one tree and if you know of any more deaths or births on your side, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much and I wish you and your family a very blessed 2020 and beyond!

            Kind regards,

          • A joyful 2020 to all of you, too!

  30. Do you know the Alcoseba’s from Dumlog, Talisay City particularly Tereso Manuel Alcoseba whose late mother taught at the Talisay Central School?

    • Yes.

  31. Good day, I am selling the painting of Nida Alcoseba,it is genuine price when you reply..I’ve been looking for the bacj ground of this she still alive? email me @

  32. Hello. I would like to ask if there is a Justino Alcoseba on here, he is my great-grandfather. Thank you!

    • His father is Segundo Alcoseba, my great-great grandfather. I cannot seem to find them here 😦 Many thanks

      • do you know who was segundo’s wife? i have a segundo alcoseba and wife but does not have a justino among his children?

        • Hi! As per our family tree started by the late Msgr. Dodo Alcoseba, Justino Alcoseba married to Aurea Sanchez, is the fifth sibling of eight from the union of Segundo Alcoseba and Felipa Barcenilla. His siblings are Vicente, Concepcion, Godofredo, Ramon, then him, then Filomeno, Jose, Dominador in that order.

          I wonder which branch you sprung up but would be very interested to communicate with you so I can further make updates to this very important family tree of ours.  Hope this helped in your search!

          • in my file, segundo and felipa alcordo barcenilla’s children were vicente, juana (buried 1883), concepcion (b. 1884), godofredo (b. 1886), ramon (born 1888), filomeno (born 1891 baptized as filomeno sofronio), jose (b. 1895), dominador (b. 1897), and a Guillermo Antonio (b. 1899 and died the same year). I don’t know how I missed paula’s own great-grandfather justino, probably born between 1891 and 1895.
            i calculated vicente’s year of birth as 1882 (from the age 24 given in his marriage record). since there is a juana buried the record saying a child in 1883, there is a possibility that juana may even have been older than vicente, or else juana was born and died the same year 1883.

  33. This truly is a great exchange of information! Btw, who is this Juana you mentioned above? And so the last addition to their family was Guillermo Antonio?

    • i thought i clearly described juana. i will not say guillermo antonio was the last addition to the family because i don’t know if there were other children born after him and who also probably died so that the descendants of the family no longer recognizes them. i’ve noticed that monsignor alcoseba did not include those who died as children, but i do.

    • Hello, I am replying to Paula Alcoseba’s inquiry. my name is Dinah Alcoseba, I believe she is the daughter of my first cousin, Francis Ray Alcoseba. I was actually there when Mons Cesar Alcoseba visited our house in Badian, Cebu when he researched the Alcoseba Family tree (early to mid 90s) and he gave us a copy of the book afterwards. It is well catalogued and I even have my reference number in there. I just want to confirm that my grandfather, Justino Alcoseba ( 1896 – 1974 ) was one of the children of Segundo and Felipa . He was the younger brother of Vicente ( Judge Inting ). My grandfather was a Music and Math teacher and he was assigned in Badian where he met my grandmother, Aurea Sanchez Alcoseba. They were blessed with the following children, Fermin ( died during world war 2 ), Lilia ( Teacher) married to Sotero Camello ( 5 children) , Artermio married to Fe Canseko (5 children), my father Adolfo married to Estelita Alcoseba (7 children) , Jesusa married to Greg Matas (7 children), Fidela ( married to Rafael Fernandez, 4 children), and Adelina (married to Pelagio de Gracia, 2 children ( 1 adopted). I can provide the whole information about Justino Alcoseba – Aurea Sanchez’s descendants, if that entry was deleted.

      • Hi everyone, my name is Maria Luz Alcoseba Coronado-Antiga. My mother, Pasciencia Alcoseba (married to Benjamin Coronado, Sr. from Moalboal) was the only child of Rafael “Fayling” Villaflor Alcoseba, the son of Judge Vicente “Inting” Alcoseba and
        Carmen “Mameng” Villaflor-Alcoseba. Lolo Fayling’s sister was Lourdes Alcoseba-Virtucio with two (2) daughters – Bebie Virtucio-Ang (1 daughter) and Paz “Leting” Virtucio-Cabatingan ( 2 children) while Pasciencia Alcoseba-Coronado blessed with fifteen (15) children (me and Maria Paz identical twins). Glad to be part of this family – The ALCOSEBA. . .

  34. Hello I am Basilyo Alcoseba have wife name is Maria Alcover Alcoseba currently live at Lapu Lapu City. . I would like to ask my nearly cousins especially my Great grand father and great grand mother.. Thank you I really appreciate you work more power.

    • Hi Basilyo, I am a bit confused with your question. Is your wife’s name Maria Alcover Alcoseba or is tgat your mother’s name?

      Sent from my iPhone


  35. Merry CHRISTmas/Maligayang Pasko to everyone.

  36. Merry Christmas too Chris! Re your query for any recent updates to the family tree. Unfortunately for you, I only follow the family tree traced by the late Msgr. Dodo Alcoseba which was of Carmiano (Bernardo) Alcoseba branch. And from the previous email from vip, my grandfather (5 generations ago) was the brother of your great (x?) grandfather. Nevertheless, we still share the same origins and will be worth pursuing as well.

  37. Elenita (Ate Eli) has been in the USA with her family for sometime now. Violeta (Ate Bingbing) lives in Kidapawan with her family, the last I heard. Our youngest sister, Simone, lives in Utah and works as a nurse.

  38. Hi Marite. Merry Christmas to you! I wonder if you are still in contact with your Ate Eli (Elenita) so I can expand her part of your family. Likewise with Simone if she has a family of her own. Thanks in advance!

  39. Merry Christmas, too!. I lost contact with Ate Eli years ago when she left for the USA. As for Simone, she lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with her partner. She has no kids.

  40. Ate Bingbing (Violeta) may know the contact number of Ate Eli.

  41. Marite, do you know your Ate Violeta’s last name? and any info about her husband’s family? It’s interesting coz my hubby is from Kidapawan and we might be able to ask around or better still contact her.

  42. Violeta’s married name is Flores. I only know that the name of her husband is Jun Flores and daughter is Junavi.

  43. Hi Marite. I have some good news for you. My husband’s friend knows your sister, Violeta Flores. We were told she just retired as a teacher from Central Mindanao Colleges but her daughter still teaches in the same school. If you want to contact them, give us your contact details so we can pass it on to them.

  44. Thanks. My landline is 02-8974295. If I can have Ate Bingbing’s mobile number, it’ll be great,

  45. Btw, Marite, where are you based? Will now pass on your landline number but my husband’s friend will go back to work on the 9th of Jan yet. Until then can we exchange contact numbers with your Ate Bingbing.

  46. Hi Marite,
    For us to be able to forward your landline, where are you based? In the Philippines? If not, can you please give the country code.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  47. Hi Elena! I am very, very pleased indeed to hear from you. Please check your inbox as I’d love to exchange notes with you and get to know you more. Cheers and best regards to you and family.

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  49. May I ask for info re Nida Alcoseba, the artist? She is the first one to open an art studio in Davao in I think 1970 during which I was just a child. Presently I am writing a book on Davao art history and I wish to give her credit.

    • I’m the daughter of Nida Alcoseba. It’s awesome that you’re giving my mom credit with regards to the history of art in Davao City.

      Mommy took up Fine Arts at UST and the Director of the Fine Arts at that time was Victor Edades. Some of her “embossed” paintings techniques (layered paint) were learned from Edades.

      Mommy’s style was a combination of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism where there is accurate depiction of light, but in bold colors. Many of her paintings had symbolic content.

      If you have any other questions, you may email me at

      The only mention of my mom’s work that was exhibited in the former Davao USIS was in the autobiography of James Leonard Mack, “My Life, My Country, My World”. So I greatly appreciate your endeavor.

      • I still have pictures of lola Nida’s painting exhibit in Davao.

        • Hello Sunshine! Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

          It would be great if you could scan and email the photos to me. I don’t have these photos.


  50. Hello! Does anybody know who the parents of Segundo Alcoseba are? He married Felipa Barcenilla. I am trying to connect the dots in the Carmiano Bernardo family tree and am stumped there. Also who was the father of Mons. Cesar Jose?

    • Hi Paula,
      The parents of Segundo Alcoseba are Eusebio Alcoseba and Basilia Barcelona
      Eusebio’s youngest child is Domingo Alcoseba and with the union of Petra Trinidad, they both bore their youngest son, Cesar Jose, who is widely known as Msgr. Dodò Alcoseba..
      My grandfather, named Eusebio as well, was the 2nd child of Domingo.
      Btw, who are your grandparents?

      • Thank you so much for that. Its so amazing to me to be able to trace back my ancestors 7 generations! My grandfather is Artemio Alcoseba and Fe Canceko.

        • Hi Paula, Our family tree, specifically your branch, had been updated to include you and some of your first degree cousins. If you don’t mind, had there been any additions to the family particularly re your aunties Joan and Doris? Or any new first-degree cousins? Th

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