Alegado, Emilio

Emilio Alducente Alegado

(22-May-1901 – 1-Dec-1965)

Son of Augusto Alesna Alegado and Agustina Sagolili Alducente.

Migrant to Glan, Cotabato (now Sarangani); successful in business and able to acquire lands; appointed wartime mayor until 1946; when Glan became a municipality, appointed vice mayor; elected mayor 1955 for three terms it was cut short by his untimely death; not just a street but also a barangay in Glan named after him, E. Alegado St. and Barangay Emilio Alegado; well-loved public figure.

Married to Carmelina Rama Cania with 5 children.

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  1. additional info: one gymnasium (E. Alegado Gymnasium)also was named after him but recently demolished. Now a public transport terminal is named also after him (E. Alegado Terminal).

    • thank you for your input. i wish u could also fill carcarfamilies in about his descendants family tree and also his date of death. thanks again.

  2. He married Carmelina Rama Cania, a daughter of Espiridion Cania, a member of the first batch of Christians who came to establish a colony in Glan. This batch was called Colony No. 9. They had 5 children, namely, Augusto, (deceased), Martin, Emetudia, Lucia and Beatriz. Augusto married Genoveva Baltazar, with whom he had 6 children: Eleanor, Wilfredo, (deceased), Helen, (married to David Culp, now living in Los Angeles), Emilio II, (deceased), Augusto, Jr. (deceased), and Jefferson. Martin married the sister of Genoveva, Remedios Baltazar. They have 10 living children: Elizabeth, Charity Margaret Alice, Randolph, Rudrick, Reno, Erle, Vannevar, Angeli, Jacquiline and Martin, Jr. Emetudia married Ely Ventura and have 4 sons: Godfrey, Norman, Michael and Israel. Lucia married Diosdado Delfin and have several children: Ma. Theresa, Lillibeth, Ginela, Carmela, Diosdado, Jr. Diosdado III, and three more girls. Beatriz married Titus Cascaro with whom she had three daughters, Caroline, Marjorie and Sherry Jane. In her second marriage, she has two more boys, Pastor Jeofrey Librando and Reynold Librando.

    • thank you so much for this information. now the saturnino alegado goes a step forward. when did emilio alegado die?

  3. Incidentally, Glan will be celebrating its 100 years foundation in October 10, 2014.

  4. He died Dec. 1, 1965. He was the incumbent Mayor when he died.

  5. There is a picture in FB of Augustina Sagolili Alducente Alegado under The Alducente Clan of Glan.

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