4 Generations

The starting persons of the two lines of the family were both said to be from Bohol.  Faustino was even said to have been born in Bohol and so was Tomacino below. And since there are these two starting persons, so their respective parents Pedro and Dominga may have been siblings. But there has been no record found yet to confirm this or other possibilities. And we are running short of records for that because it would probably take the burial records for Pedro or Faustino or Dominga or Tomacino that may show whether Pedro and Dominga had the same parents.

The first records to already bear the surname were sometimes Tangarorang and sometimes Tangarucan (which is what appears in the Catalogo). When my great-grandfather Pedro Aleonar remarried in Barili in 1884, he was described as the viudo (widower) of  Anacleta Tangarucan in the Barili marriage book.  Since Pedro was also an escribiente in Carcar, it may have been he who volunteered the spelling, or else he could easily have offered the correction.  Moreover, where did the Barili clerk get the name but most probably from Pedro himself, although Barili also had a line that was carrying Tangarucan but the latter day predominance of the first spelling may have also resulted in that Barili line to change its spelling. I did not take notes, mea culpa, of that Barili branch, and it’s possible the members thereof also appear in this Carcar reconstruction.

In the 2010 Voters list for Carcar, there are 111 voters surnamed Tangarorang, the 84th most numerous surname in the list.



=Simporosa Ma.

Faustino Tangarorang (   -1868) pDn: Faustino Francisco

–1) Ma. Ambrosia  (       ) pDn: Ma. Ambrosia (family Fantilgoni or Canasa)

—-Carlota Tangarorang (1837-1869) pDn: Carlota Borromeo; AKA Canuta

—-=(1854) Antonio Pancol Baran (   -1900)

——Romualdo Baran (1855-

=(1883) Maria Barateria Aleyra

——Eutiquia Baran (1856-1906)

=(1878) Guillermo Baracon Gamos

——Tito Baran

=(1880) Tecla Togot Camuro

——Leon Baran (1861-1920)

=(1884) Timotea Camuñas Malijaslijas

——Juana Baran

=(1880) Marcelo Barateria Aleyra

——Jorgea Baran

=(1886) Maximo Aleson Salazar

——Ygnacio Baran (1865-

=(1886) Januaria Barateria Aleyra

——Marcos Baran (1867-

——German Baran (1869-1881)

—-Juan Tangarorang

—-=(1865) Eduvigis Alfafara Alegado (1844-   ) pDn: Eduvigis Crispina

——Bonifacio Tangarorang

=(1895) Paula Alvarado Barcenilla (1867-

——Melecio Tangarorang (1868-

=Yrinea Gadiano

——Sergio Tangarorang (1869-

——Manuel Tangarorang

=(1893) Eduvigis Manlisic Manzano

——Ariston Tangarorang (1873-

——Fructuosa Tangarorang (1875-

——Angel Tangarorang (1876-

——Gerondia Tangarorang (1877-

=(1900) Tomas Propios Pangalao

——Francisca Tangarorang (1879-

=(1901) Flaviano Navilla Sarausad

——Gavina Tangarorang (1882-

=unm Julian Barcenilla Alfafara (1878-

——Isabelo Tangarorang (1883-1884)

—-Felipe Tangarorang (1843–   ) pDn: Felipe Victor

—-=(1862) Martina Bargayo Barbon

——Ambrosio Tangarorang (1863-

=(1887) Tiburcia Aldave Alejado

——Leona Tangarorang (1865-

=(1888) Vicente Embrado Alcorisa

——Julian Tangarorang (1867-1868)

——Remigia Tangarorang (1868-

=1(1892) Agustin Alcoy Ybañez

=2(1912) Brigido Saballe Yborda

——Teodora Tangarorang (1870-

——Rafael Tangarorang (1871-1920)

=1(1895) Severa Mercado Cuison (   -1896)

=2(1905) Teodora Alastra Lasbunao

——Ana Tangarorang (1874-1881)

——Simeon Tangarorang (1877-

——Cipriano Tangarorang (1878-1881)

——Eugeniana Tangarorang (1880-

=(1899) Placido Salazar Soroño

——Isidoro Tangarorang (1882-

=(1914) Celerina de la Calzada

——Francisco Tangarorang (1884-

=(1906) Aniana Alesna Nacua

——Gertrudes Tangarorang (1886-

=(1907) Antero Alduesa Nacua

–=2(1849) Juana Bardon Campañon (   -1895) pDn: Ma. Juana; vda of Pedro Nazareno (Alvarado)

—-Francisca Tangarorang (calc. 1848-    ) age 20 in Marriage record

—-=(1868) Jorge Sabay Caballero (calc. 1848-    ) age 20 in Marriage record

——Romana Caballero

=(1895) Faustino Barcenilla Alcordo (1868-

——Prisca Caballero (1872-1935)

=(1896) Timoteo Y. (Ybañez?) Alfafara (1872-1944)

——Amando Caballero (1874-

——Gregorio Caballero

=(1898) Severa Laorden Alcoseba

——Daniel Caballero (1877-

=1(1904) Filomena Rosalia Ybañez Sarmiento (1878-1905)

=2) Januaria Llanos (1887-

——Felipe Caballero (1879-

——Rosalia Caballero (1881-

=(1902) Julian Barcenilla Alfafara (1878-

——Santiago Caballero (   -1888)

——Ciriaca Caballero (1885-

——Bernardina Caballero (1887-1890)

——Teofila Caballero

=Francisco Embalzado

——Catalina Caballero (1889-1893)

——Filomeno Caballero (1891-1972)

=Perpetua Sasuman Duterte (1902-1973)

—-Anacleta Tangarorang (1852-1883)

—-=Pedro Barcelo Aleonar (1852-1905)

——Maria Aleonar (1870-1953) unmarried

——Victorina Aleonar (1872-1873) AKA Valentina in Burial

——Nemesio Aleonar (1873-1883)

——Eutiquio Aleonar (1875-

==(1900) Juana Languido Umbay (1876-

——Praxedes Aleonar (1878-1960) unmarried

——Benedicta Aleonar (1882-1977) unmarried

—-Bruno Tangarorang (1855-1905)

—-=(1875) Micaela Maniego Barellano

——Agapito Tangarorang (1876-

=Irene Alegrado

——Yrenea Tangarorang (1877-1879)

——Leandro Tangarorang (1880-   ) AKA Bernardo

=(1905) Sergia Quijoy Barbadillo

——Potenciana Tangarorang (1882-1886)

——Olimpio Tangararorang (1884-1888)

——Narcisa Tangarorang (1889-

=(1909) Juan Quijoy Padin

——Fermina Tangarorang (1892-

——Antonina Tangarorang (1894-1894)

——Roque Tangarorang (1898-

—-Francisco Tangarorang (1859

—-=(1880) Flora Catalina Alcorisa

——Vicenta Tangarorang (1881-

——Teofilo Tangarorang (1883-

——?Wenceslao Tangarorang (   -1886)

——Lorenzo Tangarorang (1884-

——Cristita Tangarorang (1886-1903)

——Francisco Vicente Tangarorang (1889-

——Toribio Tangarorang (1891-1893)

——Teodora Tangarorang (1893-1893)

——Ysabel Tangarorang (1894-




Tomasino Francisco (       ) pDn: Francisco Tomacino

–=Matea Juliano (       ) pDn: Ma. Matea

—-Maria Tangarorang

—-=Mariano Bardon Campañon

——Lorenzo Campañon (1854-

=(1880) Jorgia Bardon Bargeo

——Elena Campañon (1857-

=(1879) Claudio Sabellares Abellana

——Francisco Campañon (1862-

=(1899) Dominga Canaman

——Jose Campañon (1870-

=Juliana Candiong Manalup

——Hermogenes Campañon (1872-

——Adriano Campañon

=Rosalia Savillano Bacus

—-Juan Leocadio (1835–   ) pDn: Juan Leocadio

—-Ana Liberata (1841–   ) pDn: Ana Liberata

—-Saturnina Ma. (1847–   ) pDn: Saturnina Ma.


  1. I am the son of Capt. Martin Caballero Alfafara, one of the sons and daughters of Julian Barcenilla Alfafara and Rosalia Caballero. So happy to know that we are part in the blood lines of all this families. I am a seaman by profession working as a Captain in a Bulk Carrier vessel now docked inport of Casablanca, Morocco. This is my Mobile No. +639287500888, my regards to all relatives and to all Carcaranons and advance Merry X’mas and Prosperous New Year.

    • pls take care of yourself. merry xmas, too, master.

  2. a four generation thanks to VIP for painstakingly researching the Carcar family names for and in behalf of our Julian Barcenilla Alfafara-Rosalia Tangarorang Caballero family tree members……next search for me to connect to the other Alfafaras…..aside from the Teodora Barcenilla-Basilio Licerio Alegado Alfafara siblings of eleven brothers and sisters…..as to who were the relatives of Basilio…..Capt. Tito S. Alfafara is my 1st degree cousin….daghang kaayong salamat and a salute to you VIP…tinuod ka nga VIP-very important person to us!

  3. Hello:
    Are there any origin-connection between the sir names Tangarorang and Tangaro? In other words, does one derive from the other, or are do they have two distinct origins?

    Appreciate tremendously your detailed work. Good health to you and your team (that is if you have a team working with you).


    • the two are apparently distinct from each other, although both have bohol origins. but believe it or not, while tangaro is found in the catálogo de apellidos of the claveria decree, i have not found tangarorang at all. there is however a tangarucan found in the catálogo and it was sometimes used in the records for the tangarorang lines. for instance, in the 1884 marriage record in barili my great-grandfather pedro aleonar was recorded as a viudo of anacleta tangarucan. pedro was a scribe, cabeza de barangay and later secretario municipal of carcar, so he might know something about the tangarucan name or else he himself would have corrected that, wouldn’t he?

      • Hi I’m interested in your caballero lineage I am Ann caballero my father is a Cebuano here’s my cel 09066336970

  4. Hi, Good day. I am Nygel Roy Tangarorang the eldest son of Mr.Romeo Danuco Tangarorang from Nasipit, Agusan del Norte. Our Grandfather’s name is Andres Tangarorang in my knowledge came from Pinamungahan,Cebu. I would just like to ask if maybe you can distinguish in which line we may belong to?

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