The spelling of this surname in the Clavería Decree catálogo de apellidos is Campoñon but it was never spelled thus in Carcar records even from the very start of the decree. In the 2009 December Comelec voters list, there were 42 with Campañon as last name and 15 Campanion.

4 Generations

Juan Campañon (       ) AKA Francisco Empan in 1837 marriage of daughter Juana

= Justina Bardon (   -1877) AKA Agustina, Faustina

Juana Campañon (   -1895)

–=1(1837) Pedro Nazareno (   -1849) pDn: Pedro Nazareno

—-Valentin Alvarado (   -1907)

—-=Ysidora Baquilir Alfafara (1839-1895)

——Baldomero Alvarado (1872-

——Luisa Alvarado (1874-

=(1892) Jacinto Bordonada Sarmiento (calc. 1873-

——Maria Alvarado (1876-1879)

——Ambrosia Alvarado (   -1882) child

—-Cesario Alvarado

—-= Justa Aleson Alerre

——Petra Alvarado (   -1882) child

——Miguel Alvarado

= Bibiana Alesna Alcoy

–2(1849) Faustino Tangarorang (   -1868)

—-Francisca Tangarorang (calc. 1850-

—-=(1868) Jorge Sabay Caballero (calc. 1848-

—-Anacleta Tangarorang (1852-1883)

—-=(calc. 1870) Pedro BarceloAleonar (1852-1905)

—-Bruno Tangarorang (1855-1905)

—-=(1875) Micaela Maniego Barrellano (calc. 1855-

—-Francisco Tangarorang (1859-

—-=(1880) Flora Catalina Alcorisa (calc. 1856-

(see one generation down in Tangarorang page)

Mariano Campañon (   -1888)

–= Maria Tangarorang

—-Lorenzo Campañon (calc. 1856-

—-(1880) Jorgea Bardon Bargeo (1860-

——Eustaquio Campañon (1886-

=(1913) Julia Fano

—-Elena Campañon (1857-

—-(1879) Claudio Sabellares Abellana (calc. 1856-

—-Francisco Campañon

—-= Dominga Canaman

——Pascuala Campañon (   -1905) child

—-Jose Campañon (1870-1904)

—-= Juliana Candiong Manalug (

——Pedro Campañon (1904-

—-Hermogenes Campañon (1872-

—-Adriano Campañon

—-= Rosalia Savillano Bacus

——Domingo Campañon

= Hilaria Umbleiro Omida

——Tranquilina Campañon (1905-

Antonia Campañon (   -1896)

–=(1852) Ignacio Bargayo Barangan

—-Antonio Barangan

—-= Feliciana Lapay (       ) AKA Ponciana

——Dionisia Barangan (   -1887)

——Nicomedes Barangan (   -1891) child

—-Simon Barangan (   -1881)

—-Gregoria Barangan (   -1891)

—– Nicasio Barga Renijani

——Buenaventura Renijane (   -1893) escuela in Burial

Placida Campañon

–=(1859) Segundo Barcelo Barbadillo

—-Francisco Barbadillo

—-=(1901) Nicolasa Aleonar Dayagdal

——Apolonia Barbadillo (1903-

——Gaudencio Barbadillo (1905-

=(1931) Maria Heñales

(page under construction)


  1. I AM JOSELITO CASTRO COMPANION (orig. CAMPANON) from the generation of Eustaquio Campanon mar. to Julia Fano

  2. my fathers name is Demetrio Fano Companion, son of Eustaquio & Julia

    • joselito, can you gather your family and trace the family tree from eustaquio and julia? children and spouses; grandchildren and spouses, and so on. thanks

  3. vip, i can see my paternal grandparents listed here in domingo campanon and hilaria umbleiro omida, i think the are ’cause papa’s middle name is omido and hilaria is his mom’s name.

    • yes, they’re your papa’s parents. omida was indirectly taken from another record. it may have been the correct (as in original) surname but omido just overtook it, i can’t be sure.

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