Alcordo-Cabigon, Maria

Maria “Manding Karya” Alcordo-Cabigon

(14-Jan-1878 –

Daughter of Alfonso Alcorisa Alcordo and Filomena Gonzales Molina from Barotac Viejo, Iloilo.


Prodigious writer; her works first found publication in 1902 when it was an all-male world (using various masculine pen names); wrote drama, novels, poems and essays; except for mega-hit advice column in Bisaya, chose to be a freelance writer; her weekly Panid ni Manding Karya received an average 20 letters a day seeking advice (a thousand internet hits today?) which she tried to answer personally (and mailed to the person) those that could no longer be accommodated in her column.

Married to Filomeno Tapia Cabigon of San Fernando with 4 children two of whom died in infancy. I was delighted to read in the Marriage records of 1897 that one of the witnesses to their wedding was Gliceria Tapia, my maternal great-grandmother.

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  1. Thank you so much for putting up this page. I can’t confirm 100% yet, but she may have been my paternal great-grandmother. I am the granddaughter of Consolacion “Soling” Cabigon Campos, from Cebu. I know we have relatives in Carcar and San Fernando, and I’ve heard of “Manding Karya” in the old family stories.

    I came across this page because I’ve been trying to “find my roots” in Cebu.

    • Interessant?

  2. Any information on the ancestry of Filomeno Tapia Cabigon? If you do, please email me at or visit our Facebook fan page at

    • how is filomeno cabigon related to canonigo?

  3. My mother is a Cabigon.

    • filomeno’s father was nicolas cabigon, son of regino and raimunda quijano both from san nicolas. regino became a gobernadorcillo of san fernando.

      • Any information on Filomeno’s siblings?

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