ALEGADO Family Tree


(alegado – alleged)

Four Generations

I have a feeling the Alegado family will turn out to be one of the older families of Carcar, and as such, one of the more numerous.  Don’t ever think the family tree below is all of the family.  I have 7 or more big branches that I’m still unable to link up to this decidedly biggest group or, of course, to each other. If I hadn’t found out early on that I have Alegado blood, I’d have given up long ago. What’s giving plenty of problem is the mixup of names (a sure sign that there were just too many of them the clerks confused one with the other?).

In the 2010 Voters list for Carcar, there are 360 voters surnamed Alegado, the 4th most numerous surname in the list.

[12-May-2011: While I had little by little suspected it as a problem waiting to happen but until this week, the discrepancies had never come to a head–maybe because they were just shelved. But this week, new data from Baptisms 1815-1823 afforded me the opportunity to look on it closer by re-plotting the respective personages. I am referring to Soriano Alegado and Valeriano Alegado. Previous data looked to be mixing up the two, as their names were Agustin/Francisco Soriano and Francisco Valeriano. The main cause was their wives. Soriano’s was Manuela Alvarada while Valeriano (or Baleriano) had Ma. Manuela.  You would not suspect them to be different persons at the beginning even if they were mixed up with each other, too, since the two names were not much dissimilar from each other, especially when worse — as in totally different — names have cropped up for the same person.

Anyway, the re-reconstituted dates for the children of Soriano and of Valeriano showed very simply the two names could not have been of the same person. The children had overlapping dates of birth. Thus, a total overhaul involving the two lines is in order. That signifies I have go over each record for each child, many of which I had placed together under Soriano. Thank God for having decided early on to take down hardcopy notes, but still a very painstaking task ahead!)

And then, the bigger hitch: is where do I place Valeriano? I have Soriano as a son of Cipriano and Ma. Galiana, along with 3 siblings.  Problem is, I do not have a record for the parentage of Valeriano, thus he remains a loose cannon. Like I said about the reconstruction for the family–whew!]



2Francisco Cipriano (       ), pDn: Francisco Cipriano

–=Maria Galiana (    –1836) AKA Catalina Narcisa

—-3Agustin Soriano (calc. 1780-1837), pDn: Agustin Soriano

—-=(1806) Manuela Alvarado (       ), pDn: Manuela Albarada

——4Petrona Alegado

=Juan (Saradat) Fernandez

——4Ciriaca Alegado (   -1895) pDn: Ma. Cipriana

=(1836) Alejo Alfafara  (   -1885) pDn: Alejo Abillo

(See Alejo Alfafara in Alfafara (Vicente) Family Tree page)

——4Leuterio Navillo (1819–   ), pDn: Leuterio Navillo

——4Laurencio Alegado (   -1858), pDn: Laurencio Francisco

=Petrona Navares  (       ), pDn: Ma. Petrona

——4Ambrocio Alegado (1828-1887)

=(1840) Apolonia Alegarbes Alcover  (   -1896)

——4Marcelino Albarado

=(1840) Ma. Simona

——4Mariano Alegado (       ), pDn: Mariano Francisco

=Gregoria Bañes  (       ) pDn: Ma Gregoria

——4Lorenza Alegado (    –1902) pDn: Laurencia Alvarada

=(1845) Patricio Alcover (       ) pDn: Patricio Francisco

——4Pedro Alegado (   -1908)

=(1852) Consolacion Alcuiris Alesna

——4Ysabel Alegado (   -1900)

=(1857) Manuel Dacay Binoya  (   -1900)

——4Celedonia Alegado (   -1897)

=1(1858) Felix Larrios Largo

=2)1882) Leon Baradan

——4Bartolome Alegado (   -1895)

=(1860) Blasa/Blazona Sobreviña Sobrevilla

—-3Justa Alegado (   -1883) pDn: Ma. Justa

—-=(1814) Faustino Alejado  (   -1866) pDn: Juan Faustino

——4Cleofás Alejado (1819-1889) pDn: Juan Cleofas, Cleofas Francisco

=(1843) Felipa Aledo Alesna (       ) pDn: Ma Felipa

——4Pedro Alejado (1821-1888) pDn: Pedro Ygnacio

=(1843) Anacleta Baradan (       ) pDn: Ma. Cleta

——4Hipolita Alejado (1823-1883) pDn: Ma. Ypolita (bapt.) single

——4Catalina Gervasia (1825

——4Juana Celestina (1827

——4Casimira Alejado (1829-    ) pDn: Ma. Casimira

=(1854) Gregorio Barata Barasona

——4Gregorio Alejado (1831

=(1853) Sinforosa Aleser Aledo

——4Alejandra Alejado (1833-1876)

——=(1856) Leoncio Candesa Baradon

——4Petrona Alejado

=(1851) Cirilo Aledo Alesna

——4Brigida Alejado (   -1906)

=Eugenio Camates

——4Martiana Alejado (   -1899)


=2) Roque Alegado

—-3Modesta Alegado (   -1881)

—-=(1815) Alcario Sevillena Barcelo  (      ) pDn: Alcario Juanillo

(See Alcario Barcelo in Barcelo Family Tree page)

—-3Santiago Alegado (   -1876) pDn: Santiago Lucas

—-=(1818) Magdalena Aldaya  (   -1868)

——4Saturnino Alegado (1819–      ) pDn: Francisco Saturnino (bapt.), Saturnino Lucas

=(1842) Eulalia/Bartola Alfafara  (1821-1852)

=(1853) Angela Baquilta Alesna  (1834-   ) pDn: Angela Custodia

(See Saturnino Alegado in Alegado, Saturnino Family Tree page)

——4_______ (1822-

——4Ma. Hemeteria (1823-

——4Ysidoro Alegado (1825-1907) pDn: Ysidoro Ybañez (bapt.), Ysidoro Lucas

=(1849) Antonia Alcuiris Alesna (1828-1898) pDn: Ana Antonia (bapt.)

——4Matea Alegado (1827–    ) pDn: Mathea Albarada

=(1846) Marciano Aleson (       ) pDn: Martiano Anacleto (marr.)

=(1851) Luis Barcelona

——4Tiburcio Santiago (1829-

——4Romualda Alegado (1831–    ) pDn: Romualda Bonifacia

=(1851) Donato Alcuesar

——4Celestina Alegado (1833-1905) pDn: Celestina de la Resurreccion (bapt.)

=(1857) Alejandro Languido Tanos

——4Salustriana Alegado (1835-1908) pDn: Salustiana Cleofe (bapt.)

=(1860) Vicente Mercado

——4Gaudencio Alegado (1837-1909) pDn: Gaudencio Narciso (bapt.), Candelario

=(1859) Eleuteria Bargamento Alcuesar

——4Monico Alegado (1839-1906) pDn: Monico Santiago (bapt.)

=(1877) Felipa Canaygay Cananayon (

——4Basilia Alegado

=Fernando Rosario

——4Juana Alegado (1846–   ) pDn: Juana de Dios


=2) Bonifacio Tenieblas

——4Damacena Alegado (    -1897) single in Burial rec.

heavy family reconstruction going on)



  1. I belong to the blood line of Sergio Alegado, married to Columba Camoro, who begot Felicisimo Alegado, who was my father, in 1902 in Carcar, Cebu. Before the war my father migrated to mindanao particularly in Baroy, Lanao del Norte and after the war my father together with his wife, Dionisia Tagalog migrated to Davao, particularly now Digos City.

    I am certainly happy i heard a lot of Alegados who certainly are my relatives.

    Thanks a lot!

    • i was away from the internet and thus this late reply. your line starts with the couple named lucas and ma. cipriana. lucas was probably a brother or son or cousin of ambrosio, the starting person in the tree above.

      in my file, lucas had only one offspring, ysidoro married to antonia alesna and sergio is a grandson of ysidoro. can you make a family tree of your branch say from sergio and please include all brothers and sisters of felicisimo? if not, just from felicisimo and dionisio would be very welcome for our alegado family tree.

      • My grandfather is Vicente Alegado married to Lita Fano both originally from Cebu.They migrated to Mindanao and lived in Davao City.

    • my grandmother is juanita alegado, from carcar cebu also, her father was francisco alegado,who settled in malingao tubod lanao del norte..there are 5 sibling of francisco who settled in tubod and my grand mother was one of them..

      • there are many francisco alegado in the alegado file. to make it easier, please include the wife of francisco alegado and the brothers and sisters of your grandmother juanita. and while you’re at it, include the husband and wives of juanita and her siblings. and then the children of juanita up to your generation.

  2. Lots of Alegados but i only know my father’s immediate family..cousins and relatives, don’t know any of them..

    • from the 3d generation soriano, you’re descendants of his son laurencio and wife petrona navares. incidentally, do you know that the correct pronunciation of the spanish surname navarés is na-va-RES–accent on the last syllable?

  3. hey,

    Where do you think the family name Alegado comes from? I really want to know if it’s from pure Filipinos or mixed blood or what.

    I’m April Joy Alegado Acut by the way..

    • hey,

      it comes from the verb alegar, to put forward, to allege. i don’t know if there’s a spanish surname alegado. and i can’t say about others (if there are) but if it’s the carcar family you’re asking about, it’s pure filipino. if there’s a mixture, it will be somewhere along the family tree, maybe one married someone with mixed blood or something. but the origin of the family is pure filipino.

  4. hello,

    I truly enjoyed your work, and very proud that there is someone doing all this work for carcar. I noticed, though, that you don’t have Alegrado in your list. I do not recognize this list of alegados (but then again, i’m 26, hah!) so i was wondering if alegrado came way after alegado, when the clerk doing birth certificate just got too confused.

    i only know of my direct ancestors, teodolo alegrado (grandfather, whom i knew in the city already) and Kayo alegrado, who had 3 wives and over a dozen children altogether (talk about hardwork). i unfortunately forgot the name of the wife/s, i will be glad to get back to you once i get a few names from the keeper of the trees, my aunty salvacion duterte.

    for now, i only want to confirm if these two surnames are the same or different, and if alegrados do not come from carcar (bec it’s not on your list)–yet we hold clan reunions mostly in carcar. 🙂 thanks much.

    • love, please go over families/alega, into which family the first alegrado ancestor (who was from cebu city) married. alegado and alegrado are different families, as you may well know carcar is full of surnames that start with “al-“. one alegrado, arcadio, married petrona alegado (see families/alegado [saturnino]).

      although brigildo silvestre (the first alegrado) came from cebu city, i have still to find evidence that any sibling or cousin of his ever got the alegrado surname in cebu city. if the rest of his family got another surname in cebu city, it may be hard to trace. i say this because alegrado is so carcar a surname already.

      lastly, which list are you referring to, love?

      • re the al- surnames that may confuse one not on daily acquaintance with the different families: add to the alegado and alegrado a third related surname, alega (wife of the first alegrado) and alejado.

        my earliest record of the alegrado family is the baptism of probably the eldest child of brigildo, hilario, in 1820 (where his name was registered as ylario camingaoan) 30 years before the family got the alegrado surname.

        a third point that may also confuse someone in the family trying to trace the family tree is that although records until his death gave out his name as brigildo, later records (period of his grandchidlren) gave it as hermenegildo. but since throughout his lifetime it was brigildo, i would say that it is the “correct” first name.

        and i hope you can show me the family tree with your aunty salvacion duterte. then i can add it to my alegrado family tree file since my file reach only to the children of cayo, the last in my file being teodulo born 17-feb-1901.

  5. im also interested where grandies started, to my account, my grand father’s father was also from carcar cebu, bolinao in particular. i can only recall the name jose alegado who was the grand father of my grand father. the father of my grandfather migrated to inabangga, bohol due to his siblings land dispute. from bohol my grand father migrated in victorias negros occidental to work at victorias milling company, that was year 1930, i dont know the exact year. my grand father was born in 1910 in inabangga. my father has one brother named carlos who is now in batangas, my fathers name is meliton. can you help me which alegado we rooting up



    • it’s difficult for me to work with just what you gave me. thus, the best first step would be for you to get your grandfather’s birth and baptismal record in inabanga, hoping that it will show not only his parents’ but also both sets of grandparents. ask the church clerk if his baptismal record shows the grandparents, because they will just ignore them for the reason that the present form for baptismal certificate no longer show the grandparents even if they are included in the record itself.

  6. im bryan alegado and im truly amaze with your blog. hmmmmmmmmmm

    • thank you but i think you read it while i was doing some tightening on the alegado page itself. small world. there are updates that appear there now.

  7. im ameliaalegado’my father name is jorge salcedo alegado’my lolo”s name is pedro alegado he is now in isulan sultan kudarat

  8. basta ako lola taga carcar,,alegado kaayo…migrated to tubod lanao del norte..hope there will be a alegado reunion

  9. hi fam – luke alegado 🙂 from davao

  10. My grandfather is Mr.Vicente Alegado married to Julita Barcenas Fano from Carcar,Cebu.

  11. Hi, good day. I wanted to trace our ancestors from Carcar however, I only have the names of my great grandparents. I don’t know who were his brothers and sisters. I have heard that they came from Dunggoan and Bolinawan but the reside in Muag, Guadalupe Carcar.

    Leoncio Alegado married to Maura Baritua
    Constancio Baritua Alegado – grandfather

    Thanks and regards

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