Earliest person in my records is Candelario Nazareno. But since I have no record he reached into the Claveria era, I will just retain that name for the time being, until I see when he actually died. His children appear to have been born around 1810-1840s, and most of them later received the Campugan surname. [The first records of the surname already spelled it as Campugan although the catálogo de apellidos had Campogan (p. 26, col. 5)].

Anyway, from records of the children, we can estimate Candelario to have been born around 1780s-1790s. Other families have recorded marriages already at around that time. This suggests there must have been very few of the family, or even that Candelario may have been the only one, further meaning that he had himself come from elsewhere, maybe Bohol because that period was when many Boholano individuals came over to Carcar. However, I have not come across any record saying he came from Bohol, or elsewhere for that matter.

In a timeline, there seems to have been only one other person whose children were born around the same period as Candelario’s, and thus could have been a sister of Candelario.  She was Dalmacia Aleonar in her burial in 1865 but since her children later bore the surname Aleonar, that meant Dalmacia was of another family and had another surname — and other records say it was Campugan.  That being so, all the Aleonars of Carcar descended from Dalmacia Campugan and, thus, a Campugan family tree would already contain the entire Aleonar family as well.  The only hitch is no record has yet been found that directly links Dalmacia to Candelario for us to be able to establish their exact relationship. And, like, Candelario Nazareno, Dalmacia is also not identified as being a native other than of Carcar.

[10-May-2011: The only direct mention of the both of them contained in a single record is in the baptism of Candelario Nazareno’s son Cathalino [sic] Francisco in 1815 where the madrina (an example of a woman sponsor for a boy, touched in a previous post) was Cathalina [sic] Dalmacia.]

Four Generations

Candelario Nazareno (   – bef 1859) cabeza 1820s, 1840s

= Maria Cayetana (       ) Campacion?

Andres Campugan (calc. 1810-    ) pDn: Andres Antonio (marr.)

–=(1834) Cornelia Alcuetas (       ) pDn: Ma. Cornelia

—- Fortunata Campugan (1846-   ) pDn: Fortunata Ma.

Cathalino Francisco (1815–    ) pDn: Cathalino Francisco (bapt.)

Julian Campugan (1818-1889) pDn: Julian Roque (bapt. and marr.)

–=(1840) Andrea Candelaria Alduesa (       ) pDn: Ma. Candelaria (marr.)

—- Zacarias Campugan

—-=(ca. 1863) Romana Bargeo

—- Victoriana Campogan (   -1851) child

—- Antonino Campugan (calc. 1852-   )

—-=(1875) Bernabela Alcudia Alfafara (1856-

—— Paulina Campugan (   -1880)

—— Segunda Campugan (1881-

——=(1903) Mariano Sanchez Villarosa (calc. 1879-

—— Buenaventura Campugan (1888-

——=(1908) Carmelita Suarez Villarosa (1885-1908)

—— Martin Campugan (1891-

Agustin Saturnino (calc. 1818-

–=(1838) Ma. Manuela (calc. 1818-

Ma. Ygnacia (1820–    ) pDn: Ma. Ygnacia (bapt.)

Venancia Campugan (calc. 1823-    ) Ma. Ygnacia?

–=(1839) Estanislao Alcover Aleson (calc. 1819-   ) pDn: Estanislao Joaquin

—- Ciriaca Aleson

—-= Francisco Barbac Barangan

—— Pelagia Barangan (   -1875) child

Mauricio Campugan (1822–   ) pDn: Mauricio Lorenzo (bapt.), Fulgencio (marr.)

–=(1846) Enrica Bargamento (       ) pDn: Ma. Enrrica

—- Francisco Campugan (   -1850)

—- Maria Campugan (1861-

Celestino Campugan (1828–   ) pDn: Antonio Celestino (bapt.)

–= Manuela Campacion

—- Facunda Campugan

—-= Eduardo Barbac Baran

—— Sabas Baran (calc. 1870-1907)

——=(1892) Gabriela Cañada Barauidan (calc. 1873-

—— Apolonia Baran (   -1883) escuela

—— Eusebio Baran (   -1902) soltero in Burial

—— Teodorico Baran (   -1903) soltero in Burial

—— Paulina Baran (   -1907) soltera in Burial

—- Matea Campugan (1851-

Felipa Campugan (1830-1898) pDn: Ma. Felipa

–=(1859) Eugenio Baquilir Alfafara (1828-1904) pDn: Eugenio Albarado

—- Luisa Alfafara (calc. 1860-

—-=(1885) Vicente Camomot Bargayo (calc. 1863-

—- Natalia Alfafara (1860-

—-=(1887) Juan Pananganan Alegado (calc. 1865-

—— Cirilo Alegado (1888-

—— Genaro Alegado (1889-

—— Epifania Alegado (1891-

—- Eugenio Alfafara (1862-

—-=(1882) Damiana Camomot Bargayo (calc. 1862-

—— Pedro Alfafara (calc. 1884-

——=(1902) Agustina Cabicab Remolisan (calc. 1884-

—— Florentino Alfafara (calc. 1885-

——=1(1907) Gregoria Remolisan Navares (calc. 1885-

——=2(1914) Eutiquia Paningesoro de Ollas (calc. 1894-

—— Emiliana Alfafara (1887-1888)

—— Catalina Alfafara (1889-1889)

—— Lucia Alfafara (1890-

——=(1911) Filomeno Remolado Quijoy (1893-

—— Ruperta Alfafara (1895-

——=(1915) Lucio Pansan Barbeiros

—— Paterna Alfafara (1897-

—— Dionisia Alfafara (1899-

—— Dalmacia Alfafara (   -1899) child: Dionisia?

—— Antonina Alfafara (   -1901) child

—— Martina Alfafara (1901-

—- Lorenza Alfafara (1864-

—-=(1886) Bernardino Avellana Canuday (calc. 1864-

—- Hilaria Alfafara (1867-1869)

—- Benigno Alfafara (1869-

—-=(1892) Julia Daitec Barbadillo (calc. 1872-

—- Ysaac Alfafara (1871-

—- Felix Alfafara (1873-

Baltazar Campugan (1833–   ) pDn: Francisco Baltazar

–= Nicolasa Soroño

—- Maxima Campugan (

—-= Mariano Sinajon Baran

—— Tereso Baran (   -1880) child

—— Melecia Baran (   -1881) child

—- Pastor Campugan (calc. 1860-

—-=(1885) Simeona Aleson Barcenas (1862-

—- Calixtro Campugan (1861-

Unlinked (probably also children of Candelario):


Gonzalo Campugan

–= Honoria Barbon

—- Patricia Campugan

—-= Remegio Barrena Poncardas

—— Marcelo Poncardas (1887-


Manuel Campugan

–= Dionisia Alcover

—- Leoncio Campugan

—-= Celestina Camos Alfabete

—— Catalino Campugan (   -1879) child

—- Victorio Campugan

—-= Martina Baritua Oberes

—— Sisenando Campugan (   -1905) child


Dalmacia Campugan (   -1865)

= Vidal Ygnacio (b. Bohol-

Hilario Aleonar (   -1870) pDn: Valeriano Hilario; AKA Apolinario

–=1(1829) Dominga Mathea

–=2(1852) Berenguela Alegado Barcelo (1819-1904) pDn: Ma. Bringuila (bapt.)

Francisco Pablo (calc. 1814-1833) pDn: Francisco Pablo (burial), 19 age given in Burial

Tomas Aleonar (calc. 1815-1873 Barili) pDn: Tomas Villanueva

–=(1836) Dorotea Alfafaras (calc. 1817 Loon, Bohol-1867) pDn: Ma. Dorotea

Ygnacio Francisco (calc. 1817-   ) pDn: Ygnacio Francisco

–=(1839) Ana Lauriana (calc. 1819-

Juan Faustino (1821–    ) pDn: Juan Faustino (bapt.)

Claudio Aleonar

— Marinela

Pedro Aleonar (   -1864) pDn: Pedro Florentino

–=(1848) Juana Aldaya Alcos (   -1861) pDn: Ma. Juana

Maria Magdalena (     -1833) child

Martin Albarado (1830

(under reconstruction)



  1. can anyone help me trace the generation of my late father’s family?


    I want to meet them pls…I’m his younger daughter…

    Ma. Rosario M. Campugan, Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte.


    BORN : APRIL 22, 1927

    DIED : APRIL 12, 1992

  3. I am trying to locate a sister that my mother Maxima Barazona Campugan told me that she had to leave in the Philippines in October of 1967 when she moved to the US. I know that my mother was born in Carcar, Cebu but I don’t know exactly where my sister was born. She may have been born in Balibago Angeles City which was where I was born in April 1966. I believe my mother told me that my sister’s name is Evangeline (I am not sure how it is spelled). She may have been born on or around Aug 23rd 1959.
    I would also like to make contact with my mother’s family if there are any. She never really talked much about her past but I would really like to try and get to know where she came from.

    My name is Donald Campugan

    • I just found out my mother Maxima’s parents names were Emilio Campugan and Constanica Barasona. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you all!

  4. My matriarchal Grandfather is Godofredo Campugan from Carcar. His wife was Desamparados Vale of Tuburan Cebu. His one and only sister was the wife of Bandleader Lading Amigable of Cebu City. Might Godofredo Campugan be a branch of the Campugan family tree? Thank you.

    • the campugans of carcar are all related. i have not however finished this family although the source of all aleonars of carcar was a dalmacia campugan, too. but from other sources godofredo’s parents appear to be juancho and agapita camomot. do you think this is correct? i cannot yet trace the lineage of juancho but agapita is a sister of mons. teofilo camomot’s father, luis.

  5. Hi Vip! trying to trace my father’s (Enerio Gingco Campugan) relatives in Carcar. My grandfather is Emilio Campugan and grandmother is Leonisa Gingco-Campugan. I was told they were originally from Carcar but moved to Mindanao. They said my grandfather also has a sister named ‘Anita Campugan’ I think who moved to the US but they lost contact with her. I dont know if she got married though.

    • i’m sorry i haven’t reached up to emilio. would you know when he was born?

    • Hello Nelma, Do you think that your Emilio and mine could be the same or possibly related?

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