Zozobrado, Jeanelyn

Jeanelyn Eboras Zozobrado


“Jeanealyn’s Carcaranon website was like the California Gold Rush of 1849; everybody wanted in.” – Vip Aleonar


Daughter of Wenefredo Larosa Zozobrado and Avelina Sabala Eboras.

Carcar internet website pioneer;

A photographer, at first she  lent a space in her photography site for Carcar photos and news but the response was such that it ballooned to the Carcaranon website and is sans doubt the pioneer internet site about Carcar and for Carcaranons; in it she accommodated Carcaranons abroad hungry for a community who immediately converged on her site and used it to communicate with each other, post news about their own selves and groups and to read about the others and for news and photos from home–the site becoming a community in itself; many correspondents have perpetuated the Carcar humor in the site; the best thing one can say about her carcaranon site was it made people want to buy a computer and go internet–many are addicted to it now; the rightful representative of the internet generation to this Carcaranons section.

Based in the U.S. with partner Rico Ruiz Jr. from El Salvador.


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