Three- or four-maybe five-generation trees. This is a test broadcast.  I’m looking at how wordpress takes on family trees and family tree formats. Trying on themes, too. For instance, this one does not take too kindly to tables (Kabkad* in the time of Kolera (1883))

A note on these trees.  Where I was not yet able to find exact records to reconstruct the correct sequence of children, I had to rely on guesswork, basing many sequences you’ll find here on other indirect clues, like their respective marriages, or  births of their own children.  I had to decide that the older ones got married ahead, which is not always true of course, but better that, with some semblance of thought, rather than an entirely random order, and I hope family genealogists would agree, be it grudgingly, because family respondents usually have their own sequences, too.

The absence of earlier records (1600-1800), coupled with the difficulty of tracing each because of the non-existence of surnames yet, make it extremely hard to say who are the older families of Carcar, and this means either the really native ones or, if migrant, the much much earlier comers. We can only suspect that the oldest families must be the ones who would have had several branches already by the time of the records. And yet, it’s possible that at the time of the Claveria surnames, families may not even have remembered anymore who was related to whom, except for really closer ones, say up to second or third cousins, when those cousins could still establish their kinship and ask for the same surname. On that note, it may really be true after all what is always said in Carcar, that the Al- families were related to each other. Except, I dare say, for those that can be established to have originated from elsewhere.  For example, my own Aleonar family, whose first ancestor in Carcar came from Bohol, would be one of those exceptions, as would the Aldemita and Aleguiojo. Alcorcon and Alcudia came from Parian and Aldave from San Nicolas. But then who can say that the Bohol or Parian or San Nicolas ancestors had not also originally come from Carcar, went to those places and some descendants then came back to the land of their origin, Carcar?

Abbreviations I frequently resort to and found plentifully in these trees are “(pnc)” and “pDn”. Pnc is short for padre no conocido (father not known/recognized), the formulaic term used for illegitimate offsprings. The term remained in use well into the American era and every church and civil registry clerk knows what this means, as do genealogists. In these cases, the child is given the surname of the mother, which practice belies the belief of some families that the surnames they are using they got from an ancestor who was a Spanish priest. The more they could not use that surname obviously! Meanwhile, I use the parentheses for a partner who was not married to the person.

PDn means simply pre-Decree (Claveria) name, when the individual was still known as before 1849 or 1850, in the case of Carcar around May 1850 when the decree appears to have been implemented.  I use this abbreviation for when an individual was still using two first names and also even when the individual was actually already using the surname (mestizo Español and a few indio families).

There is also this matter like the Alfafaras surname distinct from Alfafara.

We have these two Carcar families, the Barcelos and the Alfafaras (also recorded as Alcaparas), and the first is also a different family from Barcelo.  The Emnace and Emnacen surnames are also two separate families. The four families most probably got the surnames in Carcar already.  I say that not just because the four belong to alphabetic surname groups of Carcar (Al-, Bar-, Cam-, Can-, Day-, Em-, etc.) but because all four came from Bohol–no notation as to their town origin has been found for Emnace and Emnacen but Barcelos is from Dimiao while one or two indirect records say the Alfafaras was from Loon.

But the Alfafaras surname may have died out because I have only 4 Alfafaras children–all girls. Anyway they were Catalina (married to Leon Alcudia), Dorotea (married to Tomas Aleonar), Remigia (married to Marquez Alcover) and Cornelia (married to Agustin Aldeon). However, Catalina has been identified also as Alcesto (Alcerto?) and as Cavan.

By the way, when you’re looking for a female in-law, look for her maiden name.  My family reconstructions always retain the maiden name for a woman. Incidentally, it seems it was that way during the Spanish era, too, and it was only in the American system when our women lost their surnames in favor of their husbands’. If you don’t know who a female family member married, you’d be groping blindly trying to search for her death or burial records. But if she’d just retain her family name, she’d be far easier to locate. I think even until now, Spain and France, they at least, still identify women by their maiden surnames. For example, a lady might be known around as Almudena Señora de Ruiz but her official name remains Almudena Acuña.



  1. I’m sorry, I now think html will probably solve our tabular issues with this theme. Will try that out.

    • there’s even no need for coding. I tabulated the data in excel, copy and pasted and the result is fine by me. you should have seen what the table looked like on this theme before the excel.

  2. hello,
    my grandmother was teresa Emnace alcos her father was emiliano zafra alcos and her mother was cristeta fernandez emnace i was told cristetas parents were tomas emnace and merced fernandez…do you have any records of any?some relatives say they are from car car some say fernandez is from talisay,and when i was a kid i remember the chapel in calamba san nicolas cemetary had many emnace names engraved on the walls but they have now since detroyed them when they renovated and “repaired”…also my great grandma merced was Mestiza espanol i assumed it was from her fernandez side bec she was born 1870s-1880s and said to be from talisay whose govenor was silverio fernandez..could it be that there is a spanish fernandez and also a fernandez surname given to another clan not related? best regards!

    • @gervacio, I have redirected your comment to Emnace page in Search Forum.

      • hello my nephew..i think ur the son of cathy and miger ornopia?if im not mistaken? i came about ur queries regarding the genealogy of the emnaces and zafras and fernadez’s in google..ur grandmother, teresa emnace alcos is the older sister of my mom catalina alcos endaya..and ur mom cathy ornopia is my first degree cousin..best regards to our relatives! i now reside in cagayan de oro city, philippines at present..

        • i am trying to reconstruct the alcos family as well but to date has so many unlinked lines. i wish your conversation would reach up to great-grandfathers and hopefully include a timeline that could guide us to make the links.

        • hello yes i know who you are tito ronald endaya..i rem goin to your place in cagayan when i was in grade school hahaha i think ur friends wit my sister on facebuk

        • hello yes i know who you are tito ronald endaya..i rem goin to your place in cagayan when i was in grade school hahaha i think ur friends wit my sister on facebuk..nice to see you also into family research=) howcome you dont ask your mum?

        • hi! just want to ask you mr. ronald endaya if you’re previously residing in Quezon City and if you have a sister who became a model of cinderella?

  3. I saw Pics that i took last August ’09 for The refurbished Leon Kilat Monument now in circulation on the net. To whom this may concern: Pls feel free to post the pics as intended, they are for public viewing. Thank you.

    • thanks for the authorization, wo. rest assured i always credit my sources, others just thoughtlessly debit theirs (evidence the Leon Kilat inscriptions).

  4. hello!

    there are alfafaras here in gen. santos city. there are also the alesnas, sarmientos, ruizes, barcelonas, alcordos, etc. who all hail from carcar.

    one not so well known fact is that carcaranons were the pioneering settlers of a municipality in Sarangani called Glan. if anyone of you might happen to visit that place, it would be pure delight to see a mini-carcar down here in southern mindanao, with their own version of the balay na tisa, with the same patron saint, and same fiesta day – nov 25th, and of course same dialect.


  5. Dra Juliet Yap and family – May God be with you all during this time of sorrow. Take care always.
    I used to work for the late Dr Roman Ibay at the Makati Medical Center.

    • I’m the great grand daughter of Yap Tauco married to Joaquina Fernando. their son Felipe Yap is married to my grandmother Marta David Timbol. My bother is married to Dr. Asela Gonzales Garcia-Fernando, an OB gyne of Makati, Medical Center. My daughter finished her internship in the same hospital. She finished emergency medicine.

  6. hello!!! po ako nga pala si nathaniel alesna anak ni napoleon alesna ang tatay nang papa ko ay si cesar alesna from cebu. ang pag kaka alam ko ang kwento nang lolo ko ay pina nganak sia sa cebu sa carcar. pero sa ngayon naka tira kami sa iloilo. kung may pag kakataon po e send ko sa inyo ang picture nang lolo cesar….

    • @nathaniel, if you can ask somebody in the family, inquire the date of birth of cesar, cesar’s parents or brothers and sisters.

  7. hello po.. ganahan unta ko ask about sa akong lolo sanico iyang lastname, naa ba mga sanico sa carcar sir? hoping for your soonest reply..thanks ^_^

    • i vaguely remember, my memory could be wrong of course, having read a sanico record but i must not have taken it down, or else took it down to another family’s file. however in the comelec list of voters 2009, there is no voter surnamed sanico.
      how i wished you’d at least given your lolo’s full name.

      • hi po, salamat sa reply, wilfredo sanico ako nhibaw.an na name sa akong lolo, and they said na murag well off man to akong lolo before.. but not sure with the real story, hope you could help, kay since birth wla man gud kita akong father sa akong lolo so sad.. thanks again ^_^

        • @glyza, would you or anybody in the family know around what time your lolo wilfredo was born? the time is important to me so i can narrow any search down. if none can, then when was your father born, or his siblings so from them we can instead just estimate wilfredo’s own birth.

          • good morning po, my father was born 1956, then mga early 20’s ako
            lolo daw that time, wla man siblings akong father siya ra usa anak, then
            ive heard also that my lolo wilfredo is also the only son in the family, but
            i dont know if naa pa ba igsuon sa gawas akong father, i also heard na
            arangan daw to ang kahimtang sa akong lolo before but palahubog lng
            gyud and musugal. hope you could help ^_^

  8. @glyza, was your father born in carcar? what was his complete date of birth? who was his mother? i-complete lang please, or else email everything to me.

    • hi sir,

      i have new additional info, taga napo carcar daw cla lolo, then ang name is alfredo sanico not wilfredo. then naa cya igsuon 2 sisters mura saling ang name sa usa, hope you could help. thanks..

    • hi sir,

      i have new additional info, taga napo carcar daw cla lolo, then ang name is alfredo sanico not wilfredo. then naa cya igsuon 2 sisters mura saling ang name sa usa, hope you could help. thanks….

  9. hi! would like to trace my roots & relatives..my father Maximo Emnace’s parents..Felix Emnace & Genara Sabarita were from Carcar, cebu

    • helo! are we relatives?hehe! my lola cristeta emnace is from cebu..

  10. Hi po, Im joanna sarusad, i came from sarausad clan. gusto ko po sana malaman kung my records po b kayo ng ancestor ko, my great grand father is clemente sarausad. thats all i know about him. pls help me po. thank you so much in advance.

    • dear joan, i’m so sorry for this late replay. my file for the sarausad is very small. i’m still trying to search for links i can add to it. can you estimate when clemente may have been born? any brother or sister, children, grandchildren?

      • hello po sorry sa napaka late na reply, i dont know when exactly pero i saw a file regarding his travel to honolulu exist 1900-1959, his brother is espiridion sarausad. his son is my grand father teodoro sarausad. i’m just wondering kung meron po kayo mga pictures na nakita sa archive. thank you 🙂

  11. do you have something about maximo macapobre ( tanudtanod) ?

  12. do you have something about maximo macapobre (tanudtanod) ? thanks!

    • i wish someone would orient me to around what time maximo lived (better yet, ca. when he was born). i have not yet come across a record of him or his commonly accepted father amadeo for my tanudtanud files.

      • do you have tanudtsnud files? can you give me a copy? i am tracing my relatives in carcsr cebu.

  13. Do you know Silvino Tagimacruz who once died in the year late 1980’s

    • yes, i have a silvino tagimacruz in my file. i am acquainted with his son silvino jr. who made the tagimacruz genealogy

    • Actually, my father Silvino D. Tagimacruz died on September 30, 1992.

  14. hellow
    musta na kayo miss nakita pa sana mag kita pa tayo
    at maalala nyo po ako si estella mae campugan ho to

  15. Hi there. I was trying to research on the Suarez family which we came from but I missed the site that you told me during our very nice talk last Nov1, 2010. all i can remember is on vip’s!… that annoying rain could be the culprit or maybe age is also a factor:D You may send me the website thru my e-mail ad. Thank you so much…

  16. wow,i am totally having good time in reading this.I already send my message to you on FB before i saw this link..I am Virginia,the 2nd daughter of Jose Alesna Baldovino.He is the son of Anselma A.Alesna of Carcar,Cebu.Sad to say diha ra jud nag end akong info about my grandma.We are from tagoloan Misamis Oriental.But my father was born in Honululu Hawaii kay didto man naminyo akong lola.If you have any record about it,pagka nindot jud unta.At present nia na ko nagpuyo sa Maui Hawaii w/ all my siblings.There are four of us.

  17. Hello, may i know if navarra family originate in carcar, cebu city? then gusto pud nko mhabal-an if navarra and gantuangco family are relatives, thankssss.. taga kidapawan city ko…

  18. Hello Vip,
    After reading the explanation of “pnc”, I am convinced that this was the reason why my last name was the last name of my great grandma. Nevertheless I am still interested of who or which blood line I am from. My great grandma, I remembered as Aso Cui Flores, lived in Burgos street. My question is, Is she related to any of the Cui’s in Barilli or Cebu City? Thanks for your help in advance.

    • boh, can i ask you to reconstruct your own cui family tree from the earliest cui ancestor your family can remember. that’s seems the only way we can trace back our relations in the family. btw, i’m intrigued why your great-grandmother was surnamed flores and you’re a cui. that’s why a family tree would help me greatly. doesn’t have to be professional-looking, there are many examples of correspondents to my blog who wrote in theirs. it would also help tremendously if you can place dates so i’ll be able to make a timeline of your family, in relation to the other cuis.

    • hello boh, vip…i am rickie cui and my family is originally from barile, cebu and i also know that we have relatives in carcar…i am presently trying to reconstruct our family tree with the help of my other relatives that i have met online…once i get it ready i will be happy to give you a copy…thanx…:-)

      • @rickie, at the hospicio de san jose in barili is a family tree of the family of don pedro cui (from his parents). that would probably be the most complete you can get of the family at the present. i saw it about 5 years ago while doing research in barili. i hope it is still on the board there. i answered a mrs j cui at the search page about carcar having at least 4 branches of cuis which i cannot establish the relation to each other but can only assume that they must all be somehow related to each other because they all came from cebu city and were mestizo sangley. one of the four branches is that of the brother of don pedro cui.

        • @vip…my relatives and i are working on that family tree and know who don pedro cuis parents are as well as his siblings…i think it was one of his siblings that relocated to carcar…i will try to locate the cuis from carcar and hopefully we can work backwards and find out how the cuis ended up in carcar…we are working on the geni site now but it has been down for the past couple of days…if you want i can give you a copy of what we have compiled so far…thanx very much and i must compliment you on your work…:-)

  19. hello po sa lahat ng taga carcar,mayron po sana akong gustong malaman tungkol po sa mga kamag-anak ko dyan sa carcar,ang mother ko po ay tubong carcar,ang mga magulang po nya ay sina,,sotero desipulo at filomina de la paz inoseta .ang mga anak po nya ay sina ,,lucia,lourdes,margarita at gavina, gusto ko lng po malaman kung may natitira pa kaming kamag-anak diyan sa carcar. mula po kc ng umalis ang nanay ko na si gavina diyan sa carcar ay d na po nakabalik sa carcar,,,gusto ko po nilang malaman na buhay pa ang kapatid nila wala lang po kc akong mapag kilanlan sa mga kamag-anak ng nanay ko.sana po matulungan ninyo ako na matagpuan ko ang mga kapatid ng nanay ko .maraming salamat po at mabuhay kayong lahat, .

    • victor, i consulted the 2010 list of voters of carcar and found no one listed with the family name desipulo, de la paz and inoseta–including possible variant spellings there may be of those surnames. when did your mother gavina leave carcar? better yet, when was she born?

  20. hi can anyone tell me about the cui’s in carcar. my grandfather is pio b. cui.

  21. hi to all opon flores family…im looking my mother side its been long time she dont see hr family..i hope someone knows my mother hr name is rosemarie opon flores she said she came frm cebu…pls.let me know if someone know my mother..thnks so much..hoping i can get some reply..thnks again.

  22. Former Sen. Troadio Galicano my great great grandfather. My great grandfather Popo Galicano, a judge fiscal, followed by my Indubitable genious grandmother today Estela Galicano Adanza. =) heheh, my grandmother says that were also related with the Flores and Velez famiy. hoping to get connected with all my forefather’s relatives someday.

    • cj, was popo a son of troadio? what was his real name? i hope you can collaborate with our genealogical for the galicano family by tracing for us its descendants. we hope to hear from you again.



  24. Hello my name is teresa my mom born in carcar cebu she told me my lolo is one of the famous in cebu.i want to know my relatives there.meron kaming mga tanong until now nkapamana kami kahit konti, sana pero d namin din ata mapapakinabangan.sana po kung sino man ang aming kamaganak jan na makakabasa nito ako po ay isa sa apo ni jose avila at para naman k tita lory macavinta sana po kilalanin nyo kami. na mga apo din ni jose avila.bingyan nyo kami ng share sana po.cniguro nyo na mpapakinabangan namin pwede po ba na kau na din ang bmili ng share ng nanay ko po. dhil mhirap lang po mga kpatid ko

    • why don’t you make a family tree from your lolo jose avila. include your mother and her mother, brothers and sisters, and include lory macavinta’s branch. send it to me by my email.

      • klala ko mga kpatid nya at kla2 din kami. ang mhrap c tita lory d nya kmi kla2 .my mther died 7 yrs. ago,kya nga gsto ko c tita lory mkontak kc nkmtayan na ni mader na mkuha ang pra sa mgaanak nya.ang isang tito nmin umuwi d2 last yr. pra sbhin na na2lo o naawa ang tita na ibgay ang lupa na imana nila.pero sa mga lupa na yan wla din kmi ksgruhan.nagb2ksali aq na khit d2 , mkakha kami ng sagot kay tita lory .

  25. hello,

    I am looking for my father’s family in t padilla cebu city..His name is Oscar A. Noel,son of Arturo Noel and Dominica Alinabon..30 years I haven’t seen my father and his family too.Anybody could help me locate my father’s family.

    Thank you in Advance!

    • you can easily find them at the back of T.Padilla Market. I am a Noel too in T.Padilla and Im pretty sure we are somehow related

  26. my grand-grand father( Sexto Baran-Emnace) is from cebu..i dont think so if magkakilala sila ng mga lolo nyo..

  27. hello! can you please furnish me any results of the family tree of margarito regis married to arsenia alcordo. their siblings were: josefa, deogracias, lutgardo, rafael, ceferina and restituto all surnamed regis.

  28. I’ve been doing my roots for years now and recently found this website. I am in hopes you can help me with them. My name is Rena Empleo and my father was Florentino(Tony) Caballero Empleo and was born in Carcar, Cebu. His sisters were Felisa, Paz and Arcardia. His parents were Apolonio Empleo and Sugia Caballero. Can you tell me anything about them?

    • right now, i don’t have any record for apolonio. but i may have record of his parents, if you know the name of the parents of apolonio? or, maybe if you can tell me when he was born and any siblings of his. if you’re doing your roots, we can collaborate.

      • Yes his parents were Anastacio/Nicacio and Margarita Pangadlo. I think they had four sons, Juan,Maximo,Esteban and my grandfather Apolonio. three of the brothers married Caballero sisters. apolonio born in 1882 and died 1922 in a car accident.

        • so sorry for this more-than-a-year reply. i have no record for apolonio but if he is a son of anastacio-margarita (or rita) pangadlo, the second wife, apolonio’s eldest brother with margarita seems to be atanacio empleo, married to josefa alegado (see saturnino alegado family tree). atanacio is listed as a native of bohol but was an incumbent cabeza de barangay when he died in 1878, the son of juan empleo and magdalena canondo, naturally both natives of bohol. juan was the son of francisco regino

          • No worries. But here I am again. I have over 5900 Empleo;s on my website MyHeritage.com You are welcome to look at it. Im even more excited to investigate my fathers roots. I just wish someone was around to tell me. The relatives to day, either dont know or want something. I just want to know where and who my family roots are from. You just thru me for another loop. Atanacio empleo another brother. Here I found only 4 sons. Then you tell me, Anastacio has/had another wife because Pangadlo was second wife. who was the first and was their any children? this second wife was there any daughters? I haven’t even gotton there because there’s no records really. They lose their maiden name when they get married. If I am understanding this Juan Empleo/Magalena Canondo is the parents of Anastacio Empleo married to second wife Pangadlo who had 5 sons, not 4. Atanacio the oldest, married to Josefa Alegado. Please help…I really do appreciate it. Is there anyway that I can help the research?

    • ok save emo nmbr blk ko open ako nabahala ako grnmther pilicida og quintena maria chrissata poro sela alejado

      • do you have tanudtsnud files? can you give me a copy? i am tracing my relatives in carcsr cebu.

  29. Is there a filipino census that I can look at? Or any kind of record search that is available for me?

  30. hello, my late father’s family is from can-asujan, carcar. my lolo’s name was roman larrobis and my lola’s name was maria pardillo larrobis. i read one or your blogs where you indicate the family’s race by m/S-m/E but the larrobis’ only had the place of origin. wud you happen to know from what country our family name originated?

    • dear maria cora, i included the classifications mS and mE (and a few others) to show the racial origins of a person or family. everybody else without the classification were indios (natives). a robis surname exists probably in spain and in south america. the larrobis family of carcar came from minglanilla. i would have loved to go after the old books of minglanilla to dig deeper into the family although the minglanilla parish started only some years after the claveria decree. before that and we would have been able to see whether the family already carried the surname.

    • Hi Maria,

      My lolo’s middle name is Pardillo. He is from Toledo Cebu city

      • hi, james. i don’t have any idea where my late grandma’s folks were from. all i know is that they were from can-asujan.

    • hi maria cora, I knew your lolo roman larrobis, he was the older brother of my lolo’s mother, francisca larrobis.. I think most of his siblings lived in cogon, carcar.. and they were Antonia Larrobis Aleonar, Quirina Larrobis Baring, Lorenzo Larrobis, Francisca Larrobis and Roman.. they are the children of Akoy Larrobis and his first wife (Maria) I think.. AKOY had 3 wives and have 13 children all in all.. some of them lived in can-asujan along with their cousin.. sons of tatay akoy’s siblings.. according to my lolo.. larrobis were originated in minglanilla, Cebu and Mindanao specifically in paradian and some parts in zamboanga… by the way I am the son of Asuncion Larrobis, daughter of Maximo Larrobis (son of Francisca Larrobis), sister fo Mano Roman… many said I am the living replica of mano roman because we are look-alike…

      • Hello Raul. Ang akong lolo has a middle name Pardillo. His family name is Basalo

      • Hi sir Raul Cabrera. I am Maria Cora’s Nephew. The son of her elder brother. Sir, I want to create a family tree for our family and would like to ask if you have documents/pictures or anything that may help us trace our oldest Larrobis Ancestor? I would really love your help sir.

  31. i see. i’m just curious because i look more of a mixed race than pure pinoy. in fact, when i went abroad people thot i was hispanic. i even have a negative blood rh. my blood type is 0 negative. rh negative blood is very common to people from europe. my grandfather looked like a foreigner also. i’ve been trying to locate people who have the same surname as mine especially in europe but i haven’t found any. i found some in the us but they are pinoys who migrated there.

    • your lolo roman looks more than a Spanish than a pinoy.. most of his siblings are meztizos and meztizas.. but my lolo emok’s (maximo) father was an American mechanic during the world war I.. so I have a blood of Spanish, American and pinoy…. Mano roman’s height was 5’10”.. shard nose, macho.. he was a shoe/ slippers maker and also a paradista.. the one who drive a tartanilla.. he loves to go sabongs every sunday..

  32. I’m wondering if there is any Aredidon here?

    • i’m just basing my answer on the commission on elections list of voters for the last elections and there is no aredidon. the nearest sounding would be arendon.

  33. hi po gusto ko lang po sana itanong kung buhay pa ang bunsong kapatid ng lola ko na si Narzisa Basmayor Alquizar siya ay lumaki sa CARCAR aloginsan cebu city sana po ay matulungan ninyo ako salamat po…

    • hi po ang pangalan po ng magulang ng lola ko ay sina maxima alquizar at gregorio vasmayor gusto ko lang po malaman kung may mga anak pa silang buhay pa salamat po

  34. mayroon din pong kaibigan ang lola ko sa carcar cebu ay pangalan po ay si vicitacion joshua sana po ipagbigay alam nyo po sa akin kung saan pwde matawagan o makita ang taong ito salamat po…

    • i may not have narcisa alquizar’s record. you did not give the name of your own grandmother and her date of birth. you will make it so much easier if you do.

  35. Good day vip
    Why dayagdal families. are not belong of the list of the families of carcaranon. they live there over a century… pls. explained to us or else i will file a case against this web site….. you are discriminating those families… we are waiting on your reply thankyou……

    • am i dealing with a sick person here? the dayagdal family can be found in the post origins of carcar families and in the post day- families of carcar. and you even wrote that you do not believe what i said. why don’t you write your own family history, then and don’t omit anybody in your family because they may file a case against you.

      • why don’t you go over all the families already posted here and go over each trying to find every dayagdal link you can find and piece together the family for yourself. because that’s that way i do everything, so why don’t you do it too. maybe you’ll enjoy it.

  36. my grandmother name is paula camoro abatayo.she was born on October 27,1808.In carcar Cebu.how do we know if she had a relative there that still alive.so we know our ancestry.thanks!




  39. May Zamora ba sa Carcar?

    • there are 15 zamora voters in carcar many in napo. the zamora family i know, who lives in poblacion 1 may have come from danao city.

      • Kindly ask them if they know Dionesio Zamora who married Marta Pepito of Liloan Cebu. My father is Procopio Zamora. His brothers and sisters were Sebastian, Elena, i have forgotten the 2 others but my tiya married a certain Largo in Toledo City. The Pepito is a very large clan in Liloan, neighboring municipalities

  40. Thanks VIP for the information

  41. hi vip. are the pardillos originally from carcar?

    • i think the pardillos were either from minglanilla or talisay but may have originated from san nicolas. but i’m not sure

      • Likely Mar . The Basalos abound in Talisay. My lola (mother side) Sismar lived in Minglanilla. Thnaks again.

  42. Thanks Mar.

  43. Im Amadeo Manalad. I just want to ask if the Quilo from Carcar is of chinese descent. I cant seem to trace our family tree.

    • hello. i’m sorry i failed to note down quilo. i thought they were just a transient family when i met the name. they’re not of chinese descent (mestizo sangley). know what, the name is usually spelled with an accent in the old books, thus, quiló. altho i think the pronunciation must have been more like quilô

  44. Good day! Are there Indiolas in carcar?

    • yes. there are 30 voters surnamed indiola, most of living in barangay bolinawan.

  45. hai po! ako po pala si chenchen Barcenilla … gusto ko po sanang malaman kung sino ang parents ng papa ng lolo ko … ang pangalan po ng lolo ko ay ARTURO BARCENILLA at ang pangalan ng papa ng lolo ko ay VECINTE BARCENILLA galing po cla ng carcar .. salamat po hope po reply kao sooner .. 🙂

    • if you know, who was the wife of vicente and of arturo? or when was vicente or arturo born? i have not checked my files yet but knowing these facts would make the job easier in case there are more than one vicente or arturo

  46. kung alam nyo po ang pangalan ng parents ng lolo vecinte ko po .. paki send nman sakin please .. paki message po ako sa facebook BARCENILLAMECHELLE@YAHOO.COM yan po .. maraming maraming salamat po … 🙂

  47. hello po, Gusto nakong mahibaw an ang kang Fruto Lawas ug Severina Enario

  48. Wonderful task composing Families | CARCAR FAMILIES: A Genealogy Blog for Carcar.

  49. Hi, I hope active pa ang admin ani nga webpage kay murag last update sa thread was 2015 unya 2017 naman karon, mamasin nalang ko og naa ba gihapon motubag, ask ko if ma trace pa nako ang root sa akong lola, my lola’s name is Vicenta Flores unya iyahang giilisdan og Fiel ang iyahang lastname kay nakasala lagi siya, pero before that she married Padilla..originally taga carcar sya unya nilangyaw sa Mindanao Zamboanga del Sur, duna sya igsoon nga Yolalya ang name.

  50. Aloha from Hawaiʻi. I had grown up knowing my paternal grandfather is from Cebu, he is a Ricardo Quizon (sp?) Tangaro. I have just learned, however, my maternal great grandfather is also from Cebu. His obituary reads: Pablo Barakia. Mr. Barakia, a native of Carcar, Cebu, P.I… His sir name is also spelled Baraquita. He died Feb. 17, 1960 at the age of 63.

    I donʻt see this name, however, listed in the family names of Carcar list…I assume Iʻll have to dig deeper, and if so, would you mind providing some direction?

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