Poblacion – [(Sp., derived from pueblo), literally, town-ship.]

Although in our country it now refers to the town center (I hate the more often used term town proper, as if every place else is the town improper), the Spanish term was once properly used to mean the town-ship and thus, its population, such that the población of Carcar was said to be, to use a legitimate statistic, published in 1875, 20,915 people, and the number meant the population of the whole town, the pueblo, and not just that of the town center.  Cabecera was the term used to denote either the center of a town or the central town — the “capital” (cabeza, capital: same thing: head) —  of a multi-town parish.

Anyway, of the places (now called sitios) in the 3 poblacion barangays that already appeared in the 1850-51 parish books, you will find only Caipilan, Cogon and Luanluan (in present-day Poblacion 1), Ylaod (Poblacion 2) and Tacdog and Tapon (in Poblacion 3). And if we are to base our guess on the number of baptisms from those places those 2 years, Cogon was the biggest of the 6.

There was no place name Poblacion, we get it now, because then it was neither a place nor a name.



  1. I really hope you can help me with trying to determine which barangay P. NELLAS ST. is in. I cannot find any information anywhere. The very linited infor I have found suggests Poblacion III. Do you know if this is correct or not?
    I guess with me being in Canada that does not help! 🙂

    • i’m as much frustrated not knowing what your family is as you are which barangay nellas is in. i myself don’t really know where nellas st. starts (from awayan) to where it ends (j. rizal). but i think its entirety belongs to poblacion 3.

  2. Thanks for your reply.
    I have since figured it out. She is in Upper Awayan, Poblacion 3.

    • happy for you. meanwhile i’m still in the dark what’s your family since that is what this blog is about.

      • sorry if i posted in the wrong blog. but, i was not able to get the answer i needed anywhere else. It was by chance i came across this blog. I searched “Poblacion” in Google and found this page/blog and figured that that someone here would have the answer i was looking for.

  3. Good day!

    Our group is conducting an interview in line with our community’s “Cultural Mapping and Doing Local History Project.”

    This endeavor aims to presents an original written narrative literature that depicts the barangay’s history and the origin of Carcar Central School as one of the built heritage of our community. Along with this is the mapping of some identified barangay heritage. This research can be very helpful for us, as contituents of our own locality and plays a vital role to raise awareness among us and the next generation to come.

    We would like to ask your cooperation by answering our questions honestly and completely. Any information you will provide shall be highly appreciated and we assure that it will be treated utmost confidential.

    Thank you so much and God Bless.

    Respectfully yours,

    The Cultural Researchers & Local Historians

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