Yap, Manuel (Bishop)

Bishop Manuel Porcia Yap, DD

(17-Jun-1900 – 16-Oct-1966 Bacolod)

Son of Fernando Salomon Manalili Yap from China and Rufina Bondaco Porcia from Mabolo.


At first indifferent to religion and was latecomer to the seminary where he was ordained priest 1929 after prodigious studies; Bishop 1951 (first Carcaranon bishop[1]); first translator of bible to Cebuano; intellectual giant of the Philippine catholic hierarchy; parish priest, Mandaue; the first Bishop of Capiz, 1951; Bishop of Bacolod from 1952 until his death.

Bishop Manuel P. Yap

[1] Carcar-born bishops after Yap and Camomot were Bishop Sincero Barcenilla Lucero (1935-1993) and Bishop Jose Ricare Manguiran (b. 1936), ordained bishops in 1977 and 1987, respectively. Manguiran is presently the Bishop of Dipolog.



  1. My second cousin, Luz Famoso Yap of Mahliao,, Badian, married Leonides Yap of Leyte.

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