The early ancestry in this family tree is a lucky find. I was able to find a pre-Claveria (1795) marriage record for a Pedro Santiago and Ma. Martesana (parents: Francisco Maximiano-Ana Flora). Thus, I also got the parents of Pedro Santiago in Luis Fernando and Maria Francisca. Luis Fernando and Pedro Santiago are the ancestors of the Bargamento family.

[15-Sep-2012]: However, finding Antonio Urbano’s burial in 1833 wherein his age was given as 48 gives us a possible birth year of 1785, or 10 years prior to the marriage of the parents. So, either the age at death was wrong (and he was really just in his late thirties) or he was born before the marriage, or he was not really a child of his supposed parents, and could have been a brother of Pedro Santiago, instead.

When I was examining Barili books for my Tigley family tree, I came across a 1843 marriage between a Francisco Juan and Anselma de la Cruz. I’d already established the Barili parentage of Anselma, which was Tegley, but all that was known of Francisco Juan was that he was a native of Carcar, son of Antonio Urbano and Ma. Bonifacia.  The discovery of which family he belonged to, I wrote about elsewhere.

And several times elsewhere, too, I’d pointed out that the present surname Varga was in the old records spelled as Barga, in conformity with the Bar- group of surnames in Carcar. Meanwhile, Anselma was rarely (if ever) identified as Tegley but rather as Anselma Alegria. But her Tegley pedigree is unassailable per the Barili records. Which always makes me muse whether my great-grandmother Paula Tegley was acquainted with Anselma’s children in Carcar, as they were her first cousins, or mutually knew of this relationship.

In the 2010 Voters List, there are 98 surnamed Bargamento, the 114th most numerous surname on the list.

4 Generations

Luis Fernando

=Maria Francisca

Pedro Santiago

—=(1795) Ma. Martesana (       ) pDn: Ma. Martesana (marr.), Ana Martesana

——Antonio Urbano (calc. 1785-1833) cabeza; 48 casado in Burial

——= Ma. Bonifacia

———Juan Bargamento (       ) pDn: Francisco Juan

———=(1843 Barili) Anselma Villahermosa Tigley (       ) pDn: Anselma de la Cruz (marr.)

————Potenciana Bargamento

= Tito Alcuynos Alesna

————Ysabel Bargamento

=(1862) Julian Baquilta Alesna

————Escolastica Bargamento

=(1866) Modesto Canasa Alesna

————Simeon Bargamento

= Genoveva Alcachupas Canasa

————Crispulo Bargamento

= Ana Canasa Dayanan

————Dionisia Bargamento (1853-1907) AKA Feliciana

= Manuel Alcachupas Canasa

————Basilia Bargamento (1858–       ) AKA Cecilia

= Severino Tampos Canasa

———Cipriano Bargamento (   -1889) pDn: Cipriano Navarro

———= Ambrosia Camoro (        ) pDn: Ma. Ambrosia

————Eulalia Bargamento (       ) AKA Hilaria

= Saturnino Baracol Dayalimas (   -1905)

————Domingo Bargamento (1834-1901) pDn: Domingo Antonio (bapt.)

= Romana Alegado Baracol

————Feliciana Bargamento (   -1886)

= Mamerto Alvarado

———Pedro Bargamento (   -1888)

———= Macaria Canayon

———Patricia Bargamento (   -1892) identified as Patricia Aledo in Bapt of Fulgencia and Bonifacio

———= Silverio Alera (       ) AKA Aleira/Aleyra

————Ma. Fulgencia (1840-

————Pedro Alera (     -1853) escuela in Burial

————Bonifacio Alera (1850-

= Magdalena Alcachopas Gellecana

————Tito Aleyra

=Paula Navares Barateria

———Andres Marciano (1823–     ) pDn: Andres Marciano (bapt.)

———Enrica Bargamento (1825–     ) pDn: Ma. Ynrrica (bapt.)

———=(1846) Mauricio Campugan (       ) pDn: Mauricio Fulgencio (marr.)

———— Francisco Campugan

———— Maria Campugan (1861-

———— Felipe Aleyra(?)

= Justa Barangan

———— Crispina Campugan

=1 (pnc)

———— Ines Campugan

= Licerio Camingao Baragasao

———Maria Catalina (1827–   ) pDn: Maria Catalina (bapt.)

——Dominga Bargamento (       ) pDn: Ma. Dominga (marr.)

——=(1819) Alvino Barcelo (   -1857) pDn: Alvino (marr.)

———Saturnino Lucas (1820–   ) pDn: Saturnino Lucas (bapt.)

———Cornelio Barcelo (1822–  ) AKA Cecilio, Basilio

———=(1852) Eduviges Barluado Bareng

———Marcos Ybañez (1825–    ) pDn: Marcos Ybañez (bapt.)

———Florencio Barcelo (1827-1852) pDn: Francisco Florencio (bapt.)

———Martina Barcelo (1829

———=1(1855) Florencio Candar Bareng

————Felipe Bareng (1868-

=(1891) Vicenta Bargamento Francisco

———=2)1876) Marcelo Campoy

———Honoria Barcelo (1831-    ) pDn: Ma. Honoria (bapt.)

———=(1851) Anacleto Camomot Barbeiros

——Eustaquio Bargamento (   -1879) pDn: Francisco Eustaquio

——= Teresa Laoron (       ) pDn: Ma. Teresa

———Balvino Bargamento (1835=1885)

———= Gregoria Pelimer

————Tomas Bargamento

= Maria Lauas

————Santiago Bargamento

= Aniceta Oacan

————Pelagio Bargamento

= Leoteria Sormillon Manog

————Primitivo Bargamento

= Arsemoa Zafra Tanginan

————Simon Bargamento (   -1902)

———Francisca Bargamento


————Ruperta Bargamento (1886-

————Felipa Bargamento (calc. 1887-

=(1912) Pablo Potot Amores (calc. 1886-

=2) Isidoro Solon Ramos

————Saturnino Ramos (   -1885)

————Agapito Solon (   -1889)

———Eduvigio Bargamento

———= Leocadia Manigos Pantilgoni

————Maria Bargamento (   -1886) child

————Eustaquia Bargamento (   -1890) child

————Sixto Bargamento (1887-

————Primitiva Bargamento (1889-

———Eduvigis Bargamento (   -1909)

———Macario Manigos

——Roberto Bargamento (       ) AKA Mamerto

——= Dominga Maniscan

———Ysidoro Bargamento (   -1893)

———=1) Bibiana Dandan Laoron

————Valeriana Bargamento (   -1872) child

———=2) Leocadia Manmalabon Lapiña (       ) AKA Macaria

————Nicolas Bargamento

= Vicenta Genodefanon Barateria

————Crispulo Bargamento (   -1883)

————Facundo Bargamento (   -1883)

————Telesforo Bargamento (1883-

————Cecilia Bargamento (1884-

————Basilia Bargamento (   -1885) Cecilia?

————Sergio Bargamento (1886-

————Juana Bargamento (   -1891) child

————Fortunata Bargamento (   -1893) child

————Licerio Bargamento (   -1893) child; Sergio?

———Eugenia Bargamento (   -1903)

———= Pablo Satorre

———Juan Bargamento

———= Anacleta Panginajug? Fano

————Benita Bargamento (   -1879) child

————Lorenza Bargamento (   -1890) escuela

————German Bargamento (   -1889) child

————Jacinta Bargamento (1886-

————Vicenta Bargamento (   -1886) child; Jacinta?

———Rosenda Bargamento

———= Pedro Camingaoan Tatoy

————Gregoria Tatoy (   -1877) child

———Ysidora Bargamento (calc. 1839-1919) vda in Burial

——Candida Bargamento (       ) pDn: Ma. Candida

——= Feliciano Barga (   -1880) pDn: Dionisio Feliciano

———Maria Engracia (1828–   ) pDn: Ma. Engracia

———Custodio Barga

———Felicia Camelote (       ) AKA Feliciana

————Elias Barga (calc. 1856-

=1(1877) Ciriaca Sanipa Quijon (   -1891)

=2) Eulalia Barajon Sinajon

=3(1906) Toribia Alfafara Emnacen

————Cesaria Barga (   -1892)

= Nicasio Barateria Bargayo

————Julian Barga (1860

=(1884) Liceria Alcoseba Aleguiojo (calc. 1866-

————Eustaquia Barga

= Timoteo Alcover Campugan

————Benigno Barga

= Gertrudes Sabong (       ) Gertrudes Solon?



  1. ALoha! Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo – Thank you Thank you Thank you for posting the genealogy of the Bargamento Family. I see that my great great great grandfather Juan Bargamento and his wife Anacleta Fano are on your list, but my great great grandfather Alejandro Bargamento and his family are not listed. Thank you again, Kylene Bargamento

    • i admire you still know who was your great-great-grandfather. you must belong to the 1-percent who do (mostly the family genealogists). I also just entered the name benita bargamento as a child of juan-anacleta. i really have missed any record for alejandro. this is where you would be able to help and extend the bargamento tree file. can you make a family tree from alejandro, his wife, on down to you and the rest of your generation? that’s the main purpose i publish my files–so others can help on it. i help you, you can help me, too.

      • Of course! Sorry, i havenʻt looked on your site for awhile. Do you want me to put the family tree in the reply or do you have another email?

        • it’s in the about page. but it’s:

          i’m already eager for your tree.

          • just sent it! Let me know if you have problems reading it.

  2. i was overwhelmed abt my clan yet i dont know my roots very well and i need to know more who is my great great grand father…my grand father is amadeo bargamento i have know one to ask my father is loreto bargamento..

    • @mariza, if you can give dates for your grandfather and father, it’ll make my search easier. how about also giving me names of your grandfather’s brothers and sisters. that way if i don’t have his particular information, i may have his brothers or sisters. thank you.

  3. my father’s other sibling was the late paulino bargamento father of merceles in carcar and the famous owner of luz kinilaw place in davao..i think other siblings of my grandfather was in the name of sebastian.hope this may help…

    • hi, i am from negros..i wish i could see my relatives here in the philippines..can we organize a reunion for our clan nationwide…

      • i think (but could be wrong) that amadeo’s grandparents on the family tree above is domingo bargamento-romana baracol. your family tree which i requested will confirm it.

    • “ its so many grand father“,,, mmm“ im sure from car2x kayo,,

  4. this is very impressive! I really wanted to trace my ancestors and create a family tree of Bargamento. Thanks for this post now I know that they’re from Carcar. I really wanted to visit Carcar soon and meet my relatives.

    • hi,,,im lexter bargamento of lolo is jesus bargamento

  5. i’m anthony g. gellecanao from bacolod city, presently working here in Commission on Audit here in Central Office Quezon City i’m interested to know about Ms. Magdalena Alchachopas Gellecanao pls. sent me any info about her. your reply will be highly appreciated nthanks regards to Bargamentos Clan

    • i have next to nothing about her except for the baptism of her son meliton alera in 1884 that identified her and her parents–atanasio gellecanao and josefa alcachopas and those of her husband bonifacio aleyra’s (also as alera) shown above.

  6. Hi! Do u have any record of a JUAN BARGAMENTO who married a certain NARCISA INDIOLA? Their children were Eugenio, Sebastian, Demetrio, Adriana, Genoveva, Ireneo and Modesto. Would appreciate whatever info you can give. God bless.

    • do you have a family tree from juan and narcisa to their present descendants?

      • I am working on the family tree actually. I was just wondering when I googled Juan Bargamento, there is no record that shows Juan married to a Narcisa Indiola.

        • you are looking at an older ancestor juan. i also do not have the record of juan and narcisa’s marriage. pls email me ( the outline of your family tree from juan.

          above, pls see cipriano-ambrosia camoro and their son domingo and wife romana baracol. found them? your juan is a son of domingo and romana.

          i’ve helped you so now please help me by giving me your family tree also so our project can get off the ground.

  7. hi needs information about my ancestors in carcar, barili, dumanjug. any idea about a grand reunion again in 2012?

    • hello i’m jennia bargamento from manila i wish i could meet our ancestors their in carcar

  8. hai! tita and tito!

  9. hi po jennia bargamento po to i wonder if do you have a record sa bargamento family in negros occidental, calatrava tnxs……….:)

  10. could it be possible that Elias Bargayo is Elias Barga? we’re looking for my grandfather Elias Bargayo from Carcar, who went to Silay, Negros Occidental and changed his name into Elias Canceller. any information will be appreciated.

  11. hi i’m jean bargamento ,father Sebastian bargamento. I don’t know my familys . I live in las vegas 4730 e. craig rd #1057 las vegas 89115

  12. Hi! I’m Ron Bargamento. My grandfather is Alfonso Bargamento, my dad’s name is Teodulfo Generalao Bargamento. They lived in San Fernando but they are from Carcar originally. Thanks.

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