Alfafara (Laurente)

ALFÁFARA (Laurente line)


3 Generations

Although some records say that Santiago Laurente was born in Talisay, but his was previously the more political of the two Alfafara lines, more than that of Vicente’s. Although Vicente had been a cabeza by the 1820s yet, it was Laurente’s sons Marciano and Martin were cabezas de barangay (at the same time) by 1850 . But as fate would have it, Marciano would have all girls and Martin appeared to have had only one married son, although daughter Luisa’s son, Timoteo Y. Alfafara, also became a cabeza and was very prominent in Carcar affairs. In a reconstruction of the family done by Alfafara descendants (Vicente line), Timoteo was erroneously reconstructed as a son of a Jorge Alfafara and Iska Caballero, although research of records tends to write the two off as a probably non-existent couple and that Timoteo was instead a son of Luisa Alfafara, daughter of Martin here below. Other than this slip of memory, the reconstruction clearly demonstrated an unbelievable family mobilization effort right down to the present generation.

The Pagusara family account of having been left in Talisay, if ultimately confirmed, may point to Laurente as also the father of the Pagusara patriarch, Patricio Pagusara, but unanswered points would also give rise to speculations why the Pagusaras did not simply volunteer to their Talisay cabeza or parish priest the fact that their main family was in Carcar and named Alfafara, to which surname, per the Claveria decree itself, Patricio and his family would have been perfectly entitled to, also.  Records say Patricio was born and resided in Talisay but died and was buried in Carcar in 1895 and that his parents were a Laurente (!) and Maria.  Laurente Alfafara’s wife Joaquina Maria was also mentioned only as Joaquina in some records, but never as only  Maria.  Patricio’s two sons of which I have a record are also much younger than the other grandchildren of Laurente.  But I have a feeling that, if not some other record in Carcar, Talisay records if available could also finally confirm this connection.

[10-May-2011: over the weekend, my reading in Carcar (1815-1826 Bapt) may have been been rewarded with, among other finds for other families, what may be the second clue for the Pagusara tieup. I found the baptismal of a Patricio Gabriel (bapt 14-Mar-1821, 1 week old), son of Santiago Laurente and Ma. Juaquina. There is a post-notation identification in the record that says “Alfafara”. If he is the Patricio Pagusara, the latter’s children Jacinto (born 1877) and Apolonio by Columba Cibua, may indeed open the possibility of Columba’s being a second wife, if not a much much younger first/only, since Patricio Gabriel would have been already 56 by the birth of Jacinto. ]

[13-Jun-2011: Although overall the 1815-26 Baptism volume located for me dates for many early Carcar individuals, new problems also presented themselves. There was  a baptism 7-Jul-1826 for Maria Bedala, 1 week, daughter of Francisco Martiano and Ma. Bacilia. A post-notation on the record said “Alfafara” and I presume the parents would be Laurente’s son Marciano and wife Basilisa. Except I have a tentative marriage date– 1830– for the two. Or do I? The marriage, 30-Apr-1830, was of Francisco Mariano and Ma. Vasilisa. Same persons? Extremely unhelpful was the fact that their parents are not mentioned in this record (as with other records of that volume until some months later). Two courses of action then:  seek an earlier marriage, or check the baptism record again whether it said Maria Bedala was an hija legitima or natural. If no earlier marriage can be found, plus Maria Bedala was legitimate, then just put off the marriage date as a note.]

— o0o —

Laurente Santiago (   -1845) AKA Clemente; Brgy of D. Antonio Urbano in 1828 marriage of daughter Martina

=Joaquina Maria (    –1849)

Culacita Albarado (    -1817)

Francisco Ventura (calc. 1807-

–=(1834) Ma. Adriana (calc. 1820-

Marciano Alfafara (   -1892) pDn: Marciano Francisco

–=(1830) Basilisa Baquilir  (   -1865) from Argao pDn: Ma. Basilisa

—-Vidala Alfafara (1826-1876) pDn: Ma. Bedala (bapt.)

=1) Hilario Alega Alegrado  (1820-1860) pDn: Ylario Camingaoan (bapt.)


=3) Eugenio Alde

—-Matea Alfafara (18281903) pDn: Maria Mathea

=(1846) Vicente Caballero  (      ) from San Nicolas; pDn: Vicente Antonio

—-Anastacia Alfafara (1833-1862) pDn: Ma. Athanasia

=(1859) Hilario Alcoy Alcuesar

—-Escolastica Alfafara (1837-    ) pDn: Rosa Escolastica (bapt.)

=(1885) Antonio Avilla (Abella?)

=2) Luisa Pestañas

—-Ysidora Alfafara (1839-1895) pDn: Ma. Ysidora

= Valentin Campañon Alvarado  (   -1907)

—-Angela Alfafara (   -1868)

=(1866) Agustin Macala

—-Manuela Alfafara (   -1886)

=)1866) Teodoro Genoni Tanuco (    ) AKA Isidoro

Martina Alfafara (   -1894) pDn: Ma. Martina (marr.)

–=(1828) Pedro Alvarado (       ) pDn: Pedro Albarado (marr.)

—-Mauricio Juanillo (1829–   ) pDn: Mauricio Juanillo

—-Maria Francisca (1831–   ) pDn: Maria Francisca

—-Nicolas Alvarado (1833–   ) pDn: Nicolas de la Cruz

=Feliciana Aledo

—-Tiburcio Albarado (1835–   ) pDn: Tiburcio Albarado

—-Benito Albarado (1837–   ) pDn: Benito Albarado

—-Ambrosio Alvarado (       ) Tiburcio?

=Martina Dayuja

—-Severo Alvarado (1850

Martin Alfafara (1818-1875) pDn: Marten Jabello (bapt.)

–=(1842) Leonora Navarro  (    1860) pDn: Ma. Leonora

—-Pedro Paciano (    –1843)

—-Josefa Alfafara (   -1857)

—-Micaela Angela (18451849) pDn: Mecaila Angela (bapt), Micaela Nicolasa (burial)

—-Catalino Alfafara (1847–   ) pDn:

—-Eduarda Alfafara (18491945) pDn: Eduarda Ma.

=(1868) Laurencio Alcoseba Ybañez  (       ) AKA Lorenzo

—-Nicomedes Alfafara (   -1866)

—-Luisa Alfafara (1853-1894)


=2(1877) Ysidoro (Laoat) Alcuesar  (1850-

—-Evarista Alfafara (1855-1857)

—-Santiago Alfafara (1857-1859)

—-Nicacio Alfafara (1859–   ) Micacio in Marriage

=1(1884) Filomena Emnacen Alcorcon  (   -1886)

=2) Catalina Flores Regis

Juana Alfafara (   -1883) pDn: Maria Juana

–= (1841) Casimiro Alecha (       ) pDn: Casimiro de la Assumpcion

Patricio Gabriel (1821–    ) pDn: Patricio Gabriel (bapt.)

Eustaquia Alfafara (   -1884)

–=Domingo Daan

Maria Alfafara (   -1894)

–= Jose Caballero

—-Ygnacio Cavallero

=(1867) Felicia Lanada


The Pagusara family:



Patricio Pagusara (     -1895 Carcar)

–=Columbia Sibua

—-Jacinto Pagusara (1877-1961)

=(1899) Romana Barcelos Cui  (1876-1948)

—-Apolonio Pagusara (

=(1901) Liceria Roca Alcuetas

(under reconstruction)


  1. Vip, this is with regards to the true name of Patricio Pagusara. Patricio’s real name was Gabriel Laurente who migrated to Talisay with his girlfriend Estefania upon the advise of his friend a guardia civil after he got into trouble with the frayle who Patricio accused of making passes at his girlfriend. His union with Estefania did not bore him a child. His second marriage to Columba Cebua y Zafra of Tungkop, Minglanilla bore him two sons, Jacinto and Apolonio.
    Patricio chose not to carry the family name of his father Laurente Alfafara to conceal his true identity which he kept from spanish authorities.

    • such is the time we miss our ancestors the most, when we have questions they could have answered to our hearts’ content. but it’s wonderful the pagusara family has retained a family history of patricio. but we don’t really know his reason for not using alfafara. his supposed father, laurente santiago, was never known as an alfafara because he died in 1845, before the surname was given. there is a record or two saying laurente santiago was a native of talisay, but other records say he was a native of carcar. by “native of” i mean born in that place. an interesting point would also be how patricio was able to use pagusara, unless it was a surname given in talisay, because a doubt must be registered whether a person can make up his own surname at the time.

      • also, jun i missed asking this point: where did you get the name gabriel laurente?

  2. My grand father “Jacinto York Pagusara”

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