i am jasmine camomot-caguimbal, one of the long family of camomot, living in zamboanga city. my great great grandfather’s name is narciso camomot and my father is narcisco camomot. last 2006 i and my husband had the opportunity to visit my camomot family at carar cebu, and luckily i’ve found lola eliza and lola estela the sisters of the late arch. teofilo camomot. but i didnt had my chance to visit my camomot family of carcar which was located at the bukid daw sabi ni lola elisa… in the internet i kept of searching about my family tree and i felt lucky again when i emailed atty. dino camomot and he responded me…to my camomot family i would be glad if you acknowledgment us here in zamboanga city as a part of you family circle.

By: jasmine Camomot-Caguimbal on October 2, 2009
at 10:53 am



  1. @jasmine, i have a Narciso Camomot born 1885 in Carcar and no record for his line beyond that baptism. He may be your 2Ggrandfather. His father was Bonifacio and grandfather Vicente. I reached only up to Vicente for his line. If you can make your family tree from the first Narciso down to you and your siblings, I would be very elated. It will be part of the Camomot Family tree records that we’ll leave to the town. Please do that. Hope to hear from you.

  2. jasmine my lolo was vicente camomot but he stayed with my lola in sibonga 10kms away from carcar. my lola was esperanze llanos. my real name nga is vincenzo hahahaha. anyway im based in davao and you can listen to me on the net at my show is daily at 3-6pm

    • ikaw diay ang anak ni baby dong;kami si tio nimo tony ang magkaidad, didto mi magpuyo sa ilang tia bebay sa high school pa mi, ipon sab si papa nimo.adto sa carcar families ug ablihi ang camomot family kay ako ang taga update.

    • yes tiyo im am the youngest son of baby. my older brothers name is pocholo.

  3. To Jasmine: The one you just mention as sisters of Arch. Teofilo Camomot are Hediliza Camomot Aranas (just died last 2008) and Remedios Camomot Baricuatro( youngest in the family now 81 yrs,my mother} Estela (Stella ) is my younger sister.

    • oww really? they treated us very well, please extend my regards to lola remedios and auntie estela…

  4. Francis diay

  5. a year ago (2 october 2009) i’d asked jasmine camomot-caguimbal (first entry above) to trace her line from the narciso camomot she’d mentioned, that is, make narciso’s family tree of descendants. to date, i have not received a response from her along that line. so please, jasmine, do so now so that our camomot file can move forward as it can only do so, especially in cases when an individual migrates outside of carcar– only when his descendants, like you jasmine, can make the correct connection. thanks and i’ll still be waiting…

  6. Vip, im sorry i didnt had the time for the request which your are asking. due to time constrained, i was very busy on my work but i promise that i will find time for this…actually my family named spelled camumut, according to my grand mother when narciso camomot came in zamboanga city they ask him what is his hamily name and hi answered with a visayan expression narciso camumut, but originally it is narcico camomot…from my ggrant father narciso camomot married to segunda mallari the childrens are: feliseo, roberta, rupina, purisima, isidro, carmen and faustino as my grand father is married to carmen domingo and childrens are: segundino, bonifacio, teresita, soledad, piedad and narciso who is my father who named after my ggrand father. my father is married to annabelle torralba and the children are jasmine, garaldin and joenard.. a long time ago the original narciso camomot died and buried here in ayala, zamboanga city

  7. i will try my best to such family tree thanks.

    • that was good the tracing you give on the post above this. the narciso in my file had parents bonifacio and faustina barajon, and siblings silvestra, bartolome and maybe others. silvestra had a daughter anastasia before she married wenceslao alcover. if your father or uncles had a past contact with narciso’s family in carcar, to these individuals then that’s his family line.

  8. I am the dino camomot that jasmine contacted a few years ago. my parents were married in the states in 1967, and me and my brother and sisters were born and raised in the USA too.

    my father is wigberto condevillamar camomot and is from tuburan, but his father (my grandfather) is from carcar, i think. my grandfather is jose camomot and grandmother is guadalupe condevillamar. they had nine kids, one of whom is my dad wigberto.

    my dad’s grandfather is zacarias camomot and grandmother is remigia quijano. dad thinks they had sixteen children and he can only remember a few of them (his dad, of course, dr. contancio camomot, genoviva c. mahinay, vicente camomot, jacinto camomot, remigia jaen, sor felicidad camomot). that’s as far as my dad has figured out, and he asked to pass along this info to you.

    my dad married soledad gloria A. abunda from borongan samar, and have 4 kids – me (1967), clint (1968), tara (1970) and chona (1982). Tara married dr. curtis jackson wray and they have two kids (tatum and evan). i married joy kathleen tenbarge and have one son (max condevillamar camomot). clint and chona are single.

    whatever you know and can learn, my father would be most grateful.

    • dino, i have the family line of zacarias and have added your abunda-camomot data to it. i won’t give you the file for camomot (which was co-made with galo silva) because i won’t publish what i haven’t cross-checked. there are some lines that for me need confirmations. but you can contact galo of course ( he’s based in las vegas last i knew.

    • Dear dino just read your post my grandfather was vicente your granfathers brother. Sor felicidad was close to us also when i was growing up in manila. Im now based here in davao.

      • Yes, my dad wig is very familiar with you!

  9. i heard that at a very recent Camomot family reunion, a whole branch could not be linked to everybody else, because the larger group were all related to each other. anybody care to enlighten us there?

    • I’ sorry vip I just saw this today; The Camomot’s had a reunion last July in Carcar. Most of those who attended were from the Pedro Camomot, Jose Camomot-Andrea Barasona group which I belong. I could not attend because I was already there in March.
      The other Camomot’s we have already them on record, comes from the Lucio Camomt-Gregoria Campana, Jose Camomot-Magdalena Barauidan,
      Alejandro Camomot-Perpetua Cabigas, and Toribio Camomot-Rufina Pacana. I had talked to Cora Camomot Sanders, daughter of Toribio
      Camomot and we had compiled a list of more 200 members of their
      family. I would upload it in our yahoogroups site.
      10:35 PST
      14 Oct 2012

      • wow, they should have consulted you before the reunion. are you on facebook, gal?

        • no vip, but my sister is on it; I have seen some pictutres of the reunion, the Zacarias group is well represented.
          I have uploaded the Lucio Camomot treein our yahoo groups.
          I have also contacted the son of Eden Silva to send his email
          address to me so I can send him the Silva tree and invited him
          to join our group.

  10. I knew Mamemg Camomot for a long time before the war and the 2 Religious brothers(Diosdado & Teofilo) as my late father Ismael Alvarez used to work with D Diocese so I am eager to know where Mameng is now. I live now in USA and definitely I will try my best to be present when the Pope proclaims him a Saint. Pls. keep me posted on the whereabouts of Mameng Camomot, thanks!

    • is mameng the one named maximina, married to celestino hernandez? Per the family tree reconstructed by galo q. silva, a camomot family member, maximina died in 9-dec-1989. monsignor camomot’s only living sibling is the youngest, remedios baricuatro who is 85 and lives in carcar at the house of their parents.

  11. Unforttunately with all the excitement after receiving your answer, I immediately answered and pushed the wrong button and lost my mail to you. As I said I plan to fly to the Phils. For that special day when our Holy Father comes to honor Mons.Teofilo. And YES … Mameng is then Maximina and all the time , my sister Tess & I thought her name was Carmen. I would like very much to see Remedios and give her a hug. I still have some pictures of Mameng when she attended my wedding which took place at the Archbishops Palace in Cebu last June 19,1948. Please keep me posted with all the coming events and thanks for your quick reply.

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