Carcar  people, myself included, concede that the Noels have been the most influential family in Carcar history. They have had five mayors—after Florencio first became gobernadorcillo in 1879, his sons Vicente, Mariano and Maximino and grandson Arsenio Noel have stepped into the office, too.

On the other hand, the Barcenas family already had three gobernadorcillos (in recorded history) even before Florencio Noel arrived in Carcar: Policarpio, Pedro and Vito.  Based on Vicente Noel’s compilation of Carcar mayors, Pedro Barcenas was mayor at least three times (Florencio Noel, six).

But if we count Gregorio Silva and Andres Jimena Avila (both of whose first wives were Barcenas) that’s also quite a hold on power, or being near to it, by a Carcar family.

And while the Noel rise was meteoric, 66 uneventful years in terms of official role have already passed for the family in the town* since Arsenio Noel served as mayor from 1942-43.  Meanwhile, Mario Patricio Barcenas (Vito’s 3great-grandson) signaled his family was back in the saddle again when he became mayor in 2001 and is serving his third term until next year 2010.

Meanwhile, a Barcenas family historian has also claimed reconstructing the family tree through church records, internet files, and interviews. Since the result of his work resembles very closely that of mine, I will leave the family’s history to him, I will just be duplicating the effort.

In the 2010 Voters list for Carcar, there are 108 voters surnamed Barcenas, the 89th most numerous surname in the list.


* Thus discounting Florencio G. Noel, the first Florencio’s great-grandson, who is currently a member of the Philippine House of Representatives but as An-Waray party list representative.

Five Generations

(photo below shows Vito Barcenas’s signature–Vito Barcenas Mod.o (Modesto). Before the Claveria decree, he was known as Vito Modesto. When the family was assigned the surname, he (along with every other Filipino) had to write his new name this way: old first name-new surname-old second name–the style looking very much like the use of the Spanish maternal surname. The form was laid out in the decree itself. Many followed the prescription but after a while dropped the old second name altogether. Like, this was 1863 already and except for him the 11 others who’d signed on this document were not using the second name any more. However, it must be noted that many individuals, instead of their first names, used their second names as the new first names, one reason for which may also be because of the frequent interchanging of the two names [see Baptisms 1827-1839 Carcar]. Thus, one baptized Juan Lucio in 1834 became Lucio Alcordo.)



Policarpio Barcenas (       ), pDn: Policarpio Santiago; gobernadorcillo

=Gervasia Alcorisa  (       ), pDn: Gervasia Catalina

—-Vito Barcenas (   –1882), pDn: Vito Modesto; gobernadorcillo

=Antonina Alcover Alcos (   –1883)

DSCF3579 Barcenas Vito copy carcarfamilies

——Gervasio Barcenas (1825-1903)

=(1847) Apolinaria Aleson  (1828-1900), pDn: Ana Polinaria

——–Apolinario/Januario Barcenas

=Cecilia/Basilia Panginajug Fano

——–Leoncio Barcenas (   -1851)

——–Andrés Barcenas (1850-1851)

——–Pablo Barcenas (   -1860)

——–Anacleta Barcenas (1854-


——–Timotea Barcenas (1855-

=(1875) Bonifacio Barceló Aleonar  (1854-1925)

——–Apolinaria Barcenas (1857-

——–Escolástico Barcenas (1859-

=(1891) Catalina Bargayo Bacus

——–Pablo Barcenas (1861-

——–Simeona Barcenas (1862-

=1(1885) Pastor Soroño Campugan

=2(1911) Francisco Quijoy Pangálay

——–Francisca Barcenas (1864-

——–Eustaquia Barcenas (1865-1883)

=(1882) Pedro Monsanal Quemada

——–Felipa Barcenas (   -1892)

=(1892) Pedro Panaguinip Gellaconi

——Higino Francisco (1827–   ) pDn: Higino Francisco

——Maria Donata (1828–   ). pDn: Maria Donata

——Francisco Barcenas (1831–   ) pDn: Francisco Santiago

=(1852) Balbina Barentos Dayanán

——–Juana Barcenas

=Pedro Propios Simporios

——–Prudencia Barcenas


——Juana Barcenas (1833-1874) pDn: Juana Josefa

=Segundo Alcorcón

——–Ysabel Alcorcon

=Segundo Barcelona Satot

——–Ramona Alcorcon


——Marcelo Barcenas

=Pascuala Candanosa Sagolili  (   -1909)

——–Dionisio Barcenas

=Concepción Geraldo Alecha

=(Feligia Larita)

——–Juan Barcenas

=Maria Candiong Gentápan

——–Sotero Barcenas

=(1891) Isabel Poncardas Alfáfara  (1873-

——–Froilan Barcenas (   -1874)

——–Basilia Teofista Barcenas

=(1903) Pedro Juguio Fano

——–Teófila Barcenas


——–Pánfilo Barcenas (1880-1924)

=(1905) Laureana Alcoy Cantalicio

——–Paciencia Barcenas

=Silverio Candiong Gentápan

——–Ysidoro Barcenas (1884-

=(1905) Adriana Barbón Aleguiojo

——–Jacinto Barcenas (1887-1902)

——–Patricia Barcenas (   -1909)

=Emilio Oasaoas

——–Plácida Barcenas


——Ysidro Barcenas

=Cristina/Martina Núñez Volante

——–Guillerma Barcenas

——–Tomasa Barcenas (1884-

=(1911) Potenciano Dayaganon Ygos

——–Silvestre Barcenas

=(1909) Ysidra Dayaganon Tesoro

——–Ysidora Barcenas

=(1908) Enrique Briones Quindala

——–Roberto Barcenas (1890-

——–Irene Barcenas (1892-1918)

=Raimundo Daris? Bacalso

——Baldomero Barcenas

=Victoriana/Martiniana Hellorda

——–Rufino Barcenas

=1) Blasa Dayagdal Dayanco

=2(1909) Petronila Dayaganon Navilla

——–Francisco Barcenas

=Victoria Gildore

——–Silvestre Barcenas (1886-

——–Eugenia Barcenas

=(1909) Magno Dayaganon Tesoro

——–Canuta Barcenas (   -1902)

=Balbino Dayupay

——Eulogío Barcenas

=Custodia Librea

——–José Barcenas

=Juana Baquirio Aleser

——–Evaristo Barcenas (   -1885)

——–Urbano Barcenas

=Maximina Pangjubasan Malig-on

——–Agatón Barcenas

=Anacleta Misión

——–Ambrosio Barcenas

——–Sixto Barcenas

——–Jacinto Barcenas

=Marcela Pahaganas

——–Procopio Barcenas

——–Máximo Barcenas

——–Hilario Barcenas

——–Narciso Barcenas

——–Mamerta Barcenas

=_____ Ramos

——Maria Barcenas (   -1891)

=Ciriaco Gabuya

——Justo Bonifacio (1839–   ) pDn: Justo Bonifacio

—-Estefa Barcenas (       ), pDn: Estefa Silvestra

=(1837) Gregorio Espinosa Silva[1] (   -1887), gobernadorcillo

——Apolonio Silva (1840-1908)

=(1860) Celedonia Alcaparras Alcudia

——–Lorenza Silva (1860-

——–Francisca Silva (1861-1862)

——–Ysabel Silva

=(1884) Ambrosio del Corro Ybáñez

——–Julián Silva (   -1868)

——–Juan Silva

=Bonifacia Baquinos Alcover

——–Gregorio Silva

=Susana Alesna Ybáñez

——–María Silva (1872-


——–Pedro Silva (1876-

=(1904) Florencia Alcos Satorre

——–Vicente Silva

=(1904) Francisca Alega Campanilla

——Ygnacio Silva (   -1887)

=(1863) Donata Bardi Navarro

——Benito Silva (1845–    ) bapt Benito Enriquez

=1(1867) Clara Sasuman Satinitigan

——–Silvestra Silva

=(1892) Cirilo Cacafranca

——–Francisca Silva (   -1896)

=Eugenio Laorden

——–Filomena Silva (1871-1874)

——–Ygnacia Silva (1873-

——–Servando Silva (1876-

=(1901) Valentina Florido Cuico

——–Juana Silva

=Juan Abres Acuña

——–Melquiades Silva (1887-

=2) Severa Solon Limbaga

——–Eulalia Silva (1896-

=Pedro Lofranco

——–Casiano Silva (1898-

——–(blank) Silva  (   -1900), (Casiano?)

——–Bonifacio Silva (1900-

=(1923) Anselma Embrado Cui  (1899-

——–Benita Silva (1903-

=Mauricio Alcoseba Enanoria

——–Porfiria Silva (1904-

=Santiago Villordón

——–Trinidad Silva (1907-1985)

=(1934) Catalina Lapira (Garces)

——–Nemesio Silva (1910-

=(1936) Lucía Domínguez

——Ramona Silva (1847-1868)

——Agustina Silva (1850

=(1880) Antonio Abayabay

—-Rafael Santiago (calc. 1814-1831) pDn: Rafael Santiago (bur.)

—-Feliciana Catalina (1819-1831) pDn: Feliciana Catalina (bapt.)

—-Ynés Barcenas (       ), pDn: Ynes Cathalina

=(1843) Andrés Jimena (Ávila)  (       ), pDn: Andres Avelino; gobernadorcillo

——Magdalena Jimena (1850

—-Engracia Barcenas (       ), pDn: Engracia Facunda

=(1847) Victor Alcorcon  (       ), pDn: Victor Narciso

——Filomena Alcorcon (   -1900)

=Domingo Enanoria Emnace

——–Macario Emnace (1889-

——Marcelo Alcorcon (   -1891)

=Petrona Albao

——–Trifusa Alcorcon (   -1881)

——–Felimon Alcorcon (   -1892)

——–Josefa Alcorcon (1891-

——–Maria Consolacion Alcorcon? (21-Sep-1892 [2]

—–Bernardina Barcenas (   -1879), single

[1] In the 1837 marriage record, he was identified as Gregorio Silva de Espinosa, criollo. If correct, criollo makes Gregorio either a son born in the country of two pure Spaniards from Spain, or of two but one or both of whom were already born in the islands. The Criollo classification predates the peninsulares-insulares coinage. This also “ranks” ahead of a mestizo Español because the latter signifies indio or mestizo Sangley maternity already. But most other later records classified Gregorio as mestizo Español, however.

[2] Alcorcon died 15 Feb 1891, 19 months before, but the record said her parents were Marcelo and Petrona.

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