[17-Sep-2012]: The surname can be grouped with the Em- surnames distributed in Carcar (Emnace, Emnacen, Embalzado, Embarnace, Embate, Embrado, Embuscado, Empleo, etc). The catálogo de apellidos of the Claveria decree spells it Emnase (likewise Emnasen and Embarnasen) and the family came from Bohol (as also Emnacen and Empleo).  The once distinct families Emnace and Emnacen have somewhat blurred in the town and a number of Carcaranons descended from Emnacen may now be carrying the Emnace surname — through an error. That may be why as a result there are now far fewer Emnacen in Carcar than Emnace.

In fact, the second generation Pedro Emnacen married Toribia Emnace, and Pedro’s younger brother Gregorio, married Victoria Emnace. Evidences, however, point to the two Emnacen men and Emnace women as having been born in Bohol but got married already in Carcar. Pedro resided in Luanluan and became a cabeza de barangay.

[11-Feb-2013]: Two grade school classmates of mine belonged to the Emnace family. One was Aaron Alcoseba (now an Salesian priest in Thailand) whose mother was Myrna Emnace, and the other, Arlan Emnace (also living abroad). Their two lines are among the more well-known Emnace lines in Carcar.

Sometime last year, I had the chance to trace the pedigree of Fr.  Aaron’s grandfather, Raimundo Emnace. I texted the good priest’s brother with the result: Raimundo was baptized an Emnacen and descended from the Emnacen family.

Thus I often thought of Arlan and, might his family also be Emnacen? But it was only some weeks ago at their family mausoleum at the old Catholic cemetery that I found some dates which I could hinge my search on. 

And it wasn’t only this week that I got to visit the Carcar convent again and, armed with the birthdate of grandfather Laureano Emnace, found his baptism in 1896. But it was for Laureano Emnacen. He was the son of Facundo Barcelona Emnacen, son of Benigno Emnace Emnacen, son of Pedro Emnacen, son of Josef Custodio. All Emnacen. And that meant my classmate Arlan and his siblings are 7th generation in the Emnacen family. By the way, Arlan’s father had been baptized as Amador Emnace in 1932. 

I have , however, yet to be able to find up the parentage of Benigno Emnace Emnacen’s (above) mother Toribia Emnace to be able to “declare” the siblings’ lineage in the Emnace family, itself. But, for sure, Amador Emnace’s father, Laureano, was an Emnacen.

On a personal note, the discoveries about this latter Emnacen family had me in a glow for days. Facundo Barcelona Emnacen (Laureano’s father) was married to Marta Bargamento Alesna, related to me in the Tigley family of Barili (see Family Search: A Barili family tree crosses to Carcar).

(reconstruction going on)

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my grandmother was teresa Emnace alcos her father was emiliano zafra alcos and her mother was cristeta fernandez emnace i was told cristetas parents were tomas emnace and merced fernandez…do you have any records of any?some relatives say they are from car car some say fernandez is from talisay,and when i was a kid i remember the chapel in calamba san nicolas cemetary had many emnace names engraved on the walls but they have now since detroyed them when they renovated and “repaired”…also my great grandma merced was Mestiza espanol i assumed it was from her fernandez side bec she was born 1870s-1880s and said to be from talisay whose govenor was silverio fernandez..could it be that there is a spanish fernandez and also a fernandez surname given to another clan not related? best regards!


  1. @gervacio, Tomas Emnace’s parents were Bonifacio Emnace and Silvestra Enanoria but my files for both run only up to them. Merced Fernandez’s parents were Vicente Fernandez and Quirina Nadal. And that’s also as far as my file have reached. There was no mention of Vicente as mestizo Español or from Talisay. But two lines of Fernandez were said to be from Talisay, one from San Nicolas, none said to be mestizo Español. Since Fernandez is very much a Spanish surname it may also have been given out not only in Cebu but also elsewhere in the country. There is a Fernandez family of Surigao with strong Kastila features who may have come from your Fernandez of Talisay. One even became a governor of Surigao.

    • hello,
      thank you so much im amazed how your quick..belive me ive been to the nso and they pass me from office to office and cant even give me a death cert of my grams bec i only know the year she died and not the month…and i wanted it to help me with my family search..so thank you=).also can i ask where you got the info and do you have any years or birthdates?thanks kindly

      • if a government agency, especially the nso, needs to ask for the month and god forbid, the exact day, then either the personnel are just plain lazy, but worse, the office may have not made a data base of their records. that does not speak well of their being supposedly a statistics office, how can you crunch numbers without a data base?

    • if you happen to be able to get me dates years of birth or marriage etc also any details you might be able to tell me about them work etc..also merced fernandez had a sister seniora susana fernandez do you have any record of her/she was born 1880 aug or may.thanks again

    • her sister susana fernandez born 1880 did as you mentioned live in san nicolas but i dont know if she was from san nicolas or carcar or talisay

      • @gervacio, perhaps your using two surnames may have worked against you at the nso. in san fernando, cebu, i experienced a similar disappointment. i was able to narrow the death of a grandaunt only to about 6 years and the clerk at the civil registrar’s who’d been chatting w/ her officemates (they certainly were not understaffed) said they were very busy and she would be able to search for it in her spare time (i don’t know why that is so when i would be paying for it, so i don’t know what she searches on official time). I asked for the office phone number so i could make subsequent follow-ups. when i left, i glanced back and she had doubled up over her desk to take a nap. that was two years ago and the record has not been found to date so something must have happened. perhaps i should report to the police there that it’s possible a decomposed body may be found doubled up a desk at the municipal building.

        as for your nadal-fernandez family, i really don’t have direct records except for the family of tomas emnace and merced fernandez, but of them, only the burial of the child paulino emnace, and the baptism and marriage of mamerta emnace to tomas chua tantong.

        • also ive been trying to figure out where my great grams got her spanish side now that you mentioned nadal you think it could be from that side?is nadal a carcanyon name?its also a strong spanish name…

          • are you positive about merced’s having spanish blood? but if it only came through an illegitimate source, best forget it. nadal is not a carcar surname (didnt we agree her family came from talisay?) and it is a catalan surname the castilian equivalent would be natal (navidad) and it refers to xmas or the nativity.

          • do you have any dates like birth,marriage etc for merced fernandez,tomas emnace,and their parents?i want to keep a lil notebook with some info and a family tree..thanks so much for your help so much

          • also what advice can you give if im searching for relatives from other parts of cebu ive been to churches but they dont help…you think the mormons have research facilities in cebu that can help me?

  2. hello my name is eldridge emnace i just want to know which part of emnace family my grandfather Francisco Emnace and his two brothers Simplicio Emnace, Pablito or Pabling Emnace were. And they are from Talisay Cebu.

    • @eldridge, I really do not have the names of Francisco, Simplicio and Pablito. I have a Pablo though. Can you give me a timeline of Francisco and/or his brothers? Would you know their mother’s surname? And/Or their spouses, too. Thank you.

  3. @gervacio, i think i already answered you on those points. pls read our thread again.

  4. hello=) I have a question in the beginning of this page you mention the Parents of tomas emnace being Bonifacio Emnace & Silvestra enanoria? what kind of record was that? his birth record? im asking bec on the other info you gave me of Mamerta Emnace( the sister of my great grams) marrying Tomas chua tantong, I found Mamerta’s daughter(still living and asked her about the emnace family..she told me her father tomas chua tantong was pure chinese from china died early on..and when i asked her about the Emnace family she told me her mother mamerta Emnace told her Tomas Emnace came from another Island( she thinks bohol) and that his real lastname was Mascarenas(“n” with line on top) that he took emnace as a surname in carcar bec that was his mothers maiden name bec he was mad at his father..but bec you have a record of tomas Emnace being the son of Bonifacio Emnace im thinking she was maybe mistaken maybe she meant tomas’s father bonifacio Emnace was actualy Bonifacio Mascarenas?she said before the war the emnace home was by the train station?i didnt know there used to be a train…facts can get twisted through time eheheh I also spoke with my lolas older sister(since my lola is diseased) about the Alcos family…she’s old and memory comes and goes but she gave me names that the alcos family are descended from she said Del corro, and mentioned also being related to the abarquez and paras?but she dosent know which side the paras and abarquez belong to anymore…Best Regards!

    • one by one. my record for tomas’s parentage would have been indirect (probably through the baptism of his children, and the grandparents were mentioned therein).

      the story of tomas coming from another island means, comparing it to records, he was smuggled and “adopted” by bonifacio. meanwhile, i don’t have a record of an emnace woman marrying a mascariñas (a bohol surname) but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t one.

      in the marriage of bonifacio’s sister in 1852, her parents were said to be from luanluan, and a train station would be around that place but not yet at that time. i don’t know when the trains started in cebu, i’m sure during the american period already.

      it’s not fair to say the alcos family descended from del corro, maybe some alcos members but not the entire family. her memory must have been jolted because there was a rojas alcos who married donata del corro in 1860. descendants of that family are probably bearing the surnames alcos, gutierrez, alegrado, bareng. a sister of rojas alcos, juana, was married to pedro aleonar, a great-great-granduncle of mine.

      i still have so many loose lines of the alcos family. i hope i can link at least some of them someday.

      best for now…

      • i’m sorry i did not answer this important question raised by you. Was it possible tomas only took the emnace surname because that was his mother;s and he was angry at his father (or for whatever reason)?

        Per the records, tomas’s mother was an enanoria, daughter of a cabeza residing in luanluan who died in 1850. and tomas’s father, bonifacio was also a cabeza around the time tomas was born. my file shows 2 brothers and a sister of tomas, children of bonifacio and wife silvestra enanoria.

        • Hello,
          well my grandmother’s oldest sister told me about tomas emnace but never mentioned the mascarenas part…I got the mascarenas story from my lolas first cousin the daughter of Mamerta Emnace she was the one that also mentioned the ancestral house being in luwan-luwan bec she lived there with lolo tomas emnace and Merced fernandez until they died she said the ancestral home was by the train station and near the market, that the home was large made of wide wood planks not stone.she mentioned the mascarenas story bec we were talking and in the living room there is a portrait of my great grandma that hangs and i was looking at it and asked where does she get her mestiza looks her mom or dad?she said oh lolo tomas and then said the father of tomas was a Mascarenas and that he said something about being angry at his father who was from another island(bohol?)..then again ive never seen a picture of tomas i heard when the home in luwan luwan was destroyed the portrait of tomas went to another relative in cagayan..the picture of merced fernandez also went there i only have a picture of merced fernandez’s sister Susana Fernandez who lived in san nicolas…sometimes i think the stories are garnished hahaha

          • can i ask the names of tomas’s brothers and sister maybe also dates or whatever you have on them so i can add them in my family tree? thank you very much

      • Hi I am an Emnace from Luan-luan Carcar.. if i remember it right my grandma Cesaria Emnace talked about that its a train railway just behind the river or somewhere luan-luan.. Thats why there is a place in Carcar called Relis or Railway in English.. ill ask the siblings of my grandmother who is still alive at almost 90 now 🙂

  5. thank you for your reply,

    Yes luwan-luwan is a place where my grandmother grew up thats where her lola merced fernandez lived and lolo tomas emnace..but in the school records of immaculada where my lola schooled it says her birthplace province cebu town san nicolas…she mentioned to me as a kid that tomas was a caballero? i dont know what kind of job that would be..she said it was some sort of barangay position? And the Nadal connection with the fernandez as you were correct does not come from carcar i think it comes from Leyte bec my great grandmother Cristeta had 2 brothers Vernancio(said to be a priest? or seminarian) and Leon…my lola mentioned Leon was in america..so i did some digging here in america and found records of leon…they spelt his last name Emnase here…it says he came to america in the early 1900s…his birthdate changes in some records here it says he was born april 11,1895 carcar cebu phil..others feb 11, 1895 and on the passenger manifests 1898? the census records named who he lives with and there is mentioned an Emnace said to be an uncle and another nadal said to be a cousin i checked the nadal and it says he was born in ormoc Leyte 1896 but he got his student visa in talisay cebu? there is also a Riaza/Diosdado Racaza/aurelio Racaza cousin mentioned born in carcar also in aug 24, 1896…was there alot of cebuanos migrating to america in the early 1900s? Also the FORTICH family you mention in carcar my tio whos an escano is the grandson of Dr.mamerto Escano & mena Fortich…do you happen to know someone like you who knows about families from northern cebu like san remigio or tabogon? there used to be a professor in san carlos univ who does research also resil mojares?

  6. I am Jeemert Emnace from Ilocos Norte ( Root from Cebu ) I just want to gather some information about my relatives from EMNACE Family.
    My father named Maximino Erice Emnace Jr. 58 yrs of age. His faher named Maximino Emnace Sr.( Born in cebu) and Premetiva Erice ( Ilocana ). My father is the eldest in 6 siblings of my grand parents, his brother and sister named LIsada, Asuncion, Ason, Florante, Ricarteand the youngest siter named Premaline .

    • thanks for contributing. please ask your father for the middle name of his grandfather so we may have a clue (little) about your grandfather’s ancestry, too. hope the tiny information can help us. or better, if your father knows the date of birth of his father maximino.

  7. Greetings from Canada!
    I’ve been trying to do some genealogy search, and I’ve found absolutely NOTHING until I came across this site!
    My name is Alaina Emnacen. My Lolo, Dr. Severino Emnacen, was born in Carcar in 1932 and later in life moved to the USA, then finally settled down in Canada.
    My main question right now is if anyone knows the origin of the name Emnacen? For example, does it originate from the Spanish, Chinese, Indigenous, etc?
    Many thanks!

    • i was at carcar convent this afternoon and could not find the baptismal record for severino emnacen from baptismal books 1932 to 1939.

      • I think his baptismal name may have been Bernardo – I’ll have to confirm with him later.

        • might as well ask him also who were his parents (include maiden name of mother) or even better still his grandparents, if he remembers

          • His father’s name is Severino Emnacen (my Lolo is a junior), his mother’s maiden name is Maria Lourdes Canque. His paternal grandparents are Andres Emnacen and Valentina Alesna.
            He says he knows Vicenta (the mother or Arlan Emnace) and Amador, and their whole family.

    • Was your family first in California? I recall seeing a Dr.Emnacen in California when I was searching the records. I am tracing Ursula Emnace who I think, and I could be very wrong, was the daughter of Andres Emnacen and Valentina Alesna. Ursula’s daughter came to California.

  8. dear alaina, now i have the right severino but he was born 1904 jan 08. he and maria l____ were married in naga in 1930 jun 15. severino’s older sister patricia was married to a relation of mine, pastor barcelo cui, and their daughter, remedios married to inocentes alcordo of the burgos st. family. yes, they are emnacen. pls fill me in with the complete severino-maria lourdes family.

    • The children of Severino and Maria Lourdes are Josephina, Severino Jr, Teresita, Narcisa, Marcelino, and Felixberto. Josephina and Severino Jr are living in Canada. My Lolo also said that he doesn’t remember where he was baptized, and he could have been baptized in Naga.

    • Yes your right My aunt Margarita Emnace Satorre is the sister of my father Vitaliano Emnace Satorre,immigrate in California in 1948 she was registered nurse in America who was born in Carcar Cebu , Calidngan, Philippines. I migrated in Melbourne, Victoria with my wife Milagros Satorre in 1987 and only son Mark Alain Satorre was born in Despensary Hospital in Carcar District Hospital 1982

  9. Hi! My grandfather is Leocadio Emnace and my Grandmother is Valentina Emnace… I don’t really about my family branch but my father told me that it was started with 6 Taugaya Girls which was the two girls married Emnace men… and also my father told me that our relatives are many in Carcar and Barili…

    • I’m sorry about the words, I mean the two sisters was married with guys came from Emnace Clan.. 🙂

    • Hi the Parents of my Grandparents name Leocadio Emnace and Married to Sebastiana Pepino in Carcar..

  10. of Emnacen, i have here Facunda Alejandrino Alfafara’s daughter Tomasa Alfafara Barcelona married to Benigno Emnacen…to connect > Benigno’s son Facundo Barcelona Emnacen > then son Laureano Alesna Emnacen > to son Amador __ Emnacen > to Arlan __ Emnace…
    as per above, Benigno’s parents were Pedro Emnacen and Toribia Emnace…andalso i have a Juliana Alegado Alfafara married 1860 to Juan Emnacen whose family line been traced by me…Tomasa and Juliana were first cousins…wish to find Raimundo’s link…

    • Hi Allan , I was working before in Naga Thermal Plant in 1983 and our Power Grid Manager name is Allan Alfafara I don’t I’ not sure you are my manager during our time I was working under Greg Olhol and Paeng Pinat for maintenance I was one that pulling out the old water pump at the top near thermal more than 50 feet for 1 week and install the blow down pipe from outside Colon , Naga and install the connection inside themal tank inside and also working thermal under Engineer name Boy from Bohol. I was born in Basak Cebu city,

  11. Hi, I am looking for the family of Ursula Emnace (b. abt 1887). She married Pedro Satorre. I don’t know where they were born except I know that their daughter Teofila Emnace Satorre was born in Carcar about 1912. I thought maybe Ursula was the daughter of Andres Emnacen and Valentina Alesna. Thank you for your help!

    • hi, i’m grandson of Ursula menace and pedro satorre the son vitaliano satorre of carcar calidngan, Cebu I lived now I Melbourne Australia at present

      • Hi Wifredo. I am helping a descendant of Ursula Emnace and she may want to be in touch with you. please contact me at info-acg at consultant.com

        • Hi Kim, The world is to small today is Christmas Eve in Melbourne, Australia Dec.24 2016, My grand parents Ursula Emnace and Pedro Satorre form Calidngan, Carcar my aunt migrated in California in 1948 Margarita Emnace Satorre a registered nurse USA is my father sister another aunt Teofila Emnace Satorre migrated in California 1969 all the family and in laws and grandchildren now lives mostly in San Diego, California all in all the are 18 relatives during that time in 1969.

          • Thanks Wilfredo, Merry X-mas. see my message below/above. Kim

  12. Hi Wilfredo, this is the same family, yay! How can I contact you? Kim

    • HI, Kim good to hear especially our relative during X-mas time and proud that somebody gives time to communicate even we are far away, my family are good and happy celebrating birth of Jesus and I have my older brother live in Melbourne name Archimedes Satorre was born in Calidngan Carcar migrated in 1977. My grand parent Ursula Emnace died in 1974.My aunt Margarita Emnace died in California and also Teofila died in San Diego, My father Vitaliano died long time ago when I was 9 years old 1968.My mother Celerena Briones Satorre died 2 years ago 2014.

  13. Hi! My grandfather who just passed away last month was Fermin Emnace and was from Luan-luan Carcar. I forgot the names of my Lolo’s siblings but they were all raised in Luan-luan. My father is Edgar Emnace who is now living in Napo, Carcar. I would just like to know more of my grandfather’s ancestors. It’s overwhelming to know more of the history of my bloodline. BTW, i’m presently residing in Cebu City. Hope to hear some response from my relatives. I wish you all well and take care!

  14. Facundo Barcelona Emnacen’s mother is Tomasa Alfafara Barcelona (the daughter of Facunda Alfafara)

  15. Hello according to what my
    Grandmothers sister told
    Me before she died the parents of Merced Fernandez were Vicente Fernandez and QUIRINA Nadal

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