Alfafara, probable mixup


To Allan Alfafara, and as it may concern other fellow genealogists

As a fellow family tree maker, i admire that you are trying to continue what Ondò Tagimacruz, Celestino Alfafara, Leilani Que and the other previous Alfafara tree makers had accomplished — and urge you on. But from data I’d gathered for myself, I’m afraid anyone will just hit a wall trying to trace back this Jorge Alfafara-Iska Ybañez parentage for Timoteo Alfafara. I had voiced this same concern on the other post or page or thread on this blog, in case you just missed it.

I was trying to tell you that it is more likely that Jorge Alfafara-Iska Ybañez did not exist at all and their appearance on that family tree may just have been the result of a faulty memory. So, I instead raised the names of the couple Jorge Caballero-Francisca Tangarorang — who really existed — to you, as I had previously to others, as the possible reasons for the mixup in the names: notice the same first names for both couples?

What I can say with absolute certainty though is that Timoteo Alfafara, the father of the lines you mentioned, is not a son of any Jorge Alfafara as you point out. I think I also explained this to correspondent Shirley Edillon in one of the threads. If you trace my other Alfafara family tree (Laurente), Timoteo was instead the son of Luisa Alfafara, granddaughter of Laurente, as she was the daughter of Martin Alfafara and his wife Leonora Alvarado.  Per record of Timoteo’s baptism, his father was a padre no conocido. However, Timoteo seems to have used the middle initial “Y” and that may be for his father and would be a good lead to follow, although even if you do get an acceptable find, it may be a hollow one except as a footnote because there is little way now to declare that parentage as absolute fact, except with a DNA test result.

Also, sequence of the children of Timoteo-Prisca Tangarorang Caballero: Ramona, Apolonia, Felicidad, Lorenzo, Mamerto, Gerardo, Narciso and Dativa.

Shirley Edillon’s family, she who i mentioned above, also belongs to the line of Luisa and her subsequent husband, Ysidoro (or Isidro) Alcuesar (the surname is now universally spelled as Alcuizar) and of one of their daughters who married an Edillon. That daughter is a half-sister of Timoteo.

Luisa had another son, Luis Alfafara, four years after Timoteo, maybe to the same or to another padre no conocido. Anybody can share with us anything about Luis? Luisa married Ysidoro a year after Luis’s birth. [15-Aug-2011: It seems Luis was a natural son of Ysidoro Alcuesar and the subsequent marriage of his parents a year and a month after his birth, legitimated his birth and the use of the surname Alcuesar, with which name, Luis Alcuesar, he was recorded in his Burial in 1901.]

Anyway, I do hope this will clear the main issue which might be holding up your quest.



  1. I’d be interested in the burial locations and exact birth and deaths dates of many of these people. It would be very helpful for those of us who live so far away.

  2. at mam Shirly Edillon, wish to share from you on this genealogy searches which am also into it..i am working on the whole Alfafara Genealogical Family Tree…have added in facebook several Edillons who are mostly in Davao area and one or two from Tuburan but i got no replies yet from them…i have here only a few Edillon names of the children and grandhildren of Quiteria Alfafara Alcuesar and Magdaleno Edillon…Godbless
    al alf

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