H – Barcelo House

Santiago Alegado Barceló-Juana Peñalosa House

AKA Dr. (Pablo) Tumaliwan’s, Valencia House
Jose Rizal and Sta. Catalina Sts.
(present holder: Guillermo Valencia, an heir [son] of Catalina Osmeña-Valencia)

— — — — — — —

One of Arcadio Barceló and Modesta Alegado’s younger children, Santiago (1834-1891), married a Cebu City lass, Juana Peñalosa, one of the Peñalosa sisters of note. One sister, Bernabela, was reported to having called for the contruction of the bridge leading to the poblacion of Barili—with her own funds.

Santiago and Juana had only two children who survived to adulthood, Romana and Silvino.

Romana married Rufino Suico Cui from Cebu City. One of their children, Severina, married another Cui, Angel Alfáfara Cui, a grand-nephew of Don Pedro Cui, Angel being a grandson of Pedro’s older brother Guillermo who had taken up residence in Carcar. Romana died in 1903 and Rufino remarried, to Manuela Baracao in 1908.  Silvino had died even earlier in 1896.

The children of the two divided the estate, by which partition Silvino’s only surviving child Cornelio Velez Barcelo could be said to have gotten one-half of the entire estate and the other half shared by Romana’s four adult children—Pastor (whose only daughter Remedios married Inocentes Alesna Alcordo),  Teresa (married to Vicente Ricablanca Barcenilla), Severina (above) and spinster Antonina. The descendants of these branches rotate responsibility over the family’s St. Peter carroza during Holy Week and, presumably by extension, its renowned  rooster on the perch.

For several years previously, the strategically situated house had been rented to Dr. Pablo Tumaliwan, a dentist and it served as his family residence and clinic. That’s why more people in the town refer to it as Tumaliwan’s house than those who knew it was originally the Barcelos’, and after a Valencia heir took residence, is now also called as Valencia House. People said the house was transferred to Catalina (Nyora Taring) Osmeña-Valencia on account of its being pawned to her by a carefree Cornelio.


  1. Yes, your kinfolk recalls that the Cuis cried when they went down the steps and out of the door to vacate the house.

    During the Tumaliwan residence, the house won as the cleanest in Carcar. This was related to me by one of the Valencias who said that people would come up and tactlessly say the house used to look so nice before. My mom recalls that Mrs. Tumaliwan had her servants even go through the space between the floorboards to dig up the dust. Fausta Chiong Tumaliwan came from a prominent family in Malolos, Bulacan and is related to several of the famous Women of Malolos. These audacious women petitioned the Spanish colonial gov’t for education for women. When she moved back to Malolos, she kept contact with the Carcar folks. My relatives recall being embarassed to be loaded with so much Malolos pastries on their visits to her. It was not unknown for her to even load her guests with a sack of rice from her ricefields!

    She loved to give parties in that house and was a great cook. My mom still waxes on her Bulaquena cuisine. We have many pictures of her giving parties to so many people, including what looks like every visit of Julio Cardinal Rosales to Carcar. She must be well-liked to be a prominent hostess in a town with many personalities.

    She was instrumental in keeping my grandparents in Carcar. She persuaded my newly married grandma to stay in Carcar and financed her pharmacy, instead of going to the promised land of Mindanao. Hence, the joint venture was called Natfa pharmacy. They remained lifelong friends. My mom says that my grandma would frantically have a general clean-up of the Rotunda house and go on a frenzy when the Tumaliwan couple announced a visit. They would be set up on chairs on the pharmacy lobby or hall. Mrs. Tumaliwan must have been a formidable hostess to elicit such fuss as a guest!
    Someday I would like to visit her burial site to pay respect to this woman who prevented me from calling Mindanao my homeplace, que horror (sp?)! [spot on, John; and yet be a small slip could make it que honra (what an honor)!–vip]

  2. Hi VIP. I always end up going to your site because of the links to different Cui families (persons) noted in your site. It started out as having more questions than answers. And here I go again looking at your site and you helped us solve the 2 Cui families that joined together. I guess this is what you were referring to when you replied to my inquiry. Angel Alfafara Cui is definitely related to our side of the Cui (Don Pedro). Although I might have to correct you that the grandfather of Angel is don Gregorio and not Guillermo as you mentioned. We are not sure if we are related to Rufino Suico Cui’s family – that would be another week (or so) of researching for us. Thank you again – your information has been a great help.

    • you’re absolutely right, it’s gregorio. all my records say gregorio and i don’t know how guillermo inserted himself into the picture. please fill me in when you solve the ancestry of the other cuis, which presumably must have been all related, but how–that’s the problem.
      but on that, i would not be satisfied if one source conjures up the entire ancestry, unless i see written (but official) evidence of the storyline.

  3. Right now we’re still just filling in the gaps from the generation of Don Pedro Cui to the current generations. We got other family members involved in the whole Genealogy of the Cuis which is good – it gets confusing though. But definitely I’ll share with you what we come up with. 🙂

    • when i visited the hospicio about 5 years ago, the family tree there was rather complete to persons still living (5 gens from miguel cui; some 6th). may i ask again (in case i had) your own lineage from miguel?

  4. Vip, the house has carved letters, 2 of them above the doorways, that looks like either T or F or J. Mario O. Valencia’s kids are the present holder of the house.

  5. i am related to angel cui and severina cui.their son romulo cui cui,is my grandfather.my faher’s father.his name is stephen b.cui.i would love to know my great grandparents history and their parentage.tha would be helpful in tracing our relatives.thnx.vip

  6. I am Janet Barcelo Aledo De Los Nieves Aleguiojo of Barraca Carcar, I would love to know who our great great grandparents. we left Carcar in 1950’s. My fathers name is Florencio De Los Nieves Aleguiojo and my mother is Flavia Barcelo Aledo of Cambuntan,Carcar. I would be grateful to help us trace our relatives. we are now leaving in Davao City. Thank you & Godbless.

    • i can trace you in the barcelo side but i’m now interested in your aleguiojo lineage. may i ask when your father was born and the names of his parents? keep in touch

      • my father was born on january 3, 1924. his father name is florentino aleguiojo and his wife is gregoria de los nieves.

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