Place names

The bonus one will get from studying the old parish books is the history lesson one can extract from the records.  People are described and identified by their residences and also by their cabezas de barangay. Aside from the genealogy research, I had a grand time savoring the names of old, old places that we still call by the same names today. There was a heady feeling to read a name in 1830 that we know to still exist today–180 years later. At the same time that it also dawns on you that big everyday place names of the present were virtually non-existent at that time.

The older places had native names, ancient designations and old Visayan terms that today are very hard to decipher and unkindly given to confabulations instead (Ylaud, for instance).  And the Spanish-named ones we’ll have to say came about quite late in history–say late Spanish up even to the American period already.

Let us then examine the two major place names–the barangays and the sitios. The facts ventured in the following sub-pages are not confined to what could be found in the records.  A fair litany of Carcar’s place names behooved that at least a cursory research be made using other materials available.

But for many of these places, there is nothing definitive to be found regarding the origin of their names, and to immediately settle on one meaning, or legend, or myth as being it, as we are wont to do (the sige na lang mentality), would only close the book where the call is for an open mind instead. Let us simply present the possibilities then.


  1. I’m looking for any names ending Oamilda, Alforque, Warnas, Adella, Wamelda, Wamilda.

    I would appreciate if you could provide me with any information. Some of the families now resides in Seattle, or Stockton.

    Thank you for all the help you can provide me.

    Gretchen Oamilda Dayanan

  2. I am looking for MENDAROS Family and the place LAGANG where it is located.

  3. i’m looking for my grandfather, ALex Dela Peña .. my last news aout him was he’s living on CARCAR ,CEBU .. please response it will a lot . Thank’s .

  4. *it will help a lot . Thank you so much .

    • for myself, i would not even know where to start. i think the best agency to contact would be the police or any government agency. or try the senior citizens office of the town. i myself am not based in carcar although i go there once in a while for my research.

  5. Vip, I’ve heard about you thru your cousin Jojo Honoridez diri sa Toronto. My name is Rey Merced, taga Cebu ra pud. My mom side is also Vergara and I think you personally know my cousins, kanang mga Sol sisters. What I learned lately is that my lola from my father side, Genoveva Trinidad from Barili and her middle name diay was Noel, so interesting to know naa diay jud mi dugong Carcaron if that is the case. Kudos to you for all your efforts in doing this project!

    Best regards,


    • hello. is the noel in genoveva trinidad’s family tree from dumanjug, in which case that may be further related to the carcar noels, although for sure the dumanjug and carcar noels must be related through the parian family.

  6. hello im cris im searching about victoria rallos. did anyone knows who were her parents?

  7. hello im chiqui im searching about aquino family…pls send help me…i know its been a long long time ago…since i havent seen my lola her name is rosita dadur aquino… i want to know where they are…my relatives in my mother side….the place is carcar cebu city…could you help me pls….thank you

  8. I’m starting to build the family tree of Antolin A. Alcudia Sr. who have settled in Iligan city in the 60’s. I have always considered Carcar as our hometown. May I ask for help as to how I can trace our roots. Thanks! 😉

  9. Waiting for family info for canapé alegarbes largo. Email changed

  10. my new email is . I was wondering if any research was done regarding my family tree?

  11. I am Ulysses S. Lopez, currently residing here in Davao City..I am the son of the late Vicente Lopez(of Caligngan,Carcar) and Rita Gaviola Sagolili Lopez of Carcar,Cebu….I am praying everyday for the beatification and sainthood of Bishop Teofilo Camomot and asking for his intercessions for our family’s good health and service to God!
    Please include us all in your prayers!

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