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[Although corro is a Spanish word, there are some, and hard to verify anymore, accounts of the Corro family of Spain originally being Corr, and from Ireland.]

At first when I casually asked around for descendants of the del Corro family, although everybody in town has heard of Padre Tatyong (Fr. Anastasio del Corro), nobody could point to a del Corro family in town and everybody asks back, is there still a del Corro? And yet, while many asked, still at the same time, one hears in the town all sorts of “news” about various “unnamed” members of the family winning ancestral estate suits here and there.

Thus, reconstructing the family tree made for an eye-opener in how extensively the family had actually branched out, and how Pacaña, Ybañez, Alcos, Flores, Nuñez, Gemperoso and several other surnames had hidden the female lines—so much so that many asked “is there still a del Corro”?

And you wonder: if some members did win suits, why not all of them?

The oldest record I have of the family is the 1837 marriage of Luis Beltrán del Corro to Ma. Estefa (later Canencia). The same record indicated Luis Beltrán was a mestizo Español, 23 years of age and born in Opon (now Lapu-Lapu City).  His father was either born Cebu City or Opon (not clear).  [Mestizo Español does not necessarily mean half-Spanish (as in 50-50), but is a racial classification that is affixed to all direct descendants, from half- to infinitesimal-Spanish, through male lines of the original Español — until the practice was discontinued. Daughters of mestizo Español were also classified as mestiza Español(a).  The same convention applies with Chinese descent and the mestizos Sangleys.]

5 Generations

Miguel del Corro (       ) born Cebu?; comerciante

=María (       ) b. Opon

Carlos Nazareno del Corro (b. Opon-1844)

–=Manuela Canchitas (b. Cebu City?-

—- Custodio Ángel del Corro (   -1868)

—-=1) Ángela Mansanilla

—— Juan Clímaco del Corro (   – bef. Aug-1866)

——=(1854) Juana Núñez (       ) mestiza Sangley; remarried 1866 to Gregorio Silva, widower of Estefa Bárcenas

——– Leona del Corro (1854-1878)

——–=(1876) Ciriaco Falcón Regis (   -1879)

——– Roberto del Corro (   -1877) single

——– Anastasio del Corro (1860-1948)

——– Briccio del Corro (1863-

—— Mamerta del Corro

——=(1854) Valentín Cabornay Pacaña (       ) of San Nicolas

—— Paula del Corro

——=1(1855) Gregorio Albarado Ybáñez (   -1876)

——– Filomena Lucía Ybáñez (   -1903)

——–=(1876) Pablo Gemal Padín

——– Ambrosio Ybáñez

——–=(1884) Ysabel Alcudia Silva

——– Sixto Ybáñez

——–= Julia Aldave Baracao

——– Escolastica Ybáñez (   -1883)

——–= Cayo Roca

——–Ricardo Ybáñez (   -1883) escuela


——– Maria del Corro (   -1879) child

——=3(1879) Nepomuceno Bardán Canencia

—— Andrea del Corro

——=(1856) Mariano Alforque

—— Donata del Corro

——=(1860) Rojas Aldaya Alcós (      ) Eustaquio in Marriage

——– Benita Alcós


——–=2(1887) Leoncio Gorospe Gutiérrez  (       ) AKA Leoncio Rambaul

——– Catalina Alcós (1872-

——– Mélchor Alcós (1875-

——– Simplicio Alcós

——–=Ceferina Aldevera Aldemeta

—-2(1855) Ynocenta Aldave (       ) AKA Vicenta

——Estefanía del Corro (   -1853) child; natural child

——Juan del Corro (   -1856) child

——María del Corro (   -1857) child

——María del Corro

——=Nicolás Valles Flores (       ) of Cebu City; Carcar cabeza 1880s

——–Rosalía Flores (1872-

——–Vicente Flores (   -1903)

——–=(1896) Inés Machacón Vélez (1875-

——–Telésforo Flores

——–=Manuela Ybáñez Sarmiento

——–Elpidio Flores (1886-1889)

——–Lina Flores (   -1893) child

——Antonio del Corro (   -1860)

——Filomena del Corro (1861-1861)

——Filomeno del Corro (1862-1862)

——Alejandra del Corro (   -1863)

——Filomeno del Corro (   -1866)

—- Lucía del Corro


—— Matea del Corro (   -1870)


——– Salomé del Corro

——–=(1875) Francisco Alfín de la Calzada

—- Cornelia del Corro (   -1877)

—-= Sabino Núñez

—— Victoriana Núñez

——=(1864) Teodorico Canencia

—— Eulalio Núñez (   -1886)

——= Victoriana Panidar

—- Luis Beltrán del Corro (   -1884)

—-=(1837) Estefa Canencia (       ) pDn: Ma. Estefa

—— Bonifacio José del Corro (1838-1851)

—— Julián Beltrán del Corro (1840-

—— Luis Martín del Corro

——=(1875) Ynés Abella Raganas

——– Lina del Corro

——–=(1884) Manuel Cabigas Avillanida

——– Restituta del Corro (1875-1891)

——– Romana del Corro (1878-1884)

——– Alejandra del Corro

——–=(1905) Juan Aleoguenz Ybáñez

——– Lucas del Corro

——-= Vicenta Barga

——– Agripino del Corro (1883-1900)

——– Margarita del Corro (1885

—— Mariano de las Nieves del Corro (1846

——=(1883) Máxima Tabornilla (   -1890) Cabonillas?

——– Porfiria del Corro (1884

——– Emilio del Corro (1886

——– Melitona del Corro (1888-1889)

—— Gerónimo del Corro (   -1865)

—— María del Corro (1849-

——=(1875) Ysidro Gemperoso

——– Tranquelino Gemperoso

——–= Barbara Sarador Matadero

——– Mateo Gemperoso

——–= Aniana Alcontín Bucao

——Pedro del Corro

——=(1877) Hermógena Canania Tangayan

——– Platón del Corro (1877-

——– Marciana del Corro (1879-

——– Celestina del Corro


——– Florencia del Corro (1883-   ) AKA Lorenza

——–=(1907) Jorge Rico Abellaneda

——– Lucio del Corro (1884

——– Feliza del Corro (1886

——– Crispina del Corro (   -1888)

——– Silvestre del Corro (1887-1903)

——– Bonifacio del Corro (1893-1893)

——– Asunción del Corro (1894

——– Eulalio del Corro (1896-1899)

——– Proceso del Corro (1897-1900)

——– Escolástica del Corro (   -1903)

—— Hipólito del Corro (1855

——=(1879) Magdalena Gabinete Baritua

——– Basilia del Corro (   -1900)

——– Catalino del Corro (`1884-1885)

——– Silvestra del Corro (1886-1888)

——– Beatriz del Corro

——–=(1912) Daniel Ympacio Bacus

——– Sabiniano del Corro

——–=(1912) Maria Resuento de la Torre

——– David del Corro (1891-

——– Mauricia del Corro (1895-

——– Catalina del Corro (1899-

——–=(1914) Martín Alcorisa Paredes

——– Rústica del Corro (1900-

—- Felipe del Corro (   -1893)

—-=(1848) Dorotea Canencia (   -1889) pDn: Dorotea Maria

—- Estefa del Corro (   -1878)

—-= Felix Genón (   -1873)


—- Calixtra del Corro

—-= (pnc)

—— Joaquín del Corro (1862-

——= Gregoria Diamata Cabardo (       ) Balangiga, Samar

——– Belén del Corro (1905-

—— Rita del Corro (       ) AKA Fermina Rita del Corro

——=1(1885) Eulogio de los Nieves Alcudia (   -1892)

——– Francisco Alcudia (   -1889)

——– Fructuoso Sisenando Alcudia (1890-

——–= Apolonia Alcordo Aldemita


——– Fermín del Corro (1902-1904)

——– Vicenta del Corro (1904-

—— Teodorico del Corro

——= Anastasia Barcenilla Alcorisa

——– Carmen del Corro (1898-

——– Gerardo del Corro (1900-

=(1936) Fidelina Gera

(page under reconstruction)



  1. may i ask if the surname del corro and corro are the same?

    because i am searching my family line..

    all i know is that, my late grandfather was from Leyte..
    thank you! and GOD bless

    • i am not sure. there was (is) a corro family in naga and they already used the surname corro before the Claveria decree. i cannot remember if a racial classification of the family was mestizo español or indio. if they were not spanish-descended the corro family must have been the only family already using a family name in naga, apart from the mestizos españoles. what was your grandfather’s name? and what middle name did he use, if you don’t mind asking your elders. maybe he came from naga for all we know. and what part leyte was he?

  2. Me interesaria conocer el desarrollo del apellido del Corro en America del Sur, especialmente en Argentina donde comienza con la 2ª fundacion de Buenos Aires por don Francisco del Corro, cuya genealogía me gustaria saber si se puede investigar también en España y si tiene algun parentesco con el Padre Tatyong (Anastasio del Corro). Mucho más especificamente si se pueden consaeguir datos de la familia en San Miguel de Tucumán y su parentesco con los del Corro de Salta y Jujuy ya seria como muy , pero muy interesante realmente. Muchisimas gracias!!!

    • i’m sorry for not replying much sooner, i was waiting for a member of the family to do that as they would probably have better means to research the origin of this branch of the family, whether straight from spain or via south america, which would bring them closer to your own. whatever the case, i’m sure the del corro of cebu would be flattered to be related to the founder of buenos aires. no man would not be. i urge you on to your researches, i hope the family here will take this up.

  3. I am Jason del Corro. I have often wondered where my geneology lies as well. Great work here.

  4. Awesome research! I am another del Corro but from Lapu-Lapu… 😀 just really fascinating to trace the ancestry THAT far… (thumbs up)

  5. who is Gerardo del Corro? do u have background about him?

  6. and why his name highlighted red?

    • i have no background record of gerardo del corro save for that of of his baptism and his marriage. his name is in red, like you’ll notice several other names and texts in the other pages, because these are additions to the original post, which was in this case 12-Nov-2010.

  7. Hi! i wonder if you know any Silivino del Corro? thank you!

    • personally? i have never met anyone surnamed del corro yet. i wish one day i shall, just to talk the family through

      • Nice to eMeet you, im a del corro

        • nice one rine. I hopw we can trace our ancestry through this. this is is uncle harvz.;).. There are Del Corro’s in Spain and Argentina as far as the 16th century.

          The Spanish, led by Juan Díaz de Solís, visited the territory which is now Argentina in 1516. In 1536 Pedro de Mendoza established a small settlement at the modern location of Buenos Aires, which was abandoned in 1541.

          Basing on this, the Del Corro’s will have originated from Spain.

      • There are lots of del Corro here in Lapu-Lapu City

  8. Hi! I wonder if you know any Silvino del Corro? Thank you…!

  9. Wow, never thought id see this tree of the del corro clan. Thanks

    • Nakabuhat ko sa una ug Genogram Ine up to the Grandfather of Tatay up to your generation, so it was 5 generations total. I am hoping to trace tatay’s ancestry further while buhi pa ang igsuon ni Tatay si Tiya Nacing. Then we will then share it here. Hopefully we can trace the ancestry of the Del Corro’s.:)

  10. Gerardo A. Del Corro is he the first Filipino Civil Engineer graduated in North Carolina USA?

    • Yes. Gerardo A. Del corro is the first Filipino civil engineer graduated in North Carolina USA. how did you know that thing? I am the eldest Grand child of him. My father was Gerardo Del corro Jr.

      • while Fr.Anastasio Del corro was our Great Grand father. We are the living Pure blooded Del corro. We are currently living now in Davao City Philippines.

        • Hi Vanessa. I am a Del Corro, son of Pantaleon del Corro (July 1926-March 2015). My Father had a brother who migrated to Davao. This uncle of mine had two daughters who were twins. These cousins of mine should be in their 60’s or early 70’s by now. We are currently living in Punta Princesa, Cebu, and most of our cousins are living in Tisa, Cebu City.

  11. hi, i am Eduardo del Corro Ocampo, my mother is a native of Carcar, My mother’s parents were LUCAS and Vicenta. Also in the info here that Lolo Lucas had a sister named ROMANA and I still remember her, the date that she died in the information here is 1884, Where did you get this info, it was in the 60’s that she died. She was very old.

  12. My grandmother (b. 1929, d. 2012) was a del Corro. They used to live in Manila (Sta. Ana, near the church). Her father’s name was Jesus del Corro. If I remember correctly from my grandmother’s stories, his family used to live in Intramuros, and are related to the del Corros from Cebu, but I never really bothered to check.

  13. Hi. I am a descendant of Fructuoso and Apolonia Aldemita Alcudia. My grandfather is Antolin Aldemita Alcudia, known as a mediaman in Cebu in his time. He married to Alejandra Villahermosa of Aklan. They settled in Iligan City when Lolo Lin was hired as Manager of RMN’s DXIC. Since then, Lolo Lin’s branch have made Iligan their home but continues to link up with Carcar relatives. Lolo Lin has siblings as far as i remember: Lola Belen, Mommy Laura, Lolo Carding and Lolo Jamin. All of them including Lolo Lin has gone ahead already. The only surviving among the sibs is Lolo Pyling who is based abroad. I have tried my best to continue what Lola Lily started in her bible: The Alcudia family Tree. I hope to connect with the descendants of Lolo Lin’s sibs via this site. Thank you.

    Br. Butch Antolin S. Alcudia III FSC
    University of Saint La Salle
    Bacolod City

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