Carcar mayors

I had long lamented that as elementary school pupils in Carcar we were never given what should be standard poop–a list of our mayors. The municipal government itself did not have that kind of list. Well, wonderfully, it seemed someone had thought of and done that long before–only, his compilation was lying in state at a library in Cebu City that charges viewing fees.

The list was compiled by Vicente Emiliano (Jaen) Noel, himself a mayor. This is part of the Vicente Noel Papers donated to the Cebuano Studies Center of the University of San Carlos.  It appears that the mayors included in the first portion here were only those of memory, and their terms had not been reconstructed anymore. Since Carcar was established ca. 1599 (presupposing the civil government was organized at the same time, or thereabouts), there must have been gobernadorcillos from 1600s to this obvious 1800s list — maybe a hundred more chief executives than this.

I’m sure I’d read somewhere that only indios and mestizos Sangleys could be gobernadorcillos. So, I was a little surprised Gregorio Silva, who was classified as a criollo in his Marriage in 1837 (see Barcenas Family tree), or at least was a mestizo Español, became gobernadorcillo, too. As did (capitan municipal) another mE, Gregorio Rodriguez, whose father came from Madrid.

The term dates for Apolonio Cuison below were added by me based only on certain church records which gave him out as the current capitan of the time (capitan actual Apolonio Francisco). Ditto with Donato Alcos (Donato Francisco). But I kept the order as they appeared in the Noel list.

A marriage record in 2-Sep-1833 gave out the parents of the groom as the difunto capitan D. Francisco Valentin and Salvadora Albarado. Francisco Valentin’s family is Navarro. He died in 1832.  Since this Noel list does not contain his name, let us presume he had been capitan even earlier than the individuals on it. Another capitan found was Clemente Alvarado. In the 1837 burial entry for of his wife, Ma. Lorenza, he was called capitan Clemente Albarado.

Still another past capitan found was Francisco Laurencio, who also died in 1832 as “capitan passado [sic] de 70 años viudo de Ma. Luisa”.  Can’t say with finality what surname his family later got, although they could be the couple just named Lorenzo and Luisa in my Alcover file. Again, like Francisco Valentin and Clemente Alvarado above, Francisco Laurencio’s name is not on the Noel list below so we can only suppose the three had been capitanes even before those on the list.

Anyway, we should be grateful Don Vicente took this initiative. Our schoolchildren should be reciting this list from memory in our elementary schools, but if not for him, these names would have been lost forever. Don Vicente also wrote a history of the town. He died in 1951, and so the mayors after 1951 were just from my own memory as well. I also added the Born column to show who were non-natives. As I said, post-1951 is just my reconstruction and I’ve just been reminded, and this is embarrassing, Leoncio Gantuangko was mayor 1955. Embarrassing — and unforgivable — because his son, Edmundo was a grade school classmate of mine.

I was given a digitized copy of the Noel list by Jerry Martin Noel Alfafara, who was at the time still in the process of writing Carcar’s history for the provincial Towns History Project. JM’s grandfather was Don Vicente’s youngest brother.

Subsequent to the original posting of this page, Nicepuro Apura has assumed as city mayor 30-Jun-2010 after Mario Patricio Barcenas who’d served three terms (9 years) but later downgraded per a supreme court ruling back to municipal even as the whole local government machinery awaits for its supreme-ness to “correct” itself again. And sure enough it did in 2011, and Apura is back to being city mayor again.

(page under construction)


Patricio Narciso Alcoy gobernadorcillo
Donato Alcos gobernadorcillo 1836
Policarpio Barcenas gobernadorcillo
Francisco Canencia gobernadorcillo
Juan Vidal Ybañez gobernadorcillo
Pedro Barcenas gobernadorcillo
Apolonio Cuison gobernadorcillo c. 1835, 1839, 1840
Maximiliano Antonio Alcorisa gobernadorcillo
Ramon Santiago Alcorisa gobernadorcillo
Vito Barcenas gobernadorcillo
Mariano Patrocinio Dayondon gobernadorcillo
Roman Protacio Sarmiento Cebu City gobernadorcillo
Pedro Barcenas gobernadorcillo
Doroteo Alcordo gobernadorcillo
Domingo Gemperoso Cebu City gobernadorcillo 1-Jul-1857 – 30-Jun-1858
Pedro Barcenas gobernadorcillo 1-Jul-1858 – 30-Jun-1859
Doroteo Alcordo gobernadorcillo 1-Jul-1859 – 30-Jun-1861
Gregorio Silva gobernadorcillo 1-Jul-1861 – 30-Jun-1862
Narciso Barcenilla Cebu City gobernadorcillo 1-Jul-1862 – 30-Jun-1863
Doroteo Alcordo gobernadorcillo 1-Jul-1863 – 30-Jun-1865
Gregorio Silva gobernadorcillo 1-Jul-1865 – 30-Jun-1867
Andres Ximena Avila Cebu City gobernadorcillo 1-Jul-1867 – 30-Jun-1869
Gregorio Silva gobernadorcillo 1-Jul-1869 – 30-Jun-1871
Narciso Barcenilla gobernadorcillo 1-Jul-1871 – 30-Jun-1872
Andres Ximena Avila gobernadorcillo 1-Jul-1872 – 30-Jun-1873
Timoteo Barcenilla Cebu City gobernadorcillo 1-Jul-1873 – 30-Jun-1875
Leocadio Jaen Cebu City gobernadorcillo 1-Jul-1875 – 30-Jun-1877
Timoteo Barcenilla gobernadorcillo 1-Jul-1877 – 30-Jun-1879
Florencio Noel Cebu City gobernadorcillo 1-Jul-1879 – 30-Jun-1881
Leocadio Jaen gobernadorcillo 1-Jul-1881 – 30-Jun-1883
Florencio Noel gobernadorcillo 1-Jul-1883 – 30-Jun-1885
Timoteo Barcenilla capitan municipal 1-Jul-1885 – 30-Jun-1887
Nicolas Flores Cebu City capitan municipal 1-Jul-1887 – 30-Jun-1889
Florencio Noel capitan municipal 1-Jul-1889 – 30-Jun-1890
Florencio Noel capitan municipal 1-Jul-1890 – 30-Jun-1892
Francisco Velez Cebu City capitan municipal 1-Jul-1892 – 30-Jun-1894
Francisco Velez capitan municipal 1-Jul-1894 – 30-Jun-1895
Gregorio Rodriguez Surigao capitan municipal 1-Jul-1895 – 12-Mar-1896
Simeon Paraz teniente sindico 13-Mar-1896 – 5-Apr-1898
Florencio Noel Jefe Local 7-Apr-1898 – 30-Jun-1901
Florencio Noel Presidente Municipal 1-Jul-1901 – 4-Feb-1906
Vicente Noel Presidente Municipal 5-Feb-1906 – 1910
Mariano Noel Presidente Municipal 1910 – 15-Oct-1916
Maximino Noel Presidente Municipal 16-Oct-1916 – 15-Oct-1919
Maximino Noel Presidente Municipal 16-Oct-1919 – 15-Oct-1922
Mariano Mercado Cebu City Presidente Municipal 16-Oct-1922 – 15-Oct-1925
Mariano Mercado Presidente Municipal 16-Oct-1925 – 15-Oct-1929
Epifanio Alfafara Presidente Municipal
Constancio Gantuangco Presidente Municipal (succ. Alfafara who died)
Mariano Mercado Alcalde Municipal 1935
Constancio Gantuangco Alcalde Municipal – 10-Apr-1942
Vicente Rama Cebu City Mayor May 1942 – Sep 1942
Arsenio Veloso Noel Mayor Sep-1942
Vicente Enriquez Mayor Aug-1943 – Sep-1944
Abundio Aldemita Mayor 1-Jan-1945 – Jul-1946
Constancio Gantuangco Mayor Jul-1946-1950
Isabelo Montesclaros Mayor 1950-1951
Leoncio Gantuangco Mayor 1952-1955
Abundio Aldemita Mayor 1955-1958
Galileo Varga Mayor 1958-1959
Cristino Cui Mayor
Abundio Aldemita Mayor 1967-1986
Jose Torres Office-in-charge 1986-198
Cristino Cui
Severino Escobido Jr.
MayorMayor 1987-1992July 1992-June 30, 2001


  1. mayor,pwd po ba mka-visit sa inyong shoe factory as one of our place to be visit.for our field trip…we are from HOLY CHILD ACADEMY-UBAY BOHOL..we are planning to be there n ur place dz coming sept.17 morning…tnx

    • please channel your request to the town hall. Do that the soonest since that is only 4 days away. I have no direct number of the mayor’s office.

  2. hello,
    trying to add more info on my Alcos side of the great grandfather was Emiliano alcos born early 1900’s i think 1910???maybe earlier maybe bec my great grandma was born 1902 and she was a few years grand aunt says his father was Gil alcos and his mother was cuala zafra…i dont know if my grand aunt is confused bec i went to my great grandfathers musoleo and there are bone chambers filled with the names Rosario,pascual,jose,antonia and Gil all middle zafra and last named either there was a Gil alcos Jr or my grand aunt forgot the name of the father and accidently thinks Gil was the name …hope u can help with any records as far as u can go back.thanks and best regards!

    • what was the name of emiliano’s wife?

      • Emiliano Alcos’s wife was Cristeta or Cristita Fernandez Emnace

        • teresa or eldest child’s date of birth? i’m trying to narrow down my search on emiliano through first their possible marriage and from there perhaps his baptismal record to get to his ancestry.

          • well teresa his daughter my grams was born oct 1935…the eldest is named rosario i dont know her birth year

    • Vip, papa Pilo Aldueso’s mother is Susana Alcos Aldueso…..(mama sana as we fondly call her)….. married to Juan Alegrado Aldueso….How is Susana related to your great grandfather Emiliano Alcos?

      • i dont know a susana…my great grandfather emiliano alcos moved the bones to a family mosuleo but the names only mention Pascual.Rosario,jose,antonia and Gil all zafra middle named and last named alcos so i guess those were all his siblings..i dont know more about him other than the only reason he met my great grandmother was bec he worked for her and her family…

        • @susan and micah982, i cannot yet link many alcos lines, two of whom are susana (via grandmother joaquina alcos) although i suspect someone as being joaquina’s father. as for emiliano, i have no link yet except what you’ve furnished me especially on his emnace wife.

  3. hello po, mayor kayo po ba owner ng detasie shoes? nindot jud inyo shoes, im from tagum city, davao..gus2 ko mag reseller ..waiting for your reply..thanks po.

    • dear rhea, maybe if you’d address your message for the mayor through the official town website, you’d get through better. i doubt the mayor reads this blog, he would be the busiest man in the town, i presume, to find time for this once-in-a-lifetime pleasure. kidding aside, or maybe facebook would be the network to go to, maybe. i wish you the best of wishes for a successful venture with detasie shoes.

  4. @micah, i was in carcar for some days last week and went through quite a number of years but failed to find emiliano, or gil. i hope i’ll be luckier and more focused next time around.

  5. cristino cui any relation to pio cui?

    • And how are you related to pio cui also? please fill us in also with your line. pio cui, i take it you mean he who was the brother of lourdes and natividad? if so, i’m a little surprised because every cui (of this branch) would know of everyone else. mayor cristino cui cui’s mother was an older half-sister of this pio. i have two other pio also, of this same cui branch, but records i have show only their baptisms. the first was an older full brother of mayor cristino’s mother, and the other, a first cousin of the other two pios.

      • What was Pio’s mother’s name? Cristino C Cui Sr., is a brother of my gandfather their parents names were Angel Cui and Severina Cui

      • Why wasnt Angel Cui not in the list?

  6. Hello?

    We are Korean, and Philippine Festival Tour 1-2 times every year.

    I would like to know about this year’s festival Kabkaban in Carcar City.

    November this year, please let us know the exact date of the Kabkaban Festival.

    This is because the tickets need reservation.

    We like the Philippines like home.

    So every year, and the Philippine Tour for 20 years.

    Thank you for fast and accurate information.

    God’s pleasure

    • Abundio Aldemita nag visit mi Elem days sa Haja niya sa Nellas…CRISTINO Cui, Junior ug Patrick aku naabtan diha…Nice wala nah….before the fiesta around 23 to 25 Nov

    • Usually before the fiesta 23-25 nov arround that dates

  7. Good day! Im ruth l. Namocatcat, office secretary of rene alfafara yap, grandson of epifanio alfafara.
    We are gathering some information needed for issuance of certified true copy of death certificate Of EPIFANIO ALFAFARA(for estate tax)
    . 1. Complete date of birth
    2. Complete date of death
    3. Place of death

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