Noel, Maximino

Maximino Jaen Noel

(29-May-1879 – 6-Jul-1969)

Son of Florencio Noel and Filomena Jaen;

Politician; with Troadio Galicano, Vicente Urgello and Primitivo Sato, the only Carcaranons to sit in the National Legislature;

Replaced his older brother Mariano as Presidente Municipal 1916 for two terms until 1922; became congressman 3d District of Cebu until 1966; led pro-Osmeña family in political uphill battle against the alliance of Cuenco and Vicente Rama (district) and Mariano Mercado in Carcar, disadvantaged by Rama’s owning a newspaper, Bag-ong Kusog; only the fusion of Osmeña and Cuenco forces provided a truce on anti-Noel propaganda but which was already somewhat ingrained in Carcar consciousness; on the other hand, as politics go, the other half of Carcar did not believe a single word.

Married to Lucila Florido Cuico with 4 children.

Noel brothers

Brothers Mateo, Vicente (mayor 1906-10), Maximino (mayor 1916-22), and Mariano Noel (mayor 1910-16, 1922-29)

(photo from Jojo Garcia-Serranilla collection)

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  1. My name is Miguela now residing in South Carolina,I would like to know more about my relative.I’m related to the Noel family in Carcar.My father name is Leopoldo Noel he was born in Carcar.

    • Hi I am Rexel A. Noel mag reunion unta ta og usab kay wako ka attend, apo nako sa tuhod ni Vicente Noel nya apo ko ni Emilio Noel og anak ni Mr. Antonio Noel and Mrs. Florencia Noel sa City of Naga, Cebu. You may send me email on vacation balik ko Saudi by 01 Oct 2013. Working as a Corporate HSE Engineer sa PCC K.S.A.

  2. Hello,

    My name is Miguela Noel Ross, now residing in Summerville, South Carolina. I would like some more information on my relatives. I am related on the Noel side from CarCar.
    My father’s name is Leopoldo Noel and grandfather Vicente Noel III.

    Thank you,

    • i hope some noel relatives may be able to answer you. i still do not have vicente noel III and leopoldo noel in my files. would you know vicente’s father, or when and where vicente III was born?

  3. Please friend me on facebook.

    I can direct you to some published group photos including the young (Age 30) Vicente Noel, when he was President of the Cebu Jockey Club and a member of the Philippine Honorary Commissio to the St. Louis World’s Fair, in 1904.

    Steve von Maas

  4. hi this is rachel noel,a daughter of benjamin estrella noel sr. in asturias cebu.
    a grand daughter of vicente aliviado noel ,please reply so we can see and meet the noel clan.
    because lolo vicente,lolo guillermo and roque noel had been in asturias since facebook is achel

    • Hi Rachel, my grandfather is Guillermo Noel aka Moming, is he the one your pertaining with?

  5. HI, I would like to know about the Noel too. My grandfather is Armando B. Noel Sr. I really could not recall his fathers name but we are related to the Noels in Car car

    • try noel in the families page

  6. hi ,

    Is there anybody who could help me locate the family tree for Arturo Noel married to Dominica Alinabon.


  7. hi i am Alma Noel, daughter of Wilfredo Noel, grandaughter of Pablo Noel. My great grandfather’s name is Sulpicio Noel, We are the Noel’s in bonifacio and are related to the Noel’s in car-car. I haven’t really met my relatives in car-car, I would like to know them..

    • We have the same lineage from Vicente Noel and and his son is Lepoldo and he was my Lolo

  8. hello, we will have our reunion this coming June, excited to meet with the noel clan 🙂 See you 🙂

  9. hi, My name is Noel Noel from Asturias.. my great great grandfather name is Macario Noel from Parian, Cebu

    • can you help we build noel of parian family tree? i thought the first noel in asturias was named felix. but no matter. can you trace for me from macario, his spouse (full name), children (sequence with sulpicio) and spouses, great-grandchildren per each children, etc. i hope you can give some dates of birth so we can line them up with the rest of the parian and carcar noels. does bishop christian noel belong to your tree?

    • Noel Noel if i am right you studied in Uc-metc cebu?, wanna talk to you mate, pls add me on fb….thanks and best regards to all Noel clans.

  10. Bishop Noel belongs to Felix Noel family what i’ve learned from my father, some of Macarios family members in Parian migrated to Dumanjug Cebu but we never had the chance to get acquainted with them if its true.

    • what is the relation of felix to macario?

    • Yes, that’s what my father told us also. Some of the Noel family in Parian migrated to Dumanjug

  11. my grandfather was the late Vidal Quirante Noel from Dumanjug, we are related to the Noel’s in T.Padilla

  12. My second great grandmother is a Noel, (?Eduviges?). She married Eugenio Alonso (Asturias, Cebu), Their children Tomas, Antonio, Jose. Is there anyone here I can contact to get further information about Noel Family during early 1800s? Thanks.

    • Im from Asturu

    • Im from Asturias and Im a Noel also..i heard a lot of stories about Eduviges Noel and Eugenio Fact both of them lived in sitio lapu2 where we are living right now

      • Hi Kevin, It would be nice to hear those stories. here is my email I am also planning to visit Asturias soon. Good day.

  13. Mga NOEL mag reunion ta og usab kay wala ko ka attend. I am Engr. Rexel A. Noel-Corporate HSE Engineer, PCC, K.S.A. Grandson of Emilio Noel sa City of Naga, son of Mr. Antonio Noel and Florencia Noel.

  14. Hi there… just doing some research about many Cebuano clans and I happened to stumble on this page. I would like to know if Maximo Noel is, in any way, related to Don Peping Noel. From what i heard, Peping Noel is a Portuguese settler and that prior to being a Noel, Their family name was Haine (not sure about the spelling). Anyhoo, just curious. I would personally like to know myself as I am a descendant of his (He’s the father of my grandfather)… would like to hear from you soon. Thank you and God bless 🙂

    • pls tell me some more about don peping noel, where did he live? also, if they changed the name from haine to noel, why are you still a haine?

      • Thank you for responding!

        “Marciano Haine” is just a pseudonym. hahaha.

        by the way, I know very little of my greatgrandfather (even my grandfather knew so little) so I’m not really sure what his name is. All I know is he was called “Peping” and he’s from Carcar. I have a photograph of my lolo’s dad too, if it helps.

  15. Hello. I find this site interesting. I’m Alice. My siblings, Alma and Allan Noel are children of Vicente Noel, Jr. From what we have been told, our grandfather’s name is Vicente Noel, a spanish man from Carcar.

  16. Hello, im proud to be part of this clan, im Valentino Noel Tan JR III, son of Marylou Noel Tan, Grandson of Arsenio Noel, My brother is Loubert Noel Tan, Arsenio Robert Noel Tan and Lovella Mae Noel Tan.

  17. Hello everyone,
    I’m Jaydelyn Noel Viduya-Lee, 30 years old. I’m the granddaughter of Arsenio “Sineng” Matondo Noel, the son of Elena Matondo. I heard from my parent and even from my grandmother who is still alive that my grandpa’s families are originally from Carcar. My Lolo Sineng used to be a policeman when he was still alive. I’m really interested to meet my relatives.

    • who was arsenio’s father?

  18. Hi everyone, my name is Suzette Montesclaros Danlag, I have always known that my father was the illegitimate son of Vicente Noel from Carcar, I know very little about his side of the family. as it was not discussed out of respect to my father and grandmother Damiana Danlag of Compostela, Cebu.I am very curious to know and would love to see a picture of the grandfather I never knew. I would appreciate any information or pictures anyone could share with me. Thanks, God bless.

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