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  1. good morning mr./mrs. admin, i am johndy paninsoro enanoria … i making an attempt to trace our family tree … could you please assist me? i think if i can do it a lot of relatives would be happy about it …

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    By: enanoria, johndy on January 5, 2010
    at 10:17 am



    i would be glad to collaborate with you. Pls send me a family tree reconstruction you’ve done from yourself and siblings, your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents or anyway as far back as you can. Both Enanoria and Paninsoro will be very welcome. Then we’ll compare notes.

    BTW, the “old” spelling of Paninsoro (or Paningsoro) was Paningesoro. That is also what appeared in the catalogo de apellidos.

    Do keep in touch. My Enanoria files need fine-tuning w/ so many unlinked ends.

    Vip Aleonar. 6 jan


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    does anybody here know about the Enanoria Family???


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    By: Jill on October 24, 2010
    at 12:51 pm



    please try to trace and email me your family tree. we’ll reconstruct the enanoria tree. i have tentative records but can’t connect many lines thereof.
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    By: vip on October 24, 2010
    at 12:58 pm




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    By: AMELITA on November 27, 2010
    at 11:26 am

    • hi.. my grandmother’s name is celerina enanoria abay-abay.her maiden family name is canoy.looking for relatives of abay-abay and enanoria in carcar cebu..my grandpa’s name is narciso abay-abay..plz kip in touch..

      • i’m sorry i haven’t reached yet as far as enanoria-abayabay. perhaps if you know when celerina or narciso were born, i can calculate to which branch they belong.

        And: “my grandmother’s name is celerina enanoria abay-abay.her maiden family name is canoy.” What is her maiden name then, canoy or enanoria?

  3. Hi! My grandmother’s name is Atteleana Juanillo Enanoria and my Grandpa’s name is Alfonso Enanoria Sr.

    can someone trace the Enanoria family Genealogy?? who knows.. maybe our roots traces back to 15th century or 18th century so.

    • do you know when your grandpa alfonso was born? i’m looking for a timeline in your case. and do you know his parents, maybe what middle name he used would give us a clue who was his mother. records pointing to the earliest enanoria says he (domingo) was a natural y vecino (native and resident) of argao. the bigshot is pablo enanoria (probably a son of domingo) who was a cabeza until he died in 1850 and residing in luanluan.

      there was no enanoria family name before 1850 even though pablo’s children were already born in carcar before that time (w/out the surname). but the enanoria surname does not seem to fit with the other alphabetical groupings found in carcar. so, does it fit with argao? the surname can also be grouped with encabo, enjambre (barili-dumanjug surnames?), this may also be a clue.

      • hi . my Grandfather Alfonso Enanoria was born in Carcar Cebu . thats what my dad said 🙂 Grandpa’s middle name was Bargio . hmm dad also told me that his grandpa’s name was Alejandro C. Enanoria . C stands for Canoy 😀

        • i think i may have the link. but i’d like to keep you in suspense pending my next trip to carcar where hopefully i can find the baptismal record for alejandro

          • natalio was the son of fermin and sotera alcorisa in the enanoria family tree, and natalio was the father of alejandro. the mother was eleuteria canoy.

  4. alma cagas is juana change

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