Bargayo, Alvaro

Alvaro “Baring” Cui Bargayo

(19-Feb-1927 – 28-Aug-1949)

“…Shiny and sparkly/ And splendidly bright/ Here one day/ Gone one night” — Michael Jackson (Gone Too Soon)


Son of Alejandro Alegado Bargayo and Teofila Barcelos Cui.


Piano prodigy, even in a family of musicians; must have been the only sight reader of music in Carcar (then as today called primera vista–first sight) because musicians are always quick to attribute that ability of him: sight reading can be developed, but he seemed to have been born with it; equally quick learner on the violin; Carcar’s Maestro Bindoy (Brigido Lakandazon) was there to guide his musical talents; to this day Carcar musicians and music lovers still talk of Baring Bargayo with a sigh when they talk music, and Carcar music that was.

Died at 22, still a bachelor.

bargayo baring c.m.c. orchestra

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  1. I know of an Elmer Bargayo, from Carcar who was a very good pianist. Unfortunately he died in Manila of a suspicious death at still a young age – around the 60/s. Any relation ?

    • elmer bargayo was a first cousin of alvaro, belonging himself to an equally outstanding musical line.

  2. Thank you for the info Vip. I enjoyed listening to him when he used to visit our dorm. He used to call me “gaw” because of the Bargayo of my grandma. I dont know if we are related.

    • as Bargayo you are certainly related, you’re 3d degree cousins with both alvaro and elmer.

  3. Oh , thats awesome to know to be related to a musically gifted person. Why they died so young , I cant understand, I wish to meet Alvaro and Elmer/s family in Carcar specially you told me we are 3d cousins. Thank you very much Vip. I/d like to meet you too someday. My son is into genealogy too but of the Dabon clan of Mandawe. I/ll contact you when I/ll be in Cebu.

  4. Has anyone heard of the name Elias Bargayo? According to my mother, Eladia Canceller, her late father Elias Canceller (my grand father) went to Talisay, Silay to avoid the Spaniards before WW 11 broke (the reason not known). Then when Elias Bargayo reached Talisay, he changed his surname into Canceller, married Catalina Concepcion. My mother Eladia still remembered that when she went to elementary school in Negros, she was using the family name Bargayo as that was the real family name of her father, Elias. This Elias Bargayo aka Elias Canceller was a very handsome mestizo but with brown complexion. My mother, Eladia is a complete replica of her. If anyone can shed a light on this query please. ☺

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