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[December 30, 2008 4:03 am e]

“My husband has ancestors from Carcar that we would like to find out about. His grandmother was Quiteria Alfafara Alquizar(also seen as Alcuisar, Alcuesar, etc.) She was born about 1884. We would love to know who her parents and siblings might be.”


  1. Quiteria’s parents were Luisa Alfafara and Ysidoro Alcuesar. There are inconsistencies in the record for Ysidoro because in some records his mother was sometimes Alcuesar sometimes a Laoat (Ysidoro’s his father was not recognized). So much so that Quiteria herself was baptized Quiteria Laoat in 1881 but married as Quiteria Alcuesar, but there could not have been two persons.

    On the Alfafara side, if you’ve followed my post on cabeza de barangay, Luisa was a daughter of Martin Alfafara mentioned therein.

    I wish you would also give me a family tree of at least Quiteria’s line so I can also expand my Alfafara tree. Quid pro quo.

    • Dear Shirley, please see “Illegitimacy, adoption issues (illegitimate issues? in family trees”.

    • is anybody knows richard dela cerna or abigail dela cerna?.. thnx

  2. Zoe Says:
    January 23, 2009 at 8:04 am e

    Hello!!!! May I know the roots of my Great grandmother? She is an Alegado and she married a de la Rosa. Both a from Carcar, in a barrio or sitio called Bugtong kawayan.

    Even if I don’t have all the records for the Alegado family but I’d need at least the name of your great-grandmother and dela Rosa great-grandfather. And their timeline. It might –I emphasize might–help me if I were to know when they were born. Although offhand I really do not recall a dela Rosa in Carcar.

  3. Hello Vip!!! I’m back. However, my grandmother already lost important memories of her husband. But my father told me that his father was from Bugtong Kawayan, Barili, Cebu, and his middle name is Alegado. Maybe soon, I’ll get a clearer picture of the family of my grandfather soon.

    • vip Says:

      March 8, 2009 at 9:18 am e

      Dear Zoe D., I suspect this is going the way of “How not to find your ancestors…” have you read that?LOL How about you look at this like a novena petition and give me the names of your great-grandmother, great-grandfather, grandfather/mother, father/mother, etc–anything I can work on.

  4. By: Crsisanto leornas galay on July 12, 2009
    at 10:38 pm
    (comment in Carcar Houses)

    Can anyone help me find my bloodline with the NACUA in Carcar, My mother’s mother is a Nacua who was born in Carcar. Oral transmission of the family tree said that my mother’s grand father was the one who participated in the establishment of St. Catherine’s church in Carcar. Help me please e-mail me. I am in UP Diliman right now. I want to know my roots.

    Dear Crisanto, we would need to know the names of your mother, her father and mother and even better, also her father’s father (and mother). That would help trace your bloodline.

    • My Mother : Crisanta Nacua Leornas
      My Grandma : Agatona Nacua
      My Grandma ‘so father helped built st Catherine church

      • My grandfather : Lope Leornas, a soldier in Bolo Batallion defense against Japanese.

        My Great grandmother was killed by Japanese during the war.

        • According to stories, Nacua is connected to Sheryn Regis, a singer

  5. Hello! this is my first time to view the site. my bloodline hail from carcar.i was told that we have lots of relatives like the alfafara and alegado clan. my great-grandfather is emigdio tagimacruz. it was passed on to us that out family is one of the oldest family who resided in carcar particularly in abugon and candaguit area.i want to know who are the parents of my great grandfather and their siblings.can you give light to this?thanks in advance!

  6. Looking for early ALCUESARs from Carcar!

    I found these on the Mormon website:

    Cristo Alquesar born about 1845 in Sibonga, Cebu (married Ana MARUBIA)

    Leoteria Alcuesar born 1852 Carcar (married Gaudencio ALEGADO 1782 Carcar)

    Benito Alcuesar born 1855 Carcar, Cebu (married Mariana BARANDIAN 1880 Carcar)

    Pedro Alcuesar born 1855 Carcar, Cebu (married Benita OLIVAR 1880 Carcar)

    Romana Alcuesar born 1856 Carcar, Cebu (married Victor ALCONTIN 1880 Carcar)

    Ysidoro Alcuesar born 1856 Carcar, Cebu (married Luisa ALFAFARA 1881 Carcar) OUR LINE…looking for Alcuesar family connections.

    Bibiano Alcuesar born 1859 Carcar, Cebu (married Barbara NAVILLA 1884 Carcar)

    Mariano Alcuesar born 1860 Carcar, Cebu (married Andrea BARANIDAN 1880 Carcar)

    Simeon Alcuesar born 1860 Carcar, Cebu (married Clotilde BAGANILIAR 1880 in Carcar)

    Crispulo Alcuesar born 1862 Carcar, Cebu (married Juliana LAPINID 1882 Carcar)

    Tomas Alquesar born 1862 Carcar, Cebu (married Isabel CUISON 1882 Carcar)

    Hilario Alcuesar born 1863 Carcar, Cebu (married Barbara ___ 1883 in Carcar)

    Valentin Alcuesar born 1864 Carcar, Cebu (married Sabina CANDIONG 1883 Carcar)

    Aniana Alcuesar born 1866 Carcar, Cebu (married Crispulo LAPINID 1884 in Carcar)

    • @Shirley, my own experience with the Mormon family search is it’s great as a flag, but not as unassailable information source. In one family, one woman was claimed to have been born 1830, but in an actual record search, I found a daughter (second child) of hers born 1839. That would have merited an investigation by the Vatican at that time–and CNN today!

      As for your Alcuesar responses, let’s go over just two from Carcar.

      1. Leoteria (2d item) born 1852, married Gaudencio Alegado 1782. How was she able to do it? Anyway, whichever of the two dates, but Leoteria Bargamento Alcuesar and Gaudencio Aldaya Alegado (born 1837 per record) were, also per record, married 1859.

      2. Ysidoro (your line) born 1856 married Luisa Alfafara 1881. Again, per record, Ysidoro was born and baptized Ysidoro Laoat 1850 and still by that name married Luisa in 1877.

      I don’t know who submitted those data to the Mormon database. But like so many like these, I think they’re the result of people just estimating dates and ages and then not qualifiying the figures and just submitting these as if true.

      But the Mormon Family Search is a great first guide. Just don’t take the dates there hook, line and sinker. It kind of says to you: make your own genealogy!

  7. magandang araw, anak ako ni Joseph. may idea po ba kayo kung papaano ko mahahanap ang mga kamag-anak ni Joseph Traya Lañas, 53 years old, ng Valencia, Carcar Cebu? si Felicisima Traya at Jacinto Lañas po ang mga magulang nya, at ilan sa mga kapatid nya ay sina Eulogio Lañas, Mercita Lañas at Hernanita Lañas. namatay na po kasi sya nung linggo, dito sa Maynila, at kakalibing lang sa kanya kanina. dati po syang militar at may mga kamag-anak din sya sa Valladolid, Zamboanga Del Sur. nawalan na sya ng komunikasyon sa pamilya Lañas nung sumama sya sa military. pasensya na kayo, hinahanap kasi namin ang kanyang mga kamag-anak para man lang malaman nila na pumanaw na sya. kung may kilala kang kamag-anak nya, pakitext lang ako sa 09062186581. ako nga pala si Jocelyn Lañas, 26 years old, taga-Manila. maraming maraming salamat.

    • Dear jocelyn, in the 2009 Carcar voters list there is no Lañas with Traya middle name–no Eulogio. Either they are still in Carcar but the women have married and now carry their husbands’ names or have not registered or have moved to another place. Maybe Valladolid, Zambo Sur like you mentioned. I’m sorry.

  8. Hi!

    My mother is Estela Socorro Sauza Dela Cruz Maroney, a resident of Winlock, Washington, USA. Her mother is Dolores Embrado Sauza Dela Cruz who was born on 08 August 1929 in Cebu City.

    Dolores’ mother was Criselda Alison Embrado who was born on 08 February 1899 or 1990 in Carcar. Criselda’s siblings were Pedro, Julian, Faustino and Pastor. Their parents were Dolores Alison and Ricardo Embrado. Their relatives were Don Pedro Cui, Archbishop Camomot and Philip F. Alison born 23 August 1926.

    Please help know more the parents and ancestors of Criselda plus the siblings, cousins and relatives of Criselda’s parents.

    I would appreciate your efforts and have them posted in my website.

    God bless!

    • just this afternoon, i found the baptism of cresilda emrrado (10-feb-1900). she was born 8-feb to parents gerardo emrrado and dolores aleson. gerardo’s parents were silvino emrrado and placida alcover. dolores’ were evangelista aleson and inocenta pernojo (both already dec. at the time of cresilda’s baptism).

  9. hi , i am trying to find in San Fernando, two ancestors, when they were born & married . Not sure of the dates , close to 1939. for the marriage. .they were Araceli Gantuanco & I think Feitsa Alfeche and all their children , I have some of the childrens names . as follows – Amelia Gantuangco, Jacinto Gantuangco , Emmanuel Gantuangco . but no dates . Thank you for steering me in the right diection last time – kind regards

    • steered over to Search Forum – Gantuangco page.

  10. hello, just want to know if anybody has heard of the navales family?? I was told theyre from this place naga city or cebu? I myself am filipino/new zealand. I was raised in new zealand & am curious to find this family as they are related to me through Graciano Navales (senior) who is my father (who I dont even know). please if anyone has any links or information on how to contact someone there’ I would be greatly appreciated!

    • @graciano_heke, which serious genealogist working from the whole province of cebu has not heard of the navales family? it’s hands down the most common surname in the town of naga (midway between cebu city and carcar), from which it must have originated, and chances are they must have spread, at least to nearby towns. you can even encounter navales in carcar. if meeting up with your father is your purpose, may i know how old he would be, or how old are you? this is because there may be not just one graciano navales in naga, so if that’s the case, i can narrow the choices through the ages. i can try if i can inquire into the town’s voter list the name if there’s a registered voter there by that name. helping you link up would be a great satisfaction.

      • ok. yes, my mum says today he would be about 52-53 yrs old, I myself am 31, she also mentioned he worked at a weather station in manilla or mindanao? she said it was somewhere down south, hard for her to remember 31yrs back. She went to philippines as a student exchange in 78′ & I think to study the culture & taste the food, her name is carol heke. hope this helps?

        • helo vip, just waiting for an update on my search.

          • dear graciano, i’m sorry for having kept you waiting. my contact has not responded yet. i’ll buzz him again.

  11. I was looking at my deceased father and came accross my grandfather birthplace which is Carcar Cebu. I would like to find out if anyone has information, his name was Isidro Ybanez from Carcar Cebu married to Gavina Mayone Ybanez… My father was Burgos Ybanez born in Balingoan Misamis Oriental. I’m in the process of tracing our ancestors. If you have any information please feel free to send me an email…I would also like to find out if the carpenter who built the well known bahay na tisa is my unknown relatives..

    • thread directed to Ybañez in Families

  12. good morning mr./mrs. admin, i am johndy paninsoro enanoria … i making an attempt to trace our family tree … could you please assist me? i think if i can do it a lot of relatives would be happy about it …

    • i would be glad to collaborate with you. Pls send me a family tree reconstruction you’ve done from yourself and siblings, your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents or anyway as far back as you can. Both Enanoria and Paninsoro will be very welcome. Then we’ll compare notes.

      BTW, the “old” spelling of Paninsoro (or Paningsoro) was Paningesoro. That is also what appeared in the catalogo de apellidos.

      Do keep in touch. My Enanoria files need fine-tuning w/ so many unlinked ends.

      Vip Aleonar

  13. Hi VIP,

    Can you please if you could, help me trace where my great grand mother was from originally, her name was Gregoria Ybanez married to my great grand father Juan Limchoco. My great grand father was one of the founding member of The Lim Association (Lim Brotherhood) of Cebu. I really would like to know if Im in any way related to the Ybanez of Bogo and surrounding area.

    • as is, too tall order for me. i always thought all ybañez in cebu were from bantayan or bogo until i saw the main carcar family has no record (yet) i saw indicating they were from that area. other ybañez in carcar were from Opon, dalaguete. here’s a clue: the lim brotherhood may have a record of juan limchoco were he was residing and that’s where gregoria ybañez could have been from.

      • there are two racial classifications found for bantayan island ybañez: mestizo español or mestizo sangley. either this is correct, or one is wrong.

  14. I’m looking for my father Ricardo Lapates Oamilda’s relatives who was born in Carcar, Cebu, if any. His father was Pablo Lapates Oamilda. My grandmother was Eusibia. Don’t know her maiden name. They are deceased.

    By: gretchen dayanan on January 21, 2010
    at 7:25 am

    • i have few records for Oamilda but i always need some dates so i could place them in timelines. also, your father and grandfather having the same middle name must be a long story?

  15. I can get you dates for my dad Ricardo Lapates Oamilda and my grandfather. Because I guess when my dad was baptized he took my grandfathers middle name. As far a being a long story I don’t know. As for my grandmother Eusibia I don’t know her last name and when she died. I’ll try to get that information. I thank for looking into this for me. Salamat!

    • usually when one is baptized, there is no middle name, except for a second name. thus, your father’s having also lapates as his middle name is by assumption on his part, unless his mother is really also lapates.

      • Got information for my grandfather: Pablo Lapates Oamilda born 1892 died 1940 my father Ricardo Lapates Oamilda born 2/11/1917 died 06/14,2002
        my grandmother born 1888 Eusibia and died 1938. I dont know grandmas maiden name. I thank you for helping me find my relatives. My father also had a brother, but, died at a young age. Dont know his name, but, also the son of Pablo

        By: gretchen oamilda dayanan on January 23, 2010
        at 12:57 pm

  16. I thank you very much for all your help, but, until I get more information I’ll write my response. Because when my dad was baptized the church were his records were kept burned. I don’t know what other resources I might be able to go to. I’ll try the Mormon Family Search.

    • which burned church was this? The carcar church is still very much intact. your father’s mother was eusebia panimdim lapatis. Pablo’s mother was not lapatis but mamerta lapasaran.

      • Thank you for reply. But like everyone else we are all in limbo. I have no idea at this point who belongs to who. Maybe, you think that my dad and grandpa’s middle name is my gradma’s maiden name. Will keep in touch,

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        By: gretchen oamilda dayanan on February 6, 2010
        at 5:18 am

        • that’s why i asked about any story why you remember pablo’s middle name to be lapatis when it is actually lapasaran. his wife, eusebia, however was the lapatis. thus, it it is your father ricardo whose middle name is rightfully lapatis. that’s clear so no need to feel being in limbo.

          • So if that’s case my grandma’s maiden name is lapatis and not lapates. And rightfully it;s Lapasaran. I’m totally confused now. So you;re saying that all through my dad’s childhood and adult life he had the wrong middle name. Everything that was in dad’s name was Lapates. So was it is now?

            By: gretchen oamilda dayanan on February 7, 2010
            at 2:41 pm

            spelling of names has lots of evolutionary inconsistencies in carcar. for instance, while the old records spell it oamelda, that spelling of the name may not exist anymore (at least there is none in the current list of voters). it’s all oamilda and even some wamelda and wamilda. but your father’s baptismal record in 1917 spells it lapatis and the list of voters has no lapates, all are lapatis (30 of them and almost all in the barangay Valladolid). 1868 record already spelled it lapatis, too.

            i don’t know how thus informed you can still be confused, maybe because you’re hanging on to errors, like your great-grandfather’s middle name was also lapates and that after your dad was baptized the church was burned. it was not. but if everything in your dad’s name was lapates, i suggest stick to it because you may just need judicial remedy to change all that.

  17. Hi I need to search for someone in carcar. Her name is Maria Ligaya Aleson/Alison. Maybe just narrow down to which part of carcar does the aleson belong to.

    • the aleson/alison family may be one of the oldest in carcar and as such is now widespread all over the large town and could be found in at least half of the 15 barangays that make up carcar today.
      @tot, if you’d give me the kindness of emailing to me your full name, i may be able to narrow down your search.

  18. Did you get any information on the bacon-quizon oamilda family, could he be related to us

    • which thread was this on? but if i remember right, there was not volunteered any information of the person’s family tree. but it’s obvious you’re related on the oamilda side, just how we would need both your family trees. i hope i can go over some records next week and maybe pablo’s lineage.

  19. Thank you for all the help you have supplied me with. It’s only to sad that dad didn’t leave the family enough information about his early days in the philippines. Dad came to the US at a very young age and never went back, even up until he died in 2002. And, for our grandparents (dad’s) parents they too died at an early age. Grandchildren never got to meet them. So, as we grow in age, we’d like to see who are the relatives. We all live in Hawaii, and, we know from dad that there’s no relatives here. Because dad married a local hapa (white) lady we are half visayan, and have white. The Oamildas here are all my brothers (5) and nephews. Had an aunt but she has passed away since (2009) I thank you for whatever information you can still provide.

    • i wish i had a more complete tree from your side–your father’s brothers and sisters and their spouses, for instance, and even your own family group. Possibly, we may be able to trace who are your closest relatives left in Carcar. Pls email me the information. Dayanan–your husband?–is also a Carcar surname.

    • maybe i can help you instead. my grandfather name is remegio cuizon. but he was an illegitimate son his father was a bacon. my grandmas name is pilar oamilda. they were both from valencia carcar. my grandma and her sisters actually were born in hawaii and they moved back to the philippines prior to the 2nd world war. you wont find too many oamilda in valencia anymore. most of them are in the states. either in stockton california or seattle washington. oamilda is not a common last name so we used to joke a lot about it. also my grandmas side of the family were all girls so naturally when they got married they didnt retained their last name. in seattle they are either perez, alforque, warnac or abella. only ones that i know that still have the oamilda surname are our relatives from stockton. hopefully this helps. armand perez

      • Oamilda is not too rare a name in Carcar; please see a post regarding the most numerous surnames in carcar and it is no. 34 with 188 registered voters, mostly living in Valladolid, where i think the surname originated. i’m sorry i don’t have the cuizon-oamilda connection. i hope in my never-ending quest we’ll get that.

      • Good Evening, Armand!

        Thank you for the information. Very informative. If I can recall I know at one time my sister Gwen Montibon, whose also married to a Visayan boy did mention that we do have relatives somewhere in the mainland. I don’t know the names of our relatives, but, the woman did call, and if I’m not mistaking she’s was our Apo’s daughter. I know Apo’s name is Pablo, whom died in PI. I’ve had people looking up our family name and came up with nothing. Very interesting. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to visit the birth place of my dad. My mom was half haole and local from Hawaii. Both of my inlaw were also from Bohol. My name is Gretchen Oamilda Dayanan. Would love to keep in touch. You can see that I rarely check this web site. Contact me on my email. Love to hear from you.

      • Thanks, Armand! for the information that you had provided me with. I would love to find who are relatives are. I had numerous people trying to help in locating our relatives, but, to no avail. More interesting now to read that your grandmother is an oamilda.

  20. hi im looking for remocaldo, caban, gascon family in carcar kasi uuwi mama ko dyan after more than 5o years

    • as with every friend who ask about his or her family, i wish you could first make a family tree and email it to me. Or short of a family tree, you could be a little more informative like when your mother was born, who her parents, etc. or even what is her name. But a family tree is all this project is really about.

  21. hi good day.. i just want to ask if anyone know or heard wilfredo sanico?he was originated in carcar cebu. he’s my grandfather.. but my father wasnt able to see him since birth. Hope someone can give an information about him.

  22. redirected from A Cebu City family tree crosses to Carcar:

    hinahanap ko po ang aking tiyuhin na kpatid ng aking nanay na si Salvacion Caballero..
    Na nakapgasawa na si Vicente Morales sa Cainta..
    Kung sino po nakakilala ky Salvacion Caballero, pagbigay alam lang sa amin..


    By: Rebecca on April 18, 2010
    at 11:49 am

  23. Dear Vip,
    My g-father’s name was Aurelio Pahaganas Barcenas of Tubod, Toledo City. I have been searching his family tree for awhile now. Thanks in advance

    • @marilyn, pls include aurelio’s spouse, brothers and sisters, and up to you, so i can search better. i wish you could also set a date (complete) to himself or your parents. thank you.

  24. hi vi! some people call me Vi .I’m looking for my great grandfathers family history.His name was Vicente Caballero of Tinio-an, Cabatuan ,Iloilo died at about age 114 yrs. in about 1950 when I was about 4 yrs old. I dont know his wifes name but his youngest daughter Eleonora married to Ramon Zaragoza Paniza of Cabatuan, Iloilo was my grandmother.I wonder if he is related to Iska Cabalero of -or Vicente Caballero of San Nicholas. If you happen to “cross” on your search ,pls email me.Thanks

  25. related po ba kayo kay alfredo panares?

    • the name is not familiar to me but if you can describe him genealogically, we may be related after all.

  26. oh! i should have posted my queries here…

    i’m searching for the oaper lineage, all i know are my grandfather’s brother vicente oaper (a photgrapher by profession)

    i’m trying to do my family tree and so far this is all i have come up with.


    • my oaper file is very small, @malou. could you give me your grandfather’s and vicente’s date of birth so i may be able to place them?

      i know some in mindanao now spell their name as waper and even wafer, and also pronounced the same way as the thin biscuit and this has misled some younger members to believing they have some german or something origin. in carcar it is spelled mostly as oaper but also as waper.

      • i have no idea of lolo vicente’s birthdate. i have yet to ask some of my cousins. i wish i have the time and resources to do the research that you do. i would really love to know more about my heritage, not only from the oaper of carcar, but my mother’s side of relatives too from bohol. but, i now live in singapore and i only have the internet to rely on. actually, i have this dream of doing the tiring work of checking the church and municipal hall’s records of birth and death certs….:)) thanks a lot!

  27. Can somebody help me trace or know the sato clan in carcar.. do you have any idea? please, i need your help…………

    • (thread re-directed to Search Forum – Sato)

  28. My mother is a native of Carcar, her name is Maura Varga del Corro, most of the clan still live Carcar, she told us that the priest Fr. Silva was their first cousin…Anybody knows the bro. and sis of my mother : Luis, Mariano, Ramon, Amado, Clara and Sotera. For your information, there is a huge piece of land that an heir should be a del Corro clan.

    • pls help me with your mother’s parents: was she a varga who married a del corro? which fr. silva is this? if this was fr. filomeno, a half-brother of padre tatyong, then your mother’s line must be of a full sibling of padre tatyong himself. please elaborate, if you want at my email address.

  29. I wanted to ask you if there is a Spanish writer in Car-Car who died in 1987 I wanted you to give me the list of people who are publishing book/news papers that are written in Spanish during 1985-1990.

  30. Hello, trying to find out a little about my history and heritage. My Grandfather was Bonifacio Alesna. He married Norma Alesna (formally Lagrimas) daughter of Manuel and Potinciana Lagrimas. Any information on either said would be very helpful and appreciated.

    • i have two bonifacio alesnas, none married to norma lagrimas. justin, if you can furnish me more info like when bonifacio was born. i need a timeframe for him to narrow down my search. or if you knew his middle name which can lead us to his mother. Or his brothers and sisters because i may have them. i have no lagrimas file, though but maybe i may have potenciana’s family. so, her surname, too. thanks. i hope we can find your answers.

      • Racho was his middle name and Lagrimas was Potinciana’s surname. I believe my grandfather’s mother’s name was Loreta. thanks a lot.

        • @justin why don’t you make a family tree from your grandfather bonifacio and include all his children, their spouses you grandchildren, etc. if you know siblings of his, better. and i really need a calculation of bonifacio’s date of birth. i have a a racho-alfafara file; bonifacio is not there yet and the wife is not named loreta either.

          • may 14, 1929

  31. hello to all. i’m looking for my long lost relatives in cebu which belongs to the dacayana clan.

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    By: may on January 4, 2011
    at 12:08 pm

    • in the 2010 voters list for carcar, there are only 6 voters with the lat name dacayana, 3 of whom had the surname nacario, probably a mother and two children. the 3 others had middle names samson, dacayana and remocaldo.

  32. I have been attempting to locate my father’s relatives. My father was born in Cebu (most likely Carcar) on January 6, 1898. He left during World War I and joined the U.S. Navy. My dad never returned to the Philippines. I believe his father’s name was Mariano Enanoria and his mother, Angela Alfafara (?). He supposedly came from a large family…stories have it that his father was a police chief. I know of two brothers…..Simon (who lived in San Francisco, California, USA) and Cassimere (sp ?) who lived in Hawaii. He had a cousin, Celestino, who also lived in the San Francisco area. All these relatives are deceased, so I have, as you can see, very limited information. Thank you for whatever information you can provide.

  33. can anyone help me trace the generation of my late father’s family?


    I want to meet them pls…I’m his younger daughter…

    Ma. Rosario M. Campugan, Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte.


    BORN : APRIL 22, 1927

    DIED : APRIL 12, 1992

    • i don’t know yet how i’m going to go about tracing your family since the 1927 baptism of carcar is so brittle and torn already. anastacio’s mother could be a daughter of juan bahit (former spelling bagit) and sergia pananganan

  35. Hi! I’m trying to figure out my family tree on my mom’s side. they say their relatives originated from Carcar. Her father’s name is Jesus Rodriguez son of Angel Rodriguez. i would very much appreciate any information you may have on their family. thanks

  36. .anyone knows anything about JANEO’s??? thanks 🙂

  37. Hi There! I came upon this site and embark on a journey as to where the Gaviola family came about in Carcar. My great grandparents names were Hilarion Gaviola and Perfekta Gaviola and my father said they live in a town called, Napo in Carcar.

    Was hoping you could shed some light on this one. Cheers!

    Rudini Gaviola, Perth, WA, Australia.

    • can you make the family tree of hilarion and perfecta? if you feel more like it, you can send it to me via personal email btw, what’s perfecta’s maiden surname?

  38. Hello I am trying to trace my family tree from Restituto Alcordo Regis born 20 May either 1915 or 1920 to Margarito Regis and Arsenia Alcordo who were married and from Carcar then had 10 children but I am looking for the parents of Margarito and Arsenia if anyone can help I would be most greatful

  39. @justin. my mom was Rebecca Racho Alesna and your grandfather was my uncle. Rebecca’s parents were Coleta Racho Alesna and Samson.

  40. can anyone help me trace the generation or family tree of my father’s family who’s from carcar? my father name is luis dayagbil, and his parents are wenceslao dayagbil & juana nacua dayagbil.


  41. Can you help me find Nilo Sarmiento, former member of the Society of Jesus? We know he is from the Sarmiento clan of Carcar. My Ateneo de Davao class HS ’66 has been trying to locate him. He is loved and admired by my class, and this year on our 45th year from high school, it would be great to be able to get in touch. My web searched led to nowhere despite the fact that he appeared to have edited two books in the US. Thank you.

  42. Hello
    Reading down I encountered the names Cherrie Duterte and Hans Gross. Would you be able connect me to them please? I have been searching for them and got hold of Dodo/Doris Duterte but replied in French. I knew she spoke in French and nothing happened.
    Cherrie and Hans are the Godparents of my daughter.
    Thank you very much and hopefully you can connect me to them.

  43. Hi:

    I think I originally entered this information in the wrong spot, sorry.

    I am trying to find family information about my step-grandfather, Ciriaco Aledo, from Carcar. He was born in 1896/1897. Ciriaco left Carcar and traveled to Hawaii; arriving in Honolulu and working for the Sugar Plantation.

    In Hawaii, Ciriaco married Teofila Fernandez, who was from Cebu City.

    Ceriaco Aledo’s first cousins were: Patricio Aledo, Margarito Aledo, and Bartolome “Omeng” Aledo. They also left Carcar and traveled to Hawaii to work. Margarito was married to Severina Alcones as listed on a Honolulu, Hawaii Passenger List and also recorded on a Carcar marriage record.

    The parents of Patricio, Margarito, and Bartolome were: Inocente Aledo and his wife, Ana Alcoy.

    If you know of any information about Ceriaco Aledo, his parents, grandparents, etc. and any information about his family, please reply.

    Thank you,

  44. Hi! I accidentally saw your link while looking for the History and families of my husband (surname CUI) and we know that we have relatives in Carcar. I also saw that there were some Villarosas who are CUIs. Trying to find how they are related to Don Pedro Cui original owner of the Hospicio de san jose. Maybe you have an idea or can direct me on how to look? we have no dates but we are all related to don pedro and Don Mariano Cui. Hope you can help.

    • there are about 4 lines of cui in carcar, all of them with roots in cebu city. i cannot establish how they are related (and two lines even intermarried). one of the 4 lines is directly related to the family of pedro cui, being the branch of his brother gregorio who was himself buried in carcar and whose children appear to have been born already in carcar. one of gregorio’s sons you mentioned mariano cui. another son, mauricio, married a villarosa and that is the connection of the two families.

      • Thank you very much VIP for replying to me inquiry. We’re trying to build the Family tree of the CUIs and we started of with Don Pedro’s line. What you have shared is integral to building this Family Tree of my husband’s family and will definitely enlighten other CUI members on their roots. Thank you again. I’m sure I’ll be asking more questions on this soon.

    • hello jcui…i am rickie cui and i am also trying to find out who of my relatives are in carcar…i am related to don pedro cui through his brother gregorio who is the father of mariano the father of jorge who is my father…if you can give me your fathers name then i can help you or at least point you in the right direction….feel free to get in touch with me…my email is or through facebook…:-)

  45. Hi po ask ko lang if pwede po ma trace ang family ng mother ko.Her father’s name is Vicente Alegado and her mother’s name is Lita Fano (my grandparents born in Cebu). Nasa Davao po lumaki ang mother ko at mga kapatid niya.Pero laging naikwento sa amin ng mother ko ang about sa family niya na may mga kapatid lolla ko sa Cebu.And may mga cousins ang mother ko sa Cebu na di nila nakikita kasi sa Davao na po sila lumaki.Since mahirap lang ang family ng mother ko it’s hard for them to travel sa Cebu.I’m just wishing na ma trace ang mga family and relatives ng mother ko.Si Lita Fano (my grandmother)ay ipinanganak sa Carcar Cebu na anak daw po ni Pedro Fano and Teofista Barcenas (my great grandparents) Thanks and God Bless po!

    • if pedro fano-teofista barcenas i know only of children soledad, concepcion (d. 1906) and son anecito fano, married to rosita cuico, whose descendants were our neighbors (and pariente through rosita). do you know date of birth of lita and vicente alegado? would your mother know the names of vicente’s parents?

  46. Hi,sorry for the late reply coz tinanong ko muna ang mother ko if alam niya ang date of birth ng parents niya and names ng parents ni Lolo Vicente Alegado.My mom told me na itanong muna niya sa pina ka eldest nila kasi ang alam lang niya July ang birthday ni lola Julita,Hulita or Lita Barcenas Fano.My grandfather Vicente Alegado ipinanganak daw po sa Baraca Cebu pero di po niya alam kong anong birthday ni lolo Vicente Alegado..I will get back to you once na may makuha akong konting info.Thanks and God Bless!

    • i have a hard time to search for them without the dates of birth because they are not yet in my files. what year were lola julita and lolo vicente? for vicente, since it is very common, it is advisable i know his birth, maybe even just his year. doesn’t your mother know the name of her grandparents in the alegado side? maybe the eldest may know. that would be the most helpful.

      • Hi finally, ang parents ni lola Julita Fano-Alegado ay si Pedro Fano & Teofista Barcenas po. Pero di alam ng mama ko ang name ng parents ni lolo Vicente (Enteng ) Alegado.

  47. hello.anyone knows angela alegado?she worked as a librarian in san carlos university.thanks.i am a friend of hers.

  48. Hi. I would like to know my family from Carcar, Cebu. According to my mom, we belong to the Mancao family. My grandmother’s name was Rosario Mancao. They lived in a house called dagkung balay (whatever that means). Also, I think that one of our great, great, great grandfathers was a leader of a barangay;

    I’d appreciate any input you can give.


    • i wish you can give more details re: rosario –dates, husband, hopefully her parents, or her siblings. thanks.

      • My grandma Rosario was born on January 10, 1903 or 1907. She was married to Casimiro Lumibao. She came from a big family but all I can remember is that she had two younger twin sisters. The name Frank Mancao seems to pop in my mind.. Maybe he was one of her siblings.

  49. looking my mother relatives opon flores..pls…let me know if someone knows my mother-rosemarie opon flores…thnks so much..

  50. Hi,

    My great grandfather Crisanto Yap arrived in Cebu somewhere late 1850’s, married to Josefa Ylananfrom Bogo in 1860 as the record stated. He adopted the catholic name, therefore was not included from the expulsion in later years. My great grandfather had 5children, 2sons were Eugenio Yap and Esteban Yap and 3sisters. Interested tracing the ancestry of Yap, incluidng China. thank you.

    • i wish the yap families of cebu can make their family trees, so we can compile them. how many yap branches are in bogo. I’m interested in the record for the marriage of crisanto and josefa in 1860, because that seems early. who was the eldest child and when was he/she born. esteban is estimated to have been born 1894, based on the age (31) given in his marriage in 1925. please make the bogo yap tree.

      my great-granduncle eleuterio yap was buried in bogo in 1927 and their family was from parian, cebu city.

  51. I am trying to locate a sister that my mother Maxima Barazona Campugan told me that she had to leave in the Philippines in October of 1967 when she moved to the US. I know that my mother was born in Carcar, Cebu but I don’t know exactly where my sister was born. She may have been born in Balibago Angeles City which was where I was born in April 1966. I believe my mother told me that my sister’s name is Evangeline (I am not sure how it is spelled). She may have been born on or around Aug 23rd 1959.
    I would also like to make contact with my mother’s family if there are any. She never really talked much about her past but I would really like to try and get to know where she came from.

    My name is Donald Campugan

  52. Hi,

    I am searching for my mothers birth certificate. My mother’s name is Ponciana Embalzado Navares (DOB 12/02/1928) born in Napo, Carcar, Cebu, father was Pio Navares and mother was Valentina Embalzado. Can you help me? Thank you so much!


    • i’m sorry, you won’t find the birth certificate (a record that belongs to the town hall civil registrar’s office) because the old records there were burned in a fire and present carcar records start only 1946. she’s on the same boat with my own mother (also born 1928) but maybe ponciana’s baptism record can still be found in the carcar parish office.

  53. Had reunion last May 2011 in Carcar with the Alenton clan … still searching their origin of Alenton ….Felicidad Alesna married Eugenio Alenton .

  54. Hi! Matagal na akong naghahanap ng web page where I can possibly trace my roots. Masyadong masalimuot lang po ang istorya ng aking pinagmulan. Ayon sa kwento ng lola ko, 8 silang magkakapatid, meron dun na kambal. Bunso ang lola goreng ko, gregoria bastida. Nag stow away siya ng carcar cebu early 1920’s or a little earlier.
    Sinundan siya ni Lola flora, nakatatandang kapatid niya. Kaya 2 silang magkapatid na napahiwalay at napadpad sa Manila. Pero hindi ko na inabutan buhay ang aking Lola Goreng. Ang kapatid na lang niya na si Lola Flora ang inabutan kong buhay at matagal kami nagkasama. Bago namatay si Lola Flora, nagbilin sya sa kin na puntahan ko ang mga kapatid niya, ulyanin na siya that time. Ang instruction nya sa kin, sasakay ako ng barko, pagbaba ko ng pier, sasakay ako ng kalesa at magapahatid sa talipapa. May uncle daw siya na naging mayor ng carcar pero hindi niya nabanggit ang pangalan. Hindi ko sineryoso ang sinabi niya, kasi may mga apo naman siya sa mga anak niya kaya maaari na may request din siyang ganun sa kanila, yun pala huling pag-uusap na namin. That was 17 years ago. And I found out, ako lang pala ang sinabihan niya na hanapin ang mga kapatid niya. Ngayon, tuwing nagbubukas ako ng internet, naghahanap ako ng site na makakatulong sa akin. Sana po, matulungan nyo ako. You can reach me thru my mobile number 09283820387 or 09395401699. My facebook account is Bong Salvador. I already have friends with Bastida surname but they cannot help me.

    • if your lola stowed away around 1920s, with no other family, she must have been more than 10 years old, at least, already. and since she was the youngest of 8, would probably make flora the eldest to have been born around mid-1890s. and because they use bastida, either their father was bastida, or they were illegitimate children and their mother was the bastida. other clues: did you ever find out, from their middle names, what was the surname of their mother?
      btw, there are no more voters in carcar with the surname bastida, so if flora and gregoria had any brothers, those brothers’ families either tapered down to only girls, or else they also subsequently left carcar, too. and if they did, it’s highly possible they went back to talisay, the town of the bastidas.
      i wish there were more clues.

  55. We would like to know the family tree of Constancio Aleonar married to Gregoria Alcain, We are 10 in the family, 5 daughters and 5 sons and I am one of the daughter Lalenita Aleonar Bautista married to Bernardo Bautista now living in Puerto Princesa since 1972. Our best wishes of your web page in Carcaranon and to all contributors who also wishes to know their relatives in this webpage.

    • your mother pascuala (laling) is my third cousin. i’m so happy you’ve responded. can you give me the tree/details of the family of laling and bernardo bautista (children, spouses, grandchildren–including dates of birth)? you can email it to me at

  56. do you have any records of CIRIACO CUI????please let me know cause we’re searching for his grave and where we can find his remains.relatives of him are lookng for his remains.and wnted to knw where to find it.please let me know.

  57. Do you have knowledge about Maryjane Reyes?

  58. is my lolo included int this list hes name is jose solon alesna from awayan carcar

  59. my grandma’s name is LOURDES GALICANO from carcar. we dont have any relatives here in General Santos aside from my mother’s sibling,maybe you can help us find one in Carcar..Godwilling!

    • if she was from carcar, all the galicanos in carcar are your relatives. do you know the names of your grandma lourdes’s parents. who was her husband? and names of of your grandma’s siblings if you know?

  60. Hello,

    My mother is Erlinda Padilla Villarta. She’s from Barrio Napo, Carcar, Cebu. Her parents were Pilar Padilla & Gaudencio Villarta. Just want to know some relatives from Cebu. We hope to visit them soon. Thanks! 🙂

  61. Hello, this is annabel vergara banggo. my grand mother basilisa asas vergara-banggo came from barili cebu. i want to trace up my family in cebu that’s why i’m seaching for them this time. her parents were felomina asas vergara and anacleto vergara. that’s the only information i have to locate my family and relatives in barili cebu. i hope this site could help me find them. thanks.

  62. Hello VIP,
    My dad was asking if the Dutertes had any connection with the Sales. He remembers Lolo mentioning the name. Dad is Jesus Regis Duterte, Lolo was Ramon G Duterte and Lola was Rosario Regis. Thanks. Jason

    • i’m not aware of any connection to Sales.

  63. I’m so happy I came across w/ this web page. I am Janet Aledo Aleguiojo now Tabudlong. it’s been a long long time now looking for my grandfather brothers & sisters. He is Victor Aledo married to Teodora (Lolang: Barcelo from Tugas, Carcar. They had 2 children my mother Flavia (Babing) and her brother Catalino (Yoyo) ,we heared that my lolo Victor has a brother staying in Hawaii but we don’t know his name and one is in California if I am not mistaken, my Mother. Flavia (Babing) told us before that, she received a letter from Hawaii but we lost the letter, now we are longing to hear from my roots. since my parents are RIP already. Hope and pray and someday we could met our cousins.even thru internet. God bless and thank you so much!

  64. I am searching my strange grandfather name Emilio Monsanto Aredidon
    ( born 1928 or so )in Cebu City.
    Anyone can provide me some info?
    Thank you so much
    God bless

  65. Hi my phillippino name is Jesus Alcachupas,, my farther name in Sinfronio Alcachupas. Iam think iam the First generation. I was born in deep in the sout if thpi. Still hoping to find my real mother her name is Glendora Jolobelo and my gradmother rised and .I 47 yrs old is thier anyone that can help ime…

  66. Good day vip.
    I would like to know the family tree apolinario dayagdal he was born in 1924 so i want to know his parents and grand parents they live both in car car in 18th. Century. Can you help me up pls. I’m
    Waiting for your reply thanks….

  67. My Grandfather was born in Puerto Rico San juan. His name was Pablo Mercado he traveled to El Centro California were he meet my Grandmother they had two son Pablo Jr Mercado, and Anthonio Mercado who is my father. I have never meet my granfather Pablo Mercado he died in 1960’s and was buried in El Centro California. I know my Grandfather was born between 1884 and 1886 he was 54 when my father was born which was in 1939 he was married to a women in Puerto Rico and they had about 6 children he left in 1934 and never returned to puerto Rico. I sure I have many Aunts and Uncle that I have never meet who may still live in Puerto rico any information would be helpful please help me find my lost family.

    • no mercado in cebu had any puerto rican ancestry. they were mostly, since not all of them were related, of chinese origin (classification mestizo sangley), fathered by chinese who came to the philippines for trade.

      • i hve known about the ancestry of my late husband / two brrother manuel n mariano dont , their father. was antonio,/ they inheritd lands manuel was kuripot and no vice, while mariano is so sugarol n dami babae. he always lost in sugal that he is going to prenda a parcel of land w/c could not be redeem so his brother redemed it makes manuel so rich n mariano has 12 sons walang natira sa kanilang pagaari. / antonio,(taken after his grand fathers name) eldest is my father n law married to rufina ramirez of mandaue my father in law came fr minalen pampangga/ my husband number 8 sa family known as mariano mercado(taken fr his grandfathers name also) we live in cebu her mother side s fr mandue , wev got four siblings/ two girls n 2 boys/my youngest married to a viajar descendants came fr ilioilo/ one boy married to filoteo fr naga cebu/ other boy married dumlao fr ilocos

  68. how about the alenton family

  69. I am Looking for Annabelle Chion Ang that is her maiden name I don’t know if she is married and change her last name can Any one tell me where she is his son is looking for her to solve his past issues

  70. i read ur story and u can say were both looking for the same thing but diffrent people my father name is valentine barrios and 82 years old and wants to know his father side who he never meet maybe there will b some kind of connection his father name is julian barrios his fathers name is valentino barrios his grand father

  71. can i see the the family living in cebu..with a surname igot

  72. How come I have never seen a list about Campaña (Campania/Campanya) family in this website? I am a Campaña from Brgy. Perrelos. And majority of the people living in this barangay have Campaña in their bloodline.

    • the reason is the same with campaña and the other bigger families, like the lauron and lapiña, the 2 most numerous in carcar which also do not appear here: there are many many loose links and i cannot tie them up. campaña , if you’ve read “carcar surnames frequency” is no. 16 in the list.
      so much so that i urge you to join me to trace the genealogy of the family.

      • Wow! Now that you mention it, I can’t imagine how to connect the puzzle. I just know of the Campaña clan from 2 or 3 generations ago but tracing down to its roots would really be difficult.

        I admire how you do what you do.

        From what I know, there are 3 prominent Campaña clans in Perrelos, and of course, I am mostly familiar with my family “,).

        1 – Henry Campania
        2 – Vicente Campaña married to Lucia
        a.Mario Campaña married to Fe
        Carlih Campaña
        Melbourne Campaña
        b.Sarima Campaña married to _____
        3 – Saturnino Campaña married to Teresa Dacay (from Labangon)
        a.Saturnino Campaña Jr married to Fe Batalla (from Misamis)
        Amy Campaña
        Geralyn Campaña
        Maila Campaña
        *** all of whom are residing in Misamis Oriental
        b.Celiña Campaña married to “Junior” Alcorcon (from Perrelos)
        Catherine Campaña Alcorcon
        Richie Campaña Alcorcon
        Kenneth Campaña Alcorcon
        c.Esmael Campaña married to “Tita”
        Niño Campaña
        Lovella Campaña
        Rochelle Campaña
        Marinelle Campaña
        Dondon Campaña
        Mander Campaña
        d.Zenaida Campaña married to Rodolfo Dayanan (frm Valladolid)
        Roselyn Campaña Dayanan
        Ibarra Campaña Dayanan
        Marieknoll Campaña Dayanan
        Vladimir Campaña Dayanan
        Chiqui Campaña Dayanan
        Rasmin Campaña Dayanan
        e.Emma Campaña married to Jesus Dorado (frm Roxas City)
        Jason Campaña Dorado
        Anna Liza Campaña Dorado
        f.Teresita Campaña married to Virgillio Panimdim (from Katugasan)
        Jennifer Campaña Panimdim
        Erwin Campaña Panimdim
        Fritzie Campaña Panimdim
        Russell Campaña Panimdim
        2 more siblings
        g.Zotico Campaña

        Nos. 2 & 3 are siblings, and they had 2 more siblings. 1 already residing in Cebu City and the other in San Fernando.

        • any dates of birth for vicente and saturnino? i don’t have them in my loose ends. their parents?

          • how is henry related to vicente and saturnino?

  73. hi good afternoon as i have searched i cant fing my Genealogy of my grandfather
    IM SO INTERSTED IN MY FAMILY BECAUSE we are not too close..thanks!

  74. i am looking for edwin sato. do you know him ?

  75. My wife is Felicula (Papas) Holmes, from the Florentino Duterte family in San Fernando. She was born in Manila in 1941, but the family was trapped in Manila for the War, returning around 1947? to San Fernando, where she attended the San Fernando Elementary School and graduated from St. Catherine’s in Carcar. We have 3 kids, and 8 grandkids living around the world…

    • hello. yes, i see her name in the list of st catherine’s graduates of 1958. who were felicula papas’s parents? and grandparents? who is florentino duterte to her? i get thrilled to update my family tree with inputs from her side

      • hello.. im looking for EDWIN SATO, do you know him ? 

        • if i’m nt mistaken he’s a family can check his daughter’s fb account Trisha Joyce Sato

  76. My father rudolfo valentin barrios my father and his father is julian barrios and yesidra bolien jacquez lopez. valentin barrios doesnt remember much about him since he left my grandmother when my dad was very very young. All he left Was his last father is 81 years old diabeties and blind and would like to know hes family history before he goes . We live in lamont california thank you

  77. Im looking for julian barrios born in the early 1900S hes father is valentin barrios born in te late 1800S Both musicians played music and raised in aqua prieta, mexico julian had one sister and two brothers and julian parents died at a young age of there child hood they were actually lost children wandering too Find lost long relatives to stay with them for the mean time the lil sister wandered. Off. And some one found her and took her in the sister ended up in ventura or santa paula california had no kids. And died at 90 something years old pPPPPLEASE HELP ME FIND MY LOST RELATIVES DESPARET LOOKING FOR THEM

  78. Hi!!Can you trace the root of my great grandparents LUCIA ALESNA ALCUDIA who was married to MANUEL ABELLANIDA LAPERA(my great grandfather whom i haven’t seen ever since because my grandfather LORETO ALCUDIA LAPERA(who passed away last april 2014) told me that Manuel his father was killed during the war and they haven’t seen Manuel after the war. Manuel was a Sgt. before in a military force who then killed by the Japanese force during World War 2.Years have passed, my grandfather and her sister tried to trace about their pension of their father but unfortunately somebody claimed it who was unknown and they were not informed who. I was amazed by the story because after what happened it was my grandfather who took care of his 3 siblings.I dont’t want to make the story long.So, I’d like to trace the root of my blood whose perseverance and bravery continue until now.

  79. Hi!!Can you trace the root of my great grandparents LUCIA ALESNA ALCUDIA who was married to MANUEL ABELLANIDA LAPERA(my great grandfather whom i haven’t seen ever since because my grandfather LORETO ALCUDIA LAPERA(who passed away last april 2014) told me that Manuel his father was killed during the war and they haven’t seen Manuel after the war. Manuel was a Sgt. before in a military force who then killed by the Japanese force during World War 2.Years have passed, my grandfather and his sister tried to trace about their pension of their father but unfortunately somebody claimed it who was unknown and they were not informed who. I was amazed by the story because after what happened it was my grandfather who took care of his 3 siblings.I dont’t want to make the story long.So, I’d like to trace the root of my blood whose perseverance and bravery continue until now.

    • would you know when lucia alesna alcudia was born because my alesna and alcudia files may not have reached up to her yet?

  80. Hello VIP,
    I’d like to inquire about Sophia Regis (who married a Vicente Caragos), my great grandmother whom I knew from Trinidad and Alquizola relatives in Barili. She’s related with the siblings the late Merced Trinidad Alcoseba and the late Mons. Cesar Jose Trinidad Alcoseba from Barili which parents were Domingo Barcelona Alcoseba from Carcar married to Petra Trinidad (I grew up under the care of the late Merced Trinidad Alcoseba and the late Mons. Cesar Jose Alcoseba as my aunt Rita Bonbon was adopted by their mother Lola Petra in the 40’s before the second WW broke).
    Sophia Regis bore two children in the names of Pablo and Lourdes. Pablo migrated in Leyte and married there with children but died in the between or mid of the 80’s.
    Lourdes Regis Caragos (my grandmother-she died before I was born in the 60’s) stayed in Barili and married my grandfather Vicente Bonbon and had five children Saturnino, Filepe, Jovencia, Fedilina and Rita.
    My father being the eldest Saturnino Caragos Bonbon joined the army at age 16 due the the WW11. According to my late father, 2nd Lt. Saturnino Regis Caragos Bonbon; I need to trace his line of family from Carcar as his grandmother, Sophia Regis was originally from Carcar and a Mestiza Sangley as he, Saturnino Caragos Bonbon was informed. Please if you can give or shed a light on this query, will be very appreciated and I promise to give any form of donation needed or any form of appreciation when I can visit you in Carcar early next year. Please email me on at your most convinient time. My kindest regards.
    Elena from Sydney

  81. My grandmother is Grispola Alcoceba, born December 5, 1893, in Carcar, Cebu. She had a daughter named Lourdes who was born in Carcar around November 1915. They migrated to Honoluluy aroung 1925/6 and then moved to Santa Barbara County, CA in May 1927.

  82. Looking for Guantangko Link . Great ,Great, Great Mother “Petrona” , Sons Great , Great, grand father and uncle Vicente / Eugenio ANGUAY
    Genealogy Info!.. Much Appreciated!..

  83. Dear VIP,

    I hope you could help on another query. My great grandfather is Emeterio dela Cerna Sr. married to Dionisia Cabarce dela Cerna. They moved to Davao and settled there. I heard stories that he was originally from Carcar Cebu. I would appreciate if you could find any records of his link to Carcar. Thank you very much for your help.

  84. Do you have any more information on Maria Alentado?

  85. i would like to inquire the roots of my grandmother from carcar,her name was celedonia capasaran, but i think she is lapasaran. three years old lang sya nang dinala ng tiya nya sa manila in paranaque particularly, unfortunately namatay doon ang tiya nya at hindi na nakauwi sa cebu.ang natatandaan nya sa carcar ay ang simbahan lang may 3 older brothers daw sya,doon din sya nakapagasawa kay lucio jose.

  86. I am Edito p Gan a resident of Brgy. Munting Ilog, Silang, Cavite. Our Regis Clan here in Munting Ilog would like to request your assistance in tracing our roots in Carcar Cebu. Our ancestor is Catalino Regis and Eusebio Regis who migrated to Silang, Cavite and established the clan in Munting Ilog, they must have settled here sometime in the 1840s, thank you.

  87. do you have a family lineage for lapasaran ?

  88. my great grandfather is a quijano and the we were told their lineage is from carcar with the alfafara’s and the camomots.

  89. Placido Amado, nickname “el Capitan” originally from Carcar
    Lived in Hawaii, one of Sakada group worked the sugar cane fields in early 1900’s. U. S Army/Pearl Harbor, July 1918-February 1919.
    Worked as laborer at Mare Island, US Navy Shipyard, CA 1933-1936+
    Born: ?
    Died: 1950 approximately/ San Francisco, Vallejo or Stockton
    Wife: Fortunata Remasso. Died in Seattle, WA. Approx 1930
    Children: Constance Cecilia Amado(Ortega) 9/23/1926 – 10/1993
    Christine Marie Amado-Mamallo 6/18/1928 – 9/17/2006
    William Amado. Honolulu,HAwaii. Died 1990

    We are searching for our Grandparents birth records and relatives of Amado and Remasso kin.

    Antoinette Mamallo, daughter of Christine and Antonio Mamallo, Seattle, WA

    Thank you in advance for any information.

  90. Searching for family of Vicente Bargayo born 3-1-1901 son of Isaak Bargayo and Juana (Navarro) Bargayo . Grandparents Nicasio Bargayo and Sisari(Barga) Bargayo. Vicente taught school in Oslob and Carcar He married Grigoria Ybanez in 1923. He came to Kauai Hawaii in 1929 and his wife and 3 children (Fedelina, her sister Concepion and brother Caesar) who lived there and joined him in 1933. I know he had 1 sister and maybe 3 brothers.

    Any if information for Grigoria Ybanez also, I have no information on her family except she was an only child and was around 20 when she married Vicente in 1923.

    These are the parents of my Mother-in -law Fedelina,

    Looking forward to any help.

    Thank you.

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